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tv   News  ABC  March 28, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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28th. good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle, thanks for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. justin said there were parts of mayor thand that experienced snow. i slept -- maryland that experienced snow. i slept through it. >> that's the case at five straight hours of reports of light snow at bwi. there was snow widespread on the radar that didn't reach the ground north of the city but yes, it did snow, light snow did hit good chunk of anne arundel county but south of annapolis and south of easton where the accumulation occurred. by the way, i got one page from leslie in calvert county with 3 to 4 inches. and we showed you ocean city in the last half-hour. reisterstown didn't get mush. -- much. i will be at reisterstown at the end of the week talking about weather. but we have quiet weather right now. a cold weather pattern will look more like winter as we have two shots. remember, ocean city had 3 inches on sunday. it's possible to get that stuff
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to stick in the right conditions. knock sticking this morning. hopefully you are moving on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: roads are dry this morning. always good news when you head out. no big problems this monday it canly around the beltway as we -- particularly around the beltway. 695 at will kips avenue, traffic is moving well. no -- wilkins avenue, traffic is moving well. jfx and 795 looks good. two incidents in howard county. one reported 95 southbound at route 100 reports of a crash. no lanes reported to be blocked. and a vehicle into a building in elk ridge at lark brown road and waterloo. expect howard county police on the scene. now back to you. it's 5:31. president obama will deliver a speech tonight in the ongoing crisis in libya. this as rebel forces against qaddafi are now making big gains. linda so is in the interactive news center with the latest. >> reporter: well, obama has been criticized for the decision to get involved in libya. many in congress want an explanation and tonight, the president will give it in an
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address to the nation. it is unlikely he will declare mission accomplished but he is expected to say the decision was made to get involved in libya to avert a humanitarian crisis. the u.s. will not be leading the mission from here on out. nato has just announced it will take over the military operations. this morning, rebel forces are closing in on qaddafi's hometown and making their way towards the capital of tripoli. they recaptured several key oil towns and are promising to export oil. that prompts the drop in crude oil. obama is going to make the case for libya here at home. >> he needs to convince the american people this is not a long-term open ended commitment. >> reporter: and we have all new information for you on our website at if you go to the main page it's the first storey. more on the address to the nation tonight. also if you click on our news tab, and go to the world section, it will bring you to this page and we have new
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stories posted there for you. three of them more on the rebels march towards itly -- tripoli and the gains they are making thanks to the air strikes. also, obama and his address and nato's plan to resume military operation also take over. the u.s. has handed over control and nato will go on from here on out. all that information is at live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. you can watch president obama's speech tonight here on abc2. a special report begins at 7:30 and the president is expected tospeak shortly after that. dramatic new video to show you this morning of the des dating tsunami that -- devastating tsunami that hit japan earlier this month. it went from looking like a town to an ocean in a matter of minutes. officials say that the death toll right now from the earthquake and tsunami has topped 10,000. more than 17,000 are still
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listed as missing. disaster is hitting close to home. the state department of public help says the radiation has been detected in massachusetts rainwater. it likely came from the power plant event in japan. however, -- however, the levels are still very low. >> we want to make clear that there is no health impact. none of the cities and townsrely on drain water as primary source of water. that's why we are comfortable saying the drinking water supplies throughout the state are safe. >> officials took air samples in the same area the tainted rainwater was found and said no detectable radiation was found. additional testing of drinking water will take place over the next few days. and as we keep watching what's going on and happening in japan, the nuclear regulatory commission says we don't expect to see radiation at harmful levels reaching the united states. the environmental protection agency has an interesting website set up and they monitor
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the air, the food, and the water samples. and we have an air monitor system in baltimore. there's one in dc and dover, delaware as well. if you want to check out website, it's 2011. and today maryland senator cardlen release a study on how lawn fertilizer affects the chesapeake bay. he has news conference this morning. study is -- the study is being released as lawmakers consider new regulation for lawn fertilizer that can harm the bay water if not applied properly. time is 5:35. you could soon be paying more to travel up and down interstate 95. maryland officials are considering major toll hikes to help fund transportation projects. mta is planning to increase tolls in 2012, 2014 and 2016. tolls could jump 27% in the first round of hikes. even before the meter starts to run, today in dc, it could cost
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the taxi ride more. >> a fuel surcharge goes in effect thanks to the price of gas. this weekend, dc mayorauthorized the return of the dollar a trip ride surcharge applying to all cab rights within the district of columbia. taxi riders say that that extradollar a trip will make a enormous difference. >> you try to make the money and every time you look, you are out of gas. when you are burning at least $30 a day in gas, it's rough. >> passengers say they will find a way to bill an extra buck into those budgets. so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. 5:36. a fire gutted a home over the weekend. >> it was a home for rescued dogs and cats. and in maryland as well. the help you can provide this morning for one baltimore woman. also ahead, spring is here. and that means it's cherry blossom time in washington, d.c. how the festival is a
