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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 5, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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well with the roads leading to the beltway looking good. it's only going to take a few minutes this morning. no problems on 83 headed the beltway either. and then looking good down towards 695 as well. megan and a jamie back to you. >> thank you, kim. the mens and womens lacrosse teams have decide to play following the murder of the university of virginia's lacrosse player. here's what his lawyer is saying this morning. >> we are confident that ms. love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> police in charlotte visit are seeing if he had mate threats to her in the past. they are talking to family and
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friends and the teammates. >> and the murder of the university of virginia yarley love ought bah caught the attention of students it highlights the staggering number of domestic violence cases in students. one in five college students reported some violence in their relationship, and police say love was found dead lying in a pool of blood. she had bruises on her face. her exboyfriend is charged with her murder, and domestic violence experts say the abuse in many relationship goes unreported. >> there's not a lot of things the victim could do differently itst not about predicting who will be victimized it's predicting who is the most likely to perpetrate. >> now they have an program called red flag to help stop
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domestic abuse. a professor at john hopkins school of nursing developed these yes or no questions, and it works. the idea is to help police and the victim quickly recognize the situation. >> it helps give her the information that she is at high risk. she may not have been aware of it before. >> if you or someone you know is in an abusive situation, there's a list of resources online. you can find it on the license of a riverdale funeral home has been suspended. inspectors believe they have found dozens of body bags in garbage cans. they have until friday to
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cremate the bodies, and then the funeral home will be closed. today it's about racing and revenue in baltimore city. they are hours away from voting to bring grand prix racing to baltimore next summer. sherrie has a look at the vote. >> reporter: the council will vote on whether or not to approve the grand prix. the track could run light through this area here it could be a big downtown race for five years beginning next year. they would pay $1 million over five years in an annual race fee and the city would share in in the revenue after the second year. but it calls to road upgrades
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to the 2.5-mile course. some people like the idea. >> i think it would do wonders for the city. clean up the roads. the roads do suck. they are definitely not ready for a grand prix. i was in monacco. the race was amazing. >> reporter: the federal government would transfer in $5 million under the service transportation program. we will look at how much money the racing could generate for the city çcoming up. sherrie johnson, abc channel 2 news. çthe taking on -- the team taking on the orioles, and for the second night a row, the yankees lost. the final game of the series is at 1:00 this afternoon. the orioles lost for the second night in a row.
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ernie harwell has died. he was the orioles' first play- by-play man. he left us for the '59 season mets. when a foul ball went into the stands he would say that ball was caught from someone from traverse city. he was the nicest human beings you you would want to meet. he passed away from cancer at the age of 92. you grew up listening to ernie? >> i did. a girl from detroit. he's a legend and a hero. terror in times square. a man accused of rigging a home made bomb inside an suv. what the government learned about the pakistan pakistani- american. which celebrity got the boot this time around? and now the weather. here's just justin.
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>> 5:05 and it's 55 degrees on cinco de mayo. figure that one out. it's 5:05 on 5-5 and 55 degrees. i had to say it one more time. going to mark jones. >> look for number 3 express to be diverted with with the 120 commuter bus. adding the 15 and 19 buses taking a diversion with construction on the scene and the number 55 with a diverse due to construction. light rail and the metro subway looking good for subway. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. this 3-piece gemstone set is only $79.99. these sparkling black and white diamonds are only $99.99. sears. life. well spent.
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the former directer of the cia has a new mission. james wilsi transformed this home into a green energy showcase. look at this. the home is solar powered with geothermal pipes. it's just the right temperature to cool in the summer and warm in the winter. good morning. it's 5:09. what a nice weather pattern we have in the first week of may. yesterday's high temperatures with the sunshine, breeze, and humidity with the absence of any hours erupting in the
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afternoon. 81 in baltimore mother and even over towards ocean city. this morning we slipped back into the 50s. on cinco de mayo we have 55s. and then the river station at 60. in the 40s into york, pennsylvania, across the border. an afternoon high of 83 degrees for the 2-degree guarantee. looking like we have ourself a decent pattern until we cool down on mother's day weekend. more coming up. kim brown. >> justin we have reports reports of debris at route 170 in deer run. reported as a struck animal. animal. and also a fire at bitterland. the drivers are on the green on the way you go from the harbor bound tunnel to 95. if you're traveling the outer
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loop this morning from i-70 to 95, that will only be 6 minutes as well. as we look at the city cameras not looking too bad on the jfx. no problems northbound as you head to the beltway either. megan and jamie, back to you. >> another car recall to tell you about this morning. >> thousands may need to be fixed. find out what the problem is. parents delaying vaccines. which ones are recommended by the pediatricians? have you tried honey bunches of oats yet? every spoonful is a little different. mmm. they got three kinds of flakes. this is delicious. it's the perfect combination of sweet and crispy. i love it. this is so good. this is great. the magic's in the mix.
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have you tried honey bunches of oats yet? every spoonful is a little different. mmm. they got three kinds of flakes. this is delicious. it's the perfect combination of sweet and crispy. i love it. this is so good. this is great.
