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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  April 13, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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words on paper say? linda so will have a look at the legislative session. >> some of you will no doubt lose your job working for the city but sherrie johnson is going to report on the mayor's plan an how to keep police on the street without raising property tax. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. yesterday was so gorgeous. perfect weather. see if we can repeat it. >> meteorologist justin berk is up against this. >> we've been spoiled with perfect weather. you have to take a couple of bad days to make the good ones seem that much better. our headlines, basically we're expecting it to chill down quite a bit. temperatures below normal for today, you will need a light jacket. the fact that we have cloudy skies, blocking out that sun, even throwing rainfall our way, will make it feel even cooler. rain, about a half-inch below normal for the month. we'll add a little to that today, not a heck of a lot but the pollen levels should be dropping as all it takes is a little moisture dropping from the sky to take some of that pollen with it and knock it to the ground.
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this morning, 48 in churchville. 51 glen burnie. we check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar, with five sweeps across the chesapeake and that currently looks quiet but we shift our focus back to the mountains of western maryland and even central pennsylvania, it appears as if light moisture moving in. there may be a sprinkle this morning but really the best chance of rain arrives later on as we're expecting temperatures to stay nearly steady at 55 this afternoon. 6:01 on the clock. here's troy with traffic. >> thank you. roads looking good but some issues on the east side, top side of the beltway. we look at the cameras, 695 and harford road, traffic moving pretty freely but you might want to be on the outlook for 95 southbound, we talked about this last hour earlier accident in whitemarsh, three cars involve, one overturned vehicle, rescue vehicles on scene, you might want to look for harford, the traffic to be backed up to the harford county line. use pulaski or bel air roads as an alternate. your travel times look like this, 795 southbound, 140 to franklin boulevard, three
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minutes. 795 southbound, franklin boulevard to owings mills boulevard, two minutes. if you're on 795 southbound, owings mills to 695, four minutes. 6:02. , at midnight the end of the 2010 general assembly but just the beginning of the new laws that will soon be on the books. linda so has more. >> reporter: it came down to last night. lawmakers scrambled to get final pieces of lemminglation through in the final hour. when the confetti finally dropped some significant law laws were put in place. lawmakers voted to ban heldheld cell phones while driving. bluetooth devices, however, still allowed. and to toughen penalties for sex offenders, the minimum sentence went from five years to 15. lawmakers mark the end of this year's session and now looking heads to the election, especially the rematch between o'malley and ehrlich. >> it's going to be a close election i think but at the
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same time the 250,000 new democrats, two more democratic congressmen affecting over a million voters. bob ehrlich, despite the new temperature, tea party and everything else is going to have a tough time defeating martin o'malley. >> reporter: republicans would disagree of course. they say this session was marked by election year politics. democrats just waiting to make the unpopular decision to raise taxes until after the election. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. imagine peddling from baltimore to annapolis. a group of cycle it'ses will just that to make a personal appeal for a bill to improve bicycle safety and also to honor a cyclist killed just last week in baltimore county. larry bensky of owings mills was hit on butler road. parrot posed bill would require -- the proposed bill would require drivers to give at least three feet of clearance. 6:03. at first city workers were going to lose their jobs.
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350. now the 23478 is going to - the number is going to go down to 250. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: good morning. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake outlined her budget yesterday. she's talking about $70 million in cuts and about $50 million in new taxes and fees including a beverage tax and a hike in parking. a lot of the retailers say this is going to be really tough for them as far as competition is concerned and the tax will drive shoppers out of the city. santony's grocery store has been a staple for many for 80 years in highland town. bob has run it for years, he remembers when the baltimore county and city implemented a similar beverage tax in 1989. and shoppers learning their favorite beverage may go up by about four cents a bottle. >> it will impact me enough to travel one extra -- two extra miles to baltimore county and
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buy my sodas. >> , this plan does not include milk, juice and two-liter sodas. coming up, a little later, 6:45, we're going to talk to you a little bit about the parking, the increase in parking meters. reporting live in fells points, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:05. a accident in anne arundel county takes the life of a man. authorities say a truck driver was killed yesterday morning when a granite slab fell on top of him while he was unloading. it happened at american countertop in hanover. no word yet on the victim's name. good news about the little boy found in a school parking lot yesterday afternoon. in laurel. police put out the word and just before 6:00 last night police say the child's father called 911 to report him missing. the boy is currently in the care of social services until police finish their investigation. the parents of a crofton boy who died after being beaten by other teens are now taking legal matters this morning. the family of christopher jones say they plan to sue several teens as well as the anne
