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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 21, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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llc (800) 775-7838 >> i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megp pringle. let's -- i'm megan pringle. let's get the weather with justin berk. >> a few clouds overhead. a little bit of brightening over the inner harbor as we look northbound to the maryland science center. the national aquarium is just off the right side of the screen. as we head through today, we are expecting a partly to mostly cloudy start. we'll talk about the weekend outlook coming up in aa bit. you'll see the graphics on the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. i want to make it clear this will not be a complete washout. right now, let's get the latest on traffic with kim. >> thanks, justin. traffic's very light at this hour. a head's up if you are traveling northbound this morning. the new jersey turnpike northbound closed at exit 7 near bordentown township.
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overturned tractor-trailer has things blocked. we are looking good around the beltway. no problems here around harford road. earlier crash in pasadena has been cleared. we have route 408 at mount zion marlboro road. megan and jamie, back to you. all right. two times, may 5th, may 18th around bates middle school in annapolis. one girl was offered a ride, another was grabbed from behind. i want to map out the area where you will see extra police in the area here this morning. abc 2 news' linda so is here to tell white house to look for. >> reporter: in both instances, the police say the man approached girls near bates middle and both times the girls were able to give a good description of the suspect's car. police will be in the area patrolling school bus stops and neighborhoods where students walked to and from school. a man pulled up next to her and
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asked if she wanted to go for a ride. about two weeks later on may 18, another student said a man grabbed her arm from behind as she was walking to her bus stop at fairfax road and forest drive. the girl was able to get away. the man drove off in his car. it's described as a small dark blue honda or sedan did tinted windows. police don't know for sure if the incidents are related. anyone with information should call police at 410-268-9000. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news about. convicted child sex offender in carroll county is headed to prison after making a stop at his neighborhood wal- mart. a judge had previously given the westminster man a second chance after he pled guilty to molesting a young boy 15 years ago. when he accompanied another child to the store, he violated his probation. a state trooper recognized him as a retch scored child sex
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offender. wal-mart security cameras provided the proof. the fact that the boy's mother was a friend of the man and accompanied him shopping in the area of the store, it made no difference at all. >> the vied had been complying with the regulations as they went to registration and giving a current address. he was being monitored, but this trooper saw him in the presence of a young child. >> he wasn't supposed to have any contact with boys under the age of 18. a judge sentenced him to ten years in prison for the violation. the governor is resting his hand this morning. he signed 270 bills. his last scheduled bill signing of the year. among those signed into effect include a bill to help state residents facing foreclosure. at gives a tax credit for anyone buying a plug-in electric vehicle. the one that could have the biggest effect on us is set to take effect coming up in
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october about hand held cell phones. it approves the rumors of the beverage tax demise were premature. some said they had an alternative to the controversial tax. now it turns out it's not only still on the table it was never off the table. the problem with many of the alternatives is they don't raise a lot of money. the beverage tax is projected to bring in $11 million a year. coming one a replacement is provided to be much more difficult than council members even thought. >> i am prepared to support just about everything before us right now because we need the money. >> the four cent per beverage tax is projected to be several year. 2 cents would still bring in more than $5 million a year. that would still go a long way toward closing this huge budget
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gap. there's no football in july, right? well, actually that's not true. there will be football this summer along with 70,000 fans. sherrie johnson is live with another rematch at m & t bank stadium. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, megan. are you ready for great soccer action? you'll get the opportunity to see great soccer teams in action when m & t bank stadium hosts an international soccer match this summer. last summer, about 70,000 fans filled the stands here at m & t bank stadium for the international soccer game between ac milan and chelsea. fans from all over the world turned out for the match. this type of event means big bucks for baltimore. it could bring in about 14 to $20 million for the economy. it also means international exposure. this could shed a positive light on baltimore. that news conference starts at 10:00 this morning right here at m & t bank stadium. organizers will sort of man out the plan for the match. reporting live in downtown
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baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. the orioles lost in texas last night. the final was 13-7. now they are a season high 16 games under 500. next on the schedule, the washington nationals who are playing 500 baseball. now, if you read the local newspaper this morning, you'll read quotes from orioles owner peter angelos, who is happy with the nationals' success. here's the best quote. "i'm sure the washington team will continue to improve. i made the side comment that i'm hoping the orioles will get their act together." >> all right. if you are traveling downtown this morning, you might want to leave earlier then usual because graduation ceremonies are downtown. that will mean more cars than ever are headed in that direction. a ceremony at 3:00 could make the area more congested around that time. just something to keep in mind if you are headed downtown today. all right.
