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tv   News  ABC  July 22, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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temperatures won't move much during the day. that's the place to be. in tide point, baltimore's inner harbor, it's 87 with a heat index of 96 degrees. while the sun is up, 83 will do it for you at the naval academy by the severn. how hot will we go? we are pushing a record and we will talk about that in a moment, charley. >> thanks a lot. we not going to get a break from the heat any time soon. we won't get it until next week. we are on a code red heat alert. if you have kids, you know that can be challenging keeping them inside all day. this morning, linda so is live in downtown baltimore with some of the tips to keep your kids safe and when you can take them outside. >> reporter: yeah. it's all about the timing. doctors say it's okay to go outside when it's this hot but you probably want to wait until after dinner when the air starts to cool down. you know when the heat index tops 100 like it has this week, kids can get dehydrated really quickly. there are things you can look forward to know if your kids are suffering from dehydration. your child may cry but not make
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tears and you can pinch your kids' skin. if eye doesn't -- it doesn't return to normal quickly, that's -- doesn't return to normal quickly, that's not a good sign. other signs including increased thirst and muscle cramps and dis dizziness and there are parts-- dizziness and there are parts of the day to get outside. >> we see a lot of kids out after dinner. so, when the temperature comes down, just a little bit, the humidity goes away a little bit, the breeze picks up, take them outside after dinner and get some cooler air that way. >> reporter: and because kids can be especially vulnerable to the heat, you want to call 911 right away if you see signs of heat exhaustion. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. when it's hot like this, it can be dangerous even deadly. not having air -- deadly not having air. temperatures are forecast to be 95 or higher during the next 27 hours, a utility is not allowed to a cut off service for the
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bills that are unpaid. the maryland transit administration is take action to protect passengers during the heatwave. the mta says the scorching temps pushes them to the limit. the agency will aggressively address issues when they occur and resolve them as quickly as possible. during the heatwave, state troopers will be on the lookout for those who might be strand on the roadways. troopers are being told to help drivers with disabled vehicles as quickly as possible. they are advising drivers to take extra precautions too like bringing along plenty of water. now let's check your traffic conditions right now. what's going on on this friday and say good morning to tonya hutchins. >> reporter: good morning. we have light rail on a 20- minute delay. traveling from bwi and cromwell to timonium. let's look at the beltway. 695 at liberty road, traffic isflowing freely. we have volume but not stop and go just yet. a few instances, 95 northbound at the fort mchenry tunnel, a
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disabled vehicle is there. it's in bore 3 the right lane of the left tube. and in the city, south hilton street is closed between frederick avenue and west baltimore due to a fire. back to you. >> thanks a lot. we are following breaking news this morning out of upstate new york. this video from waterloo. that is an hour west of syracuse and state police say 20 people are hospitalized following a tour bus and semi crash along i-90. authorities say the bus caught fire after colliding with the truck. it happened around 1:30 this morning. state police are telling reporters that a u.s. soldier from the york's -- from new york's fort drum been a to -- began to pull people from the burning busch the crash forced all lanes shut down going both ways but they have reopened. no word on the condition of the victims and we will haveium dates throughout the day. 6:33. making news around the nation, transit police in san francisco have released sido of a deadly shoot -- video of a deadly shooting on a train platform.
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officers shot 45 a 45-year-old man and they say he drew ash -- shot a 45-year-old man. they say he drew a knife and threw it in their direction. new yorkers are being warned to stay out of water a fire at a waste water treatment plant is causing raw sewage to seep into the hudson river. officials reached a health advisory on four beaches that may have been y pacted by that pollution. -- impacted by that pollution. the state of florida is making millions in sharing driver's license -- driver's personal information. this includes the driver's name, address, and date of birth. a spokesperson for from da's highway safety and motor vehicles says the state raked in about 63 million dollars last year by selling driver's information data to collection firms. the transaction is completely legal. it's legal. the state says it never gives out any social security numbers. well, it's 6:34.
