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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 25, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm david muir. it is wednesday, august 25th. and this morning, primary shakeup. sarah palin and the tea party rally in alaska. threatening a long-time senator. but john mccain cinches another nomination. we have overnight results coming in. free fall. home sales plummet a whopping 27%. causing fresh fears the economy is slipping away. what can stem the tide of si sinking numbers? and tiger woods now ex-wife speaking out. elin saying she never suspected her husband was dheeting. and this morning, the touching question her daughter asked her. outrage across the globe, after cameras catch this woman in the act of, yes, kitty littering. don't worry. the cat is okay. not so sure about the woman, though.
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george enjoying a little vacation time. he is off. but david muir is back with us for a third day in a row. so, we don't even mind that it's raining for a third day, david, with you here. >> that's the nicest thing anybody has said to me already today. just coming in, the results from overnight. and a split decision for the voters. >> and we're seeing it's being described as a gop family feud, looking at the results. as republicans fight over sarah palin's tea candidates. and the tea party support, led to a stunningly tight race. in arizona, anti-tea sentiment led to a sweeping loss. is the tea party getting stronger? weaker? >> a lot of talk about this morning. the elin interview. tiger woods' now ex-wife, speaking out for the first time. she spent 19 hours with a reporter from "people" magazine. saying, i've been through hell.
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that's her quote. and she answers the question, did she go after him with a golf club? and the extraordinarily touching question her little girl asked her. that's coming up. >> a rare interview with elin. that's ahead. we begin with results in tuesday's key primaries. in alaska, lisa murkowski struggled to keep her job in a tight race with joe miller. backed by sarah palin, he was. in arizona, senator john mccain easily won against another tea party candidate, j.d. hayworth. and in a democratic race in florida, representative kendrick meek beat newcomer, jeff green. what does it all mean? jonathan karl joins us from washington. a lot of eyes still on that race in alaska this morning. very tight. >> reporter: robin, this is the story of the day. it's way too close to call. but we may be witnessing a colossal upset in the making. lisa murkowski is a member of the republican leadership in the senate. she had way more money. but joe miller is a tea party
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candidate who had sarah palin's support. he, now, is ahead. but this may take weeks to actually count. look at what sarah palin tweeted a little while ago. giddy about the results so far. she said, keeping fingers crossed, powder dry, prayers upward. but joe miller just tweeted, what's moose hunting like inside the beltway. >> stay tuned. that's the situation right now in alaska. in arizona, no real surprise that john mccain was renominated. although, he had to spend $21 million in this campaign, which is more than all of his previous senate races combined, going back to 1986. but the real surprise here is ben quayle, the son of dan quayle, going for an cessional seat. he was aggressive in his ad campaign. take a look. >> barack obama is the worst president in history. >> very strong tactics that seemed to work, jon. >> reporter: it sure did.
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he was behind going into this. and he was attacked for allegedly contributing to a pornographic website. but the other thing in that race, robin, his parents, dan and marilyn quayle, in the home stretch, came to his aid. sending out letters to supporters. dfrding his honor. >> they were hot under the collar about that. one more race to talk about. down in florida, surprises there, too, jon. >> reporter: yeah. the big thing there you had kendrick meek, democratic congressman, decisively win the nomination to run for senate, beating back a multimillionaire, jeff greene, who had vastly outspent him. now, you're going to see one of the marquis, most important, toughest, expensive senate races in the country, in florida, that will pit meek, against republican marco rubio, and former republican, now independent, governor charlie crist. that's going to be a big race. >> that's a big three-way race. jon, thank you. as always, have a good day. the driving issue in all of
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the races, the faltering economy. and new housing numbers are not giving hope to any kind of quick recovery. it was terrible news for the white house and homeowners across this country, particularly the ones with forsale signs in their front yard. and jake tapper joins us from martha's vineyard, where the president is vacationing. good morning. >> reporter: july was a flatout awful month in home numbers. the worst numbers in 15 years. we learned that sales of existing homes plummeted 27% from june to july. and today, we're expecting more bad news when it comes to the results of sales of new homes. with the tax credit for first-time homebuyers gone, so are buyers. >> it's a terrible number for the housing market. it gives you an accurate reflection of what housing demand looks like when you're not paying people to buy homes. >> reporter: check out this map of pain. in poughkeepsie, a home has lost 25% off its peek. in riverside, california, overall values are down almost
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52%. in cleveland, the last time home prices were at this level was 2000. it's as if the last decade never happened. some economists say the era of homes being a sure investment is over. >> there's no iron law that says that home prices have to appreciate. >> reporter: 18 months ago, the president unveiled a housing program he said would help 3 million to 4 million americans keep their home. so far, only 420,000 have been helped with permanent mortgage modifications. >> is the housing program a success? >> i'll leave that the economists and the pundits to decide. >> reporter: the bad news comes as house minority leader, john boehner, has launched a full assault on the president's handling of the economy. >> president obama should skw for and accept, the resignations of the remanding members of his economic team. >> for eight years before we arrived in the west wing,
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mr. boehner's party ran the economy and the middle class into the ground. >> reporter: david, whoever is responsible, some economists say, that the $6 trillion in value that the housing market has lost in the last five years will take decades to recover. and some economists say that is never coming back. david? >> overwhelming to hear. jake tapper, thanks so much. we're joined by alexis glick, and political contributor, matthew dowd. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> i wanted to start with what jake just reported. republicans calling for the economic team to be kicked out of the white house. look at the numbers this morning. a new poll out by the associated press, shows that 56% of americans disapprove of the president's handling of the economy. not terribly surprising. but what is the next set of numbers. the republicans haven't gained anything with the economy. 45% still trust democrats on the economy. 43% trust republicans.
