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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 5, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we want to get you up to the minute on what's happening. two people made it out of a home. firefighters got a call for a possible carbon monoxide leak and found high levels in a home on north washington street. two were treated there and two
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were taken to the hospital. an 84-year-old woman died in a house fire in east baltimore. flabs called 911 -- neighbors called 911 after spotting smoke. by the time firefighters got there, the woman was dead. and casey anthony resurfaced for the first time after being found guilty. she has a dog, a video camera. she said she hates to be on camera but will continue posting. we want to bring you the latest on a water main break in hampden. let's check in with jamie costello. >> reporter: the good news is they repaired it.
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the main broke just after 9:00 this morning. a number of homes and businesses were affected. this was a long tedious task. you want to hear that your water will be fixed in time for dinner tonight. >> won't to the bathroom. flushed the toilet and it was chocolate color. >> reporter: the water main break has been fixed. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. >> chocolate covered water. you don't want that. that's a bad deal. temperatures in the low 40s and 30s. almost no wind to speak of. so this has been a big improvement weather wise. a few passing clouds. other than that nothing on maryland's most powerful radar. the rest of the evening down into the 40s. it will be less breezy.
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we'll look ahead to the complete weekend forecast. hollywood returns to baltimore. the state announced that an american remake of the bbc political drama "house of cards" will be filled here in baltimore. kevin spacey will star in it. the series will be based on the novel about margaret thatcher's era in british politics. netflix will distribute it later this year. police in utah, in ogden, are mourning the death of a fellow officer who was serving a search warrant when he was killed. >> reporter: officers with the special hasn't drug task force came to ogden, utah with the swrnt -- search warrant. they ended up in a gun fight.
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>> we heard three pops. >> reporter: neighbors said it sounded like war. officers moved in on one house. six officers were hit. so was one suspect who took whoever running. >> you can see it. they were yelling at the suspect who was showing their hands. get down, get down. >> reporter: when it was over, an ogden police officer was dead, a seven-year veteran survived by his wife and two young children. this comes as a violent year. in 2011, more officers died from gunfire than traffic incidents or any other cause. last year police fatalities were up 16%. the number of officers killed in shootings went up 20%. utah the violence could add to this year's numbers, the five other officers had injuries ranging from serious to critical. >> the suspect's name is matthew
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davis stewart. mr. stewart has a limited criminal history. >> reporter: officers ran of a the one suspect in this shooting, cornered him in a shed and arrested him. his injuries are not life-threatening. reporting for abc, new york. the shooting happened during a mass shooting outside a grocery store where six people were killed. coming up, a guy's trip nearly turns to a disaster when the boat catches fire. we'll tell you how a simple water cooler turned into a lifeline. plus, dozens of cars ?ashed a chain reaction action. what some believe is responsible. take a look at this. preeves fans in -- ravens fans
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in pasadena getting ready. this is in honor of her favorite team.
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we're starting with new video out of california tonight where police say a man behind
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the wheel of a stolen car went for a crazy ride. he loses control of the car, goes airborne and ends up on the roof of an apartment complex. with a broken leg he still manages to run off. police caught up with him and placed him under arrest. like a scene out of an action movie, an oklahoma woman got quite a shock when a car went up in flames. she pulled into the gas station, got out and a small static spark caused the exploasmghts she managed to get away and run inside. a golden retriever is back home tonight in colorado but he almost didn't make it after getting stuck in a frozen lake. some firefighters and good samaritan, armed with a ladder, carefully moved over the lake, moved enough ice to get the dog out. two men and their 11-year-old sons are safe and sound and they have a rescue
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crew and a cooler to thank. all they had to do was old on to the cooler. after 45 minutes, a helicopter showed up thanks to a beacon they set off. a fire broke off just after 3:30 this afternoon. cherem conner -- cheryl con -- conner has more. >> reporter: it's going to be a long night for people who live here. you can see they are looking at the damage to the building. we understand the fire started at 3:21 this afternoon. this was put out about 24 minutes later. the fire went to two alarms and was contained to the basement
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apartment. both water and smoke damage is in two other units. he was in a middle apartment. tell me what you witnessed? >> basically, i was laying on the couch watching t v.d i heard someone run into the hallway screaming help, help. there was a whole bunch of smoke. the smoke started coming up to the apartments. i dumped my things and ran out the door. >> reporter: you had to put the jacket over your face? >> yes, fame. >> oar -- ma'am. when i first came out, my lungs were burning a little bit but i didn't pay any mind to it. >> reporter: there was a 64-year-old woman who had to be rescued. did you notice anything? >> when i ran behind me, there
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were two people carrying her out. there was an older lady. >> reporter: thank you for waiting patiently. we appreciate it. we understand two people as well had to be taken to the hospital. they had non-life-threatening injuries, just minor injuries and also the red cross will be assisting two disawghts -- adults tonight. we're live in glen burnie, cheryl conner. well, mitt romney claimed a victory in iowa. now the republican presidential candidates are gearing up for round two and trying to get you back to work. we'll tell you how.
