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tv   News  ABC  May 5, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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officially, 54 in baltimore. a little cooler north of the border. 48 to york, pa, and warmer to the south. averaging 55 to 60 across most of the region. the official sunrise and all the way through sunset, 14 hours later, we should have the sun. 2-degree guarantee of 83. 5:30, and here's kim brown with traffic. >> justin, we are quiet around the baltimore metro area. fortunately no problems as you make your way on 85 down towards the tunnels. 21 cameras this morning in baltimore city, russ and will lee streets, no problemss as yo you make your way inbound. heading up a structure fire with west bittal closed. unless pilesville, southbound lanes of 543 moving an oversized load and that will have delays in the area as well. also checking on the road closure at route 50 on the eastern shore in 10 minutes.
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megan and jamie, back to you. >> 45 minutes ago the pakistan army said they down the pakistan any-taliban were connected to the times square attempt. the family man from the suburbs turned terror camp trainee said he got training in his native pakistan. tj winnick from washington. >> reporter: when faisal shahzad was in custody, he almost immediately admitted he drove the suv with explosives into times square saturday. >> i was never in fear we were in danger of losing him. >> reporter: abc news learned he almost got away. first an fbi surveillance team lost track of him on monday. >> i have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately. make the left turn when able. >> reporter: despite being on the federal no fly list, he was arrested late friday night at
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new york trying to flee the country aboard the flight for dubai. >> clearly he was on the plane and shouldn't have been. >> reporter: he's charged with attempting an act of terror and traveling to the united states to commit an act of terror. >> it was a great team effort. >> reporter: shahzad said he spent more than a month training in with the taliban and they gave him the money to plan the attack. >> they were always having picnics in the backyard, and the wife looked happy. >> reporter: he mysteriously left for pakistan about gaining citizenship about a year ago. officials in pakistan said they have made two arrests of people directly connected to shahzad. one his father-in-law and another person who reportedly traveled to the u.s. to help
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him with the bomb blot. a grand jury dieting three baltimore city police officers accused of kidnapping and assaulting two west baltimore teenagers back in may of last year. the teens say they were left without any shoes and one claims police ripped the battery out of his cell phone, and the officers have been ç identified now as milton smith, tyrone francis, and çgregory hillman. the naacp responded. >> the behavior like this if the charges prove to be true, under mines the integrity of the office and the hard work the police officers do every day. >> the indictment while it was long and coming has come and we believe accountability is now going to happen, and we are grateful to all the members of the justice department of baltimore city, prosecutors, grand jury and others who contributed to the results. all three officers were assigned to the sigh vent crimes division have have all
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been suspended. this morning police are searching for a suspect after a woman was shot inside a beauty salon it happened at the shotting center the bellair road. a man walked in, took money from the cash register and shot the woman in the face. she substantialerred into a neighborhood dry cleaner asking for help. >> i was working at the store, and then people were saying something outside so i went out, and then i saw the lady and saw -- [ inaudible ] -- she was bleeding, and then she got shot, and then after that, police came here, and they went through the shopping center. >> she remains in stable condition this morning. unless congress steps in, medical marijuana will soon be legal in the nation's capital. the dc council amoved a measure to allow patients with chronic
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illnesses to get up to 2-ounces marijuana a month. here in our state the senate approved it but the house wants more time to study the measure. watching and waiting. >> ing an psi ty for the people living on the gulf coast. when forecasters say the oil slick may come ashore. devastation caused down south. how a nurse from baltimore is lending a helping hand. first here's justin. look the sky is getting even brighter. back to 54 in baltimore and a light wind. it will set up far beautiful day. a comfortable setup through the afternoon. right now going to the mta at 5:35. the number 3 bus, the express and the 120 commuter bus dill still diverted due to construction. the number 15 and 9, diverted although monument and hill with construction on the scene and number 55 diverted at