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why haven't they been able to gain ground here with the president in trouble? >> the interesting thing, when republicans are relatively even, they will usually have a good day at the polls on election day. this is why i think what boehner did was a little dicey. you don't want to get in a washington republican fight versus the president. you want to get in an economic fight versus the president. and the more you bring washington republicans in it, who have lower ratings than the president, it's problematic. this is good news politically for the republicans. bad news for the american public, actually. >> historically speaking, democrats have to be far ahead in the poll to do well. >> 2008, they were way ahead on the economy. 2006, way ahead in the economy. and 2004, and 2002, roughly even. democrats do well when they're ahead. republicans do well when they're even. >> you and i were talking about the notion of the american dream. we have pictures from the 1950s. the housing boom. and middle america thought the
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house was the biggest investment. the biggest chance for any kind of return. a lot of folks see the numbers and wonder is that still the case? >> it is. and you look at the end of the day, what we have seen happen to the housing market does feel catastrophic. we've seen a major direction. but this has been decades in the making. the process of unwinding all of the debt and leverage associated with home values and how quickly it rose. that's not going to correct itself over a year or two. yes, at the end of the day, the home is your long-term investment, if you're willing to stay in that home for 5, 10, 15 years and view it as a long-term investment. but this process of unwinding is going to take time. and unfortunately, it's going to be painful. >> you make an important point. so many economists saying, stay in five years if you're going to buy. if you're going to buy, the interest rates are still good. >> 4 million homes on the market right now. most economists say you have to
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cut that in half. bring it down to 2 million homes on the market, in order for home prices to really rise. if you look at the economy today, most americans, what will they do coming out of the recession? they're going to pay down debt. they're going to save money. if they're going to spend money, it's only on necessities. they're not really going to go out there and do the discretionary spending, which has fueled this economy, 70% of this economy, for the past decade. >> and, matthew, as you know, the foundation of all of this, jobs. 9.5% unemployment. the tax credit has run out for home buyers. what is the president and his economic team to do here? >> that's interesting about what alexis is saying. in the '80s, we had the misery index. it was inflation plus unemployment. the interesting thing today, when you tie in home prices, it's a much better predictor of what's going to happen to a president politically, and what his job approval is, than unemployment and inflation used to be. home prices and the rise and
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fall, are directly related to politics. that's why i think this is a problem. i think democrats have to run race by race. if they represent washington and the status quo, they're going to lose in november. they're going to go race by race. >> this morning, homeowners wake up to the notion that the value of their home has lost six years. you remain optimistic. you want folks to know it's your biggest investment. >> as matthew points out, the most important issue today is job creation. it should be the only thing that we are talking about in this country. and yet, we have not fixed that issue. but interest rates are at record lows. 4.5% on a 30-year mortgage. in terms of housing affordability, in terms of interest rates, there couldn't be a better time to own a home. you just have to look at it as a long-term investment. but the first thing we need to do is get the jobs back. >> back to the jobs. alexis glick, matthew dowd, thank you for coming in. juju chang has the latest news this morning.
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>> thanks, david. so insightful. we turn, now, to the news headlines, where there's dry, record-breaking heat and fierce winds that are fueling wildfires along the west coast. nearly a dozen homes were destroyed when a fire swept through ashland, oregon, the tourist community near the border. fires are also burning in southern california. and sam will have more from there in a moment. former president jimmy carter arrived in the capital of north kre this morning. mr. carter is expected to win the release of an american teacher sentenced to eight years in prison for entering the country illegally. well, investigators in china are looking into what caused that country's worst aviation accident in nearly six years. 42 passengers were killed, 54 survived with injuries, when the plane overshot the runway and burst into flames in northeastern china. there was heavy fog at the time. there are reports this morning that the u.s. is preparing to step up covert operations in yemen. terrorism experts believe in a the al qaeda offshoot in yemen
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now poses a greater threat to american security than the main al qaeda group does in pakistan. some top administration officials are calling for a campaign of drone attacks. and now, a strikeout at last night's texas rangers game. even before the first pitch. an army skydiver, watch this, snags his parachute during a pregame show. found himself dangling from the flagpole. he managed to free himself. he jumped from the platform over the scoreboard, and walked away completely unharmed. except for maybe a bruised ego. >> i meant to do that. >> exactly. >> that's harder to do. >> exactly. >> thank you, juju. >> always the bright side, robin. >> got to look on the bright side. let's head over to the weather now. not much bright side for a lot of people right now, sam. >> no. i love you, though, robin. good morning. we're going to start with danielle because i'm seeing something i don't like here. here's what's going on. her center is following this. they curve it out to the
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atlantic for the most part. but look at the last three strings on the spaghetti models that point going toward the east coast of the u.s. category 1 hurricane. here's the deal. there's a front that comes off the coastline later. and all of the models say that front blocks danielle from moving. that front weakens. if this slows down, and it might, that means there's nothing to block it from the east coast. i will not feel better about this storm until friday into saturday. we'll continue to watch that for you. a quick look at the heat on the west coast. vegas, 108. fresno, a record. but it is cooling in the northwest. quick look at the big board.
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. good morning maryland. i'm justin berk. we're starting out in the mid- 60s. our 2-degree guarantee gets us to eight one a stray shower possible to pop up. but as we head into this evening, we're down into the 60s and clouds toward daybreak. partly sunny tomorrow and lows in the 50s. high of 80 and nice day and friday with sunshine. and sunny this weekend with the highs from 84 to eight. enjoy all of america's weather in the next half hour. oh, robin?rica's weather in the >> sam, thank you. the 33 miners trapped 160 stories underground are getting basic creature comforts this morning. lights, aspirin, and letters from home. it takes a full hour to feed each small bag of supplies down a narrow hole to the miners.
7:16 am
and still, no one can tell them when they will be rescued. how are they holding it together? jeffrey kofman is at the scene of the mine in chile. and joins us this morning. good morning, jeffrey. >> reporter: it's winter down here in the southern hemisphere. and it's cold. the uplifting news that the men are alive inside the hillside, is being tempered by the sobering reminder they are intombed in there. the focus is not just on their physical health. but also the mental health. on the hillside overlooking the collapsed mine, 33 flags hang in the wind. not in mourning. but of a constant reminder of the men trapped inside. this weekend, a huge drill will bore an escape tunnel half a mile down to where the men are trapped. >> they're in a humid location. they have space. it's the inside of the mine. so, the conditions are the proper conditions of any mine in the world. >> reporter: conditions they are
7:17 am
going to have to get used to because the rescue hole is expected to take from one to four months to reach them. contact has been established with smaller bore holes. if first shuttle sent down to the men carried 33 jars of glucose. and 33 doses of stomach medicine. they are learning that doctors estimate each man lost 20 pounds during 17 days of only meager rations. this has happened before. but never for so many months. nine miners were trapped in the quecreek mine in pennsylvania in 2002. tom foy was one of them. >> my experience is, it was hell. >> reporter: and why it's hard to understand why it could take 4 months to drill down 2,200 feet, the instability of the mine and the safety of the trapped men, force rescuers to move cautiously. it wasn't any easier at quecreek. >> it took 77 hours to drill 240 feet. and we had broken drill bits. and there were problems drilling
7:18 am
that hole. >> reporter: the men have not yet been told that it could take up to four months to rescue them. but they just seem to understand it's going to take some time. they put in a special request to chile's president, to have some wine sent down for the country's independence day. that is a month from now. david? >> they deserve a glass of wine. thank you, jeffrey kofman. now, to the internet. it's all abuzz this morning after a woman was caught on tape, throwing a cat into a garbage can. the owners of that startled cat captured it on a security camera. they've now posted it online, hoping someone will identify what it is. nick watt with more on this bizarre whodunit in england. >> reporter: so far, so good. nice lady. lola is dumped in the garbage can. lid closed. what was she thinking? the bbc dispatched a reporter to the scene for some live and in depth coverage.
7:19 am
>> hearing a faint meowing in here. this is where they found her. >> reporter: lola was rescued after 15 hours, thankfully. but not before she was loaded into a garbage truck. her owner looked at a security camera and saw this. >> very shocked. >> what do you make of it? it seems extraordinary that someone would stop to pet a cat and then put it in the bin. >> reporter: outcry on facebook and youtube. death threats for the mystery woman. for "the sun," front-page news. the trapped chilean miners made page 7. >> how is she now? >> she's fine. >> reporter: the purrmanator, a bank worker told reporters, i thought it would be funny. she claims she's a cat lover. but the furtive look, she knew she was doing wrong.
