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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 21, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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side. bw parkway, 29 and 83 all checking without incident. 95 southbound, no problems from white marsh boulevard to the beltway. on the harbor tunnel throughway it is a split down 295. back to you. parents may be walking their children to the bus stop or driving their children to school after two girls reported a man approached them on boxwood road and at fairfax road and forest drive in the area of bates middle school. linda so? >> reporter: police are stepping up patrols in that area looking for a man who they say approached two girls near base middle school. the school's located at 701 chase street in annapolis. police will be in the area patrolling bus stops and neighborhoods where students walk to and from school. one girl reported on may 5th a man pulled up next to her and
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asked if she wanted to go for a ride. then two weeks later on may 1th, another student said a man grabbed her arm as she was walking to her bus stop on fairfax road and forest drive. the man drove off in a car that's described as a small dark blue honda or sedan with tinted windows. police don't know for sure at this point if these incidents are related. but anyone with information should call police. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. convicted child sex offender in carroll county is headed to prison after making a stop in his neighborhood wal- mart. the judge had previously given the man a second chance after pleading guilty to molesting a young boy 15 years ago. but when he accompanied another child to the store, he violated his probation. a state trooper recognized him as a registered sex offender and wal-mart security cameras provided the proof.
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the fact that the boy's mother was a friend of his and accompanied him shopping in that area made no difference. >> the individual had been complying with the regulations as they went to registration and giving a current address, and he was being monitored. this trooper saw him in a commercial establishment in the presence of a young child. >> he wasn't supposed to have any association with boys under the age of 15. he was now sentenced to ten years in prison for the violation. police say a maryland man was so drunk sunday after driving into a pennsylvania field that a farmer had to carry the handcuffed suspect out in the bucket of his tractor. the boonsboro man also had to be pulled to safety after he was nearly run over by his own truck. viva la phelps. he's competing in the paris
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open. it's the first time he's competed in france in nearly a decade. the meet will kick off june 26th. international soccer is big in europe. it's getting bigger in the united states. this summer, two top european soccer teams will square off at m & t bank stadium. sherrie johnson is live with what's happening today. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, megan. are you ready for fancy foot work? i hope so because m & t stadium will host another international soccer match again. last year, more than 70,000 fans filled the stands for the international soccer game between a.c. milan and chelsea. fans from all over the world turned out for the match. this means big bucks for baltimore. it could bring in between 14 to $20 million for the economy. it also means that international exposure, this soccer game will shed a positive light on baltimore. the press conference starts at
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10:00 this morning right here at m & t bank stadium. basically, they will lay it all out for us. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. skipper dave trembley says it was not brian madison's night. texas wins this one 13-7. did you think just for a split second back to the fiasco of 30-3 a couple of summers ago? now the orioles are 16 games below 500. next up, washington for the weekend. a sweeping overhaul of rules governing wall street. what passes in the senate? i'll have an update straight ahead. and new health concern for brett michaels. find out what landed the rock reality star back in the hospital. it's 5:04.
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we start out with 58 degrees in baltimore. we'll see sun and another warm afternoon before more clouds and, yes, some rain this weekend. we'll talk about that in a bit. right now, let's go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> reporter: good morning. we have a number of diversions including the 53 bus, 91 diverted at calloway, 21 diverted at madison and central. on the light rail lanes, metro subway is on schedule. marc trains are looking good at this hour. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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all right. it's 5:08 and we look at temperatures right now in the upper 50s. a mild and pleasant morning here. 58 here in baltimore. temperatures do range quite a bit up to the north and west. it's 53 york and holding at 61 in hagerstown. clouds look like they are trying to move in and thicken up in the next few hours. it should be some sun that gets through. we'll average a partly cloudy day with a high this afternoon. our two-degree guarantee is 86, running ten degrees above
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normal. here's kim with the easy ride we hope. >> reporter: mostly an easy ride. mountain road is closed at mansion house crossing between catherine avenue and edwin rainer boulevard. drive times are mostly in the green this morning as you make your way around southbound in hack. on the topside of the outer loop, looking pretty good between 83 and the jfx. down the northern parkway, that is a four-minute ride. traffic is moving well on the southwest corner here at frederick road on the beltway. as you look around some more, no real problems here at the i- 70 interchange on the beltway, either. megan and jamie, back to you. news that may make you think you are having an uh-oh before taking a splash in the pool. are you having trouble holding a job? what some men are doing to help
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make sure that they make the cut.
