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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 21, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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learned they would discover a body beneath the charred debris of the fire. >> he said his intention was to kill everyone in the house, that he had some kind of voices in his head telling him to do harm to knees gentlemen in the house. >> they say that jeffery and the two men were acquaintances. but they were too drunk to notice that he showed up at the house that night, much less that he spiked their alcohol with some kind of acid. >> he poured it in the vodka bottle, but it wasn't going the way that he wanted it to go, and then he was becoming frustrated, and that's when he went back in the bathroom, saw the young lady laying in the tub, and proceeded to drown her. >> he placed the head on the back of 27-ye-old erica green and kept it there and set a fire to finish off the two men that passed out in the front
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room. they had been so drunk that they erica green had gone home to north east long before the fire started. jeff hager abc 2 news. >> jefrry cordel is behind bars. investigators say it appears he has a history of phychiatric problems. a developing story that's impacting the evening commute. cold spring lane is closed after a water main break. it broke in 1900 block. if you can just avoid that area. might be a good idea. and a truck fire shut down inter-tate i-97 and one lane in the shoulder are open now. we're looking at cell phone video from a viewer that came across the fire. it happened around 2:20 this afternoon and a tractor carry card board caught fire. it caused a huge traffic mess
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but no one was injured. parent in nichs are on high alert after two incidents of teenage girls being approached by a stranger. the first incident on may 5th in box wood street in nims. he asked the girl if she wanted a ride. the latest incident was on may 18th and it happened at a bus stop when he grabbed her arm. her mother is still very concerned. >> it's not just her that comes down, it's a group of girls, and the fact that right at the street there's an open field that backs up to 665, god forbid one of these children gets yafrnged into the geeld and god knows what could happen to them. >> if you see anything suspicious, asked to call police 410-268-9000 and police are not sure if they're related but say that at both locations, a dark blue car with tinted windows was
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involved. a bel air teen faces chargeg a pellet gun at school buses leaving south hampton school buses. they searched the area and found 18-year-old conner james carrying a pellet gun. he now faces numerous charges assault and wreckless endangerment. a well known republican was killed in a car wreck last night on what we know was a windy and dangerous hartford road. stephen wright was killed after his car veered off wheel road in bel air. investigators say no drugs or alcohol were involved, and witnesses tell them that stephen wright seemed to have some type of medical problem. he was said to run for county executive in the fall. his friends and loved ones describe him passionate and a family man. >> i didn't believe it. i'm having a hard time believing
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it now. i mean, after today it's been a long day, but very difficult to believe. >> writing was said to take on the executive. he left behind a wife and three children. october that's the trial date set for councilman hellen hotelon. she was indicted for campaign finance violation. it's slated to start on october 5th, and the judge has october 8th to hear the case. the court of special appeal dismissed bribery charges earlier this month. meanwhile the mayor's cabinet got a lesson in ethics training. they took part in a seminar that was recommended after the early departure and has made ethics a top reform priority. and the latest in a homeless man at that stole and then crashed
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a single energy plane despite the fact that he caused $12,000 in damage, he will only pay $40 in restitution. even the judge were surprised by the amount awarded but explained that insurance paid everything but the $0 deductible. he has served half of his nine-month sentence. a man is arrested after his unleased pit bull attacked a charles county police officer. it all started when they got a domestic call in charles county. that's where they found joseph of hartford county. he unlaeshed his dog, and ran from the house. police chased him and the dog tried to bite one of the officers and fearing for his safety, the officer shot the dog. it was taken to a clinic where it died. the officer was treated for his injuries. an update now in an conclusive investigation. we're getting reaction from viewers after last night's investigation that uncovered a
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local lock smith for reportedly charging his customers hundreds and thousands for his services. a cease and decise order has been ordered. we heard from people that tell us they feel ripped off. if this happens to you file a complaint and reach the consumer protection hot line calling 4 # 0-528-8662 or go to the home page if the order is upheld, they say they will per sue a settlement and try to get money back for the consumers. to get more on the story log on to well maryland's crab population appears to be on the mend. now time to fix oyster
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population. a detail planned to do that wutz issued today. it calls for doubling the areas where the population is good. >> this is more for new start ups and we've gone through the struggle, but this is going to stream line the whole process. >> the governor is encouraging development of ak with a cultures using cages and trays to grow oysters. and lab results in and deer population is in the clear for a disease. intensive study revealed no signs of the fatal disease in the state's white tailed or other deer. it can be deadly for deer but not transmitted to humans. well, it's powerful, purple and very sticky, and will
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hopefully detect a beetle attack. hartford county seeing these traps. 90 of them placed in hartford county alone and known if ash beetles can be found in other areas. they eat the leaves, meat and then lay eggs and therefore damaging the trees. >> we don't want that. let's take a look at our temperatures. just a warm, warm day. what a change a week can make. you think of the 50s and 60s earlier this week, and 90 in fred reck and 86 in baltimore. a few clouds at time and is we're clearing for a few hours this evening. maryland's most powerful radar and a couple of showers to the west, and they won't effect us until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. it's going to be warm this evening and talk about a couple of twists in your weekend frs and
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beak it down in a couple of minutes. >> thanks. baltimore prepares to host an international level soccer again. ravens and host of others announced that england's elite soccer teams will play. and held at stadium on saturday july 31st at 8:00 p.m.. last summer the international soccer got 70,000 people to the game. >> we are extremely excited to have soccer coming back to the stadium. we're hopeful that this will be one of many events. i think as demonstrate that baltimore is a gd venue, we hope to bring more soccer events to the stadium. >> the ravens, stadium authority, maryland office of sport
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marketing, all temperatured up for the huge event. this match is the second conservative year that two of europe's top soccer teams play right here in baltimore. tickets go on sale on wednesday. spreading happiness. might seem tough to do these days where all the bad news going around. we're hoping they will help you spread some happiness. see how their working to make the world a better place and how you can help. plus, increased work employed, it's no wonder we're stressed out. we have burn out busting tips to help you refresh this weekend.
