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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 24, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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clogging up our lens. a little bit of mist and fog, too. 64 at mema in reisterstown. only 2/100th inch of rain but moist and very persistent easterly flow piled in more rainfall across the area. reisterstown right now doesn't look like it's a steady rainfall coming down at least off of 140 but up to the north, up towards finksburg, westminster, to the east, we've got it. and we've got the rain dotting all across the area so periodic showers, some of them may be a little more intense than others but basically most of our roads are a little bit damp this morning. there will be a lot of spray, mist and fog in addition to the showers. many of us start in the mid-60s and we're aiming for 75 this afternoon. so almost a repeat of yesterday. though i think there will be more showers thrown in. and there could be a developing tropical system off the east coast this week. hurricane season begins june 1st. but it may get a little early start.
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6:00, let's check the roads with kim. the wet roads certainly contributing to a handful of incidents. all outside the beltway. accident on the eastbound lanes of liberty road at old court road in randallstown and union bridge at frederick county, route 75 and route 26 are closed because of a serious crash. another crash with injuries, whiteford, that's route 165 south of route 136 so take it easy out there. around the major roads we're looking pretty good, very light volume making your way on the inner loop as you approach 95, starting to pick up a little but really no problems. as we look at the southwest corner at frederick road traffic moving very well on the outer loop lanes headed towards 95, looking good on the inner loop towards i-70. mostly going to be in the yellow so far, 695 from 795 on the outer loop to i-70, that is about seven minutes. four minutes on southbound 95 from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. no problems on the harbor tunnel thruway, only six minutes from the split so 295.
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6:01 . the parents of michael hogan will not give up. police ruled the son's death was not suspicious but mom and dad believe there's more to it. hogan is from bel air, was found in the woods in shrewsbury, vermont. and now coming into play, towson university. abc2 news sherrie johnson is there live to explain this. >> reporter: good morning. here at towson university the forensics department here has agreed to help try to figure out what happened in the disappearance of michael hogan. he lived at spring lake rampleg in vermont -- ranch in vermont, that's a recovery and therapy peek work to silt. he was there just over a year when one day he went missing in 2005. after following leads police notified his family that pieces of michael's remains had been found less than a mile from the ranch. with no evidence of homicide vermont state police deemed the case not suspicious and the crime lab was not involved, but michael's father didn't think that was enough and reached out to a forensics specialist at
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towson university to see if she could help. she and her students spent two days uncovering remains of what is believed to be michael hogan's body. >> i just want answers. i want to know what the truth is, what happened to him. there's no cause of death. there's no manner of death. and how did he wind up where he wound up? that's the question. >> we know michael is gone, that we know. i guess that's closure to some degree, but we still don't know what happened. >> the towson university forensics team, they sent their findings to vermont, to the medical examiner's office. from there they sent it to the smithsonian to figure out exactly how he died. this morning, in baltimore county, still no answers in the murder of a popular dundalk bar owner. flowers are on a fence where lee martin was found dead suffering from nine gunshot wounds. martin lived next door to the bar he owned on railway avenue in dundalk. police say around 2:30 in the
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morning saturday, closing time at the bar the 40-year-old was found outside of his home. witnesses reported a man, they had heard the gunshots and say two men were running from the scene. martin was taken to bayview medical center where he died. those who knew him are left to wonder this morning why. >> i think -- he got along with everybody. he didn't have no problems with nobody. >> martin leaves behind a wife and two sons. police now searching for the suspects. 6:04. an autopsy is going to be performed today after a 6-week-old boy found dead. police were called to the home on edge rock way in laurel saturday morning. that is where they found the infant identified as joel otorude. police still don't know why the baby died but are continuing to investigate. harford county now, authorities identified an 8-year-old boy who died after falling into a stream late friday. the victim was 8-year-old justin hayes wilson. it happened in the 1,300 block