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arundel county school board. last may 14-year-old christopher jones was riding his bike when he was surrounded by a group of kids and beaten. he fell to the ground hitting his head, an injury later determined to have killed him. christopher jones' mother now seeking $10 million in damages from the suspects. and $200,000 from the school board. 6:06. there's a controversy surrounding a maryland police department and the beating. the whole thing caught on tape. brad bell has the report. >> reporter: on the video, university of maryland student john mckenna first appears skipping down the sidewalk next to knox road. he's singing a cheer, celebrating maryland's basketball win over duke. when he comes face-to-face with a park police mounted officer. he stops dead in his tracks. actually backs up. watch carefully what happens now. as he's slammed into the wall, knocked unconscious and then beaten more than a dozen times, prince george's county police
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officers. his lawyers say there's only one way to characterize what happened. >> this is police brutality, pure and simple. >> reporter: and griffith says the actual beating is only half the story. this is the sworn statement of charges against mckenna by the police. it alleges assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct. it claims that mckenna "struck those officers and their horses causing minor injuries" the video shows neither claim is true. >> clearly the charging document is a lie, as you can see from the tapes there's not a single fact in that statement of charges that's true. >> reporter: we showed the video and charging document to prince george's county police major andy ellis today. he says the police international affairs office will begin an immediate investigation. >> there are things in the video that concern me, brad. and we're going to take a look at it. >> reporter: federal investigators will also be looking at the tapes to
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determine if civil rights violations occurred. county prosecutors may now pursue assault charges, when the officers involved are identified. >> they pick a few people from the crowd, make examples of them in front of other students. >> bing drinking has gotten out of control in one maryland college town. maryland state police are now joining police in a springtime crackdown. this is all ball -- all because of binge drinking in frostburg. police say they will be collecting information on house parties held by unrecognized fraternities that are little more than drinking clubs. the crackdown is part of frostburg state's nationally recognized effort to change their party school image. 9,129. that's the smallest crowd ever at camden yards and felix led off the game with the home run, that was it. tampa wins 5-1. the orioles
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now 1-6 on the year. crawford went 4 elevator 4, quite a catch in center field. the orioles just not hitting. here's michael phelps. >> the team announced it is placing second baseman brian roberts on the 15-day disabled list. he sprained his be a dom that themous -- abdominal muscle while sliding into second base against the toronto blue jays. it's been a bad season for roberts who spent much time recovering from a herniated disc in his lower back. justin turner will take his place. the os take on tampa bay at home tonight. 6:09. cloudy skies. 49 degrees in owings mills. plan for a little light rain, not heavy today but enough to take pollen out of the air and
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enough to keep us cooler than the 70s that we hit yesterday afternoon. again, a current start at 49 degrees at the harbor school in owings mills. light jacket in order. again, the chance of rain will try to arrive late morning into the afternoon. more on that and look at the regional radar coming up in a bit. let's check the roads with troy. we have a disabled tractor-trailer padonia road at the 83 ramp, blocking the right lane. use caution there. and also still dealing with the incident, 95 southbound at whitemarsh boulevard, three vehicles involved earlier, one is overturned. there are still rescue vehicles on scene. two right lanes and a shoulder are blocked. please use pulaski or bel air roads as an alternative. 6:10. outrage in russia after a 7-year-old adoptive boy returned to the country last week. >> we take you to tennessee where his american parents are facing their own criticism. >> and everyone is talking about this. unauthorized biography about oprah hits bookstores today.
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feels like i'm at a day spa. [ announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. houston, we've had a problem here. >> 40 years ago, a failed mission became nasa's finest hour. april 13, 1970. that is the day apollo flight mission almost turned deadly when the oxygen tank exploded on the way to the moon. today marks the 40th anniversary of the mission. the surviving astronauts of apollo 13 gathered yesterday to remember that failed mission. i don't care where you are in the movie apollo 13, you know the outcome, it's still as dramatic as the first time you saw it. it's great. let's look at the weather with justin berk
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>> 6:14. the latest numbers now, into the storm center. temperatures becoming a little bit more uniform. we were in mid-50s in baltimore versus 30s in york. now that clouds moved in we basically still have a 7-degree spread but 40 in york, 50 in town. 45 towards easton. temperatures not moving much today. it appears as if least light rain, regional radar, a little extra sensitive to pick up some of the finest of the droplets coming down. i still expect a dry morning. however, there may be light sprinkles trying to roll in from the north side as we get on in through this morning commute but i think the best cans of our rain will arrive late morning and in towards the afternoon because there's reinforcing shots back to the north and west. a northwesterly flow actually includes a band of moderate rain just north of pittsburgh in through northeastern ohio. this does look impressive. this is in response to
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fast-level winds in the atmosphere. not a well organized system but in and of itself, yes, carrying some moisture from the great lakes and this string of rain extends to a more complex system in through central sections of minute men and north dakota. a conveyer belt of moisture feeds us with clouds and rainfall for today. that's why we expect this stuff to continue with the chance of at least light rain for today. we're 50 now, only 55 or 2-degree guarantee in downtown baltimore. temperatures not moving much, up to the northwest, 54 westminster, 55 parkton, and maybe mid to upper 50s or slightly milder as the air crass crosses the chesapeake, still with the threat of afternoon showers off towards the eastern shore. the threat of rain continues through the evening but appears as if it will try to wind down around midnight. towards daybreak we get clearing. 49 on the board but as we get clearing, especially north and west of the city, could drop into the mid-and lower 40s come daybreak.
