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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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quota. the poorly worded paperwork should be e facive to dismiss the charges they say. details tonight in the deadly east baltimore fire from yesterday. police say 84 year-old mary hines was stabbed before a fire broke out at her home on bitel street. she was killed by the fire. an autopsy was completed. they are looking for suspects and trying to figure out how the fire started. we are about five days away from the start of the 2012 general assembly. how the state spends our money is a key issue. one way to increase revenue would be to bring table games to maryland's casinos. don harrison was in annapolis to check the odds of table games in maryland. >> as the lights and sounds of maryland's two slot parlors carry on, there maybe accompanying fireworks in annapolis. the parlors in ocean downs and perryville produced $12.5 million in revenue in december, that's up 2% from the month
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before. >> reporter: some legislators in annapolis would like to see increase go up more. bills propose the use of table games are ready for the 2012 session. >> anything is going to formulate is going to have to start with the governor getting involved. >> reporter: house speaker mike bush will oversee the house of delegates. gambling proposals may have problems passing with delegates against gambling for miranda rule or religious reasons. a amendment requires 60% approval in either chamber. bush thinks it has limits. >> there is only a certain amount of money that's going to be generated in gaming. if you can genit one place it's going to decline in another. >> reporter: may have marylanders receptive to adding to the coughers. >> doesn't seem much different to me if you are going to have slots, you might as well have table games. probably generate more revenue.
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if it can make money for the state, go for it. more people jobs. >> reporter: even in the legislator would like to add table games to the parlors, the issue would have to go to referendum and the voters would decide in the election in november. don harrison for abc2 news. if lawmakers don't approve a table games referendum this year, it will take two years before it would appear on a ballot. the next statewide election won't happen until 2014. tomorrow is the deadline for groups to submit proposal to become the organizer of the baltimore grand prix. groups need to prove they have the money and experience to run the event. the city terminated its contract with baltimore wasting development last month after it failed to pay $1 million ode to the city. the series added a race in baltimore to the 2012 calendar. the former archbishop of baltimore is elevated to the
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college of cardinals. archbishop edwin o'brian learned of the news during a business trip to rome. he served here until august when the pope appointed him to a new post. as cardinal, o'brian will sef assed a vor as -- serve as an ad vor to visor -- advisor to the pope. all right, we got a nice treat today, plenty of sunshine out there and temperatures, yes, did they respond. sitting pretty around 59 degrees in to baltimore. 60 dc. 61 frederick right now. 61 culpepper. check out easton, 55 degrees. feeling good. there the upper 50s hagerstown. low 50s in to york,
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pennsylvania. satellite, radar, not picking up on a lot. we saw high clouds trying to stream earlier today. now not dealing with cloud cover whatsoever. the chance for clouds to move in here, yes, that is possible. as we go through the evening, check out the temperatures, remaining in the 50s and dropping in to the 40s. it's going to be cool, not cold this evening. winds south at 5-10 miles per hour. there is warm air still to be had but also a cooldown. i will talk about that coming up. they may not be playing this weekend, but that didn't stop ravens fans from flocking to the sports shop for the latest team gear. roosevelt leftwich is here with more on ravens fever. they are feeling it. >> the team is taking the weekend off after a tough week of practices. for the staff at stores selling ravens gear, it's one of the key times to rest as excited fans and hysterical fans head out with the hard earned cash,
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hoping to get something to cheer the team on. >> it's been pretty steady since they clinched the division. you know, everybody is excited. it's the second christmas now. >> i'm very, very excited. i might be the number one fan. >> a love them. thatry doing a good job. i'm proud of them. >> i think her daughter is the number one fan. all of the ravens number one fans will get the chance to show the team how proud they are when they take the field sunday january 15th at 1:00. fans will have to watch to find out who will face the ravens. a lot of people whether fans are not are planning playoff parties. we want to know what recipes would you work in to your playoff party menu. we headed out and they gave us a lot to think about. easy stuff like chips and salsa and carrot sticks for dipping.