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and things are not wonderful in washington but the law makers are trying to make the best of it. >> dipity do da. >> the reelection boost president obama appears to be receiving because of this debt crisis fiasco. it feel like a tropical rain forest outsight, hot and sticky and humid. we have the detail to talk about. it's 6:30. the relief is not coming soon. you are watching, good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. we are back in a bit. [ male announcer ] when mike rowe heads home,
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transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. there is no final deal yet but the white house and house republicans are getting serious about that debt ceiling deal. finally. it would include up to 3 trillion in spending cuts and
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joint commitment to increase tax revenues through tax reform during the next year. abc2's sherrie johnson is here with more. >> reporter: well, with several days to go before the august 2nd deadline hits and the nation runs out of credit lawmakers still can't agree on how to get there. it's led to frustration and a lot of finger pointing as the house prepares to take the weekend off. president obama wants a grand bargain that would raise the nation's credit limit and cut the deficit with 4 trillion dollars in spending cuts entitlement reforms and tax code changes. lawmakers don't seem anywhere near an agreement. >> we are going to not-- the u.s. government can't default on its obligation newts congress must act about of august 2 -- obligation. >> congress much act before august 2nd. >> i will keep them here as long as it takes to get it. >> reporter: the debate is not hurting the president's chance of reelection. a post poll find he went from dead even with mitt romney a month ago to a 51 to 44% lead.
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sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. 20 minutes until 7. he's been very open and supports same sex marriage. standing by now for a huge announcement involving governor o'malley on same sex marriage. his decision could have a big impact in legalizing that here in our state. and a big visit by president obama to college park this morning. it's how his visit is being secured that he hopes will resonate with people. >> reporter: wie trust or police officers to help us and -- we trust or police officeers to help and protect us. a police officer is accused of violating that trust. we will be hotter than yesterday thf a noofnlt many of us starting in the 80s. how high will it get? we will talk about that coming -- yesterday this afternoon, many of us starting in the 80s. how high will it get? we will talk about that coming
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hello parents, it's going to be your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: now "good morning
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maryland." good morning. i am charley crowson. time for your abc2 news to go. it's all about the weather. it's going to be dangerously hot out there today and that means a long weekend for kids in baltimore city's code red summer program. the schools will be closed again today because of the high temperatures. the closure only affects schools that do not have air conditioning. also a code red alert is in effect through the weekend. baltimore department of recreation and parks is moving a rotating swim schedule and opening 12 centers as cooling station. annapolis runs cooling centers through sunday and fred like will run the cooling centers through saturday. also in frederick, the potomac edison will postpone a maintenance related power outage that would have affected four downtown blocks late sunday night into early monday morning. more on that to come. now with the temperatures, they are roasting the nation's mid section. and here in maryland as well along the east coast, millions are struggling to beat the heat
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and the power grid is being put to the test. temperatures are spreading heat with record highs. one man and his crew are installing a turf at the oklahoma state football stayedume. >> too hot to work during the day. i mean, the turf heats up an additional 15 degrees at least. >> the heatwave is massive and smothering one million square miles across the nation. nearly two dozen deaths have been blamed on the heat. some hospitals are seeing four times the number of heat related cases. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. how we start off with the worst first. one of the hottest temperatures i could find this morning at tied point on the south end of the baltimore earn harbor, 88. this is close to federal hill. heat index values 97. and you have to consider the brick and asphalt and surroundings of the city
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holding in and baking you like brick oven pissa. it's not fun this -- pizza. it's not fun this morning. it's a little cooler near gas and trees. reisterstown and westminster and columbia, we factor in humidity and heat index values from the upper 80s to low 90s this morning. officially 81 current temperature in baltimore 86 new york city and another 80 mark in through st. louis and 85. but mid-70s to 80s across the board. but we have been talking about this all morning and all week that big giant heat dome and winds wrapping around it keeping the storms out of the region. one disturbance may spot in the north end and clip us as we head through the afternoon. our computer model indicating the fact we may have a little boundary ahead of the front itself that could spark showers and thunderstorms with our high heat and high moisture content. isolated but some may contain torrential downpours if you are lucky enough. it will be dangerous to drive through. but some brief relief for the heat for you and your garden.