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of harford town drive late friday night. wilson and a 7-year-old friend were out there playing at a stream near the home when hayes just slipped and fell in. his friend tried to save him but couldn't and ran for help. despite efforts to resuscitate the child he died. the sheriff's office ruled this death an accident. 6:05. the bat 8 for slots at a maryland mall heats up. a trial is set to start today for the proposed arundel mills mall casino. baltimore-based cordish company is suing the anne arundel county elections board for claiming it overlooked fraud in the petition drive. to put the issue before voters. a citizens group and the maryland jockey club which operates the laurel and pimlico racetracks are fighting this proposal. the jockey club says the casino will put laurel park out of business -- park out of business. it's supposed to be a place where children learn math, abc's but many children in our
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state and around the country are getting a hard lesson in just how to be nice to each other. linda so has more. >> reporter: first lady o'malley will be at pikesville middle this morning to talk to students and teachers about how dangerous bullying can be. it's to kick off bullying awareness and prevention week. the first lady will talk about the effects of bullying and how to prevent it the principal here tells us they talk to students everyday about bullying. each morning they spend time in homeroom teaching kids it's never ok to be bullied or bully. >> it's based on our character education program where we expect students to be respectful, responsible, cooperative and accountable. >> reporter: teachers also play a big role. they know when to look for signs of potential bullying and no when to report it. to school principals. again, first lady katie
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o'malley will be here at 8:00 this morning to drive home that message. live in pikesville, linda so, abc2 news. you got to admit this is weird. the husband of the late actress brittany murphy has been found dead. according to "the l.a. times" police found simon monjack dead at his home on sunday in the hollywood hills. the cause of death we don't know yet. his wife, brittany murphy, died five months ago. the coroner determined she died of pneumonia complicated by iron deficiency, anemia and multiple drug intoxication. her death was ruled an accident. the orioles were down 3-1, in the ninth, at the blink of a bat they tied it up and sent this game into extra innings. but then, in the bottom of the 10th, alfredo simone suffered a hamstring strain. bring on meredith. pitch to willingham, cranks it to left. a walkoff 4-3 nationals win.
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now the dave trembley watch is heating up even more. you'll find stories all over the web that he may not be in the orioles dugout come tomorrow when the orioles come back home to play the oakland as. on "mondays with larry" or web guru agrees with one that says washington couldn't support baseball. now larry looks back at the five years and something set him off on saturday in dc. so read all about it in today's "mondays with larry" on 6:08. we've got showers showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. and we've got camera lenses that point out the fact there's still moisture out there. if it's not raining there's spray from the cars driving in front of you or around the region with 65 degrees, our current temperature. very thick moist atmosphere with the humidity at 90%. easterly flow continuing at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. we continue with the
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tropical-like flow which means more showers today so take that umbrella. yes, we'll be talking about the possibility of a named tropical storm off the coast of the u.s. this week. it's one week early, before the start of hurricane season. and we'll see if that will impact us coming up in a bit. 6:09. let's check the roads with kim. >> we have a handful of crashes outside of the beltway. one in frederick kent, another in harford county, one in baltimore county. i'll catch up when we come back in a few minutes plus we'll check the harrisburg expressway southbound drive times. back to you. flowers aren't the only things in bloom this spring. >> scams are in full bloo too. joce sterman is protecting your pocketbook in our "scam alert." >> plus, their faith will help get them through this. parishioners arrive to church to a pile of rubble where their place of worship used to be. >> a royal scandal. how much fergie is willing to
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6:12. "scam alert" time. spring is officially here and unfortunately consumer experts say scams are springing up too. >> this morning abc2 news investigator joce sterman takes a look at the top five spring scams. >> reporter: a beautiful spring day can put you in the mood to do some traveling or just lounge outside the house and escape, is what most are looking for this time of year but scammers know how to use your fantasies, fears and financial concerns to their advantage. >> you better have your guard up. >> reporter: rick brinkley with the better business bureau says he's used to getting complaints about the first scam on our list. >> be very careful of anyone who just calls you unsolicited and offers you any kind of travel. >> reporter: brinkley says doing your own research and making your own travel plans will always get you the best deals. so be wary. scam number two? >> before you buy an item, and hear you get a tax rebate or
