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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 9, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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directions. ash wood. you can use gray manor road. you see traffic moving very nicely. you'll see construction delays southbound on 83. right at timonium road. hope to have that reopened in a few minutes. not going to encounter delays on the jfx. down to st. paul street. 95 southbound, running well from the beltway to the 895 split. split to the fort mchenry toll plaza, jamie back to you. a fire on the second floor, right inside a bedroom takes the life of a 3-year-old. it happened early yesterday morning on west lan daledale. -- landale. . >> firefighters did everything they could to save the child but couldn't get to the 3-year-old in time. when firefighters arrived, they found heavy smoke and fire in the 2500 block of west landale street. the fire was limited to the
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second floor bedroom where the child's body was found. the neighbors say the father tried to run back inside, but couldn't get there in time. >> they couldn't get the baby. >> extremely difficult, firefighters never look forward to confronting such a situation. >> firefighters do not believe that the home had a working smoke detector. there's no word on the cause of that fire. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. walker county sheriffs department trying to figure out who killed a woman inside her home. 52-year-old debra burgess was found dead inside her trailer saturday night by a friend. at first they thought she died from natural causes, but as we continue on this morning, we understand that foul play is involved. >> i have no clue why anybody would do something like this to
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her. no clue. it's wrong. i mean, she had a heart. she really did. >> she would do anything for anyone in this neighborhood or anywhere else if she could. she was a grandmother of two, a mother of two. >> sheriffs deputies have few clues to go on right now. if you can help them out in any way, call the sheriffs department. anne arundel police need your help finding the person who shot a severn man. a man came up to gavin young's car and opened fire. he traveled through the intersectis ed over the road and hit the support walls. he died from his injuries. well, it's going to be a slow-go in downtown. getting slower here today.
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road work for next year's grand prix will expand, closing streets around-the-clock here today. the work will begin, really begin the last week. the department of transportation says drivers should use mulberry street as an alternate. we'll get more from kim brown in a couple minutes. say good-bye to summer, it's all over. all city pools are now closed for the season because of budget shortfalls. last week folks rallied in front of city hall to try to keep them open. michael phelps finished fourth yesterday, or over the weekend. this is in california. michael has won 38-straight times in the 200. it's all over. he was looking for his 51st crown, but finished in fourth place over the weekend. let's look at the orioles. how about the orioles.
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5-and-1 since the buck stopped here, winning 2 out of 3 against the white sox. the worst record in the major leagues, the orioles could have been a team that rolled up the carpet and waited until next year, we're seeing good clutch hitting and baseball. 4-3. win yesterday. the orioles will play the white sox one more time later on tonight. two dangerous inmates on the loose right now. police are focusing on yellowstone national park as the hunt continues for fugitives on the run. the story coming up. a site you don't see every day: a water spout over a florida lake. here's justin. >> 5:04. we have relatively tranquil weather here. may get stormy by the end of the week. we're focusing on high heat, record temperatures, humidity, pollution, right now it's 72 degrees in baltimore. it's a little thick out there,
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al and mary coastal were driving home when they saw the storm blow in.
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when they came out of their neighbor's basement, their farm of 50 years, gone. the couple says they always thought about moving, but never thought it would happen this way. >> it was in the back of our mind but we enjoyed the farm. the lord decided differently, i guess. >> no one was hurt in the tornado, however there were reports of damage to trees, power lines and crops. pretty incredible pictures in florida, water spot on lake okeechobee. you can see a nice little rope right there. here's justin with a look at our own weather. >> the ones over water tend to be weaker than the ones over land. incredible pictures there. we have a quiet scene, a thick scene, thick with humidity. fog onto eastern shore. we're expecting a mostly sunny
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day, once the sun comes up, about an hour away. surrounded by 60s by the beach and ocean city. 88 by lunch time. 91 our two-degree guaranteed high. sunset at 8:09. we'll check out the west of our forecast coming up. >> we're still dealing with a serious accident this morning in dundalk. has north point road closed in both directions. police remain on the scene. no word when that reopened. starting this morning, you'll see ongoing lane closures on pratt street between green and calvert street. they start a repaving project in preparation for 2011 grand prix. drive times new york state
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problems on 795, southbound, it's going to take you less than 10 minutes from route 140 towards the beltway. as we look at our camera shots, just building volume on the west side. outer loop lanes, liberty road. below speed at i-70. no problems at harford road. jamie, back to you. zsa zsa gabor suffers a setback. when she may get out of the hospital coming up. ♪
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>> reporter: parents like jody glow are getting a break this season thanks to a tax free week in maryland. >> the way they are, it's better to not have to pay tax during this time. >> reporter: from now until saturday, clothing and footwear priced $100 or less will be exempt from the state's 6% sales
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tax. shoppers are already counting the savings. >> how much would you save not having to pay tax? >> 10 or $15. >> reporter: tax free signs are up reminding customers about the incentives. >> many people don't know about it yet. >> it helps out a lot. we can buy what they want and not have to worry about tax. >> go crazy and shop. our state tax free week will wrap up on saturday. the state is one of 18 in the whole tax free holiday for shoppers.