7:20 am
that's a guilty waddle. the cat is okay. i repeat. the cat is okay. but police are now standing guard outside that woman's house, making sure no one dumps her in the garbage can. >> exactly. the guilty waddle? is that what it's called? >> that's what nick said. thank you, nick. coming up, tiger's ex-wife is breaking her silence this morning. just to get out of bed. then... well... i have to keep winding myself up to deal with theadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, e ck of energy. if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq. (announcer) p pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide.
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good morning. 7:four. still uniform temperatures in baltimore. we're in the mid-60s. and under a lot of cloud cover. an area of low pressure trying to work their way off the coast. there's rain in north new jersey and new york and rain in the south. this circumstance lace wrapping around the area and basically it's going to be taking most of
7:25 am
the rain to our south offer towards the east. and we may pop up a few stray showers today and we're expecting to break the clouds. so a fairly decent day. temperatures still running a little bit below normal. and the skies will turn partly sunny and a small shower threat as we head into the afternoon. overnight, we'll drop back into the mid-60s and we begin the improvement with more sunshine tomorrow and high temperatures get back up to 84. here kim brown. it is sluggish this morning southbound 795 from owings mill boulevard to the beltway. and earlier accident mcdunner road. but traffic heavy. it will be heavy on the top side of the outer loop of harper road. just a couple minutes of delays if you have to travel this way. as you look at our cameras, we're still working a couple accidents in the 95 corridor and crash reported at 95 and
7:26 am
eastern avenue. and that blocks the left lane and the left lane and shoulder also blocked there as well. and self of the beltway, a crash at 29 and the earlier accident off to the right shoulder and we're getting a report of a crash on the bw parkway and ann ardell circle. and minor delays on the top side of the outer of the 83s. we'll be back right after this.
7:27 am
i'm megan pringle. john leepole is being sued by a former employee. she accuse him of gender discrimination, sexual harassment and general discrimination in the workplace. she worked in the office for
7:28 am
about a year. but she claims that leepolled made unwanted sexual advances towards here. his attorney says that the allegations are false. and now the attorney general has joined 16 other states demandinging that craigslist remove the adults services section. and the attorneys generals say that the website cannot adequately blocked illegal ads promoting illegal prostitution and child trafficking. they did not indicate whether or not the website plans to get rid of the adult services on their page. it's an exciting time in dunlap today. the fire department will reinitiate the fire department. it was destroyed by fire in the middle of january when we had that big blizzard. it's going to happen this morning at 11:00. and the navy secretary and
7:29 am
epa officials will be in annapolis today to meet with the governor to discuss chesapeake bay cleanup efforts. we're out of time and we'll send you back to new york for "good morning america." but we'll have another news update in about an hour. we'll see you then.
7:30 am
for the first time, tiger woods' ex-wife is speaking out about the end of their marriage. in the new "people" magazine that you see, she talks about tiger's affairs. did she know? and whether she thinks she could ever forgive tiger. plus, what she's telling her children. her two children about their dad. it's all straight ahead. we say good morning, america, on this wednesday morning. i'm robin roberts. >> i'm david muir, in for george. we were talking earlier. she rarely spoke even when they were together. >> rarely, rarely spoke. >> i can't even remember. also ahead this half hour. this is something. we've all seen on the iphone. you can use the camera on it. there's a new app to watch, not only robin. but watch your home. you can track it for burglars. and a texas man, through his iphone, saw someone breaking into his house. we're going to have that coming up here.
7:31 am
how you can get the app, too. >> there's an app for that. we'll talk about that later, david. we want to get straight to that explosive interview with elin nordegren, speaking publicly for the first time about the scandal that shattered her marriage. elin says she was blind sided last thanksgiving by the discovery that tiger woods was unfaithful. john berman has much more. >> reporter: i've been through hell, the words of elin nordegren, part of the only public words she says she'll speak about the nine-month ordeal that began last november, with that strange car crash outside her perfect florida home. seen here in photos provided by tmz. >> i have someone down in front of my house. they hit a pole. >> reporter: for the first time, she discusses what happened or didn't happen before tiger crashed the family escalade. there was never any violence inside or outside our home, she says. the speculation that i would have used a golf club to hit him is just truly ridiculous. and as for the women -- >> i was unfaithful.
7:32 am
i had affairs. i cheated. >> reporter: all the women that donned the covers of tabloids, even released voicemails. >> can you please take your name off your phone? my wife went through my phone and may be calling you. >> reporter: elin says, absolute shock and disbelief. i felt stupid, she says, as more things were revealed. how could i have not known anything? and she doesn't stop at tiger himself. she seems to point the finger at his handlers. i felt betrayed by many people around me, she says. despite all the betrayal, the divorce, just finalized yesterday, was not always a certainty. initially, i thought we had a chance. and we tried really hard, elin says. but she decided, without trust and love, it couldn't work. only seen fleetingly by paparazzi moving about florida, she says the last nine months have been brutal.
7:33 am
she watched virtually no tv. but she says she was able to laugh about the jokes about her on "south park" and "saturday night live." >> i'm far short of perfect. >> yeah. >> reporter: it was her kids that helped her pull through. mommy, where is your boo-boo, sam asked. mommy's boo-boo is inside her heart. can sam kiss it and make it better? maybe popcorn will. elin will share custody with tiger and looks forward to a productive parenting relationship. but can she forgive him? >> as elin pointed out to me, my real apology to her will not come in the form of words. it will come from my behavior over time. >> reporter: she's not there yet. i'm going to be completely honest and tell you, i'm working on it. and i know i will get there eventually. and what about the future? it's going to take time for me to start dating again, elin says. it's going to be just me and the
7:34 am
kids for a little while. but i believe in love because i've seen it. i've been there. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. for more insight, joining us now, live, is "people" magazine deputy managing editor, peter castro. always good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> your article starts off. and the reporter, sonja -- >> sobrie. >> and he was there in the oral. and tell us what happened. >> he was there with the kids, a visit from him. he surprised sonya and everybody in the house. one of the reasons we put it as our lead is it shows very, very clearly, there really is no animosity. elin is moving on. and there was some very tender words right at the beginning of our story, when the kids walk in. and elin says, okay.
7:35 am
give daddy a kiss. you know? kiss him good-bye. and that just shows that she's moving on and trying to get over there. >> like a lot of couples who, unfortunately, split, the kids bring them together. as you said, elin and tiger are no different. and we have photos from sam, that's her oldest daughter. her birthday. her 3rd birthday. you can see, peter, how close they are as a family. that is something that really came through again and again, in the interview with elin. >> they're both being really adult about this. and they -- you know, they went through counseling together to see how they were going to parent these children. but the marriage is clearly over. they tried, as we saw in the prescene, for many, many months. but there's just no trust in that marriage right now. >> i think it was surprising that we read she really considered staying with tiger. i think a lot of people thought right away she was going to leave. but that was not the case. and interestingly, is that she
7:36 am
is staying in florida. many speculated that she would be going back to sweden. >> she likes florida. she considers herself an american now. she likes the warm weather. and wants the kids to be near tiger, as well. this is all about the kids. she's very responsible. she's a terrific mother. tiger, in his statement to "people" magazine, said very clearly, she's a wonderful mother. and she wants these kids to be really well-adjusted. >> one thing that she did not discuss was the divorce settlement, the amount of money. but she did say, money doesn't make you happy. but i have to be honest, it is making some things easier. i have an opportunity to be with my children as much as i want. and i'm able to travel to see my family and also have them come here as often as i like. very honest. >> it is. and it is a private matter. you know, we believe that it's upwards around $100 million. nowhere near the $750 million that's been reported. but as she says, it doesn't buy you happiness.