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credit on it you need to do your own homework first. >> reporter: rising temperatures and big rebate offers tempt many to invest in acs or home improvements but make sure your investment qualifies. check it can be an expensive mistake to go strictly on what a sales person tells you. >> the people were promised all kinds of things that the company knew good and well wouldn't qualify for a tax credit. >> reporter: springtime scam three focuses on fears surrounding passage of the health care reform bill. >> the first thing you want to do is be alert to pressure, to do something right now. if you want to report fraud to the inspector general. >> reporter: cindy lofton is a coordinator for a counseling program. she says don't be fooled by scammers trying to rush you into a health care decision. >> all the biggest he willments of the health care reform legislation won't even go into effect for four more years. >> reporter: with scam four, look out for so-called free
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grants for the unemployed. you'll find them all other the web. >> when you are looking for any kind of help craigslist is not the place i'm going to use as my reliable source to turn over credit card information in an e-mail or especially social security information. >> reporter: and our last spring scam involves taking the plunge to buy a new pool or hot tub. be careful or you might end up financially high and dry. >> know who you are doing business with. a swimming pool is a high-dollar ticket item and you don't want to be left holding the bag on $25,000 because you gave money to someone who skipped town and you could have done your homework and saved yourself the money before it all even started. >> reporter: joce sterman, abc2 news. >> if you missed any of this "scam alert" or want more information on it, head to, click on the "scam alert" section of our home page. at the top of the home page on let's look at weather and here's justin berk with what is coming up today.
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6:15. maryland's most powerful doppler radar appears to be one of the only that can see the rain. the regional radar is not showing it. i'll show that you in a moment but we have spotty showers up 95 near whitemarsh, includes glenarm towards 83 and towards white hall and it looks like up towards hereford, even back towards westminster and dotting around the liberty reservoir. it's breaking up and it's spotty bursts of rain. if it's not on top of you it's possible it already came through and dampened up the road surfaces. we have a wet start and mild tropical start and 64 in baltimore. same story up towards york, 66 hagerstown, cooler at 61 in easton. check this out, check out the actual moist flow from the southeast. there's a lot more cloud cover lingering, a few hundred miles off the coast. this continues to pump in the moisture. the reason we have showers today and the reason it's going to stay like this throughout
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the day. watch the heavy rainfall across the carolina coastline, then watch that circulation sitting off the coast. this is of interest to the national hurricane center. it's may 24th. june 1st is when the official start of the hurricane season kicks in. we've actually had a couple of years -- in the last decade where we've actually had named tropical systems in the last week of may. it's possible this one gets a name and the hurricane center will watch this, the first name on the list this season is alex and we'll continue to see that. it may get a name this week, moderate chance this comes very close but probably not onshore to the carolina coastline and back out to sea. how does that effect us? high pressure is going to try to slide down from new england. we have some, yeah, moist flow and more showers this afternoon and then maybe again tomorrow but we'll watch the dry air try to filter in, right there. that may suppress all the moisture to the south but a big question mark depending on how that thing behaves off the coast. but it stays warm and humid
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today, 75 our 2-degree guarantee with a few more showers. so take the umbrella and light jacket because it's going to feel a little uncomfortable out there. here's kim brown with the traffic. >> you'll experience wet roads and patchy fog, not the best drive conditions but it's fairly quiet on the major roadways. several incidents outside of the beltway, i'll get those in a second but no problems on 83 southbound approaching the beltway, a little bit of slowing as you approach padonia road but that clears up quickly. as we look through the drops here, northwest side of 695 at old court road, traffic starting to pick up some but still managing to move at speed this morning. as we check drive times -- southbound on the harrisburg expressway from shawan to the beltway, seven minutes. no problems on the top side of the outer loop between the 83s. jfx, five minutes from the beltway to northern parkway. we have a road closure still union bridge, route 75 closed in both directions at 26.