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the magic's in the mix. there's a growing concern among doctors about parents who don't get their children vaccinated. although there's popular acceptability -- sentiment to getting the shots, experts say skipping them is a bad idea. dr. timothy johnson in health alert. >> reporter: are parents who refuse to get their children vaccinated putting them at risk for a serious illness? >> there was a study of children from 19 to 35 months showing toddlers who are not inoculatedded may be more vulnerable to vaccine-
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preventable symptoms. among the earliest, dtp, mmr, hepb, and the polio vaccine. from 2003 to 2008 the number of parents who refused to have their children vaccinated jumped from 22% to 39%. it included their child was ill, they believe there were too many vaccines, and they have questions about side effects including possible autism. the report says medical practitioners need to provide more information and timely reminders. i'm dr. timothy johnson with this medical minute. the fda revealed more than 20 manufacturing 20 manufacturer problems at -- 20
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manufacturing problems at a plant making children's products. the plant for johnson & johnson had contaminateed things going into the products but none of the end products tested positive. nissan is recalling nearly 130,000infiniti g35 sedans and coupes because of the possibility that no -- that have air bags that may not deploy. no injure is are have been reported. good morning, 5:16 we look at in the almanac on this may 5 may 5th. 48 in the morning, 74 in the
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afternoon. we have been in the 08s. averaging 10 degrees below normal. that will continue for the next few days. fortunately we will not hang on to this into the weekend. 14 hours of sunlight. really working on the morning temperatures, sitting at 54 degrees we have slipped back a notch. back to philly, really showing itself. across new york, showing 62 back into the mountains in the west. we are going to show up during the spring and summer months. the air quality, moderate air quality expect in the baltimore area. it should not be too bad. we could build up some of the pollutants as the high pressure is in control on top of us. that keeps the warm stuff continuing to build with the sunshine. high pressure down into the gulf coast. this is actually good news with the winds settling down as the front swings through and the showers pushed off the east coast. the oil threat across the gulf
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coast should be at least having a chance to be contained a little more today as we have less of the waves turning things up and less of the wind. there's major, major environmental catastrophe taking place. we will try to make a run for it through tomorrow. tonight and tomorrow, watch the front. the thing that came through yesterday, hard live noticed. this one may have a line of showers trying to erupt in the afternoon. looking like it breaks up in the baltimore area. a quiet day leading to a decent friday and then colder over the weekend. 2-degree guarantee with sunshine and a comfortable light wind. we will set it will back down. 59 degrees, and look for the chance of a midday clouds and tomorrow, the high temperature back to 82. checking out the extended forecast in a few minutes. it's 5:18, and here's kim brown. the westbound lane the over
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in woolards, maryland remains closed due to this serious crash. you can expect delay in the area. as we take a peek at the city cameras, no problems a the howard and mlk but there is a scrubture fire that has bitter street. chase street should be able to get you around that without any problems. the drive times, çin the green no problems çthis morning. southbound on 75 to franklin boulevard only 3 minutes and 2 minutes to owens mills boulevard and then 4 minutes down to the belt way. a struck deer at hanover. megan and a jamie back to you. today's birthday. do you know who was born on this day way back when? the late tammi john mta --
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tamie wyattt. 23 you're having a birthday, send us a picture and information. hollywood star in the running for the highest honor. this year'sen tony awards including denzell washington, screwed law also up there in the category of hamlet, and katherine zita jones is in there. the tonies will be hand out next month. perhaps the most popular actress to perform on "dancing with the stars" is hanging up her dancing shoes. pamela anderson was booted off last night. she reflected back on the season. >> it's been a positive experience and people have said great, positive things. who knows what i will make of
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all of this, but it's been nice. very supportive people. . >> five celebrities remain in the competition for the trophy. each will perform two dances on monday. the entire spring cast is expected to perform on the season's finale episodes from may 24th to the 25th. they are used to dealing with dogs. >> but it was a badger for these postal workers in wisconsin.
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good morning at 5:23. we look at the extended forecast. looking at cool but pleasant start this morning. mid-50s to near 60. sun and 83 this afternoon. back into the upper 50s. for tomorrow there could be a brief shower early afternoon. otherwise, the sunny to partly cloudy day, 82. a lay day thunder shower possible. the better chance of rain through saturday. 76 should see an improve. . mother's day will be -- improvement. mother's day will be cooler. time to go up to new york to get this morning's tech bite. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, google is ready to get into the e book business. the wall street journal says
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they will sell digital books in june or july putting them in direct competition with amazon, barnes & noble and others. they could use any device to access their books while using a web browser. the kin 1 and kin 2 will be available next week exclusively on verizon. the device comes with great soft bare. >> some of the features that i like the best are the kin loop, this home screen showing all the latest social networking updates and then another great feature is the studio. any photo or video you ever capture on it immediately gets sent out to the studio which is a web-based repository where you can store all the photos and videos without doing anything. >> reporter: and you can read katie's full review on the wall
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street journal çwebsite. a growing number of parentsç a keeping tabs on their kids on their social networking site and say it's a good way to learn about their teens. finally you can star in the greatest sci-fi trilogy of ever. you can play funny recaps of yourself for the empire strikes back. the ill films have been uploaded to honor the 0th an verse -- 30 30th anniversary release. those are your tech bites. >> this morning's tech bites brought to you by purina.
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the connecticut man busted for putting an explosive device in an suv in times square is talking. fish herbmen are being allowed to do what they can to protect the fish as the oil slick is getting dangerously close to land. a local red cross volunteer packing up to go to minnesota. good morning maryland. >> i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm jamie costello. a check on weather. justin it was gorgeous yesterday. >> absolutely beautiful. low humidity. and we never really developed the showers. the wind picked up. the temperatures mild. check it out this morning. temperatures running 10-degrees above normal. a you can see, we have a clear sky with the brightening of the eastern horizon, sitting here roughly half an hour before the official


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