7:37 am
it allows certain privileges and freedoms. but she's still in a bad place. but getting better. >> as we said earlier, david and i were talking, i can't remember the last time elin spoke. she just does not do interviews. and it seems like it was very important to her, peter, to set the record straight about a couple of things. one was that she was completely blind sided. had no idea of the extent of what he was doing outside the marriage. >> yes. and part of the reason she spoke to "people" magazine is, this is part of her therapy. you know, she was quiet for a really long time. and she realized, i'm going to do this once and move on. it was very important for her to do that. but she was completely blind sided. she used the word stupid. i felt stupid. i was embarrassed. how could i not see this? was it all a lie? >> there were a couple of ground rules. 19 hours. plenty of time. >> a lot of time. >> she wanted to write down some of her answers. why? >> she speaks english really
7:38 am
well. but she writes it a little better. and she needed that time and clarity of thought to really get the emotions and the words just right. she did speak to our reporter. don't get me wrong. but it was through written word that she was able to best express herself. >> and sandra, your reporter, walking away. what did she think about it coming away? >> this is a woman with incredible grace and poise. really a model of how you should try to repair your life when you have seen a wreckage. so badly. >> she's handled it as well as anybody could under those circumstances. it's in "people" magazine this week. peter, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for your insight. we appreciate that. down to the weather again and sam. sam? >> hey, good morning. we're going to start with pictures from bad storms in the southwest yesterday. really in the phoenix area. in here, 60-mile-per-hour to 70-mile-per-hour. this caught on tape from our friends at knxb.
7:39 am
if you're not watching them, unplug the set in the phoenix area. they have it wrapped up and covered. that picture shows you the storms. here's the deal. that changes with what's going on in the west and southwest. the cold front, which is powerful enough to knock the storms through the area and take a lot of power out, is going to bring cooler air. portland, you have a 91-degree day today. seattle, you're 80 today. watch it go into the 60s. l.a., a couple more days of heat. in comes this front into the northeast, as well. that's going to mean a better weather pattern for thursday into friday. but today, it's just soaking good morning. cloudy skies and it feels damp. but there's not much rain out there. and you get stray showers at the eastern shore. and we're looking for a partly sunny afternoon up to 81 degrees with another shower later today.
7:40 am
all that weather was brought to you by dairy queen. robin? >> give it to us one more time. >> all of it. all that. >> bring it, sam. thank you. next, how a smartphone app caught these robbers in the act, thousands of miles away. [ male announcer ] do your contact lenses feel as good
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well, we've all heard how iphones and other smartphones can help us organize our lives. but can you imagine using one of them, your iphone, to stop burglars from breaking into your house? even when you're hundreds of miles away. that's exactly what one couple from dallas did. here's ryan owens now. >> reporter: you're watching a home burglary in progress. now, imagine it's your home. that was vince hunter's startling revelation. while the dallas man and his wife were on vacation, 1,500 miles away in connecticut. >> i checked the footage. we see, in real-time, guys in
7:44 am
this area. and they had just broken this glass. i said, holy cow. we got to call 911. >> reporter: a new iphone app, which costs all of 5 bucks, sent vince a text message that the motion detectors in his home were going off. his iphone told him to install web cams on the other side of his home. you're watching this. what are you thinking? >> it was surreal. i couldn't believe -- the first thing i couldn't believe was we could do this on our cell phones. really? >> reporter: a few minutes later, dallas police showed up, guns drawn. unfortunately, the burglars were already gone. scared off by the home's alarm system. vince's home had been broken into before. so, he invested in a pretty elaborate security system. init includes, three different cameras that he can watch from any computer. what this app allows him to do is watch from anywhere in the world. >> i think the software on our phone really helped out.
7:45 am
i mean, it really made a difference. >> reporter: police agree. and this morning, they are still trying to do what the iphone already did, catch the bad guys. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. and joining us now this morning, is technology contributor, becky worley. i love it. vince said, the first thing he thought was how cool. they're robbing my house. but the question this morning is, how easy is this to do? and there's a lot of options, aren't there? >> there are. and the only way to do this as the way the man in the piece did it, is to put a web cam up to where your front door is. the downside is, it has to be connected to a computer at all times that is running. and you can't take that computer with you, say your laptop, on the go. the innovation is a drop cam that just came out. this costs $200. you pay a $10 monthly fee. this is the only thing you need except for a wi-fi network. and it's dead-simple to use.
7:46 am
motions, that trigger alerts that come to your iphone. what's really need is you're watching video on your iphone of actual motions around your house. and it's like a dvr. you can rewind or go to place where's something has happened. it's dead-simple. >> to clarify, if you don't have an iphone, there's other ways to do this. >> that's right. they're coming out with on droid apps. but many will send a text message to your phone. you can logon to any web browser and see what the motion was on the cameras. >> we know it's easy for you to set up, because you're the expert here. but what about the rest of us? >> here's what you need. you need a wi-fi network. you can use multiple cameras. and you use a password-protected website. but the inner face, the way it works and to set it up, it is simple. it took me five minutes to set one up in my house. >> you say it can be trigger by so many things. what if it's the dog or the
7:47 am
catwalking through the house? and you get an alarm on a business trip or a vacation? >> that's the downside, false positives. the nice thing about some of the new software programs on your phones, is they give you i cons that show you the image. that's the dog. that's the cat. i have to pay attention to that. >> that's a burglar that looks like the dog. >> exactly. >> let me ask you this, though. i understand you set this up at your house. and you're not exactly looking for burglars or your dog. >> no, david. i call it operation dog pop vigilante. i wake up every morning and there are deposits on my front lawn. and most of my neighbors are responsible. but now, i have a camera out there. and whomever is letting their dog do their business, you can run. but you can't hide. technology's on my side. >> you can catch the cat woman in england, too. becky worley, thanks very much. coming up, cutting edge medicine p can you actually see with your tongue?
