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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and the vulnerability of his victim. >> a lot of young people work there to go to school or college sometimes taking care of a family. we do watch out for one another. >> reporter: the victim, who refused to go on camera, says a man met him at the door as he tried to deliver a pair of pizzas to this home. that's when three men concealing their faces with red bandannas came around the corner of the house, struck him in the back of the head with a gun and forced him inside. they bound and gagged him with duct tape and electric cords. robbed him of his wallet, cell phone and pizzas and threatened to kill him. >> the driver didn't return back in an appropriate time. the manager of the facility called deputies to check on the well being. something wasn't right. he had not returned. they could see a vehicle but they could not find him. >> reporter: deputies discovered the victim inside and the suspects were gone.
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they would make a critical mistake. once the suspects left the vacant house and left the victim bound and gagged there they traveled a few blocks and came here to this former shell station. in addition to his atm card, the suspects forced the victim to give him his pin number at gun point. and security cameras inside the store captured image of damian reese still wearing his red bandanna entering the store to withdraw $300. tracking him down was a matter o of time. >> deputies and detectives had been looking for the individual for the last seven days based on a good investigation. they were able to and henned him this morning in the baltimore area. >> reporter: a suspected gang member, he came on popular grove in west baltimore. police are still trying to identify his three accomplices. edgewood jeff hager.
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>> members of the joint task force searched an apartment in edge water village where they had been squatting. inside they found two empty pizza boxes, red bandanna and roll of duct tape. update in the case of the murder of the university of maryland lacrosse player lover. according to a judge he is expected to give a ruling on unsealing documents related to the investigation. media outlets want the search reports opened to the public. the attorneys for the player charged in the murder says they did not take part in hearings requesting that the records be sealed. well it was a case gone cold. now dna evidence brought a woman some justice. today this man in. police tracked down the 27-year- old after his convict of a
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burglary two years ago. essex soccer coach charged with soliciting sex from a 14- year-old girl will spend a year in jail. the 23-year-old was arrested last year in an undercover sting. the girl's father called police after he allegedly sent inappropriate text messages and nude pictures of himself to the girl. ultimately he arranged to meet her at a royale forms store. supposedly to have sex with her. that's where he was arrested. a truck fire that killed a carroll county man was an accident according to fire investigators. authorities say that duane fuller was sleeping inside his ford pickup last year in a church parking lot. investigators athe fire was caused by a malfunction in the
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engine compartment. all new at 6:00, concern over the practices that baltimore county sex shops could lead to new rules. county councilman says he wants changed. he proposed an amendment that will regulate private movie booths. we'll explain the apparent problem and how county leaders plan to fix it. >> action could be going on in there. as the big concern i have. >> reporter: this councilman has concerns of adult video stores and so-called sex shops in baltimore county. he'd like to move them further away from the public view. he has concerns about the changes. >> we have a constitutional issue. you have freedom of speech and the available do what you want as an individual so you are not harming others. at the same time there are lewd
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acts listed in the law. i really haven't had much problem personally with them. you can see sites going in there. >> reporter: he owns a saloon next door to the adult store. he has worries about the council's intentions. >> not that i'm for this type of business. but they could do the same thing with my business. they could come in and say i don't want a bar here no more. >> reporter: neighbors had mixed reactions. >> i think it is great. i don't want that influence to my kids. >> i don't think it is a problem with kids seeing them. you have to be 18 to get in the places anyway. there is nothing outside that would be offensive. >> reporter: the councilman told me he was not aaware of the arrests that occur in establishments last this. at the most recent meet nothing citizen showed up to complain.
