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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 13, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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through elkton. harford and cecil county looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting the fact that there's rain in the hereford zone. we're expecting temperatures to only climb to 82 as the two degree guarantee this afternoon. let's see what's happening back on the roads right now. here's kim brown. >> reporter: you could see debris still lingering around. also ponding and standing water in some places. we have closures because of some flooding. davidsonville closed because of high water. also in westminster, warsfield road closed between ridge road and 854 due to downed wires. traffic's starting to build on both loops but still moving at a good speed. so far as we look on the west
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side, same thing, light to moderate volume. no real problems on any of the major roadways. drive times will be elevated. northbound 95, ten minutes from route 100 up to 395. 12 minutes southbound between i-70 and route 92. no problems seven minutes between i-70. megan and jamie, back to you. mother nature put on two shows for free for us. the first in the morning, the second late afternoon into the night. linda so on when the curtain came down on this stormy act. linda? >> reporter: much of the damage was done yesterday at the height of the storm. several streets were flooded. the streets are dry, the sidewalks are dry. again, the cleanup has yet to begin. our area was pounded by heavy rain and strong storms. it brought down trees and power lines and flooded streets in
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the city. wet roads led to major backups in the slow commute in d.c. damage was widespread. >> makes you sick to think about if. when you get older like that, you want it peaceful and quiet. you don't want all of this kind of stuff. >> reporter: even though we got heavy rain overnight, we drove through some of the roads that are prone to flooding, but everything looks good this morning. you won't run into problems here. but just be careful as you are out and about because the cleanup still continues. there's still debris re, trees, power lines and roads throughout our area. so you want to be careful. we're live in fells point. linda so, abc 2 news. >> remember, can you always track the weather on our web site, when you get there, you can find the radar and the latest conditions. all you have to do is go to
6:03 am when you get there, click on the weather tab. we waited until the warning was lifted, went to the stadium, got into our seats and quickly got out of our seats with this. nobody enter as a building better than 52, huh? ray lewis was in mid-season form. joe flacco finds anquan boldin. later in the drive in the panthers 30, drops back again and finds mark clayton. the ravens go on to win 17-12. fire buck! his club lost last night. they fell flat, what happened? buck, come on. kevin millwood takes the loss. with the victory, buck would have tied davey johnson with the best start of an oriole manager. state police say a day long standoff in carroll county ended peacefully and the suspect is now being checked out in an area hospital. troopers spent much of the day
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in a home in sykesville where a 61-year-old man barricaded inside his home alone. police heard gunshots from inside the house when they arrived on the scene. nearly 600,000 in gifts from corporations and individuals. they are allowing all baltimore city pools to stay open until labor day. about $100,000 is still needed, though, to open 13 smaller pools. city council president jack young seems confident that this will happen. he canceled a meeting planned to capture the fan. the city's top prosecutor and challenger appeared on wypr's midday radio show with dan roberts to debate the issues. it was heated. it was exactly one weak ago this a sign appeared on the lot of commissioner bealefeld supporting bernstein. that led to the back and forth about the role of the police
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chief and a call for jessamy to investigate the police commissioner. this came after they faced off on the air and right in front of the media. >> i am tough. i am smart. i am truthful. if you elect me, you won't be going backwards, you will be going forward. >> i have watched the state's attorney slowly concede the streets to violent offenders. >> that includes the murder of a johns hopkins researcher earlier this summer. the elections are september the 14th. the latest on the oil leak in the gulf. today we could know if it's been permanently sealed. tests performed on last month's static kill when mud and cement were forced down to the top of the well. officials will decide whether further work is necessary. the government estimates the well has fueled 206 million
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gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. all right. another wet start to the day. we've got temperatures in the lower 70s around town. 60s to our north. an area of low pressure's trying to spin right on top of us. there's spotty showers and rain to be found but outside the beltway far to the north and back to the west. we'll take a look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar coming up in a bit. hey, kim. >> hey, justin. still accident free this morning, but a handful of road hazards to let you know about. a disabled vehicle at security boulevard. as we check our maps, dealing with a couple of closures. one out in carroll county, one in anne arundel county. i'll let you know where and how it will impact the friday
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morning commute. he was wanted for 20 stabbings in several states. >> the man dubbed the serial stabber is now locked up. also, he's a man who loves dogs so much so he dresses up like one. [ laughter ] wait until you hear what he asked a judge to change. >> yeah, this story will make you stutter. also this morning, the first day of school nearing for kindergarten. the top five tips for students and their parents that they need to be aware of on the first day of school. it's time to get back to work. many of you are without work right now. we're trying to help you out. so each wednesday on "good morning, maryland," we put them right here on the air. if you want yours on, send us the e-mail to best resumes at we'll call to you come in and tape a 20-second video pitch and put it on the air and on our web site. gy