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humanitarian effort this year. and a live look this morning at the white house in dc. president obama may be catching a couple z's this morning. sock amtivity -- it can -- some activity there. the big speech on libya is at 7:30. we are back in a bit. in my life, i don't have time for allergies
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so i live claritin clear. only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. i get relief from my worst symptoms without drowsiness. live claritin clear. the cherry blossom festival kicked off this weekend and
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runs until april 10th. you will find arts, crafts and other activities plus the beautiful cherry blossoms. japanese government gave them to the united states in 1912. this year, organizers are raise money to support victims of japan he devastating earthquake and tsunami. two dollars will be donated -- for everyone that's fold two dollars will be donate for disaster relief. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. snoozeze cherry blossoms look like there's snow on trees. and there's minimal snow around dc. we have two more shots not trying to cry wolf. it's the fact there's a southern storm track producing snow to the south and it's going to inch our way over the course of this week with two shots coming our way as well. 33 in ocean city after they had three inches of snow. 30 in baltimore, 25 hagertown. and 16 in oakland and garrett
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county. there's wide view of temperatures. and we are looking at day that's mostly sunny. clouds to the south getting up to a high of 48. talk about the storm track in a moment. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: service remains on schedule if you are catching the mobility light rail or local bus service with the mta. no reported delays. we are looking pretty good on the road as well. look live at 95, just -- looking live at 95 north of 95 a accident southbound 95 at route 100 and another crash in howard county in elk ridge. now back to you guys. show rescues animals in need of a -- she rescues animals in need of a home. now a baltimore woman is getting back some of that after a personal tragedy. mary snyder is director and founder of maryland sank warty and lost her home in fire friday night. severed dogs and kits were killed in the blaze. but -- cats were killed in the blaze but she and her familyescaped without injury. now they are helped with
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donations to get back on their feet a fund has been created and if you want to help, go to the website, it's going to be it's at the bottom of the screen. the dream run to a national championship continues for two teams. >> saturday butler punching their ticket to return to the final four. they made championship game last year. but on sunday, twa the -- it was the other little guy making their way into the biggest weekend. that's straight ahead. plus... >> reporter: funeral service will be held in carroll county for a fallen marine who served in afghanistan. hear what family and friends say about a man who gave the ultimate sacrifice. óñ
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now "good morning maryland." 15 minutes away from six this morning. today, carroll county community will pay respects to a fallen marine. staff sergeant james malachowski was killed while serving in of a gap stan. we have more on how he will be remembered. >> reporter: friends and family called him gemmy. today a funeral will be held for the husband, father, son, and brother and friend. he enlisted in the marines out
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of high school anxious to follow in his mother's footsteps. he deployed four times overseas. he was considered one of the best. his family takes comfort in the work he did in afghanistan where he was a constant -- where it was a constant struggle to bring tribal leaders to support coalition forces. the family vows to remember the good times and jimmy lived for service and family. >> jimmy, the brother who ran the army 10 mile because she signed him up and he didn't know, to the son that brought his mother an ipod touch pad. i don't remember what it's called because she thought it looked neat to the father that he smoked cigars with and came back and spent a week together recently before the last deployment. >> reporter: sergeant malachowski was 25. his funeral will be at 1 p.m. in westminster. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery with full military honors on april 7th.
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he leaves behind a wife and two sons and parents and a sister. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. teen is dead and another wound after a double shooting -- wounded after a double shooting in the 3200 block of elmley avenue on sunday night. two 17-year-old boys were in a car when swop walked up and opened fire. one of the -- someone walked up and opened fire. one of the teens died at hospital and the other was shot in the arm and remains in serious condition. an 86-year-old man is dead after being struck by a train in east baltimore. amtrak says that yong so kim was hit early sunday morning by a train heading from bolttor to washington -- baltimore to washington. no one else was injured. today, maryland senator ben carden will introduce a bill to create a nationwide alert system after a law enforcement officer is injured or killed. carden is scheduled to appear at a fraternal or the of police lodge in upper marlboro to
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announce it. it is called the national blue alert being a similar to the amber alert system used when children are abducted. today maryland senator mikulski will hold an educational round table. she wants to hear more about the needs of teachers and students throughout the city. this is the second in a series of education round tables that she will be von -- convening in maryland as congress takes up reauthorizing the elementary and secondary education act emphasizing equal access to education. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> rolling through the last week of march, you expect temperatures to warm up. we have had a couple nice days this month. in fact, since the last storm in february, we had above normal temperatures. for the most part, now it's time to pay back. and, typically, on this date, 58 in the afternoon, we are not