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whiteford, route 165 south of route 136, an accident there as well on the west side of the beltway, randallstown, be a accident remains eastbound liberty road at old court road. back to you. rocker and reality star bret michaels is the winner of the celebrity apprentice beating out holly robinson pete. donald hired him, winning $250,000 for his charity of choice. the american diabetes association. the runner up was a winner as well. her charity for autism was given the same amount of money. michael's appearance on the finale had been in question after he suffered a brain hemorrhage in april and hospitalized again recently for a hole in his heart three "dancing with the stars" finalists will compete to win the trophy. who will it be? >> i think erin andrews. >> i think nicole. >> everybody else thinks the figure skater. >> i know. >> we're going to watch it for
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you, 8:00 on abc2. they just got the new puppy and almost had to say goodbye to him. >> how rescuers coaxed the pup back to safety. >> and see this 13-year-old? wait until you find out what he accomplished. more than a treadmill. good morning. i'm jeremy hubbard. an upbeat housing market tops your "moneyscope." new in terms out this morning are expected to show a home sales boost in april. sales of homes up by 5% compared to the month before. it shows millions of buyers took advantage of the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit before it expired. there is still uncertainty, last week mortgage applications fell to the lowest level in 13 years. a surprise dip in mortgage rates could get buyers back into the market. this morning's "wall street journal" reports that mortgage rates could go as low as 4.5% by this summer.
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that would be the year's lowest level and close to a 50-year low. due to international investors putting their money in the u.s. instead of europe. the federal government is preparing to ban cribs with dropdown sides. the chairperson of the consumer product safety commission is pledging to ban the manufacturer and sale of the cribs this year. the cribs are blamed for the deaths of at least 32 infants and toddlers since 2000. many big retailers stopped selling them but they are still widely available on-line. airlines have quietly added extra fees for what they are calling peak travel days. usa today reports surcharges run from $10 to $30 for each one-way domestic flight. most flights from june 10th to august 22nd have the surcharges. however, there are no surcharges on july 4th when relatively few fly. the "shrek forever after" was number one this weekend. he has a mid-life crisis in the
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movie. it took in $71.3 million. "iron man" was second place and "robin hood" came in third. that is your "moneyscope report."
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6:24. we're stuck in a very moist environment for the first part of the week. in fact we've got a very humid morning, some areas of showers, wet roads an we go for mid-60s to a high of 75, our 2-degree guarantee. and maybe some fog and lingering shower overnight. it appears as if tomorrow there
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could be a leftover shower, at 78, a little more sunshine. wednesday and thursday, sun breaks out and low to mid-80s but we'll be watching a potential developing tropical storm off the carolina coastline and how that might impacks us. right now it appears to stay to the south but that could leave a question mark for the rest of the week so stay tuned. 6:25. let's check the roads with kim. >> volume starting to pick up around the area. you will find a little bit of a slowdown on 95 southbound from about whitemarsh boulevard headed down towards the beltway. as we peek at the camera, looking pretty good on the major roads but we are having problems outside of the beltway, reports of another crash in harford in darlington, conowingo road and hughes road. i'll update you on the other accident in whiteford plus incidents in union bridge and randallstown in a few minutes. back to you. time for today's birthdays. roll out the cake, kim. >> ok. >> thank you so much. light the candle. >> all right. >>
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roseanne cash is celebrating a birthday, the daughter of johnny cash. grew up in maryland. she's 55. also today, bob dylan is 69, he grew up in arnold and moved to cape saint clare. if you're having a birthday, send an e-mail and tell us. to give us a picture and all the pictures so we can say happy birthday. 6:26. we have the story of a family desperately seeking closure. >> how students at towson university could help them find out what happened to their son. >> towson university is called upon to help in a suspicious death case. i'm sherrie johnson, find out why one local family thinks they can help.
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call it a parents' intuition. a bel air family feels something isn't right in the death of their son and are taking the investigation into their own hands. >> columbus set out to see if the world was flat. this puppy set out to see what was on the other side of the cliff -- water. >> the duchess of york is


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