7:48 am
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you know what i'm saying? >> i know what you're saying. >> still coming here on "good morning america," a family's medical nightmare. what if your newborn triplet becomes critically ill? the hospital blames the mom. also, do you need to get your house in order? let robin and me help come clean. >> yeah. >> not quite. but close.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
7:56. still a mostly cloudy sky you'll see a few spots of blue. we have ourselves a mostly cloudy set up. and it appears that way. there's six 4r degrees. and still uniform numbers in bel air and crockesyville. and a few spots of sun coming through. essentially, what we're watching is a large area of low pressure holding the temperatures fairly similar in the mid-60s. also a passage down toward the south in virginia. and some of the showers may come into the eastern shore late morning through lunchtime. and area of low pressure finally pulls out of here and
7:57 am
we'll pull in drier and cooler air. and we'll end up partly sunny and a shower could still pop up this afternoon. temperatures remain below norm. let's check on the roads right now. a disabled vehicle just got cleared on the southbound tube of the for the mchenry tunnel. traffic has been reopened. but you can expect lengthy delays as you're traveling southbound on 95. as you look right now at our cameras. traffic will be heavy and slow around the outer loop on the northeast side at harford road. traffic probably about a five or six minute delay. as you look at our maps, still dealinging with crash and another crash reported southbound 95 as you approach the fort mchenry toll plaza. major delays. reports of a crash at ferndale. and howard county at route 1 and gilford road. we're sending you back to new
7:58 am
york for more good morning, america.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america how are you ♪ ♪ said don't you know me i'm your native son ♪ nice of them to pick a song for us. ♪ i'm just heading for the city of new orleans ♪ >> i love that song. >> i know. it's new orleans. "the road to recovery." >> a lot of folks are heading down that way, to mark the five-year anniversary of katr a katrina. we say, good morning, america. how are you? and george is spending some vacation with the family. >> i thought it would be over by now. >> never. >> by tomorrow. we'll check down. this half hour, a terrifying medical mystery, talking about this morning. very puzzling. parents of triplets, they nearly lost one of their daughters to a sudden illness. and hospital officials began to
8:01 am
blame the mother. this morning, what really happened. and who was really to blame? it's a shocking story. it's that time again, either kids are back in school or they're heading that way. and your mornings are probably turning to a lot of chaos. but it doesn't have to be that way. so, we have easy tips to help get your house organized. to help you and your children to get out of the house faster each morning. we're going to begin this half hour with that medical mystery. it should have been the best day of their lives. but for two, new parents it was almost the worst. their baby girl in critical condition. and no one could know why. i know this strikes fear into every parent out there. >> reporter: you worry that something can go wrong. and in this case, it did. this is one of the worst stories i've ever heard. one minute, jessica's daughter was healthy and in her arms being breast fed. the next, she wasn't breathing. as doctors raced to figure out what happened, they quickly pointed the finger at jessica
8:02 am
herself. jessica and todd say they're loving every minute of the chaos that comes with having 16-month-old triplets, taley, tasha. they were born on april 4th, 2009. >> i'll never forget it. >> reporter: but just 16 hours later, something went terribly wrong. >> you can't talk. you can't move. you just are in absolute terror. because you know your child is dying and you don't know what to do. >> reporter: while jessica was nursing taley in the hospital, the newborn flatlined. >> i looked down. and she was purple. her eyes went back in her head and her neck went slack. it ease incomprehensible to talk about because it was like she just died in my arms. >> reporter: doctors were able
8:03 am
to revive her. but she was clinging to life on a respirator and a breathing tube. what could have caused this seemingly healthy preemie so close to dying was a mystery. until a shocking discovery. tayley had morphine in her system. 400 times a normal baby. >> i was confused. i was still in a huge amount of pain. >> reporter: the bliskhkes say the doctors blamed jessica herself. they accused her of being a drug user, who passed morphine to taley morphine through her breast milk. >> i said i don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: just as quickly as jessica was accused, she was vindicated, by two, living, breathing clues, taley's sisters. if she was truly a drug user, all the sisters would have drugs in their system.
8:04 am
but tasha and tessa, were negative. >> what i wanted to see was an apology. we're sorry for blaming your wife of being a drug user. >> reporter: where did the drugs come from that nearly claimed taley's life. an investigation led to human error. a nurse accidentally mixed up jessica and taley's i.v. lines. taley got the morphine intended for her mother. >> there's no way that an i.v. line of a 4 1/2-pound baby should be confused with that of a full-grown woman. that should not happen. >> she had been working many muppet. 12-hour shifts. and mistakes are made easily when a medical are tire. >> reporter: it's a tragedy we've seen before. in 2007, dennis quaid's twins almost died from a dose of heparin, a blood thinner. the normal dose is 10 units,
8:05 am
they were given 10,000. nearly 100,000 people die every year from preventable medical errors. in the blishkes' case, at the hospital, mothers receive medication outside the neonatal unit, away from their babies. they issued this statement. we have kungted a process review and provided ongoing education and training for our patient care teams with regard to administering medications. while the incident is regretful, we are thankful that the mother and baby were discharged in healthy condition. the blishkes are concerned about long-term health problems. but for now, taylee and her two sisters are doing great. the family is even expanding, with another baby on the way this fall. >> anger doesn't get you anywhere. it doesn't help the situation. it doesn't make it go away. it still happened. can't take it away. you just got to forgive and move
8:06 am
on. >> reporter: next week, the parents and their attorney begin mediations with hospital administrators. they want them to pay for brain testing on taylee, to see if there's permanent damage from the morphine. they're also seeking damages and an apology, they say they never received. that's a big thing for them. they want to apology. >> you mentioned brain testing. but all signs right now, the baby's doing fine. >> i talked to jessica yesterday. they're all doing great. they haven't seen problems. >> another baby on the way. is she afraid to go through this again? >> she says she's a little terrified to go back into the hospital. she has moved to washington state from california. she has the head of obstetrics at her new hospital. so, she has the top dog working on her. so, they've assured her everything is going to be fine. and i'm sure it will. >> all right. glad it had a happy ending. >> thank you, andrea, so much. get over there and get the news from juju chang.
8:07 am
good morning. >> good morning, everyone. let's get right to the primary results, starting with the ultra-tight senate race in alaska, that's still too close to call. gop incumbent lisa murkowski is trailing 49-51, to joe miller, the tea party candidate backed by sarah palin. but the republican establishment had a victory of john mccain over j.d. hayworth. and victory for an incumbent in florida. in afghanistan, nearly 40 girls were hospitalized after a suspected gas poisoning at their high school in the capital. they were treated and released. but the world health organization toxicology unit is investigating. the taliban banned girls education. lindsay lohan's attorney and a prosecutor are due in court today to decide what's next for the troubled actress. lohan has now left a rehab center much sooner than expected. here's abc's mike von fremd.
8:08 am
>> reporter: lindsay lohan is not only a free woman. she apparently even managed to pull one over on the paparazzi. by slipping out the back door of the ucla substance abuse facility. the talented but troubled actress was originally sentenced to 90 days in jail, followed immediately by 90 days in lockdown rehab. is the new judge in the case about to be blasted today for letting her go after just 13 days in jail and 23 in rehab? >> i don't think he'll be criticized because ultimately he's relying upon the opinion of a medical expert. and there's certainly nothing wrong in doing that. >> reporter: doctors at ucla discovered that improperly prescribed prescription drug adderall, might be to blame for her erratic behavior. lohan is getting out just in time to promote the movie "machete," in which, she plays a pistol-packing nun. first, she has another court hearing scheduled for later
8:09 am
today. but when it comes to rehabilitating careers, this young actress lives in a very forgiving town. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, hollywood. now, are you eating eggs for breakfast? well, you can expect to pay more for them because of the salmonella recall. eggs are up 49%. retailers have not yet hiked prices. now -- ♪ can you tell me how to get -- how to get to the smithsonian. that's where kermit the frog is heading, along with several other muppets from jim henson's original collection. they appeared in the 1950s. time, now, for the weather and sam. did you know the original kermit was made from jim henson's mother's coat that she threw away? >> i was going to say that kermit looks like a sock with eyes.