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going to reach that number and we should stay below normal for this week. records, the low is 21 in 1982 and as high as 87 in 1945. we start the day with temperatures down below freeing. low temperatures in baltimore about 30 degrees with 20s to the northwest and you will notice the hint of cloud that even a widespread of a color scheme here object on our radar. that's part of the thunderstorm track and most precip will stay south of richmond as we watch that moisture hit southern virginia and north carolina with rains and a mixture of snow. and maybe eastern sections ofvirginia. we have had snow yesterday morning on southern maryland and delmarva that day cumulate and we have chilly air in place. while we get sun shine and clouds to the south, we will have ourselves temperatures that warm above freezing. we will get back to 48 this afternoon and for tonight, as we watch the southern storm track, we will have a partly cloudy sky. more clouds on towards the south unseasonably cold as we are back down into the mi-20s
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-- mid-20s. and increasing clouds for the next system and look at chunk of moisture to the south. that is active storm pattern. and jet stream pushed down towards the south. allowing the outbreak of cold air to dominate the great lakes into the northeast and here in the mid atlantic and the storm track is to the south now, it -- it will work the way up in our direction. that means the next two shots should be closer, and there may be a bigger shot that breaks the pattern as we lead towards the end of the workweek. until then, this is how we see it. we will watch the moisture slide into eastern virginia. this is the lunch hour, early afternoon, with a hint of snow. southeast virginia -- into southeastern virginia. the next pattern increases clouds heading into wednesday. the moisture is farther to the north. we get hit with something going in through at least the -- at least the afternoon and evening showers. a wintery mix and maybe a chance of light accumulation after dark to the north. here's how it plays out, temperatures 52 but 38 with the late mix on wednesday.
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and dry thursday, and a better chance of wintery mix friday. >> reporter: volume is beginning to pick up especially around the west side of the outer loop here at liberty road. that's pushing speeds down a little bit. but no reports of any major delays around the baltimore beltway this morning. we are looking good on the harrisburg and all lanes opened from southbound to mount carmel road heading towards 695, no issues report on the jfx or 795. we have an accident northbound at the fort mchenry toll plaza that blocks toll lane 9. traffic is able to get around that fairly easily and howardcounty a pair of accidents one reported 95 southbound at route 100 blocking the shoulder and we have a vehicle into the building. this is at lark brown road at waterloo road in elk ridge. now back to you. fans in virginia, many out late yesterday into the early morning hours after a big win by virginia commonwealth basketball team. they were one win away, now
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they are one win away from the national championship game. they are in the ncaa final four after take it to kansas jay haus 7 1-7b 61 yesterday. vcu will face-off against butler in the national -- 71-61 yesterday. vuc will face-off against butler in the national game. imagine in heyward had stayed. its 5:52. we hear about it sometimesp it's not that unusual times a zoo animal can escape but this one is creating a stir. i checked under the desk. a cobra is on the lamb causing a major zoo to close its doors. think that cob bra could -- cobra could take the tying otherrer down in -- tiger down. an unbelievable attack against a man as he went out for the morning paper. achoo! the seasons change,
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edible arrangements bouquets. happiness is always in season. call, click, or come into the location near you. welcome. and happy baconalia! baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. 5:55. make news around nation this morning, people -- making news around the nation this morning, people in a southern california
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neighborhood are afraid to get their paper. a map picked up a paper with a bomb. after hearing the explosion neighbors helped the man. he was laying there bleeding in the grass. >> what i saw he lost a couplefingers. this was blood all over. >> i said why did this happen? who would do this and i don't know. it doesn't make any sense. >> debris was scattered more than a block away. but the investigators found no more bombs leading them to believe this is an isolated incident. another scary situation on the other coast, poisonous egyptian cobra is on the loose. officials at the bronx zoo closed the reptile house after the snake disappeared friday. zoo officials believe the 20 inch long snake is contained in an isolated area of the building. let's hope it is isolated. wildlife experts say the venom is so deadly that it can kill a human in 15 minutes. also you are eight your
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cherri -- eating check this out. a wopy pie weigh more -- whoopi pie weighs more than half aton. they took in -- it took days to make. moreland, maine is where we find this. it had more than 500 pounds of frosting, spread between two enormous chocolate cookies. >> it's 2 million calories and a little skim milling and you are go -- milk and you are good. >> it has to do with the neighbors up north. pennsylvania, the biggest whoopi pie weighed 225 pies. maine wins hands down. it was cut up and sold by slices to fans. all the money raise led go to homemade -- raised will go to homemade pies for men and women overseas. >> the previous record was 225 pounds. and they went for a thousand. >> yeah they were not joking around with this one. >> okay. >> it looks good though, right? >> okay. seems like our lives see
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volume of -- revolve around computers. >> the tactic scamers are using to make you believe your computer has virus. plus, your teen has facebook but a study uncovers the potential harm that and other social networking could have on their lives. also ahead, abercrombie and fit fitch caters to a younger -- fitch kateers to younger children but what they are advertising to young girls has parents upset this morning.
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