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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 20, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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this friday morning who knew justin bieber could make it to the top of the 6:00 news. i'm megan pringle. and justin's here. >> who knew he'd make it to the top of the 6:00 news with jamie not in the building. by the way, look, we have a dense fog advisory on the west side of the bay. otherwise, we expect to have a little hint of humidity and as we head through the day and the start of the weekend with sunday having the wet weather trying to roll in. ash the bay, could be fog forming around the bay at 71 with 100% humidity as we match the dew point in centreville. no fog to be seen on this camera vantage point in ellicott city currently 65 degrees. there will be areas of patchy dense fog if not looking for
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sunshine that should burn through for all of us. the hour by hour forecast giving us the two degree guaranteed high of 92 at 4:00 p.m. now let's see what's on the road as 6:01. >> the only crash that we had in dundalk has already been cleared. now we're getting reports of debris in the roadway. also debris reported on the outer loan at york road. keep that in mind. as we look at our cameras, traffic doing okay at 97 and route 100 moving nicely eastbound and westbound. this is 100 as we exit at 97. traffic okay here at southbound 83 at warren road. a nice steady stream of volume in the southbound lanes. megan, back to you. it's one minute after 6:00 right now. who spread a hateful, disgusting message after swastikas are painted on vans in the jewish community.
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linda is a is telling us how how police responded. >> reporter: police are stepping up patrols in the area and increasing surveillance during the overnight hours all in response to the recent vandalism in the park heights community, an area heavily populated by jewish families. police updated people on the investigation at a meeting last night at the jewish community center. over the weekend, swastikas and other hate-related messages were spray painted onto six vans. two juveniles are responsible and there's video that shows the two caught in the act. >> this has been categorized as a hate crime based on the type of incident that it is, however, we don't believe that there's any violence involved at this time. >> reporter: no arrests have been made. police are encouraging people in the area to watch out for each other are and look for any suspicious behavior.
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the tip line is on the screen. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. a 12-year-old boy is dead this morning after being hit by a car. it happened around 5:00 yesterday evening at the intersection of lyndhurst avenue and windsor mill road. there's a map right there on your screen. the boy was riding his bike behind a friend who crossed the street just moments before, but didn't make it. witnesses tell us the driver of the car had no time to brake. the boy was taken to the hospital but police say he died a short time after. the driver involved in the crash did stay on the scene. three minutes after 6:00 right now. city police say a 10-year-old boy was shot in the hand. it happened around 10:00 last night in the 1100 block of lakewood avenue in east baltimore. the child was taken to the hospital but this morning right now there's no word on his condition. the latest now on the 12- year-old girl police say was raped at a baltimore county skating rink. surveillance footage was released from skateworks.
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an attorney claims it shows inconsistencies in the victim's story. attorney paul gardner released the video from the night that this happened. the 12-year-old girl says she was raped in the storage room. he claims the video shows the victim was not dragged into the storage room as she told police. gardner is also disputing her claims that three young men were inside the room at the same time. he says according to the video, all three accused attackers were nerver there at the same time. gardner says he's speaking out to protect his client should there be a civil case that developed. >> i can tell something happened. as to whatever happened, it shouldn't have happened to a 12-year-old young lady. that much, you know, we're sure. >> there were no cameras in position to record the actual storage room itself. skate works is considering installing more cameras. four minutes after 6:00 right now. city police are trying to learn how a former security guard passed as not only a baltimore city police officer but also a baltimore county officer. they say that darryl lyles had
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it all. he had the crown crick toria police car, the badges, the guns, the slights. investigators say they need the public to be aware of anything that looks suspicious. >> one thing we really want to stress, especially when it comes to vehicles that are not clearly marked as police vehicles, people, if they have any questions about the integrity of the character of the person behind them, please call 911 or pull over to a very lit area where you can identify the person as an officer. >> the investigation is ongoing into how lyles obtained the official looking police equipment in the first place. that nationwide recall of eggs is expanding and experts say it could continue to get even bigger. more than 380 million eggs have now been recalled after a salmonella outbreak that has been traced back to one single company in iowa. nearly 2,000 people have been sickened across the united states and the government is looking into the iowa company and possibility that this infection was the result of contaminated feed.