8:10 am
it's good to see old kermit. look at the new kermit. thank you, juju. good morning, everybody. i know we have to be a little quiet. go ahead. a little good morning. >> good morning. >> that's nice. that's nice. and we don't have to worry about -- by the way, can we just say it is -- >> air force week in new york. >> yes, ma'am. and you are? >> 3rd class danielle cortez. and this is my friend, destiny. >> and i think destiny will chat with you. it is air force week. let's get to the boards. if i seem nervous that there's a falcon by me, i am. we're going to start with a fire tornado. in sao paulo, brazil, only because these don't happen that often. there's such a drought in that area and the high winds, kicked up a swirling flame. look at that. look at it travel. a beautiful thing. but something to be afraid of in that condition. it's so dry, it's like the sahara. we haven't talked about this
8:11 am
yet. but we've been getting your tweets. from oklahoma city to dallas, you are loving this morning. why? it's been -- june, july? since you've been in the 80s? 88 degrees in dallas. 84 i good morning. i'm justin berk. we're starting off with cloudy skies and this afternoon, our 2- degree guaranty gets us to 81. we could get partly sunny at times. but as we head into this evening, we're into the 60s. and clouds toward daybreak. partly sunny tomorrow and notice 60s and high of zero. and nice day and friday with sunshine and sunny this weekend with highs 84 to eight. we're just being a little quiet because there's a falcon. will, give me the look. give me the cute look that gets you everything. mom says that is the look that
8:12 am
gets -- when he's in trouble, it's everything, right? >> yeah. absolutely. >> that's the look. david? >> it works for us, up here, too, sam. coming up here this morning, haiti's road to recovery. we have not forgotten. and this morning, robin asks the all-important question. where did all the money donated really go? any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain. that helps keep them full so they can focus on the day ahead. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused.
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8:16 am
later this week, we will be marking the anniversary of hurricane katrina and the road to recovery there all up and down the gulf coast. so, it got us thinking about other recent natural disasters, like the flooding in nashville in may. and the earthquake in haiti, at the beginning of the year. we looked at haiti, seven months later. it sparked a lot of questions from you. so, we went in search of some answers. on our journey back to the epicenter, we found almost nothing had changed. in our report, we showed the thousands still living in tent cities. the orphans still homeless. so many haitians came up to us. and they asked us, where is the help? we remembered rock-throwing and other frustration. we also wondered about all the aid that came pouring in from
8:17 am
around the world. where is it? who is getting it? we wanted to get some answers from someone close to the recovery effort. so, on tuesday, we spoke to the u.s. representative for the interim haiti recovery commission, sharon mills, in washington. what do you say to someone who says there's $9.9 billion worldwide donated to this effort. for those people who sent in their money and are saying, how is it being used in where is it? >> i want people to encourage not to forget haitis. dollars are being well-spent. they're not being wasted. whether charitable organizations on the ground, who is making sure there's clean water. we have the opportunity to have the vaccination programs that are necessary. the road to recovery is long. but it is certainly one that the investment is worth it. >> we met wayne elsey, whose organization is giving away shoes. he told us about the shipping containers at the port. we saw dozens.
8:18 am
wayne said they could be used as temporary shelter for a family of 14. according to him, the haitian government is putting up obstacles. >> the issue is, there's no bigger equipment. >> reporter: what has been the resistance to getting the equipment in here to help? >> duties. >> reporter: because of duties. >> well, expediting fees. whatever you want to call it. >> we heard that from a number of donors and charities, who are saying there's a lot of supplies right there in the harbor. and their frustration with the government there in haiti. is there anything we can do in that regard? >> i think there are legitimate challenges. one of the things we all are trying to step through, are what are the hurdles in place? and how can we sit with the government to ensure we are trying to eliminate those that are challenges that should not be present? >> i have to tell you, i don't sense the government of haiti. i don't sense that there's anybody really in charge. it's people just doing the best that they can on their own.
8:19 am
>> the government is present. we think of government in all the ways that our government provides support to us. from the roads that we are on, to our health care. that was never the standard in haiti. that was never that level of government services being provided in haiti. and i certainly think post the earthquake, when 28 of the 29 ministries collapsed, it's not surprising that you don't see and feel the government every day. >> what about haiti's future? will the world forget? that's what haitians we spoke with were most worried about. are there benchmarks? when do you think we will see tangible marks of all the money donated? >> if we are guarded by prior earthquakes and tsunamis, the most visible turning point will be 18 months to 2 years out. we're going to start seeing greater progress in a shorter window of time, both because of the investment of the people of haiti, and an interim commission that is assuring that projects
8:20 am
move forward quickly. we're looking forward to things that you will start seeing people starting to break ground on. you know in a year or two out, you'll be able to see the fruits of that work. >> and our series, "road to recovery," will continue tomorrow, when we travel to nashville, tennessee, ravaged by deadly floods in may. rebuilding today. bringing the damaged land moofshgs music city back to life. we'll join one displaced family, as they're finally able to go home, four months after the floodwaters washed nearly everything away. and on friday, we'll culminate our journey on the gulf coast, as the country remembers one of the deadliest natural dmaefrs our history, hurricane katrina, five years later. we return to the center of the storm, the mississippi towns that first took the blow. and i'll share with you my own family's road to recovery, repairing the damage caused by the storm, five years ago. i'll be reporting from my ohm town of pass christian on friday. and bob woodruff will be in
8:21 am
new orleans for our broadcast. you can catch us throughout the day on you can go there right now for more information. we'll be right back. more youthful skin from day 1. a dramatic transformation by day 14. anew regimen starter kits... from avon. find the one for your age. it's a limited time offer. so call 1-800-for-avon now to find a representative today. while i was building my friendships... my family... while i was building my life... my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque buildup in arteries... is a real reason to lower cholesterol... and that, along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol...
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good morning. 8:56789 we're going burn off some of these clouds and get some sun for you. and we're still mostly cloudy, not much sun to be found. but check out part of north baltimore county. the sun is break through the clouds and we have hopes of seeing a little more sun. that should warm our temperatures up a little more than yesterday. right now we're sitting at 68. 74 was the high yesterday. and we mix in a little more sun. right now mostly cloudy and getting breaks in the clouds. and showers may clip parts of anne arundel county. overall, wrapping around this large upper level system, we're still unsettled and we'll peek some sun out and a chance of an isolated shower this afternoon. much warmer than the 70s we had
8:26 am
yesterday. and we have warmer stuff on the weekend. an earlier accident on 95 and key highway and earn avenue have been cleared away. but we're expecting to see moderate to significant delays on southbound 95 approaching the fort mchen with toll plaza. you see traffic moving at a better place than it did a few minutes ago. still seeing minor delays as you approach york road. we are working an accident in owing withs mills and rose road lanes and a crash recorded in moneyton and another accident at gails -- forward road. white marsh boulevard heading toward the beltway, very slow. eight minutes at this time. stay with us. because megan pringle has your morning news update after this.