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it's 6:06. as we start off this morning in edge water, 52 degrees one of the cooler spots we could find. a beautiful spot to a friday as we have temperatures cracking back up to the 80s. we'll have more details on the weekend. and a diddy about what happened at the maryland science center coming up. right now it's 6:09. what's happening on the roads with kim brown? >> reporter: as you approach the 895 split, it is blocking the left lane and left shoulder this accident. in loathe january, an accident -- in loathian, an accident remains on the road. we'll get a complete check on the morning commute when we come back. last night all you did was toss andton and try to get to sleep and now you are up already. >> we'll tell you what to do before you go to bed to help you feel more refreshed. don't go into the pool yet. we'll tell you why you and your kids could really get sick.
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a broken alarm system in a museum with $1 billion worth of art. that when we come back.
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it's 11 minutes after 6:00 right now. so you are up and ready for the day ahead of you. had that tossing and turning in bed last night. you can't seem to get a good night's sleep, which probably will mean you will be sluggish for the rest of the day. we've all seen that happen. we sit down with a sleep doctor to find out five ways to wake up feeling refreshed. >> reporter: if you have trouble sleeping, you are not alone. almost everyone occasionally suffers from short-term insomnia. according to the national institutes of health, about 70 million americans a year have insomnia frequently or for extended period of times. half of all people over 65 have frequent sleeping problems and estimated 40 million americans have a chronic sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, reckless
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leg syndrome or narcolepsy. they affect learning, memory, metabolism, weight, moods and immune system. dr. rachel is a pulmonary and critical care person who specializes in sleep medicine. recently, johns hopkins has been busy with more and more patients. >> we see things like obstructive sleep apnea where people stop breening several times a night. we have restless leg syndrome near bedtime and moving and walking improves those symptoms. >> reporter: for people looking for a good night's sleep, dr. salas offers five ways to wake up refreshed. first, relax before going to sleep. keep your room for the three ss, sleep, sex and sickness. next, limit bright light close to bedtime. and don't take a late nap. keep your bedroom cool and
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dark. it's conducive to sleeping. avoid bright lights. following those five tips will help you have a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the day. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> more and more people are turning to sleep centers at times for help. the johns hopkins sleep center has had a five-month wait. they add add decisional clinics to accommodate -- added additional clinics to accommodate more people. we take you back to last night where i was one of the present arers. that's howard bernstein. the weather guy down there at wusa. we were there with the clean air partners giving out awards to the students who made the leading posters for awareness and clean air. we had a cool time. those two ladies that you saw
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there, i was at their school in the fall. they were inspired, their teacher told me, to do more stuff. that's katy and i had more time talking with her parents. let's take it outside right now. we are looking at moderate air quality right now. once we warm things up, winds are light and we build up the pollutants. only the moderate range here baltimore, philly and new york. as we go through, we should improve things with the shift to the wind. 59 right now, beautiful start to the day here in baltimore. 62 up towards new york and mid- 50s back to the west. fairly uniform numbers near the mid-atlantic. while this looks so impressive on the satellite imagery, these are mostly in the form of high, thin clouds that the sun is trying to get through. we call it a partly cloudy sky with a little bit of a warm front ahead of the storm system to the west. it will pump up warmer air through the day.
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yes this storm system cranking through the nation's heartland and into the ohio valley. it will spawn more showers and thunderstorms but losing its grip from the devastating tornadoes and flooding we had seen just a couple of days ago towards kansas and oklahoma. we diminished the tornadoes to just a couple in missouri and widespread hail outbreaks. it will definitely be in a much diminished form. over this weekend, we do expect more clouds and maybe showers to dot up around the mid- portion of the day in the mid- morning and afternoon. not a heck of a lot of green in central maryland which means we're not going to get widespread rain tomorrow. it will be cloudy, humid and feel damp. most of the rain is back in the other side of the mountains. then the rain that develops on sunday morning. this is one of many models depicting it up towards our east. it shows the increased threat of rain on sunday.