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there in the calm seas, and it's helping to clean up the massive oil spill in the gulf. they hope to again try to burn the oil on the water surface it will be at least tomorrow until there's a danger of oil come ago shore. it's 5:39 right now. >> here's meteorologist justin berk. a beautiful, beautiful day yesterday, justin. >> absolutely gorgeous considering all the flooding problems going on around the nation. the flooding in nashville and then the catastrophe in the gulf coast. it is hard to sit back and take it, but we will. 28 in easton. never developing the showers in the afternoon. i don't think many of you complained about that. very light winds, and the sun coming up officially at 6:04. between 55 and 60. this afternoon's 2-degree guarantee of 83. mostly sunny sky, and eventually we will start knocking the temperatures down into the mother's day weekend
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and talk more about that in a bit. 5:39. back to the roads with kim brown. >> justin, we still have a road closure in willard, maryland. it's way on the eastern shore but if you travel from that area, expect delays. police are providing the detour. the drive times around the baltimore metro, in the green southbound from the belt bay to the 895 split. it's five minutes for the split to the fort mchenry toll plaza. headed to i-97t will be 9 minutes this morning. the southbound lanes of riverside parkway closed at route 75 as a tractor trailer is moving an oversized load there. they hope to have it open fairly soon but now over to ç sherrie johnson. she has the update on one of the top stories this morning. good çmorning, sherrie. >> reporter: that's right. baltimore grand prix. they will prepare to take the
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vote today. i'm sherrie johnson, and i will have the vote coming up. she was a beloved college athlete who graduated from notre dame prep. why some college relationships can end so badly. ya know, i'm really glad we finally decided to see whererai.
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5:54. it's right there. word for word, right there in the charlottevilles police report, woke he shook yeardley love and her head hit the wall. they then went to george huguely, and they found bruises but he said they were sports injuries and then he did admit to it. linda so. >> reporter: it's hitting home in our area. yeardley love was a standout player. yesterday the lacrosse player dedicated their final game to love and they won. love's death is catching the attention of students here and
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across the country highlighting the staggererring number of domestic abuse cases in college. yeardley love was found dead in a pool of her blood. she had bruises and her right eye was swollen shut. domes abuse experts say abuse -- domestic abuse experts say abuse goes unreported. >> people feel entitled or like they have power and control over another person. >> reporter: at the university they have started red flag. it has a lot of information about signs of potential abuse and ways to spot it. there's a link on our website on we are live in townsend, lynn is -- linda so. back in 2008, george huguely was shocked with a stun
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gun from an office was a resisting arrest. he pled guilty and got a 60-day sentence that was suspended. the arresting officer said he was yelling obscenities and making threats. 5:46 this morning, new this morning a car hit and killed a pedestrian happening around 9:45 last night at eastern and taylor avenues. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver did stay at the scene. a deadly car accident in western maryland. a woman crawling from the wreckage and flagged down a highway worker. the crash in allegheny county killed three people. all three were inside the mustang when it ran off the road. this is interstate 68 and ended up 100 yards from the hill, down the hill from the highway. the sole survivor was flown to the hospital. 5:46. it's may 5th. you know what that means?
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it's cinco de mayo. there will be a lot of partying going on tonight, and people will go out and celebrate. the police department will have extra patrols for those of you not obeying the law. don't drink and drive. ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, not the commute on the beltway, grand prix race could come into baltimore. sherrie has the details. >> reporter: good morning, megan. that's right it looks like the grand prix ççracing could com baltimore. this is the area where the track could come through this way. the city's spending board will vote to approve a contract on the proposed baltimore grand prix. it could clear the way for organizers to host the large- scale downtown race starting in august of 2007. the city, the state, state, and a private development firm are looking at the feasibility of bringing bringing in a grand prix race to cut through the heart of the harbor.
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from pratt streets to russell streets and back. it could be big money for baltimore. >> estimates are $100 million in economic impact generated from the visitors, hotels, meals, etc., and also the major national television exposure. >> reporter: the federal government would also ship in $5 million for improvements to get ready for the racetrack. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a marylander going to mississippi to hit -- to help in the hardest hit areas. philip will bring medical care to the storm victims. >> when you look at the evening news and you see people much less fortunate than yourself and the massive devastation, your first thought is what can i do? and i feel like that.