8:27 am
8:27. i'm megan pringle. seven girls were featured on "extreme makeover home edition" will be getting their hair done for back to school. the salon was a sponsor of the extreme makeover project. the home was built last month on sweet wood avenue in east baltimore. no word when will air on abc. but we'll let you know when we
8:28 am
know. carla hendra worked at the executives office for about a year and she accused leepolled of sexual discrimination and harassment. she said that he made crude and sex al comments about other women. his attorney said that he's aware of the allegation and that it is false. she's seeking $300,000 in damages. maryland's attorney general has joined 16 other states demanding that craigslist remost adults services section from the website. in the joint letter, the attorney generals say that the website cannot adequately block potentially illegal ads for prostitution or child trafficking. they did not indicate whether the website plans to get rid of the adult services section. today the fire department in dunlap will rededicate fire
8:29 am
station number 6. it was destroyed in a 2-alarm fire in february during that blizzard. it damaged everything from a humvee to new equipment. but after fundraising, they'll be back in business after today. we're out of time. back to new york. but don't forget about us in about a half hour. see you then.
8:30 am
♪ riding up the road only like a wheel rolling ♪ ♪ going down, down all the way down ♪ ♪ roll me like a superstar paint me like a steeling ♪ ♪ going down, down all the way down ♪ [ cheers and applause ] sounds of little big town in the studio here this morning. a little country this morning. >> platinum-selling country with us this morning. you are fantastic. they met in college. and all these years later, it's still >> the party's still going. we say good morning, america. george off this week. next to robin roberts. david muir, can't be. >> are you sure? george is enjoying vacation time. also this morning, we begin our new health series, with cutting edge technology giving new hope to the blind oop .
8:31 am
it lets you see with your tongue. also, school time of year. like the tasmanian devil going through the house. we have tips to clean it up. in the middle of the street. cue the music. we're going to clean up the kitchen and make it easy for you. all coming up. don't look now, there's a falcon over your shoulder. >> sam was so good talking to them earlier. sam's dad, marine. my dad, air force. retired air force colonel. my beloved father was a tuskegee airman. he was a full colonel. i was the one with the afro puffs. he instilled in me the passion for flying. so, we want to recognize it is air force week. fleet week always gets a lot of attention. tell us your name. and what's this about this week? >> my name is katherine class cortez. i'm currently at the air force
8:32 am
academy. >> congratulations. >> we're here to support the air force week in new york city. >> what's that going to entail? >> that's going to entail us being at various venues around new york city. tomorrow, we clean up a park, van courtly park in the bronx. and saturday, we'll have blues, an air force band, made up of various artists performing in new york. so, top blues will be out there. >> top that, fleet week, huh? no. we appreciate all that our services, that they provide for us. and that is so creepy how it can turn its head. the falcon can turn its head. we wanted to recognize it's air force week. you're good-looking. thank you so much. oh. sam? >> by creepy, she means it's really cool, how the animal can turn its head that way. >> what was that? >> all right. slightly creepy. way cool. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to
8:33 am
talk about as you head out the door on your -- somebody help me. is this really wednesday? i'm a little confused because it's been rainy and cloudy for four days. not in chicagoland. that's right. if you're not watching wls, unplug the set in chicago. you're just wasting your time. look at the gorgeous shot out there. and the numbers are just as beautiful. 79 degrees in chicago. 74 in minneapolis. st. louis, showing up with about 80 degrees today. and that cooler air drops all the way down into north florida. north florida. north texas. dallas is breaking the streak of warm weather, with temperatures in the 80s. good morning. once again, cloudy skies and it feels damp, but there's not much rain out there. and we may get a stray shower into the eastern shore. and then up to 81 and another shower later today.
8:34 am
we spent so much time with our lovely guests from the air force, that we did not even mention the signs here this morning. okay. a shopping bag? really? >> it says every day is a gift. >> all right. that's nice. it's nice. you just rip that out of somebody's hand? i'm not sure. robin? >> nice, sam. all right. equal time there. thank you. in our series," america's health," we look at an experimental, new technology, giving blind people a view of the world around them. it's a device that helps them see with their tongues. how does it work? juju, we have to hear about this. >> it's an unbelievable story. the man you're about to meet, albert rizzi, told me about cursing the world when he lost his eyesight as an adult, in his 40s. but he views it as a blessing. now, with this mind-blowing device, he's able to see objects. his brain is sense objects,
8:35 am
bypassing the eyes entirely. to be honest, it looks kind of weird. but for those who live in darkness, this odd contraption just might be anal to bring in a few rays of hope. >> i think it's wide-open. >> reporter: it's called brain port. it's an experimental device, who lets people who are completely blind sort of see, using their tongue. don't believe it? i didn't really, either. until i saw it for myself. >> letter "h." >> nicole is from turkey and has been completely blind since she was 7. >> the letter "v." >> reporter: that's extraordinary. 46-year-old albert rizzi lost his sight just 4 1/2 years ago to meningitis. a former teacher, he, too, has been testing out the device here at lighthouse international. it isn't technically seeing. >> no, it's not. it's sensing. it's using your other senses to compile information that will
8:36 am
give you a precise outline of an image in front of you. >> reporter: it works like this. a small video camera is attached to a pair of glasses. the information then goes to a small, handheld unit, which translates the picture into pixels. the pixels get turned into electrical signals that are felt on this lollipop that goes on the tongue. white pixels create a strong electrical pulse. black one create a weak signal. >> letter "o." >> reporter: the end result gives the subject the sense of a shape, sort of like this pin art toy. what does it feel like? >> i liken it to pop rocks. little candy that i used to have when i was a kid. it would really -- explosions on the top of your tongue. >> reporter: why the tongue? >> well, the tongue is a very sensitive organ. it has a high density of touch receptors. >> reporter: we're giving you a more difficult one. smaller.
8:37 am
>> letter "e." >> reporter: now, you're giving me goose pimples. two letters. >> "n." "o." >> reporter: the technology, while exciting, is in its infancy. >> there are limitation. you end up having targets so small that you can't resolve them with the pixels. >> reporter: albert, tell me what it was like emotionally, to try this on and to sense in another way. >> it was tremendously emotional. i remember the first thing i saw was the number 7. there was so much hope in the room at that moment. >> reporter: what made it emotional for you? >> that i could do it. at all. >> reporter: the real-world potential for the device becomes even more obvious when we move to the kitchen setting. >> this is knife. this is spoon. this is fork. >> reporter: that's amazing. woo.
8:38 am
>> the challenge is to use it to walk around in your home. can you find things? can you go out to a new situation? is it useful there? i think it will be. and it's just a matter of training. >> reporter: albert, you've been able to take this device home and check it out. >> yes. >> reporter: what was that like? >> it was really eye-opening. no pun intended. it really did help me to understand how beneficial it would be for locating objects. >> reporter: oh, man. you're blowing me away there, albert. that's amazing. let me try a test for you. i have -- i'm wearing a dark shirt. i'm going to put my arm on the table. you want to reach out and touch my arm? hi, albert. >> hi, juju. i wish i could see you. i think you're beautiful. >> reporter: i think you're beautiful, too. he made me cry. i'm telling you. the device is experimental. and lighthouse international is not accepting more subjects. at this point, it's not available on the open market.