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all right, for some, it will be the first time they walk that a classroom. >> the nerves and anxiety. breaking down the top five things parents and children should do on the first day of school. >> reporter: it's the first day of kindergarten. moms and dads, it's up to you to start the school year off right for your child. we talked to kindergarten teachers to find five ways to make it great. >> talk to them about a lot of firsts that they did and how they felt and remind them that you had firsts and how you felt, you know, what is the feeling you get from your tummy. you can really feel your heartbeating quickly. sometimes they'll need to cry a little bit, but that's okay. >> if the urge to cry is yours -- >> please do not be upset from front of your child. after the child leaves with the teacher, you can cry. >> reporter: you want the first day to be as low stress as possible. >> the night before, make sure you talk about what it's going to look like. >> reporter: the first day may
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be a big one but don't forget it's one of many school days. >> set a routine with your child from the beginning. it might be just a simple wave or kiss on the cheek before they go to school. >> reporter: it's easy to get caught up in the moment so bring a camera. >> be sure to take a picture of the child for the first day because that will be something you'll cherish forever. >> reporter: get ready to make the first day a lasting impression. tony mar saul la, abc 2 news. >> it's hard to figure out who to blame for the thee kids hopping on a plane in -- three kids hopping on a plane in florida and ending up in nashville, tennessee. >> how they managed to pull it off and how they got home. plus, taking the working class. we'll tell about you this. first let's go to weather. >> all right. you may want to hop a plane to get out of here after you see when's happening this morning. we are wet up and down the i-95
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stretch. we are looking at wet worth just on the east side of bel air and across the bay. taking out a little farther east. we've been watching what's been happening along baltimore county. it does break up a little and back to the northwest. you still have some towards manchester and westminster. overall, wet weather to our north and east. wet weather to our south and west. look at the movement here in opposite directions rotating around the area of low pressure that's been sitting on top of baltimore. there is a stalled boundary, the one that brought us the heavy rain is now stuck on top of the chesapeake and helping to enhance the easterly flow bringing in the moisture and wrapping itself around the potomac. as we get to mitching during the daylight hours it will get more in hand and build local i'ds heavy downpours down towards the south. want to talk about what we
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thought to be at one point a developing tropical storm, huh- uh. this was a tropical depression five and still sitting in new orleans. it may tray to slide up the east coast -- try to slide up the east coast. until then, we're dealing with the rains this morning. the rain should slacken off but some will contain locally heavy downpours. it will be a cool day, though, at least by our standards this summer. tonight we slip back into the upper 60s. we're expecting temperatures tomorrow back to 84. the easterly flow keeps the temperatures down. that will be the nicest day of the weekend. let's see what's happening with traffic. here is kim brown. hey, kim. we're still trying to clean up a lot of debris from yesterday's storm activity. keep in mind, you may see traffic out where you are with
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possibly hundreds of traffic lights dark in that area. also around our area as well. so when you reach a dark intersection, treat it as a four-way stop. adds we lack at our cameras on the beltway, we're moving nicely her on the northeast side and harford road. we're working a couple of incidents there. no problems in between the beltway even as you make your way towards the tunnel, you will see a clean ride. working two incidents on the west side. on the inner loop lanes at i- 70. no word on any lane blockages as of yet. we are working a disabled vehicle out there at security boulevard. 854 is closed because of downed trees and wires. high water and flooding at davidsonville has route 450 closed. checking the travel times from 795 to i-70, it will be a
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seven-minute ride. five minutes as you approach the beltway from the southbound lanes of 95. the 895 mitt, eight minutes from the split down to 295 this morning. stay with us. we'll send you to new york right now for the look at the abc business. good morning. we begin your money scope report with new concerns about the state of the economy. economists were caught off guard from the latest jobless reports. yesterday reports that 44,000 americans filed for first-time jobless claims last week. that is the highest number since february. analysts say it is a sign employers are cutting jobs again instead of hiring, and it isn't likely to change soon. >> the new normals for the foreseeable future is slow growth, elevated unemployment rate coming down slowly. >> first-time jobless claims have risen three of the last four weeks. general motors is planning
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its next move after reporting a $1.3 billion profit in the second quarter of the year. the company could file for initial public stock offering today that could lead to the federal government selling all of the gm shares that it acquired during the auto industry bailout. the government currently owns 61% of gm. bp is paying a record fine to federal regulators. the company was fined $50.6 million for safety violations found last year in texas. an explosion there killed 15 workers in 2005. regulators say this case has no connection to the oil spill in the gulf. rising air fares could be pushing some people out of the summer travel market. fares are 20% higher in july than a year earlier with new baggage fees adding to the costs. the ceo of orbitz says planes are are still full but mostly with business travelers.
