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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 5, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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it took three weeks to fix it. >> reporter: there was another watermain break on september 18th last year. millions of gallons of water and millions of dollars in damage. big breaks and rising costs. city says it has to raise water bills by 9%. >> we have to replace infrastructure. it is expensive. we are not getting federal assistance we'd like to see in terms of funding. it has been on the decline over a number of years. the burden is largely on our rate payers. >> reporter: this wasn't considered lightly but the needs are great. 95% of the city's watermains are over 65 years old. couple that with costs from new state and federal mandates and she says the city's costs with way up.
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everyone around here has a flood story to tell about the big watermain break. even though it was caused by aging infrastructure, feelings at a large rate hike are mixed. >> that was a disaster in the flood. as far as them wanting to raise rates it is not our fault that the city did not maintain their see sewer system. >> reporter: even with the water increase it is still the cheapest than all utilities. 16-ounce glass of water is a penny. a shower costs six cents. if you want to keep it that way the city says it has to improve the infrastructure. roosevelt leftwich abc 2 news. tonight students at virginia university will hold a vigil tonight for the lacrosse
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student who was found dead inside her offcampus apartment monday morning. her former boyfriend kicked in her bedroom door, shook her and hit her head against the wall several times. he is charged with first degree murder. a viewing for love will be held friday in towsen for 2:00-7:00 and 7:00-9:00. funeral services are set for saturday at 10:00 a.m. in north baltimore. at the cathedral mary our queen. the land lord called to report the [ inaudible ] and neither she norher boyfriend would answer their door. when police arrived at their house they made a grizzly discovery. >> once we made our way inside
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we found two people deceased in the early stages of decomposition. after we checked around upon further investigation we located a generator that had been inside. obviously it was in the on-position or should have been on. however, the generator had run out of gas. >> police are still awaiting tests but the suspects died from carbon monoxide poisoning. coming up at 6:00 we'll take a look at why friends say the couple's power had been turned offsetting the stage for their deaths. prince george's county funeral home has lost its license after investigators found about 40 bodies in a garage. last month a investigator with the board of morticians and funeral directors conducted a surprise inspection in river dale. authorities say 40 body bags were waiting cremation in piles. investigators also said the condition of the bodies made it
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hard to identify the remains. the coroner says he hopes to work with the state on these alleged violations. tonight investigators in harford county are looking for victims of a peeping tom. david jones was arrested on monday after police found child pornography. jones was fist arrested last month after the father of a 15- year-old caught jones taking pictures of her outside her bedroom window. investigators searched his home and found evidence that he was making child pornography. if you or someone you know has been a victim of jones you are asked to call harford county child advocacy center. now to an abc 2 news exclusive. in november we told you about an extensive rental scam in baltimore. the man in the center of the scam is now getting a stern
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warning from the attorney general. >> reporter: he took in more than $800,000 in the baltimore area as a pyramid rental scam. he took people's money for membership and apartments. he never paid their rent and 100 people got evicted. we first told you about him in november after we heard complains from the members of the so-called business. they claimed he offered apartments in upscale areas in exchange for referrals. some paid thousands of dollars in the apartments. he also stitched several complexes in columbia and other locations. according to the attorney general's office signed up 500 people in the pyramid scheme. a cease and assist order has been issued for williams charging him with securities
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violations. this isn't the first time williams had a brush with the law. he went to jail for running a similar scheme in 2005. >> people get in this line of work. they are scam artists. some people are lawyers. some are doctors. some are teachers. this guy is a scam artist. he did it once. it is part of doing business. when you get caught you pay a fine and go to jail. he is back at it clearly. >> reporter: the attorney general says this is just the first step in the process. he's hoping this order will help the state to seize william's assets so marylanders tangled up in this web will eventually get some of their money back. we'll continue to follow this story. the time square bomb case has already had an affect on airline security. the suspect in the case came witnesses minutes of making his escape because he was allowed on a passenger flight despite being on the no-fly list.