8:39 am
but the company has applied for fda approval. if you go to the website, you can see a blind man playing tic tac toe with his daughter. rock climbing. >> the possibilities are endless. that's a beautiful story. >> my pleasure. next, do you need to get your hou
8:40 am
narrator: a local entrepreneur had an idea for a new neighborhood business. and with help from small business loans sponsored by governor martin o'malley, arrow bicycle shop opened its doors in 2008. this governor gets it. it's our job to give maryland businesses the tools they need to grow and create jobs. narrator: now, arrow bicycle shop is making main street stronger... selling bikes and creating new jobs. o'malley understands what a business like mine needed to get started. narrator: martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.
8:41 am
this morning in "america's family," the kids, of course, are headed back to school.
8:42 am
now, your evenings are filled with dance lessons, football practices. did they do their homework? it's time to get organized. sara gray miller is here from "country living" magazine. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> every home has, the junk drawer. >> the classic junk drawer. you can't find anything in it. the scissors are buried under the take-out menus. we have a solution for it. right behind here. your pantry door. >> never looked so good. ooh. >> all you have to do is get a peg board in the back of the door. frame it out with wood trim. give it a coat of paint, and the hooks display everything. catalogs, magazines, takeout menus. and you're only spending about 30 bucs. you can see everything. instead of rummaging around and hitting a thumb tack. >> this is the messy pantry back
8:43 am
here. >> exactly. >> what are we going to do about that? >> that's our next solution. now, we're all trying to save money. we're buying things at costco and sam's club, in bulk. bill, bulky containers. >> love doing that. it's fun. >> it is fun. you don't want something that big on your counter. these are air-tight glass sxwrarps and these are chalkboard labels. and with chalk, you can change the label on anything. >> if you can't tell this is popcorn, though. it is very organized, right? >> you're not going to mistake your sugar for your salt. >> i have done that, many a time. we move down here. this is perfect for the kids with school starting. already starting in some parts of the country. what do you have here? >> we often have one to-do list. but people have multiple children. we created a to-do list for each kid. these are regular clipboards
8:44 am
from an office supply store. >> i love this. get organized. appear on "gma." >> and another one for you. >> hi, david. that's very cute. >> you get this dry erase paint. it's about $20 at home depot. it will transform any surface into a dry erase board. and the little clip means you can attach a permission slip. >> they always get lost. >> exactly. exactly. >> george has to -- he took out the trash. it's marked off. next, the laundry. this is a big deal in a lot of households. the colors get mixed up. >> i know my spouse has shrunk a cashmere sweater or two that should have gone to the dry cleaner. this does solve that problem. it's from container store. it's about $60. and three, separate compartments here. lights, dparngs and we used letter stencils. you can get it clearly labelled
8:45 am
so nothing will get shrunken. >> you can change it around. >> exactly. >> and last up here, robin will be paying attention to this. but this is perfect for organization. >> it's great. you probably don't have this problem. but for most of us women, all of our jewelry gets tangled together. the earrings are hooked on the necklaces. this is a way to take them out of the drawer and display them as art. >> you can really see what you have. this is less than $25 from urban outfitters. you can also use a shadow box and "t" pins. also, a canvas. anything. >> very simple. great ideas. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> you can find out more, buying the supplies to make the simple fixes at and becky worley, tips to declutter your
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
how about this for an album review. quote, there's so much vibrant authenticity and heart in little big town's sound, play this again and again. who did you pay? who did you pay? >> it kind of feels like we wrote it. >> it was "the dallas morning news," kimberly. that's who wrote it. and the country kwar rhett's fourth studio island. album. good to have you here on our stage. >> great to be here. >> you all met in college. >> we did. >> college. we sang together in college. and we hooked up with these two guys. been a band for quite a while now. this is our fourth cd. >> you two really did hook up. you're married. >> that happened later. we had been in the band together. >> yeah. you said it's all about the
8:49 am
music. it's the harmony, isn't it? >> yeah. definitely. >> you want to hear it? you want to hear them sing? i know you all came to hear them sing. here's "little big town," singing the title track of their new album, "the reason why." ♪ i could love you baby, if you want me to ♪ ♪ i could go and fall for you and never even try, hey, hey ♪ ♪ i could let you in baby, where nobody's been ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm ready and willing to give this love a try ♪ ♪ hey, hey ♪ you're the reason why
8:50 am
don't want to say good-bye ♪ ♪ keep missing me don't wanna say good night ♪ ♪ yeah, it feels so right everything's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ you're the reason why hey, hey ♪ ♪ you're the reason why hey, hey ♪ ♪ you're in my head like a song i can't forget ♪ ♪ wanna hear it over again and again, hey, hey ♪ ♪ you're the reason why baby you're the only reason why ♪ ♪ don't want to say good night keep kissing me ♪ ♪ don't want to say good night yeah, it feels so right ♪ ♪ everything is gonna be all right you're the reason why ♪
8:51 am
♪ hey, hey ♪ i could love you baby, if you want me to ♪ ♪ i could go and fall for you and never even try ♪ ♪ and never even try no, and never even try ♪ ♪ no, and never even try ♪ you're the reason why baby you're ♪ ♪ the only reason why ♪ don't wanna say good night
8:52 am
keep kissing me ♪ ♪ don't wanna say good night yeah, it feels so right ♪ ♪ everything is gonna be all right ♪ ♪ you're the reason why hey, hey ♪ ♪ you're the reason why hey, hey ♪ ♪ come on and take my hand i'm ready and willing ♪ ♪ over and over again [ cheers and applause ] host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big?
8:53 am
abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
and so, put down the cup of coffee. who was that? little big town. little big town. that's who they are. and they're going to sing another one and get it at they're from nashville. tomorrow, "road to recovery" visits nashville. have a great everyone. >> see you tomorrow. good morning. 8:56. we had ourselves a cloudy start. but look at what happens over the last hour. breakings clouds and it looks like full sun taking over right now. clouds may try to make a return
8:57 am
today. we're still in an unsettled environment but the temperatures trying to respond to the sun. it looks like aberdeen and stevensville 6 degrees. fairly uniform conditions. we have a moist environment and we're fill under the influence of low pressure. rain over us in new york and new jersey and wrapping into virginia. wheel breaking in the clouds around the north of baltimore, they may try to fill in with a stray shower into the weekends. warmer than yesterday. we'll aim for 81. and we'll check out ocean city weather coming up on good morning, maryland coming up. westbound lane is jams all the way up to the jfx. so expect slow going here. as we look at the outer loop. it is pretty much stop and go for a long stretch between bel air road and york road. they're running close to ten
8:58 am
minutes. working a minor crash 95 southbound off to the right shoulder. not affecting traffic too much. and on the top side of the outer loop, we have a report of a disabled vehicle. as we check our drive times. it will run you about 12 minutes this morning. 95 southbound six minutes to the beltway and very few delays between the 83s. stay with us. because we have good morning maryland up next at 9:00.
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