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>> this 1st grade class is going to amaze you. they are quarter finalist in a national contest that's not just a big dale for the school, but also for a local church and the community they serve. >> 1st grade is a time of laying foundations. we all know of reading and writing, but in this class there's also responsibility. >> it starts with me! >> that's their message, and their video that put the class in the quarter finals of the howard johnson give happy challenge. it's a national contest that
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students can profile good deeds they did. >> so we got busy. >> they've done plenty. >> it is amazing what they did. they picked apples, they have collected over 1,000 cans of food. >> and that's just part of it. >> we made blankets for people bho are cold. >> we wanted to help people who were hungry. >> little people offering a lot of help. >> it shocks people. they think what can they do? but it's an amazing group of kids. winning this contest will allow one more deed to end the school year. the church needs to replace the 17-year-old van. and the first prize of $15,000 will do just that. >> they want to do for others, and it's a beautiful spirit.
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>> the 1st graders like the feeling they get in giving. >> it's like a good feeling to help people. >> it makes me feel that i'm making the world a better place. >> it feels really great inside my heart. >> so now we need to do our part by going to the give happy challenge website and make your vote. >> it starts with me! >> you have through may 30th for this round, and the winner will be announced june 31st. >> thank you! >> ter so cute! we have to help them win. vote once each day for the kids. the voting ends may 30th, so you can vote right now as often as you can. log on to their story and link is where you can vote right there in your slide show. aren't they cute. >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate
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and maryland's moist powerful dop lar radar: >> beautiful day. kelly got a little warm this afternoon as you know. and we will cool down this weekend, and that's the good news. bad news we'll bring in some showers. and i think most of tomorrow we're good. scattered hit and miss. beautiful afternoon in the hasher, and harsh harsher, and low 60s 50s and southeast breeze helping with that cause. wid plenty of blue skies and at times this fair weather clouds came in, and got back into clearing skies. you can see clear early and then a few more clouds as we work
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into the afternoon and some clearing as we push toward sunset. take a look at the numbers from today. 86 degrees was the high out of bwi and 10 degrees off the old record, and 11 degrees above average. breanna was a winner and send us your name and we'll see if we can make you a winner. on the pollen counts, getting high now that the rain is high, grass pollens high, if you've had a couple of sneezes, you probably know why. 85 right now and humidity comfortable but it will creep up as we go to the weekends. as we take a look at doppler radar, we're clear now, and expecting things to stay clear until tomorrow afternoon. you can see the leading edge we
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see some clouds this afternoon, and get more clouds tonight, and chance for scattered showers come in tomorrow afternoon 3 or 4:00 on and it's a large system, but not particularly powerful. warm air out ahead of it. no chance for rain tonight, but as the system moves east, we'll look for milder conditions. not much sunshine. we'll see some sunny peaks but i think generally cloudy on saturday but not much in the way of shower action into sunday, and look for hit and miss showers and forecast model picking up on more rain on sunday, and we'll see more scattered showers. overnight tonight, 57 and mostly cloudy, and good looking friday night, and it starts off tomorrow night. 76 will be more seasonable. tomorrow night 60 and a chance of couple showers. seven-day forecast as we push ahead to the weekend.
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sunday a carbon copy, maybe more showers during the day on sunday. widely shower. monday chance for storm or shower, and then we warm up and get sunny again next week. it looks like the last of the cool frobts is a done deal. >> thanks. in these economic times, businesses are doing more with less. workers that haven't been play laid off are taking on added responsibilities. so extra work piled on a smaller staff might mean added stress. sandra has some tips on how to avoid getting burnt out on the job. >> in these tough times, a smaller staff has been the key to big skez for that web-becaused marketing company. >> we are a team of ten people to work it hard to be at ten people. >> fewer employees means at times those workers are overloaded. >> i think we all feel the need to help more and more and
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asked to help more. >> people who have a job are grateful, but burned out. occupational theirist say priorityize. meet with your boss and say i'd like to set priorities for myself. i'd like to discuss my performance. i'd like to set goals. >> also know when it turn it off. >> i think for all of us, stay healthy we need to set better limits on what things we do at work, and that things we do take home. >> experts say to maximize results at work, minimize distractions. take breaks to stretch or walk around every half hour or so. >> i take time for myself, i gear for a walk. >> a calming work intierment is help. environment is helpful. remember get a good night's
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sleep. another suggestion to avoid burning out, have no e-mails, cell phones or blackberries for a day, but could you really do it. in washington, i'm sandra endo. >> no, we could no. well the good news, if you're worried it's a weekend. make sure you outside this weekend when the scattered showers are passing by. we'll be right back. [house] wow! i feel like a new house thanks to this quick home energy check-up from bge. feels like i'm at a day spa. [ announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life.
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. >> wal-mart ups the ante and battle with super markets for your grocery dollar. find out how many these roll backs could save you. and the old saying goes we'll cross the bridge when we get to it. we have story behind this video. >> wow. looking forward to that, kelly. should be interesting. also for the weekend there are some changes. a beautiful night tonight, warm. tomorrow starts off with scattered showers afternoon and few more showers on sunday, and sunday slightly rainier than saturday. saturday looks pretty good. >> i wish today was saturday. >> the things we wish for. >> i know. we're back at 11:00. have a great night.
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