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scientists are reporting the first conclusive evidence in the deep underwater oil plume from the bp spill in the gulf of mexico. don't go looking for it. it's invisible to the eye. a team from woods hole oceanography institute in massachusetts mapped out a 22- mile long mist of oil with instruments. they were looking for the chemical signature of oil. they say they found it. scientists say that the most troubling thing is that it's not degrading very fast. that means it could be long lasting and a threat to marine life that are deep into the ocean. it's six minutes after 6:00 right now. young singing sensation justin bieber is coming to baltimore. you probably knew that by now. if you couldn't get tickets, you still have a chance. 500 tickets were released on the maryland state fair web site for what was previously a sold out concert. at last check there was still some available but they are quickly going. the concert is sunday, september 5th. now justin bieber to
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justin berk. >> sorry to disappoint, you don't have to go through any security detail to see this. still working on that, by the way. barry manilow had a long list of temperature for the water just like kim brown's giving me a thumb's up on that opinion we should work on that in the contract. testimony chores 68 around baltimore. a little bit of patchy fog beginning to form along the outskirts of the city. let's see what kai tier ya kim brown has with the traffic report. what's up? >> reporter: i'm martial to tom jones myself but wear not working my accidents at this time. as we look at the maps, a cup of minor things as you travel. debris on the roadway reported on the outer loop lane as york road. also debris on the roadways 95 southbound at 395 as you head through baltimore city. we'll see how the fog could be
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impacting the morning commute. we know it's early, but go ahead and have another glass of wine this evening. the glass may have the same benefit when it comes to being more alert. two fugitives are finally back in the place where they left. parents, we know going back to school can be so much work not only for you but your little ones. we'll tell you how you both can prepare for the big day back to school. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o
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blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ it's 11 minute as 6:00 right now. no doubt about it, going back to school is not easy. parents have a lot of work to do. in this morning's take five, linda so has five tips to get the kids ready for a great school year. >> reporter: a new school year means a fresh start for students and parents. to help your kid get off on the right foot, make sure everyone gets a good night's rest. that may mean talking to your
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child about the new school year. >> they may have heard this is a really hard teach their year and it's good if you can talk about the expectations and about one the fears may be for the year thus allowing them to relax to get a good night's sleep. >> reporter: ben says the second thing is to prepare a healthy breakfast. it doesn't have to be elaborate, just get the kids thinking. >> we're all on busy schedules, health bars, cereals that are good and things that are easy for the child to eat in the morning so they can be nutritious and feed the brain so you can learn. >> reporter: third, make sure the kid's immunizations are up to date. >> we suggest you contact the school's health office to make sure all shots and immunizations are up to date because it is critical or your child will not be allowed to stay in school. >> reporter: talk to the kids about pedestrian safety. >> even on the weekend, it may be advisable to take a dry run.
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this is the way we walk to school, teaching them to stop at the curb, waiting for the green light to cross the street. >> reporter: children who have a consistent routine often perform better in school. >> develop a routine for when homework's going to be done, when play will happen. begin to organize that routine now. >> reporter: tips to help parents help their kids have a great school year. linda so, abc 2 news. next week we have tips to help your child have a successful year when it comes to learning at school. justin, can you believe it's back to schooltime already? it's crazy. >> you know it's funny because they already started selling fall clothes in the stores about a month and a half ago. a lot of parents are excited about that, a lot of kids including my own, some getting a little excited. we've got ourselves temperatures hanging on to summer, though. we'll tray to squeeze every little bit of summer we've got left going into the weekend.
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86 on target with the two degree guarantee. we flip those numbers around and are developing fog around the region this morning. so there is a dense fog advisory taking us through 5:00. there will be areas of patchy thick fog around the bay and north and west of the city. this is the time of year where we hang on to the summer heat and humidity but we've got longer night as louing temperatures to cool down more so to reach that cool point. on the beach, though it will be great weather this afternoon. upper 80s expected through delaware and ocean city. we'll have temperature holding at 78 degrees. thomas lighthouse pointing out at 81 degrees. as we go on in through today, we are expecting to basically have ourselves a mostly sunny skies with clouds to our west. part of a complex system dumping heavy rain to reports of the great lakes and upper
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midwest. we stay dry and will take us through tomorrow as well. if you pop up the thunder showers possible, most of us stay dry. watch the influence of moisture coming to the southeast. that's ahead of that weather system. we stream in a mostly cloudy day to hold our temperatures down. we get that wet weather and plan the outdoor day tomorrow. then sunday maybe something indoors, especially the second half of the day. today 92. that's our two degree guarantee. we've got a code orange air quality. you may want to limit how much time you spend outside. we are looking at temperatures this afternoon, though, pushing upper 80s to near 90 around the bay even if you have thick fog this morning, easton, you should be up to 91. we're expecting our outlook for the weekend near 90 tomorrow but 84 with the afternoon showers on sunday and showers could linger into monday afternoon as well. now it's time to see what's
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happening on the roads. we'll get the latest from kim brown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, justin. fortunately that fog is not giving drivers to many problems so far. we're looking good on the roadways. no accidents to let you know about at this time. we're looking at mine are road hazards. we're going to see smooth moving traffic on the beltway. a little sluggish as you head down toward i-70. as we look around one more time, traffic doing well around the beltway with month problems up and down the 95 corridor. harrisburg expressway checking in without any problems. debris on the roadway continues to be a nuisance on the outer loop lanes. also 95 southbound at 395, reports of some debris there as well. in perry hall, the traffic lights continue not to be working at belair road and silver spring road. drivers, treat that as a four- way intersection. as we look around the area, not too many problems around our
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drive times, either. a note to all of you wine lovers out there, keep on drinking as long as it's a modest level, we'll be honest. a new norwegian study found that people who drink a moderate amount of wine had better cognitive functions than those who didn't drink at all. >> reporter: if you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, keep it flowing. a new study finds moderate wine consumption is associated with better results on cognitive tests. researchers followed more than 5,000 norwegian adults with an average age of 50 over a seven- year period. those who drink at least four glasses of wine over a four- year period had lower risk of poor cognitive function than those who drank less. because most reported a low alcohol intake in the study, researchers were not able to find a maximum level.