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there may be a few hours with heavier rains and maybe a downpour or two on sunday. so plan for the wet weather, but again, it's not going to be an all-day event. we head through the day 86 degrees. a nice warm-up from the 50s earlier in the week. we'll settle from 59 to the mid- 60s. we'll drop into the 70s. again, some showers tomorrow. more showers on sunday. and then we dry it out and warm it into the 80s again next week. kim? >> reporter: justin, we're off to a good start traffic-wise. as we mentioned earlier, head's up it is national bike to workday. so expect a lot of bicycle traffic downtown and throughout the city this morning. traffic is look going on the outer loop as you make your way towards the topside. inner loop lanes are all good as you head towards 95. traffic is doing well as you make your way here on the southwest side as well. checking our drive times, all in the green this morning as you head on 795 on southbound
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from route 140 down to owings mills boulevard. that will take you about five minutes. then it's only a four-minute trip from there. a disabled vehicle 95 southbound as you approach the 895 split is blocking the left lane at this time. two incidents in howard county to let you know about. route 32 at linden church road. we have an accident in jessup. megan and jamie, back to you. a health alert for enthusiasm morning. many public swimming pools aren't as clean as you think. who thought they were clean? the researchers at the cdc found one in eight public pools were shut down after inspections. some didn't have the right safety equipment and others were just too plain dirty. kiddie pools, yes, were the dirtiest and commonly contaminated with fecal matter. using anen a jent discipline to fight cancer. researchers at the university of rochester find that yoga can
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help improve the quality of life for cancer patients. especially those who are experiencing trouble sleeping or maybe fatigue. at the end of the study, patients who practiced yoga slept better and used less medication. >> you just told us last week all about it. >> all of the benefits of yoga keep coming. how about a dimebag with that sugar cone? >> an ice cream truck that you wouldn't want your kids buying treats from. before we head out to break, let's head to new york for the latest business news this morning. good morning. we begin your money scope report with the most sweeping change to the rules on wall street since the great depression. the senate has passed a financial overhaul bill giving the government broad, new powers over big banks. the bill allows regulators to liquidate troubled banks at no cost to taxpayers and creates a council to identify risks to the financial system and consumer protection agency to stop abusive lending practices. the measure must now be
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reconciled with the house version. concern about the new rules is contributing to another rough day for stocks. the biggest fear for investors is the european debt crisis which threatens to drag down the global economy. a 2.5% plunge in tokyo's nikkei led overseas markets lower following a 376-point drop in the dow. the benchmark is now down more than 10% from its recent highs. something some investors think may be a good thing. >> if we continue to be in a bull market, that means a lot of the speculative overbuying will be pulled out of the marketplace and we're setting ourselves up for stock growth in the next few months. >> the flip side is that we could be entering a bear market and extended decline in stocks. toyota's teaming up with tesla motors. they are buying a
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shuttered vehicle. ford plans to work with its suppliers to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. ford set a goal of reducing its greenhouse gases 30% by the year 2020. a silver dollar sold for a big chunk of change. the 1794 liberty dollar, among the first ever made was bought for nearly $8 million. the highest price ever for a single coin. only 150 are known to exist. that's the money scope report. i'm jeremy hubbard.
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doppler. doppler. just keep saying that word today. something about that. we won't need it today. we have the all clear as we've got ourselves just a partly cloudy sky. we start in the upper 50s and low 60s aiming for 86 this afternoon. overnight again upper 50s and upper 60s. a few showers and we'll cool it down to 76 on saturday. a few more showers and more clouds on sunday. not a complete washout. still a better chance of rain for the end of the weekend, 71. 77 starting to clear out. it is 6:23. let's get back to the roads. kim? >> reporter: that incident i mentioned at jessup at's that teak drive, that is a structure fire. so you will see fire crews and emergency crews on the scene there. you could have minor delays this morning. as you take a peek at our drive times, looking good on the jfx from northern parkway down to maryland avenue.
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that is a five-minute trip. no problems on 95 southbound on the beltway down to 895. as you make your way from the split to the fort mchenry toll plaza, that will take you around five minutes. traffic is looking good here. very light volume moving at speed here on the west side 695 at i-70 still dealing with a vehicle fire in clarksville at linden church road. megan and jamie, back to you. you want to roll that cake over here? megan, you want to light the cake some. >> light the cake, no, the candles, yes. >> remember her in water boy? >> yeah. >> she went to mount hebron high. she's 36 today. mr. t is 58 today. ashley brewer was on lindsey mcgwire. >> i pity the fool who doesn't send us a birthday announcement. tell us, send us a short e mail with an attached e-mail
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celebrating a birthday so we can wish them happy birthday. >> she was the scary chick? >> yeah, you know, the scary girl. send it to morning rocker and reality tv star brett michaels is back in the hospital this morning. doctors say he suffered what's called a warning stroke and has been diagnosed with a hole in his heart. the condition is treatable and doctors say probably unrelated to the brain hemorrhage he suffered last month. according to michaels' web site, he's up, walking, talking and continuing daily rehab. coming up, at m & t bank stadium it's coming in july. i'm sherrie johnson. i have the international match returning to baltimore.
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if you are going to the north point flea market this weekend, be on your toes. paris is missing a $123 million painting. baltimore will be painting its own international picture this summer. the city gets to host another friendly with 70,000 of your closest friends expected to attend. when you hear ding-ding and all of the music, you race
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outside for the ice cream truck on the street. this one was not selling fudge bars, creamsicles or drum sticks. >> no. good morning. it's friday. justin, because of your weather forecast, i will have my mulch and dirt delivered today instead of monday, all right? >> sounds look a great friday there, jamie. >> fantastic plans. we start you off with incredible video right now. check out this massive wall cloud hovering originaller north texas. a funnel cloud touched down south of fort worth. powerful winds helped to tip over an 18 wheeler. the driver of the truck, not hurt. >> really? >> again this is two mornings in a row we've had great video of funnel clouds and nobody hurt. good stuff. even bet fer we don't have any of that around here. as we recap yesterday, it


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