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and during the day tomorrow should see a marked improvement, temperatures back to near normal levels as we turn partly cloudy with a high of 63. our extended faucet shows up in the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. right now troy has traffic. we see 695 and harford road, traffic moving freely but you can see it's picked up a bit. still flow freely though. drive times -- >> we have a disabled vehicle in pikesville. 795 at 695, disabled vehicle but the ramp is passable but we're still dealing with the incident, east side of the beltway, top side, traffic building in parkville, outer loop between harford and providence. you can use liberty or
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baltimore national pike. april 13th. if you're celebrating a birthday today, guess what? so is -- >> go ahead, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. >> put some feeling into it. >> i think it's a first. they are all from crofton. birthday wirks, if you want to join in with the birthday club, send a picture, with information about yourself and sinned -- send it in to 6:18. on "good morning maryland" coming up next, practical jokes can be fun. >> but does this look like a joke? not a laughing matter after what one deputy decided to do to another deputy. >> is kate gosselin "playboy" material? why hugh hefner is not a fan. first the latest in business news with abc. >> good morning.
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we begin your "moneyscope report" with wall street on a roll. the dow reached a milestone. opens today over 11,000, the first time it's happened in 18 months. that mark is still down 22% from its peak in october 2007 but investors are hoping to extend the rally for a seventh week. the federal deficit from deaf -- shows a dramatic fall. a far cry from the deficit from a year ago. part of the fall comes from a lower estimate of what the tarp bailout program will cost but the deficit for all this year is still expected to hit an all-time high. congress will hear from executives of washington mutual, the biggest bank to fail in u.s. history. senate investigators report that the bank's mortgage lending operations were full of fraud and that the bank's internal investigation failed to stop the deceptive practices. the documents show loan officers were rewarded for the volume and speed of subprime mortgages they sold. twitter rolls out a
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money-making advertising program today. new promoted tweets will appear when users search certain key words. they will appear at the top of the search results. bests buy, bravo and sony are among the first group of advertisers. twitter says it spends more than it makes and its program could help it finally show a profit. conan o'brien found a new late-night home. he's making the switch to cable debuting his new show on tbs in november. the yet to be named program will air 11:00 p.m. eastern monday through thursday. the second half-hour pits him against leno and letterman. coming up on "good morning america," a full report on the stock market surge and whether it's really likely to last.
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6:23. getting ready for school and work, you'll need a light rain jacket. we've been blessed with temperatures in the 70s including yesterday's 71. but today, noticeably cooler of we start near 50 in many spots. we're only going to get to 55 as we head into the afternoon, with the clouds, some light rain and breeze, it will feel much cooler than that. something you have not been accustomed to for quite some time. that stuff should get out of here overnight. we drop down to near 40 by daybreak. it looks improved for wednesday, still partly cloudy, that's near seasonable levels at 63. we jump to 72 with sun on thursday and 70 for friday with afternoon or evening showers. bringing in the next weather system which means more rain
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showers over the weekend, with temperature falling back to the mid to lower 60s. 6:23. lets go back to the roads with troy at 6:24. >> we have heavy traffic around the beltway. top side still dealing with the issue at 95 and 695. we'll get to that in a moment. first, drive times -- 895 southbound, 95 split to state road 295, six minutes. 95 southbound, 695 to 32, 15 minutes. and 695, outer loop to 70, 95, that's six minutes. 695 and harford road here moving smoothly. >> thank you very much. it's 6:24. conan o'brien has a job. he's headed to tbs where he'll launch a talk show in november. the program will air monday through thursday at 11:00 eastern time. o'brien was widely rumored to be going to fox. however, conan o'brien entered into serious negotiations with tbs just last week. both sides quickly making a
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deal. today kitty kelley's unauthorizedded biography about oprah hits bookstores. she says she interviewed 850 people for the book which reveals oprah once had a romantic relationship with john tesch. it also explores more about the sex walling -- sexual abuse she suffered as a young girl. hugh hefner said no again when saying kate gosselin would pose. he also says why is she on "dancing with the stars," he doesn't think she's a celebrity. kate had the lowest score on "dancing with the stars" last night. evan the figure skater had the highest. instead of one score from the judges. there were two judges' scores
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to deal with. the first score was on technique. a second score given on the overall performance. watch abc 2 tonight at 8:00 to see who is sent packing. it came down to the final four. >> and at the stroke of midnight a lot of things changed for all of us. >> the new laws that went through on the last day of the 2010 session. i'm linda so. how they are going to change the way you drive and keep your kids safer from sex offenders.
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the general assembly had 90 days. did they accomplish all you had hoped for? we look at the new laws in our state that they are about to put on the books. >> a 7-year-old russian boy put on a plane with a backpack, sent with a note pinned to his jacket. wait until you find out what the note read. >> you can't do this. one police officer decides to stun gun the other officer in the rear end. somebody had the whole thing rolling. apparently was prank. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> let's look at the weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> weather looking more impressive. this is an interesting system. looks like we'll have rain today. last night computer models pulling back on how much rainfall we'll get, yet this morning the radar looks a


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