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this morning's health alert. you might want to look twice before you leap. a new report for the centers for disease control finds one in eight public pools shut down two years ago because of dirty
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water and problems with safety equipment. kiddie pools had the most problems with sanitation and often being contaminated with fecal matter. doctors may soon be able to screen healthy women for signs of ovarian cancer. the method uses a blood test for protein that's often high in women with ovarian tumors. it needs more testing before going into wide use. a larger study is in right now in england. some people are forking over thousands to make sure that they stay employed. an increasing number of men are turning to cosmetic surgery to hold on to their competitive edge out there in the workforce. >> reporter: construction worker david trembley is employed but decided to do  something about his looks if he wanted to stay employed. >> around my eyes and certain areas of my face are starting to give away my age. when you are older, you are perceived to be less
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productive. sometimes that is a disadvantage in this economy. >> reporter: after taking a financial hit in 2008 and '09, cosmetic surgery is on the rise thanked in part to men like trembley, trying to hold on to their competitive edge. >> there's been a slight increase in plastic surgery among men. you have men that want to maintain vitality in an ever- increasing youthful work place. >> reporter: no longer just women seeking a little nip, tuck, and tightening. >> i want to talk to you about possible liposuction. >> reporter: business couldn't be better for surgeons like dr. paul ruff. >> last year it would be probably 20 to 25, some days 30. now we're pushing full limits and sometimes 45, 50 patients a day. >> reporter: patients finding the means to make themselves over in these still tough
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economic times. >> patients anticipating better tax refunds this year. >> savings. money i saved up. >> it's going to be a couple thousand dollars. >> like anything else, if you want it bad enough, you'll figure out how to afford it. >> reporter: sandra endo, abc 2 news. hi, good morning at 5:15. we take a look at the almanac on this 21st day of may and currently 53 in the morning. we hit the 80s yesterday. we'll do it again today trying to make up for all of that chill we had. we currently start out at 58 degrees. 65 up towards new york and 60 on down towards norfolk. moderate air quality is expected today. it's par for the course and we expect it to deteriorate a little bit once we get lighter, warmer winds in here and dry
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air. pretty much that's what we've got right now. a partly cloudy sky with a warm front trying to sneak through. it pumps in the warm air and will get into the mid-80s today. this storm back west that was responsible for severe weather. yesterday afternoon perusing mostly storms with hail and very, very few tornadoes showed up in the state of missouri. overall, that storm system pumps in more moisture. you'll notice that increase in the clouds and especially tomorrow morning we could have showers starting around the bay. this takes us into the afternoon hours. one thing i want to point out here, not so much at 3:15, the fact that we're indicating just a few scattered showers around the bay. it's the substantial rain on the other side of the mountains that will try to get in here overnight, saturday in through sunday morning. it all depends on where we set up this conveyor belt wrapping up the upper level low. we may shift this line of the rain expected. sunday, expect more rain than
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saturday. for today, however, 86 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. we'll get back tonight into the upper 50s to near 60. our extended outlook taking us into the weekend. 76 tomorrow, mostly cloudy. not a washout, just a stray shower. we're expecting a better chance of rain and 71 on sunday. we'll get back into the 80s. kim? a head's up for anyone traveling to the new york/new jersey area this morning, the turnpike is shut down at exit 7 because of an overturned tractor-trailer. around our area, we're not looking too bad traffic-wise. don't have a lot going on, on the major roadways. we do have a road closure in green haven. mountain road closed at edwin rainer boulevard. we take a peek at our drive times, they are all looking normal and green. 895 southbound no problems down the split. no problems from the beltway
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down route 32. on the southwest side, the outer loop on i-70 to i-95, only six minutes so far. jamie, back to you. what do you do if you have an adult child that seems to be deteriorating because of alcohol and drug use? >> through his lawyer, lindsey lohan's father voices concern for his daughter. hours after a warrant was issued for her arrest, the actress posted bond. she missed a mandatory court hearing for her no-contest plea for dui. she says someone stole her passport while over in paris delaying her return. rocker and reality star brett michaels is back in the hospital this morning. he suffered what's called a warning stroke and has been diagnosed with a hole in his heart. doctors say it's treatable and unrelated to the brain hemorrhage he suffered last month. all right. aleen gabey is here from the