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the adults who never drank wine tended to have the highest risk of poor cognitive function. researchers observed that wine drinkers may have better diets than beer and liquor drinkers which may contribute to better overall health. obviously, the authors do not suggest that the wine flow freely all the time. as always, they stress moderation. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. it is august 20th. if today is your birthday, happy birthday on a friday how much fun are you going to have tonight? if you are celebrating a birthday, we would love to know about it. all you have to do is tell us with an e mail or photo to morning give us all of the details, how old they are and where they are from. we'll give them a morning shout out on the air. our abc 2 news working for you. when we find a good deal, we want to tell you about it. so hear big savings. you can get $20 or $45 worth of
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american cultural cuisine happening at gertrude gertrude. it's located in the art museum inside of baltimore's museum of art. so the coupeson valid, though, for dinner only. they've been away for months, some of theme even years fighting for her freedom. now finally, they are slowly but surely returning back to their families. we'll show you some of those happy reunions. who took the golden bars? police are now in one town on the hunt to find that out. first, let's head to new york to take a look at the latest business news happening this morning. >> reporter: we begin your money cope report with fresh evidence that the economy has stalled. asian markets are falling after a down day on wall street. that followed a report showing that initial claims for unemployment benefits rose 12,000 last week to 500,000. that's the highest level since
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november. the spike in unemployment is a sign private employers may shed jobs this month for the first time this year. with so many people out of work, more americans are tapping into their retirement accounts to pay their bills. according to a report out this more thanking from fidelity investments, a record number of people made hardship withdrawals from the 401k accounts in the second quarter. the number borrowing from their accounts has reached a ten-year high. american airlines may be hit with a record fine from federal regulators for maintenance records. faa officials are ready to propose a penalty of $25 million or more for lapses dating back to april 2008. the airline improperly fixed electrical wiring forcing it to ground 300 planes and cancel thousands of flights. technology giant intel has made a major acquisition. it's buying software security firm mcafee helping intel
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improve the security of its chips which are currently inside 80% of the world's computers. joint products from the companies will begin appearing next year. flu shot season is starting early this year. the nation's biggest drugstore chains are already offering them in most of their stores. cvs will begin selling the shots next week. the early start is a response to last year's swine flu outbreak. coming up on "good morning america," the danger of posting pictures online. why a seemingly harmless photo could tell a thief a lot about you. that's your money scope report. i'm rob nelson.
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all right. good morning. we've got a dense fog advisory with patchy thick fog and low visibility in spots. if you don't have it and have cloudiness, don't worry. the sun will return and it will remind us that it is late summer. slip into the 60s and perhaps develop more fog overnight. tomorrow we'll push 90. that turns partly cloudy with an isolated late-day storm. a better chance of wet weather will be on sunday. right now, if you are planning the weekend outdoors, tomorrow is the outdoor day on sunday perhaps sunday with a chance of wet weather that could extend into early next week. 86 on monday and push the upper 80s as we dry out on tuesday and wednesday. let's see what's happening out on the roads now. here is kim brown. >> reporter: justin, cleared that debris from 95 south bound at 395. however, you will see tire
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treads partially blocking the lanes on the outer loop at york road. traffic will be moving on the 95 corridor without any delays with about an eight-minute ride between the beltway and for the mchenry toll plaza. the outer loop lanes look good as you come across the key bridge. as you look at our cameras, again, no problems, no delays. here's the beltway at harford road looking good around the area roadways so far. megan, back to you. naomi campbell probably wishes she kept that blood diamond from charles taylor because the irs is reportedly after the supermodel for more than $63,000 all in unpaid taxes. and this year's mtv video music awards has the first woman to host the event since roseanne barr had the job in 1994. the 27th annual vma awards air
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september 12th on mtv opinion steven colbert is dusting off his camouflage suit. the comedian will broadcast two special episodes "the colbert report" to celebrate the end of combat operations in iraq and honor those troops coming home. on september 8 and 9 he will fill his shows with active duty members. others will be beamed via satellite from iraq, afghanistan and walter reed army medical center in washington, d.c. guests include joe biden and u.s. military commander. that will all happen coming up soon. a tearful reunion in atlanta. a father who spent the last year in afghanistan comes home and surprises his son. [ laughter ] >> i've never seen you speechless before. >> love these stories. major jeffrey parks has three children, and his 14-year-old son tommy took his father's
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leaving especially hard. major parks says he's proud of his work overseas but cannot wait to make up for the time that he missed while he was away. he is excited to be with his family and went to her other children's schools to surprise them as well. what do you get when you add a lot of soap and a lot of running water? we'll tell you what happened hear and what police say about it.
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