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tonight the government has airlines checking those lists more often. lindsay davis has the latest on the cold bomb investigation. >> reporter: investigators now know the who and what but the question is why he did it and how the government almost let faisal shahzad escape. >> he was apprehended in 53 hours. that's good work. >> reporter: the tsa isn't taking any chances. effective immediately airlines must check the names of passengers on the no-fly list within two hours of being notified by the government that a new name has been added. until now airlines had until 24- hours to recheck the list. new york mayor would like to see more changes. officials say faisal shahzad drove to new york's j.f.k. airplane with a gun purchased in connecticut two months ago. bloomberg would like to ban those on the no-fly list of being able to buy guns. >> authorities should have a way to block those on the
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terrorist watch list and deemed too dangerous to fly. >> reporter: according to the new york time after selling his condo in 2004 investigators began asking questions about him. in 2009 he quit his job as a financial analyst and his $200,000 home in connecticut went into foreclosure. two months after becoming an american citizen he abruptty move he is wife and kids in pakistan. several people remain under connection in the case. federal officials say faisal shahzad claims while in pakistan he underwent bomb making classs with the taliban and received money for the plot but in new york he says he acted alone. another gorgeous day across maryland. not a cloud in the sky. unbelievable clear skies. nice temperatures result of the
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sunshine. satellite view all clear. air still nice and dry. humidity percentages down to 34%. baltimore relative humidity down to 2% out at frederick. that's very dry air. the rest of the evening we are staying clear, dry and mild in the 70s as we push toward sunset after 8:00 tonight. a great-looking night. there will be a few changes in the forecast into tomorrow afternoon. we'll let you know what those are coming up. >> thank you, wyatt. sports apparel company underarmor's future is looking bright. the ceo of the baltimore-based company predicts revenue range to $985 million. that's an increase from $856 million last year. this year the company will be focusing on revamping running and training shoes and overhauling e-commerce site and opening several outlet stores. another local business is hoping to have a bright
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business as well, the new bakery on east ford avenue features sweet treats. pete o'neill was there for the opening. >> reporter: this morning people started their day in the rays of the sun cast its light on the city. those same rays hit a little shop on ford avenue and helped a dream come true. >> for me this is just standing on the middle of the pier myself today and i'm going to make it work and figure it out. if it means staying up until 2:00 in the morning or waking up at 5:00 that's what it means. i would rather do that than look back and say i wish i would have given it a shot. >> reporter: that dream is to make people smile. by making these. >> i have always been a part of corporate america. i had a lot of really, really great jobs. i always wanted to do something for myself. i have a family that always had their own businesses. it was my turn to kind of take
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the reigns and i just had to find what was right for me. cup cakes make me really happy. >> reporter: opening day at caroline's cup cakery. her sister is putting on the finishing touches. her mom would be here soon. she wishes her grandmother could have seen and shared this day. >> she was just south baltimore through and through. a real person 100%. i miss her more than i could ever possibly say. >> reporter: if you are in south baltimore, go visit caroline's cup cakery on ford avenue and try a i just want to make you smile cup cakes. she could use your business. it is guaranteed you'll leave with a smile. in south baltimore pete o'neill for abc 2 news. >> i'm getting hungry just looking at the cup cakes. coming up, as women we take care of everyone in our lives. sometime we forget about ourselves. we'll give you tips from doctors on how to improve your
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life and set aside some time for you. the latest on the big recall of children's medicine. what the food and drug administration found in some popular brands. plus, will city hall wave the checkered flag? find out if baltimore can be a grandprix city.
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as a mother, wife, daughter, it often seems we are always taking care of everyone else. if you don't take control of your own health and life things can really quickly go spiraling out of control. tonight we have tips on how you can take control.