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>> cleanup is underway in mississippi where the storms killed at least six people. 5:48 this morning. very calm here. 54 degrees. clear sky, light winds. temperatures in the low 60s. big 60s to the north. richmond and norfolk, it's a cooler 49. pittsburgh and 50s to charleston. with high pressure in control this time of the year with the warm temperatures and the building of pollution, we have the moderate air quality. this is something they have to pay attention to, especially into the warm, muggy weather. that's the case today. high wind, clear skies, and a beautiful start to the day, extending down to the gulf coast states states where the frontal boundary off the coastline and through central florida, that's actually good
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news for calming down the seas across the gulf coast. for all efforts to try to contain the oil spill. we actually set our sights to the next frontal boundary to race in through here tomorrow. it should be a very very minor event. otherwise, a great day today and tonight. tomorrow's frontal boundary pushing through for the afternoon. yesterday i expected showers to push through 2:00 to 4:00, and they stayed well north of the border in pennsylvania. this one indicates there's energy across the chesapeake. it would be a brief event. don't change your plans for this one. out of here in a hurry and then through friday a different story into the weekend as we chill down dramatically for mother's day. '2-- the 2-degree guarantee to 83. you notice the temperatures tomorrow about 10-degrees above normal with the forecast high
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of 82. a small chance of a shower taken in through friday. temperatures knocked back to 80. late day thunder shower responsible possible. a better chance for the first half of saturday and then mother's day dry but cool at 75. a disabled vehicle at route 2. should be fairly minor. it's out the travel lanes. traffic is able to get by without problems. the drive times, we are all looking good. so far this morning, no problems on the 95 corridor. up north, 9-minute right. 29 southbound looking good through howard county through route 32. that's only 9 minutes as well. on the outer loop, 6 minutes trip. the cameras, fairly quiet in baltimore city. you will still see the closure with west bi it, it a, will closed from mlk to maryland avenue. stay with us with more good morning maryland coming up right after this.
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the other top stories we are working for you at 6 minutes until 6:00. a huge fire here in portsmith,
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arkansas. bales of card board taught on fire yesterday. no reports of anyone being injured. a scary report in a strip mall. the driver went through the strip mall and landed at a taco stop. postoffice employees at the milwaukee branch got an unexpected visitor yesterday, the badger strolled in. the dnr created a pass for the badger to escape into the great outdoors. i guess when you're the state employee, you can do as you please. >> have you seen the wisconsin doe? >> no, but go ahead. he caused serious concerns for federal authorities. >> but passengers remained calm. >> the flight they left for the middle east with the accused
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times square bombing suspect. when one was born, i just realized i had forgotten about me. >> ladies, the ways to find time for yourself while taking care of the ones you love the most. need a job? abc 2 has ways to help. helping you get back to work one resume at time a time. 5:56, aiming for a beautiful day. 83 degrees, 82 tomorrow, an isolated shower, and holding on to 80 on friday. cooling off over the weekend. rain possible on saturday morning, but mother's day is dry as we go back to the high of 65. and 556 in the morning. quick peek with kim. no problems here on the jfx, and we look on the maps, an incident in pilesville. southbound riverside parkway closed at 165 as they move an oversized load. we will get a complete check of the roads when good morning
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maryland returns at 6:00.
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i have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately. >> he is talking, the man arrest for trying to blow up times square, giving police an earful. >> police want to know in yeardley love was threatened before or attacked before from her former boyfriend. more on the attack that has shaken us all up. how would you like to go 200 miles an hour down the highway? we will see if the city waves the checkered flag. good morning. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. cinco de mayo. >> justin berk with the look ahead. >> reporter: what a beautiful shot we have. just a few minutes before the official sunrise, 6:04 today. this is furrows point high school looking east. blue


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