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so, remind you days like this, keep in mind the pets and heading through the weekend, we are looking at better chance of showers and storms into the afternoon and. 102 is the record high today. try not to keep the pets with you and try not to leave your children in the cars as well i know it's something that makes sense, but maybe you need to be reminded. 120 heat index value. the record 101 looks like it will be broken. 80 muggy and buggy overnight. and we will drop slowly through the 90s beginning tomorrow into the weekend. tonya. >> reporter: okay. here's one for. you in parole route 665 at 50 we have lumber in the middle of the road. no lane information or any direction but just be careful driving through there. can you imagine driving down the street and seeing lumber. 895 at harbor tunnel, no problems to report. traffic is flowing freely. so that is good news. other incidents 95 northbound at the fort mchenry tunnel. a disabled vehicle in bore 3. right lane of the left tube. no delay. in the city an accident at annapolis road south hilton
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street closed between frederick and west baltimore. charley. 6:48. new video and new information in the abc2 newsroom on a big breaking story going on in upstate new york. a tour bus crash against a semi. a driver shot this video along i-90. look at this. we learned 52 people on the tour bus were traveling from canada to new york city when the bus caught on fire around 1:30 in waterloo. medics took 30 people to the hospital. state police say a fort drum soldier was near the scene and happened save a number of people. again that video just in to the abc2 newsroom. top baltimore police ao-- officials call it an embarrassment to the department. a cop accused of dealing heroin on the job and he will be back in court. linda so is live at police headquarters with details. hey, linda. >> reporter: hey, charley, that cop, daniel redd is scheduled for a bond hearing and will see
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if he gets out before the trial or gets to stay in jail. he is accused of being a ring leader for a heroin ring and has been indicted on seven drug related charges. court documents show redd acted as the drug ring leader getting the drugs from a supplier in africa. he was in police uniform, armed with a handgun while conducting a suspected transaction at work. the 31-year-old is a police officer, a patrol officer in the northwest district. if convicted, cospend life in prison. -- he could spend, life in -- could spend life in prison. linda so, abc2 news. this morning, family are planning a funeral for an 18- year-old standout student athlete killed in south baltimore. wednesday, police found marcus harville suffering from a gunshot wound. >> regardless of how -- where the basketball took him, he had a bright future. he was -- he wanted it. he wanted it. he told me numerous times, coach, i want to get out of
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here and go to college. and that's what he was working towards and thought we had him there. >> sadly he was supposed to ted head to orlando -- head to orlando for his -- with his aau team. police are investigating a report that he and his friend were mishandling a gun before itwent off. new this morning a.16-year- old has been charged as an adult in a carjacking that happened near northeast. greg lee wallace was arrested shortly after sunday's incident. the cecil reports the victim was on cameron road when a group of males blocked the street. one pulled out a shotgun and a second suspect demanded money and pulled the driver from the car punching him. another suspect jumped in the car and drove off. police are searching for the two other suspects. word this morning a baltimore journalist missing in libya may have been found. matthew vandyke's mother all along she along with
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congressman dutch ruppeersberger reported two sightings of him in a prison in tripoli. vandyke disappeared in march a week after he traveled to libya to begin writing about the uprising. governor o'malley will talk about same sex marriage. the news conference will focus on his plans to push harder to get the measure approved here inmaryland. same sex legislation ssed in the maryland senate this year, but was held up in the statehouse of delegates. today the nation's capital is expected to be a repeal of the don't ask, don't tell policy to be announced. the policy prohibits openly gay men and women from serving in the military. a bill repealing the policy was passed last year but several people, including secretary of defense, had to sign a certification confirming that the military's overall acceptance. news time 6:51. with the debt crisis looming, president obama will today take time out of his schedule to visit the university of maryland for a town hall meeting. abc2 sherrie johnson is here with more on what he plans to