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maryland spca. the baltimore 500 is on. explain that, but tell us who you have here who's so cute. >> this is gerry who's squirmy and up for adoption. >> oh, she's a lot of fun. >> and very, very pretty. we are doing the baltimore 500 done in conjunction with maryland spca and baltimore b.a.r.k.s. society. we set a goal to adopt 500 cats and kittens in the month of may. so, so far through wednesday, we've done 298. >> you're getting there. >> we're getting there. so we need to keep up the pace. we want to encourage people to come out and get a kitty. there's no adoption fee. >> it is a huge incentive. >> and they are already spayed and neutered. they've got their shots and doctors get a free health exam from cat hospital in towson, so it is a good deal. >> if you are sitting at home and you saw this face, you can
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get her for free. go to one of the participating shelters in baltimore. look at that face. >> she's hiding. >> tell us about the meeting that you are having. >> i believe the public does know that there is a mayor's task force focused on anti- animal abuse. it started with mayor dixon, but now it's obviously stephanie rawlings blake who's been very supportive. it's wednesday june 16th at 6:00 p.m. at polly. we want to make sure that this is accessible. the recommendations so far are on the mayor's web site, so people can look at that and come and ask questions and share their views. it is a good opportunity to talk about this openly and know what the task force is recommending and what the public would like. >> i think a lot of people have questions rate now based on all of the cases of animal abuse we've seen. so what a good opportunity to hear what's going on and voice
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their own concerns. >> it is. >> all right. so june 16th. meantime, don't forget this cutie pie. take one last shot. of course the baltimore 500 is coming to an end soon so help them meet their goal of 500 cats. jamie, i know you might want this cat. she loves you. >> where, where? oh, there. okay. >> so don't forget the maryland spca. the number's right there. jot it down. we'll be right back.
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variable clouds, we have a band of clouds this morning that the sun may be able to fight off. then we'll have another round trying to build in this afternoon. overall, we'll call it a partly cloudy day as we have the 2 degree guaranteed high of 86 degrees. tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon, we cool down into the middle 70s. that would come with isolated showers on saturday. by monday, we clear the clouds out and are back into the 80s by the middle of next week. it's time to get to new york and get the tech bytes. >> good morning. a big day for google. the search giant made several big announcements thursday. the biggest, google will soon be on your television. the company's teaming up with sony, intel and logitech to unite web surfing and channel surfing.
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it will be designed to make it easier to find any movie, tv show or video, whether it's on tv or online. it also allows users to personalize content, surf the web and more. the tvs are expected to go on sale this fall. the other big announcement from google is an upgrade to its software that powers the phone. it will turn android phones into wi-fi hot spots so you can tether them to a laptop to get internet access. and android users will soon be able to stream all of the music from their home computer to the phone. it seems like 3d is everywhere and next up is newspapers. the philadelphia enquirer will publish a special section next month featuring full 3d pictures and ads. it will be sunday june 13th and available on the next day. finally, a big birthday
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for the original game that is credited with making video arcades popular. pack mac is listed as the most successful coin-operated game ever by guinness. the company that released the game released the championship edition for the iphone and ipad. so what was the inspiration for such a simple and successful game? turns out it was pizza. a man who created it says he ordered a whole pie one day, took out a slice and the light bulb went on. those are your tech bytes. i'm jeremy hubbard.
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the most sweeping financial reform measure that we have seen since the 1930s is
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one big step closer to becoming law. storage trunks sold at your target stores are now being recalled. we're going to tell you why there's a movement and what you should do if you have one. 19 bank employees have cashed it in. they won the lottery. let me see 19 forms of identification, please. wow, how about that? >> nice. >> 19 bank employees. they did it all with one little bank pen. >> it will be in the newsroom one of these days. "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. >> it's friday. we have a lot of commencement exercises going on. justin berk has the weather. >> reporter: the window of the inner harbor looking good. it's 5:29. sun trying to pop up over the eastern sky and a pretty view. very, very serene as we start off on this friday morning. we check out some other areas.


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