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>> the council is set to vote on the bill coming up next thursday. another generally gray day across maryland. at least we didn't have the rain to deal with. we have much sunnier and warmer weather on tap in less than 24- hours. let's take a look at our visible satellite view from above. we had clearing. if you look at the bottom part of the screen we have clearing in southern maryland. they got into the sunshine today. none of that here other than a blade or two of sunshine sneaking through the clouds. we are all clear now all the way down to the city streets. that will also be holding up into the next few days as we see dryer weather move in. low 60s across the board. we'll drop off in the 50s this evening. we should float in the low 60s for the rest of the evening. 60s for your temperature. again we will begin to clear out as we go into the overnight that means a lot of sunshine
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tomorrow. big time warmup with all the details straight ahead. tonight's flags are flying at half staff as marylanders remember a marine killed in afghanistan. corporal shaie was laid to rest this morning in frederick. the 21-year-old radio operator was killed more than a week ago. governor o'malley ordered u.s. and maryland flags flown at half staff until sunset in his memory. looks like more help is on the way for the horses rescued in western maryland. they are now being cared for in howard county. more than two dozen horses were seized from a garrett county farm in an abuse investigation last week. they are not being cared for at the day's inn horse rest cue. maryland's prison agency is giving them two truckloads of excess hay. in addition to the horse, investigators seized two dozen cattle and goats and found 17 more animals that were dead. garrett county humane society is preparing to file charges.
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archdiocese of baltimore is making big changes in its schools. starting in the 2011 school year they'll adopt montesory teaching methods for pre-k and kindergarten children. those methods involve self-directed learning. parents will have a year to decide if they like the new approach. >> that's one of the reasons we are excited about being able to have next year to be ready so we can develop and educate the families we have. we want the families to understand what this program means. >> a spokesperson for the archdiocese says the montesory approach is one of several new programs that will hit the schools. a dual language school will come to island town. maryland forty graders are some of the best in the nation when it comes to hitting the books according to a new study by the casey foundation. as a whole, the nation isn't performing so well. researchers found two third of the nation's fourth graders
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overall are not sufficient in reading. massachusetts ranked first. louisiana came in last. maryland has tweaked its benefits policy for state employees. it now includes same sex couples with a valid marriage certificate from another state. the couples will be eligible to enroll dependants under the state's department of management and budget program.couples with a village marriage certificate in another state may enroll to cover a spouse. in february the attorney general issued a legal opinion saying maryland must recognize out of state gay marriages until the legislator or courts decide otherwise. baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings blake got encouragment today in tackling the budget. she was known to join build. they'll balance the city's $
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$121 million budget deaf schism they are surging city council members to restore funding to public safety and services. >> i do support the budget. i hope that it keeps the agencies open. we need these in the city. i believe we deserve this. >> in april mayor rawlings blake induced a plan to help close the budget deficit with $70 million in spending readoptions. reductions. it is report card time. chesapeake bay is seeing a slight improvement. coming up, putting an end to the myths that only older folks have arthritis. children are not only battling the disease but the symptoms. why help is hard to come by.
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a morn misconception exists that kid don't us vis.
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however [ inaudible ] to treat 300,000 kids in trust with the disease. we'll explain how each child experienced it differently. we have more in today's health minute. >> there are a lot of pieces to put together. i still don't think i have put them all together. eems like your typical 7-year-old. >> i like to run around and play with my friends and just have fun. >> reporter: a long with that fun sometimes comes pain. >> i don't really know why i overdo it. i only know after, like the next day. >> reporter: when she was 12 mols she was diagnosissed with juvenile arthritis. >> these are children with joint pain. join swelling and limitation. >> reporter: eye inflammation
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is sometimes a part of the disease. there were often no symptoms so regular exams are crucial. >> eye information can lead to cataracts, glaucoma, visual loss and blindness. >> reporter: being active is key along with anti- inflammatories. >> the ultimate goal is to not have damage down the line. >> reporter: preventing and slowing damage one step at a time. for two years after a historic fundraising telecast and grass roots movement will return to prime time television. diane sawyer made the announcement this morning on "good morning america." >> it will be september 10th at