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here is something spicier. >> chicken wings, pizza, chili. you name it. i like to eat it. >> hot wings. anything hot and spicy to make you want to drink a beer. >> at 6:00 we've got more menu ideas and things you might want to add to your shopping list this weekend. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. make ing my mouth water. if you have a recipe, head to our facebook page, and share. towson is going purple for the ravens. can't tell there, but as it gets daker you will see the courthouse will be lit up in support for the ravens all purple, can't wait to see it. neighbors and family barely had time to start mourning the
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loss of 84-year-old mary hines. now they are dealing with disturbing new details following the fire that claimed her life yesterday morning. police say she was stabbed first. cheryl conner is live with more information that's got police moving in a different direction. that's right. until an autopsy was completed the assumption seemed to be that hines, a retired public school principal had been killed by the fire that swept through her east baltimore home. >> once the fire was put out, a body of an 84 year-old female, african american was found inside, autopsy was conducted today. as a result of the autopsy she was found to have multiple stab wounds and it was ruled a homicide. >> police are not sure if the house was set on fire to cover up the stabbing. another possible is she could have been stabbed while cooking and she could have started the fire. neighbors tell us the news is surprising because she was very
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careful to allow only people she knew in to her home. she lived alone and didn't have family in the area. baltimore homicide detectives are asking anyone who may have seen something or has any information about the stabing to call 410-396-2100. cheryl conner, abc2 news. a tractor trailer driver in minnesota ends up submerged in a frozen creek. how it happened and why he was able to crawl to safety. and it's the most wonderful time of the year for a dedicated homeowner in howard county. why his holiday spirit could lead to a big check for local schools and how you can help.
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. new tonight, looking at surveillance video of two robbery suspects who attacked a clerk and a customer after one of the suspects tried to buy beer. police say the clerk questioned him about his age and then the attack started, a customer saw what was happening and tried to help then became a victim himself. police are still look for the attackers. in minnesota, a tractor trailer ended up in a frozing creek , the driver of the truck was on interstate 94, 40 miles
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northwest of minneapolis when he lost control and drove in to the water. amazingly he was able to escape the truck and crawled across the ice to safety. he was taken to the hospital and released. investigators trying to figure out what caused the accident. a washington state man who was sick of getting stuck in traffic watching cars in the hov lane, whizzing by, decided to do something about it and dressed up as skeleton in a hooded sweatshirt and started having him ride shotgun to use the high occupancy lane. his creativity caught up with him. a trooper pulled him over and wrote him a ticket for $454. got to give him credit for being creative. you might hate the facebook layout but the company says every user will be phased in. we have tips to make it work for you. forget the thin mints or short bread, there is a new girl scout cookie to tempt your
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taste bud. towson isn't hiding purple pride, they are showing spirit in lights, we will show you that, coming up. ã
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right here in our backyard, a house in howard county getting national attention for the holiday lights. lucky for us and you, they've got them up, we can take a look. charles daniel says he has been putting up the lights for 12 years and each year it takes him 3 months to get all of that in place. the work is paying off, his home is a final ist in the deck the halls holiday contest but he also likes doing it. >> i enjoy it, believe it or not. i have decorated all my life. now that i'm retired i've been able to devote more time to
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decorating and it's a real challenge. i can be very creative and being an engineer, i can do very different things with the display. >> if daniel's display wins $100,000 will be donated to howard county schools. if you are interested in voting, find a link on under local news. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> today would have been a great day to take the lights down. temperatures were soaring in to the 60s. tomorrow you might get a crack at it. check out now, a beautiful sunset, nice twilight shot here, temperatures right now coming in right around 59 degrees, not much move in the temperatures as of now. that humidity is at 31%. air is very dry out. there make sure you stay hydrated. you have your bottle of lotion. the winds, yes it's been breezy
