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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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life. >> she didn't have electricity. they cut it off. because they weren't paying. >> reporter: baltimore city police came here to the row house after the landlord reported he had been trying to get in touch with the young man and woman for days and had not heard from them. >> officers entered in the back door and discovered the bodies on the second floor. >> after we checked around. upon further investigation, we located a generator that had been inside. obviously it was in the on-position or should have been on. however, the generator had run out of gas. >> reporter: as news of the carbon monoxide poisoning reached the couple's neighbors some pledged to learn a lesson from their death. >> i'm getting me something for my house because i wouldn't want to take a chance if that
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happened to me. i think it is better to get something that we could use. hot water tank can do something like that. >> reporter: in north baltimore abc 2 news. >> the victim's friend said she tried to get an electric account in her own name but the landlord's past due bill on that address preventing her from getting one. it was a gruesome discovery at the river dale funeral home forcing officials to close the doors. tonight the business has to make changes or suffer the consequences. last month an investigator conducted a surprise inspection at chamber's funeral home in river dale. according to court documents, investigators saw a tall pile of body bags with human remains scattered on the floor of the garage. bodies that were supposed to be cremated. >> i have been here 22 years. we never had any problems. >> co-owner william chambers
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says he hopes to work with the state on resolving those alleged violations. now to harford county. i want you to take a good look at this picture. police say this man, davis jones was arrested at his home on monday after police found child pornography. they says he a peeping tom. jones was first arrested last month after a father of a 15- year-old girl caught him taking pictures of her outside of a bedroom window. he is charged with sex abuse of a minor and production of child pornography. police want anyone with information on david jones to call the child advocacy center in harford county. roosevelt leftwich is joining us now the lates on public works. >> reporter: public works plans on asking the board of estimates for a 9% hike in
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water rates. without it we could see more breaks and problems with water and sewer in the city. big watermain breaks like the 72-inch main that ruptured in dundalk last fall are factored in the cost. 95% of the entire water system is over 65 years old. along with new state and federal water quality mandates cost of water is way up. city officials say they understand the need for maintenance but such a large increase is going to hurt. >> who wants to dig money out of their pocket. you don't. i don't. find it -- i don't know where to find it at. but find it some other place. >> we arrived at 9%. what we could reasonably afford. but our estimates show that in future years if we don't started a quarterly funding
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infrastructure improvements. will have of the average a-- >> reporter: on the average a family in baltimore city could pay $20 more a year. public works asked the board of estimates to hold a hearing on june 9th. roosevelt leftwich abc 2 news. bail has been set for the three baltimore city officers accused of assaulting a teenager boy last may. the bail for the officer's have been set at $200,000 each. all three men are assaulting two baltimore city teenagers last wind. the officers had been assigned to the violent crimes investigation division and have been suspended. the court date for the officers has not been announced. tonight student at the university of virginia will
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hold a candle light vigil for murders lacrosse player. friends had their private tributes to the 22-year-old. love was found dead inside of her offcampus apartment monday morning. police say her former boyfriend kicked down her bedroom door, shook her and hit her head against a wall several tim . hest charged with first degree murder. love's family will receive friends in towsen on friday 2:00-4:00 and 7:00-9:00. her funeral services are saturday at 10:00 a.m. charges are not expected against a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian last night. it happened on eastern avenue around 9:30. police say the victim stepped out into the road and was struck by a toyota matrix being driven by a 71-year-old. it is believed the pedestrian was intoxicated at the time of the accident. if you drive by most area
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high schools this time of year you'll see a likely a lot -- crash cared sitting out front. it is to remind student not to drink and drive during prom season. tonight some students were stripped of that warning. >> reporter: chesapeake high school lost six students in the past six years. jennifer helps run the students against drunk driving program at the high school. she's trying to teach the students how to make good decisions. >> the idea that the cars are out there to remind our students the importance of making good choices and to have someone turn around and make a poor choice appalled the staff and students. >> reporter: the students are getting ready for this year's prom. all i talked to had an opinion about the theft. >> i think it is disgusting. >> i was appalled. >> it is not cool. >> a lot of people make the
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wrong choices. >> reporter: his 18-year-old cousin died three years ago in a car accident and cannot understand why someone could do this. >> this car is out there as a symbol of what can happen to people and just to mess with it in any way is so disrespectedful. >> reporter: kara smith, who donated the car, estimates the value of the parts stolen at $1400. she thinks the family of the victim of the fatal car crash could have used the money. >> not many 28 year olds have accidental death or life insurance. family may have abused that.
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this cinco de mayo a warning to tell youing. police in annapolis are beefing up dui patrols for tonight. annapolis police ask that you call them at 410-268-9000 if you see anybody attempting to drive while aimpaired. there will be no speed cameras for now. voters decided to go against the mayor and town council's decision to allow the camera's within town limits. out of the ballots cast more than half voted to appeal the ordnance.
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local investors for the indy racing league in downtown baltimore will be the first in the mid atlantic region. >> this is a shot in tomorrow for baltimore. it puts this city on the map for all the right reasons. it is time for a new story to be written about this city and incredible charm. >> i can't wait. i'm waiting for my spot to know the routes so i can get my claire and drinks and everything and watch the race. >> drivers would race in a loop around downtown passing by the inner harbor and camdon yards at st. peters up to 185-miles an hour.