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coming up, putting the white house under pressure and how the administration is reacting. that is your money scope report. i'm vinita nair.
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all right. good morning. we have areas of steadier reines specially harford and cecil county on interstate 83 up towards the pa line. spotty sprinkles around the beltway and even downtown, but
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otherwise, just periods of rain. nothing like yesterday's storminess as we go for our two degree guaranteed high of 82 slipping into the upper 60s. nice start for the weekend. not great but nice, at least partly cloud write at times 84. we have an increasing chance of storms late in the day. let's see what's happening with the traffic right now. here's kim brown. >> thanks, justin. earlier incidents on the beltway are minor. earlier lanes of i-70 blocking the right shoulder. outer loop lanes with the disabled vehicle is off to the right. traffic is moving by without any problems. checking the drive times, traffic is moving well. six minutes between northern parkway down to st. pauls street. 95 southbound looking good, a 12-minute ride as we approach the toll plaza. traffic is moving weapon. we don't have any incidents up and down 97. we are dealing with a couple of
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road hazards both in edge water and davidsonville. megan and jamie, back to you. kanye west is coming back to mtv. did you hear about this? >> no. >> this time he probably won't get a chance to steal the spotlight because mtv confirmed he will be the one performing. last year, he caused a frenzy after interrupting taylor swift's acceptance speech. fans will be glued to the screen to see what kanye west has in store. ♪ [music] ♪ teen sensation justin bieber will be here in a couple of weeks in timonium. he helped sign a huge check. before his show, he told the crowd he would donate $1.06 for each ticket sold to help with flood relief. at the end of the concert, the promoter aeg live matched the amount bieber raised so
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together they handed over a check for $32,000. this next story is weird news. for most of his 44 years, gary matthews has not acted or even dressed look a human. instead, he's taken on the persona of a dog. he even asked the judge to legally change his name to boomer the dog. massey says his fascination with dogs began as a child with he became obsessed with the tv show "here's boomer." he feels most comfortable dressed as his boomer character. >> he's been called boomer ever since some. >> that's right, for almost 30 years now. >> reporter: do you consider yourself to be more of a dog or human being? >> well, i guess in spirit more of a dog. >> reporter: that's why in a bold move he petitioned the court to have his name legally changed to boomer the dog. the judge denied the request on the grounds it would be too confusing.
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>> i have about 18 lines going right now and i can't say any of them. this guy's efforts to stick it to city hall is creative. >> he owed $301 dollars and payed it off in small increments. flooded streets, downed power lines. it's the mess left behind after yesterday's storms. i'm linda so and we'll show you how things are looking this morning. trapped in the trance of their shopping routine,
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we go weeks without and then in one august rush, we get smacked with train and wind. and many came out to root the ravens on in the rain. upon further revery, steven slater wasn't the gold be child on the jetblue flight.
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it turns out, we'll find out what passengers are saying. "good morning, maryland." welcome in, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. happy friday. >> let's find out about the weather, meteorologist justin berk. >> reporter: it is wet this morning but not as heavy as that band of rain we had to deal with yesterday morning. this is 95 up towards aberdeen. elkton, we've got it in hartford and cecil county. we are looking at wet weather just on the edge of bel air on the north side and over towards jarrettsville. we're dealing with exit 31 to 33 and 36 along interstate 83. river valley run tomorrow, yeah, i'm excited to be there and the 10k run in the mud. yeah. there's water and hills and fun stuff. hopefully a lot of us get back with both feet on the ground. on the northeast side of
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baltimore, spotty sprinkles around town. in our hour by hour forecast, it takes us to the two degree guaranteed high of 82. this morning, plan for the wet stuff. and let me see what the wet stuff is doing to your ride. here's kim brown. >> reporter: are it is blocking intersections because of yesterday's high water and flooding in edge watt are's mill swamp road -- edge watt are's mill swamp road closed because of flooding. traffic is okay on i-95. no problems just the steady volume southbound. northbound volume is light. no problems as you approach the harbor tunnel throughway. as we look at our maps, we have an accident reported in arbutus at washington boulevard and robert young way. also, a pair of minor incidents on the beltway. inner loop at i-70, the earlier crash remains blocking the


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