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5:14. want to start out by the beach, beaches of not only maryland, bit delaware, upper 80s today. water temperature, 73 degrees. seas about 2, 3 for the chop. pretty good looking day. coming through thick fog this morning on the eastern shore. >> winds coming out of the west. >> essentially what we're looking at across the region here is uh, basically a look at hot, humid weather. out across the atlantic, watch two particular storms. line of thunderstorms off the
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outer banks. no impact on us. we're sitting underneath high pressure, dominates across the east. that's a hot, dry pattern here, taking us uh, above normal, should be 86 on this date. 101 the record in 1930. we may have a shot of getting close to the record tomorrow. up at 6:14, down eight or nine. air quality, that's the downside for today. we're back to a code orange. please limit the outdoor activities. if anything, we're watching storms pass to our north. line of showers and thunderstorms slips out of the north tomorrow night. dry all day. evening and overnight, there could be showers that reach into maryland. we're leftover with hot, sticky stuff through wednesday. for today, 92, our two-degree guarantee. little more humid. that keeps us muggy overnight. low to mid-70s on clear skies. for tomorrow, we're expecting a high of 96. challenges the record of 100 set
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in 1900. >> hopefully fog won't slow you down too much, especially traveling across the eastern share, towards 97 and the capital beltway. for the most part, looking good around our area. very serious crash in dundalk. police remain on the scene at north point road, near ashwood. lane closures on pratt street. ongoings they do a repaving project in preparation for the grand prix. 83 moving well, southbound at warren road. nine minutes between i-70 and route 32. southwest side of the beltway, six minutes between i-70 and 95, jamie, back to you. this all happened a little after 2:00 this morning.
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in the 2800 block of north point road. linda sow is live right now at the scene with more. >> reporter: they just towed the suv that was involved in the crash. investigators are working to clean things up behind me. police say the suv was actually heading southbound on north point road, it was traveling at a high rate of speed when it crashed into that utility pole in front of gray manner cleaners. the woman was ejected from the car and wasn't wearing her seatbelt. no other passengers were in the suv, no other cars were involved in the crashing. police haven't identified the driver. they're waiting to notify the family first. people who live in this area told us speed is a problem and hope something will be done to get people to slow down.
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police had the road blocked off between pinewood and oak wood. they just reopened it, literally like a minute ago. investigators look like they're done cleaning things up. only some minor damage to the building but police say a woman, driver of the suv did die. she wasn't wearing her seatbelt. they believe speed was a factor in the crash. no other passengers in the car, police are waiting to release her information until they notify the family. for now, we're live in dundalk. linda sow, abc2 news. let's look at entertainment news: we say good-bye to a hollywood legend this morning. patricia neil has died at the age of 84. she had lung cancer and passed away at her home in martha's vineyard. she won an oscar for hud with
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paul newman. she was offered the role as mrs. robinson and turned it down. patricia neil passing away this morning at the age of 84. actor zsa zsa gabor expected to be released from the hospital today. >> she has two oscars, two golden globes, a star on the walk of fame. look for the 51-year-old british actress in the sequel manny mcphee returns in theaters later on this month. the manhunt for two escapees on the loose. the crimes they committed. where police think they may be hiding.
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get set for more heat and humidity, first half of the week. we go to 92 as our two-degree guarantee. back into the low 70s overnight. we'll push 97 tomorrow, the record 100, set back in 1900. we'll be mighty close. evening or overnight
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thundershower. low to mid-80s friday and saturday. let's go up to new york now almost 5:24 on the clock. it's time for this morning's tech bytes. in today's tech bytes, bill gates says the best college education could soon be available online and for free. the microsoft founder said that in five years, the best lectures in the world will be available for free on the web. thinks that'll make the internet better than any single university. there needs to be away to get credit for what you learn, no matter where you learn it. zombies is invading xbox. the game is pretty much the same as the original with you trying to protect your house, but xbox drivers allow you to team up with your friends and go head-to-head with one of you playing as the zombies. the game will be available on xbox live arcade for $15 on september 8th. apple is now letting iphone
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owners test drive apps before buying them. try before you buy section, in its apps store. the section is only offering a limited number of apps for now. you can find the new section by clicking on free in the apps store in itunes. most young people these days will probably tell you they can't live without the internet. one 20-year-old is taking on a whole new meaning. dan brown is putting his life in the internet's hands for the next year. dan 3.0 allows viewers to decide everything he does. follow van on log onto the technology page of those are your tech bytes, i'm rob nelson.
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a community is devastated after fire takes the life of a 3-year-old child in west baltimore. i'll have reaction from neighbors. the search is on at this very hour for two very dangerous men who escaped prison. where police are looking is a vacation hot spot. if you enjoy the ravens at the stadium on saturday get used to it, is this now an august tradition. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. what a beautiful weekend. meteorologist justin berk with a look at our weather.
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>> south of easton, cambridge over through salisbury and ocean city. air quality alert around baltimore, this side of the bay for code orange. as we build up the pollutants along with the heat and humidity. will keep us just below record territory. it's 70 in ocean city and easton right now. 72 in baltimore and again, we're looking at basically clear skies. where are we going to go with our hour by hour forecast? our two degree guaranteed high hits us at 91. here's kim brown with the latest on traffic. >> as linda sow reported a few minutes ago in dundalk, north point road has been reopened for ashwood road. we look at our cameras, no issues on the beltway, looking pretty good at harford road.


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