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82 d.c. little cooler up the wilmington way. humidity bone try. 38% relative humidity in baltimore. that's a good thing. the rest of this evening looking great. victims told us that williams would offer members the chance to get cheap apartments and luxury complexes. the only thing was they had to refer their friend. attorney general's office said 100 people signed on. but they got evicted when william's did not pay the rent.
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doug has issued a cease and assist order saying williams did not learn a lesson from going to jail for this same thing several years ago. >> the person that has already been in jail once understands or thinking he's understanding how the schemes work and how he can beat the system name's the person that would get back in the same business in a different jurisdiction. >> attorney general is hoping this order will help the state seize william's assets. others victimized by the seem they get their money back. he is a war veteran, single dad determined to make it in the world. now he's named the student of the year. what he says about his journey through life. getting more purple and black never hurt ravens fans. you'll see why the team may play better this season. looking at northeast tonight. 77 degrees. wyatt has a look at the forecast when we come back.
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governor martin o'malley is getting national recognition for being bio tech savvy. he was honored today for his work in promoting bio technology in maryland. maryland is home to 500 bio science companies and 50 research federal institutes and centers. tonight the story of a single father of two who has served our country and delivered our mail. tonight that 40-something is being honored as outstanding student of the year at howard county community college. we'll share his story as he proves to us that it is never too late. >> the college accepts the admissions. >> reporter: howard community college honored one of their own today. >> this award is given to a student, who not only exhibits
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academic excellence or achievement in the academic arena but made their mark on campus by giving back to the college community. with great pleasure i would like to introduce our outstanding student of the year. [ inaudible ] >> if somebody told me a couple years ago at this time i would receive outstanding citizen's award i would not believe it. nobody i grew up had a degree. >> reporter: a single fat fath -- father of two girls may not look like a student. he has always been determined to graduate college and give back. >> i want my daughters to realize if i can do it they can
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do it. >> he is older than most students here. while he is not a father figure he gives that fatherly advice to some and they need to hear that from a mature adult. he does a great job with it. >> congratulations! you bring tarsotomy eyes. >> i have been through a lot. none of them prepared me for this. i have to pinch myself. i can not believe i'm getting a degree. >> congratulations! well, a south baltimore baker is hoping to have sweet success for years to come. caroline's cup cakery opened the doors today. they feature sweet treat of every flavor including butter scotch, strawberry and chocolate. it maybe be a tough economy now but she's hoping now is the time for her dream to come true.
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you get choke up looking at the massive cup cakes and the frosting on top. >> it is what sets it off. >> i tell you what, if you have been eating cup cakes lately good day to burn it off. beautiful weather. humidity did stay low for us once again today. that's not bad. let's look at the inner harbor. we have a shakey view of a sailboat. little wind out there today. probably giving our camera a shake. 79 bwi marshall. 38% relative humidity. winds shifted from the west to south southeast flow. that will begin to bring the humidity back into the picture. 81 is our current high temperature so far today. old record 92. we are above our normal of 71. none the less that was our
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two-degree guaranteed forecast. 81 degrees. another weather winner today. you'll be getting abc two umbrella. you can send in your name on our website at 82 easton. 71 dover. 79 baltimore. these numbers above average. not oppressive. humidity low. wind gusts shifted in direction. it has been breezy at times today. no doubt about it. as we look at the radar view. clear skies across maryland from the eastern shore back across baltimore. going west until you get out into the high country. there are a few clouds in the panhandle area. look at rain showers and storms firing up toward the great lakes. it is the only active weather anywhere in the eastern united states up across the lake and cleveland. we are not going to see much from that. high pressure keeps us nice and dry tonight and into the early
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part of the day tomorrow. we could see a slight chance of a passing shower each afternoon. forecast model keeps the disturbance primarily north of us. tomorrow afternoon a slight chance of a passing shower. then we'll talk you in tighter -- take you in tighter thursday and friday. there will be a slight chance of a passing shower friday evening. i'm not looking for rain until saturday. tonight dropping down to 60 or some not as cool as last night. we should hang on to 60 overnight. mostly clear. still mild. tomorrow early sunshine. then we'll see more clouds build in the afternoon. we'll call it variably sunny. two degree guarantee 82 degrees. more humid tomorrow. tomorrow night 50. few clouds as a shot of cooler air moves in tomorrow night. which should drop us down to 50 degrees. seven-day forecast. here's how it shapes up. low 80s thursday and friday. with a slight chance of shower. better chance of rain on and
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off on saturday. not a ton of rain. we get cooler through the weekend. we don't get out of the mid 60s sunday or monday. that will be noticeably cooler as temperatures do drop off quite a bit toward the end of the weekend. kelly? >> thank you, wyatt. well , the next time you visit bank stadium everything will be brighter. today the field was revamped and fitted with a new state-of- the-art turf. >> there is over a billion little green fibers on this field. it is amazing. this material is mixed 50/50 mix of sand and rubber. it guarantees that the players play in a certain safety zone at all times. >> sounds cool. no longer any logos in the end zone or the 50-yard line. officials say that was done to attract other football games to our stadium. take a look at this. a lovely shot from our camera
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the dow lost 60 points. nasdaq fell 22. s&p 500 lost almost 8. new at 11:00 tonight. blurry vision, headache, neck pain no official diagnosis yet but a real problem affecting 70% of us. we'll give you the outs of prevention. protecting yourself and your kids in social networking. three things you should never post on facebook. all those stories tonight at 11:00. in honor of cinco de mayo. it could not be much better. too bad we have to work the rest of the night. for those of you that don't we
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