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discuss economically. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, president obama is holding a town hall style meeting at ritchie coliseum at 11 this morning. it's expected to last about an hour and the white house says the meet will go focus on the economy and the debt crisis. washington remains in a deadlock over raising the borrowing limit. a full house is expected with over a thousand people. tickets are required and they start handing them out yesterday on campus. this town hall meeting will be president obama's fourth visit to campus and his second as president. he rallied students in 2009 at the height of the fight over his health care overhaul. president obama will serve as his moderator accepting questions from the audience members who raise his hands. university provides a idea focus on the budget. five things to know before going out door. prince george's county has aing about announcementch the area will get the first -- has a big
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announcement. the area will get the first teaching hospital. it will cost about $600 million to build it. heading downtown this week, watch out. metro officials say track work is going to cause delays up to 30 minutes on the red and orange lines. metro will begin track work tonight around 10 and continue through sunday. metro says if you are traveling the orange and red lines, you can expect delays at half an hour or more. well, the airline tickets may get cheaper. the f-aa could be forced to shut down if congress doesn't extend the operating authority. officials say that would cause the -- cost around $200 million a week in uncollected airline ticket taxes. and the popular bookstore borders is going to liquidate 400 stores today. the ann arbor michigan based chain filed bankruptcy earlier this week. the chain is going to begin selling off the assets. great news if you want to watch a concert but don't want to deal with the crowds. youtube will stream lalapalooza
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and austin city limits through the video sites live web stream pushing. they recently did festivals in tennessee and san francisco to show you how it works. look for something fun to do, the maryland spca is holding the wine and wag between 5:30 and #:30. the event -- 7:30. the event includes paw painting and tours of the new adoption center. tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. and you can find more information by going to also today ken kamenetz will announce a launch of a interactive tool allowing you to access the county's map based information. the web tool consolidate 11 applications into a one stop shop that can include zoning classification, school districts, tax maps and many more. more nasa flyovers for
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today. the goal analyzing air quality. today will mark the 10th day of the low flyovers. the flyovers are schedule between 9:30 this morning and 5:30 tonight. the flights will run between washington beltway and here in baltimore along i-95. the project will continueperiodically throughout the end of the month. and if you got free time on your hands today, the national aquarium in baltimore could use your help. they look for volunteers for the dolphin count that takes place today in ocean city from 9 to noon. what was that. >> that's not one. >> there you go. that's how you count. all tough do is meet the aquarium staff between 40th and 130th streets in ocean city. you can go to the state park and the aquarium is holding a fund raiseer from 3:30 to 9 to benefit the marine animal rescue program. thousands of people have pledged to buy at least one item a day all week as part of the buy local campaign. corn, pepper and other --
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campaign. corn, perp and other produce will hit stands. organizers say not only can you bite foods, grown how you want them, but you can help preserve the farmland and support local economies through your purchase. so, that's something going on next week. check it out. maybe we will have someone out there live getting ready for the buy local week. >> maybe we will have better weather for it to grow. >> yes. >> here we go. we are looking for temperatures up near record territory and breaking the 101 record. 102 and we are starting the record territory with the low mark of 81. and small chance of some heavy rain producing storms anton yeah likes this, we will cool down to 99. and we will cool down to 95 on sunday and wool down 90 on tuesday and the lowest temperature in the 7-day forecast reminder 102 today could feel like 120 tonya. yuck. >> reporter: okay, my goodness. >> people are lumbering along the rote. >> reporter: 665 at 50, lumber in the middle of the road. be careful. >> we are talking about the
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heat dome. i like kids' phrase, the ring of fire. [ dog barking ] mom!
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