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>> how are you today? >>i'm good. >> reporter: she feels better physically and mentally these days. with the help of her physician she's taking control of her life. >> when my third son was born i ralelized that i had forgotten about me. >> reporter: two years ago she underwent gastric bypass surgery. >> i weigh half of what i used to weigh. my life is completely different. it changes everything about your life. it changes what you are willing to do and what you feel like you can do. it was a big step in it takes my life to the next level. i really feel like it gave me back to me. >> reporter: the doctor says you may not have to do something as drastic as surgery to take control of your life but women need to take better care of themselves. start with getting rid of stress. >> keep your meals and sleep habits healthy. eat lots of fruits and
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vegetables. try to decrease on high, fatty foods and loaded with sugar. >> reporter: another idea. find an activity with repetitive motions and sound as a relaxation technique. >> prays, meditating but also running and cycling on a bicycle. something that gives you positive results that will release endorphins. >> it is pulling yourself out of mother and wife and giving time back to yourself. >> reporter: the whole benefit when mom is happier. >> it is also important to keep attending health screenings like mammograms, pap smears and cholesterol screenings. >> coming up tomorrow on good morning maryland. their cries might be cute for a time. but for mom those sleepless
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nights are not so much fun. if bundle of joy can take joy out of your day when they keep moms up all night long. >> the days fly by. there is always something. he's either eating or needing to be changed or played with it. >> it took a few weeks to really believe that this is now our life. >> tomorrow on good morning maryland, the adjustments new moms need to make and the new schedules you need to keep. happy beautiful day for the big mexican holiday. >> huge. >> sunshine all day long. a blue sky-kind of day. in early may welcome get a lot
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of rain. this is not bad. nice afternoon in the inner harbor. i would like go on a ride on a boat. that would be fun to do today. we have a blue sky as we look across the harbor. bone dry 34%. savor that while we have it. southeast breeze 10 miles per hour. take you into the pollen counts. still high on the tree pollens and grass pollens high. mold spores have dropped off. maple, cedar and ash the big once now. temperatures not bad. 79 degrees. 82 easton. we have 78 york. philly 80. warmer as you head into northern virginia. wind gusts now. it has been breezy at times today. winds shifting a little bit north to south through the day today. that making for a warmer wind
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out there. also stirring up pollens into the ai . satellite radar view. we are clear west to east across the state. you get way out west towards frostburg and you find a few clouds. this is more unsettled weather in ohio. i'll show you that as we zoom out. you can see a couple showers and thunderstorms up toward detroit into ontario. not a factor for us. looks like this disturbance will miss us to the north. right now we have giant high pressure controlling the weather across the mid atlantic. dry air in place. another frontal boundary will sneak in over the next 24 to 48 hours. i don't think it will bring us much in the way of rain. a few more clouds will build in tomorrow afternoon. at this point it looks like a better chance of rain to the north. we pick up on a slight chance of shower tomorrow afternoon. i don't think we'll see a lot of rain on the ground tomorrow. friday afternoon another wave comes through. that could produce a stray
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shower or two as well. thursday and friday i don't see a lot of rain. here we go tonight. staying dry. 06 mostly clear. staying mild out there for any late parties. tomorrow 82 degrees or some variably sunny skies. warm, breezy weather the story. tomorrow night temperatures drop off as the second cool front blows in down to 50. seven-day forecast the trend ahead will be quite nice. the next two days slim chances of showers. better chance for a couple showers on saturday. then cooler air will move in on sunday, monday and tuesday. >> thank you, wyatt. a big recall involving many popular brands of children's medicine. find out what action the food and drug administration could be take against the manufacturer. to raise or not to raise. that question is sparking a heated debate after a philly's fan ran on the field. [ male announcer ] it's a price that starts low and stays low.
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we have a ton of new stories coming up for you at 5:30. i'll roosevelt leftwich. ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. city gives nod to indy car racing in the heart of town. we'll have the latest on efforts to stop a huge oil spill in the gulf of mexico. officials are hoping a concrete cap could save the day. what could be more american than baseball? we'll fell you how old number eight is trying to spread the pass time to war-torn iraq. in tonight's consumer alert we have more on the story that should have you checking your medicine cabinet at home. f.d.a. issued a massive recall
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of children's medication. regulators say johnson and johnson failed to test for contamination in 40 over the counter drugs. it includes children's motrin, tylenol and benadryl. tonight parents are urged to use generic brands instead. >> reporter: when the f.d.a. criticized quality control at this pennsylvania johnson and johnson plant and it temporarily shut down an iowa family felt the affect. >> i'm concerned for my health. >> reporter: he relied on the medicines for asthma relief. now there is a voluntary recall of tylenol recall. >> this recall is very bi . i spoke with leaders at f.d.a. this morning. they described the findings as quite serious.
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>> reporter: food and drug administration report says ingrediants used to make the children's medications were contaminated with bacetria. it found more than 20 manufacturing problems at the plant. empty shelves are prompting now questions from parents. >> the biggest thing is what are they supposed to give now. >> reporter: doctors recommend using generic medicines and warn not to substitute adult medicines. >> parents should get rid of the product and move forward. but at least no one has been hurt. >> reporter: f.d.a. says it doesn't know if it will take more action against the drug company. they issued a statement promising not to reopen the plant until it can promise the product's quality. speaking of recalls general motors is recalling all hummer h 3's made since the 2006 model year to fix a portion of the
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