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8:00. across many networks and cable stations there will be a fundraising joyful filled with music event on television. >> it will air september 10th at 8:00 p.m. in the two years they have taken place they raised $88 million. numbers show in the united states this year one and a half million people will be diagnosed with dancer. this year's broadcast will honor the memory of those take twin disease they'll focus on surviving cancer and living a full life after being diagnosed with the disease. little warmer and less dreary today. >> could you feel tim proving the improvements? >> a little bit. we had a few breaks of sunshine. more coming tomorrow. if you have been missing the sun two or three days in a row
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let get the sun shining. inner harbor not a bad afternoon to take a sail. no rain or gusty storms in the area. if anything a light steady breeze at 6 to 10 miles per hour. 621 where we are now. we got in the upper 60s earlier today. it was a struggle. we did at least get within ten degrees of normal. not as cool as yesterday. we stuck in the 50s yesterday. parkville today you can see those clouds holding tough. at times a few breaks of sunshine. you can see a glimmer or ray of hope. then we cloud up in the evening. more sunshine in southern maryland. down at chesapeake beach you can see the weather net camera capturing decent sunshine as we move toward sunset. as we look at our official stats from the day, 67 degrees. 75 will be normal. almost ten degrees below average. 98 old record in 1962. 67 was your forecast. we have a two degree weather
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winner. you'll be getting abc news umbrella. get us your name. we'll get you an umbrella, too. pollens moderate to low. there is a tree pollen problem with oak, maple and birch. temperatures low 60s. we were in the upper 60s today. cooling off quickly with a north breeze blowing. with the cloud cover we are not getting much solar heat in the day. right now you can see most of the state socked in with the cloud cover. clearing in southern maryland. a lot of clearing up here. pittsburgh across northern ohio. that's where the next area of high pressure will come from to help clear the skies and push the remnants of the storm out the sea. it has kept things murky. the slow-moving area of low
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pressure. warm area in atlanta. they were in the upper 80s today. low to mid 60s as far south as the virginia north carolina border. you can see warmer air across dixie in our area tomorrow afternoon. forecast cloudy. chance for a passing shower. very, very slim overnight. into day tomorrow we quickly clear out. lots of sunshine on tap by amp. should help get us up close to 80 tomorrow afternoon. this next weather maker will approach. won't make it in friday. probably start off decent saturday. by saturday afternoon this disturbance will probably bring us more showers and keep us cloudy around here on sunday with another chance for rain. overnight tonight 53. skies clear. patchy fog possible overnight. probably not a lot. tomorrow 80 degrees. mostly sunny skies. much warmer. we may only make 78 or 79. we'll be optimistic with the
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two free guarantee. tomorrow night 56 degrees. couple clouds around. outlook for the next seven days. beautiful weather on tap tomorrow through friday. warmer friday at 85. this weekend another cool shot with a storm system. saturday will be okay. saturday night into sunday a chance for a few more showers around here. another down day on wall street. we'll look at today's stocks in a moment.
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another day in the red for wall street. despite a new forecast for improving economy in 2010. dow jones dropped 67. nasdaq down 19. s&p 500 down five and three quarters. tonight the o's look to take their first of a texas two step. they'll play the rangers in the first of a quick two-game series in arlington. new at 11:00 tonight, there are some great new grocery coupons online. but are they legit or fraud?
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hopefully there is a coupon for coffee because prices are going up. many of us have looked for a job while you are on the job. you better be careful. searching on your home computer. why that's dangerous. we'll show you why. >> on your home computer? that's interesting. >> we'll show you good news on weather front. we have got clearing conditions. it has not just been us this week but the east coast has been socked in. we have clear weather in michigan, alabama and georgia headed our direction. the rest of the evening it will stay cloudy. take a look at the improvement in the seven-day forecast. you can see close to 80 if not 80 tomorrow. we'll be optimistic 85 on friday. beautiful stuff. at least in the mid 70s this weekend. overall an improving weather scenario here. >> we deserve it after this week. it has been rough.
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>> how quick we forget how nice it was last week. >> i know. >> that's it for us at 6:00. we are back tonight at 11:00. have a great evening.
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