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completely different weather. lots of sunshine. in fact, temperatures warmed up a solid 12, 15 degrees.
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low 30s. bond -- abandon-- abundant sunshine. gatersburg, early cloud cover. a gorgeous finish to the day. all clear. that should hold up into the weekend. temperatures low to mid-40s. the wind is almost light -- lome nonexistent. the little one we have light and variable. humidity is extremely dry. bone dry air. you have to do what you can to stay hydrated and moisturized. bottom line, dry weather will continue to hold, weld north, north of -- well north, north of the buffalo area. back here things are quiet. milder air marching in where temperatures were up above 60 in atlanta, jackson and montgomery. we'll get a taste of that as we push into the saturday time
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frame. things staying clear on try day and into friday night. let's look ahead even further. for more on that, lynette charles. welcome back. >> thank you. i have good information this evening. i'll start you off with something on sunday that's free. you'll like the forecast plus the free factor. the baltimore museum of art for free family fun. you can enjoy different activities, hands on workshops, gallery tours and more things designed just for the family. so head out and do that. check out what we have, eat and buy locally. sample breads, cheeses and desserts. something i'm interested in doing, introduction to indoor rock climbing. you can work up a sweat. this is sunday 11:45 to 2 p.m.
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the weekend forecast, i think you're going to like what you see. partly cloudy and mild. sunday temperature coming in around 47 degrees. it won't be as mild as it is on saturday. still, the temperatures will be above average. our high temperature should be around 42 degrees. i'll take it. >> i think what everyone wants to see is you with the climb ropes there. >> i'm going to do it. >> all right. thanks, lynette. let's get into the rest of your forecast. friday 30 overnight and tomorrow 52 with the sun and high clouds. we'll see temperatures falling to the mid-30s. all right. check it out. the complete look ahead for the next seven days showing a cooling trend next week and a better chance for showers, so a
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little more unsettled as we get past the weekend. as lynette talked about, things look mighty fine. in tonight's democracy 2012, the candidates are gearing up for the first primary on tuesday. one candidate's surprising performance has taken this race to an unexpected direction. tell us a little bit about the rick santorum factor. he adds a new tweft to the race. >> reporter: he's shaping things up. the best way to describe it is to go back a few weeks. remember rick santorum's campaign? it was left for dead. then he shocked people in iowa. can he do the same thing in new hampshire. last month santorum equaled second tier. >> thank you so much, iowa.
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>> reporter: but now that's all changed. >> they'll grind you down. they'll find what's really here. >> reporter: the former two-term senator from pennsylvania can thank conservative voters. they refused to rally behind michele bachmann or rick perry. santorum filled that void. >> i trust the people of number that if i ask you to do -- to lead and do what is in the best interest of the country i don't have to tell you what that answer is. >> reporter: with the new found success comes scrutiny. they have period through his records and questioned his credentials. >> if you think ofs as partners, he would have been the junior partner. >> rick is going to have a problem when he leaves and people start vetting his background. >> reporter: santorum said he's only human.
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>> i'm proud of my track record. mi perfect -- am i perfect? no. >> reporter: the latest poll came out of new hampshire. mitt romney still has that commanding lead of 41% and rick santorum is in third place at 8%. the difference between 41% and 8% is huge. >> that race was pretty close in iowa. any chance for him to overtake mitt romney as we move on? >> reporter: you have to think beyond the states. let's start with iowa, top three finish, gained momentum, moved on. new hampshire will be a different beast because ofçó the independent beast. mittnb romney has beenqx
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>> before that the political family held one seat in congress. >> all right. coming up at 6:00, hey, she wouldn't give up on make her neighborhood safe. how one woman made her persistence pay off. >> if you have a baby, why ignoring their teeth could cause
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big problems. i'm jamie costello. those stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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let's talk about the economy. you're not the only one feeling the pifn. your doctor is, too according to cnn money, many of our nation's doctors are going broafnlgt they blame shrinking insurance reimbursement, changing regulations and private practice tieses. president obama has a new idea to help create jobs. the white house is partnering up
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with u.s. business including wells fargo, bank of america and at&t. they will provide paid jobs and internships. credit card rates now at a record high. a new report shows rates are now averaging more than 15% and card holders with bad credit pay an average of 25%. a survey shows late payment penalties are becoming more and more expensive. many card issuers are boosting rates. according to netflix, 20 million subscribers watch tv shows and movies on devices with high speed internet in the final three months of the year. it helped boost the stock 11% to
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close at a little more than $80 but far below the high last july. the decline followed a customer revolt after netflix decided to raise its rates. coming up, we'll continue to get updates from the scene of an apartment fire in glen burnie where one person had to be rescued. lucky. four people set the example of what we should do to protect ourselves from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> it's winter time. that meansi]xd traffic,xd ice, . i'll tell youçóxdñlhow itñi migr affect yourñi commute. andñ over again. rfqtzuñ."q weq wantfá to get to


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