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today. the winds southwest right now at 7 miles per hour. that barometer is 29.81, holding steady. visibility is looking good as of now. so did baltimore today, look at the blue skies out there. robert w coleman right now. things looking good. more of the same, no matter where you went today, let's head to annapolis. blue skies, a few of the high clouds out there. when you have the high clouds, not enough clouds to block out the sunshine, that's good news for all of you that love the sunshine such as myself. maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry. that trend is going to stick in place for a while. i'm going to show you when it's going to get out of here , the seven-day forecast is coming up soon. the winds, winchester, southwest now, sustained at 7 miles an hour, 8 charlottesville, oakland 12 now. it's dropped down a little bit. the last time we were at 4 in to oakland. as we go through tomorrow, it's going to be a breezy day on
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top. not as breezy as today. feeling the breezes but not southwest. tomorrow out of the northwest. the satellite, radar, not pucking up on a lot now in terms of cloud cover, if you want the precipitation, you are going to have to gelgo north to get snow. a lot of you like the snow, you are going to have to head to canada to maine to get the snowfall as of now. satellite, radar, back home, not a lot to see in terms of the cloud cover in terms of snowfall. you get the weather pattern here, we are in the warm sector and that's where the air is ushered in from. roanoke 62. same temperature we are dealing with now. future trend not picking up on a lot as we go in to time. follow the timeline to see what the going on here, because, we are going to deal with plenty of sunshine as we go in the tomorrow. 35 tomorrow night. by tomorrow the temperature around 59 degrees, by tomorrow
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night, we will be around 33 and here is a check of the seven- day forecast, i'm glad you stuck around to get this. a lot of people will like it if they like the mile air, we will be mild through tomorrow and have the cold front that passes through saturday and dropping the temperatures in to the 40s. that 47 is still ape above average, we should be now about 42 degrees and won't get that until the end next week. >> who doesn't like this warm air? are there people rooting for it to be cold? >> this is a transition from hot air to hot air for politicians. in tonight's democracy twef twelve , the primary -- 2012, the primary is four days away. news coming out of south carolina. torey joins us live from washington. a fresh look at what the candidates stand there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i want to say i did like the transition there. we are talking abut south carolina. hot air in south carolina. let's talk about the latest numbers, though, out of the state. fist time we are seeing the
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candidates, where they rank in south carolina, after the iowa caucuses. basically the take away is going to be two candidates have to be pretty happen py. mitt romney has major lead. in the state campaigning today. santorum's numbers are up. newt gingrich took a nose dive. look at where they stood in december. newt gingrich had 43%. romney had 20%. at the bottom, rick santorum from 4% to 19%. what we are seeing in south carolina, like iowa and new hampshire s that the numbers are all jumbling around as the front runner status changes. >> one candidate, we heard you talk about in the past is rick perry. you got to wonder where in the world is he? he must be focusing on south carolina, too, right? >> it's interesting, rick perry, remember when he finished 5th in the iowa caucuses and came out saying i'm going to go home to texas
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and reassess my campaign and then later he said no i'm going to focus on south carolina. he hasn't had public events, he released this tv ad. >> i learned the values of hard work, faith, and family. the values i learned served me well as governor of texas and will continue to guide me as president. >> reporter: it's interesting he has been so quiet in south carolina because he is relying on that state for any sort of come back in this race. >> what else can you tell sus happening on the campaign trail? we know you have the dish on that. >> there is a lot happening, especially new hampshire, this weekend is going to be extremely packed for the candidates two. debates in 12-hours time. one saturday on abc at 9:00. one sundays morning on nbc at 9:00. imagine how exhausted they might be. the day everyone is looking forward to, tuesday, new hampshire primary taking place.
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save this one for last, remember herman cain? well, herman decided on january 19th, he is going to make an announcement. he will announce which candidate he is endorsing and that date is key. it's two days before south carolina votes. keeping himself in the news i guess. >> interesting stuff. can't wait to see how numbers flash out after new hampshire. thank you so much. over to rosey. coming up, brand new at 6:00, baltimore city police need your help in identifying this man scene in the video. why they want to talk to him about the sexual assault with a trans gender teen. [ male announcer ] what makes the weekends so memorable? ♪ maybe it's the things you do
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we are talking about facebook's timeline. now you can resist it but love it or hate it. all of facebook's 800 millionion users will have to deal with it. karen has tips to help you embrace and enjoyty new format that's spreading to your friends pages. >> maybe your friends made the change or maybe you've heard about it and confused, even scared. very soon, all 800 million facebook users will have to learn to live with, if not love, timeline. facebook founder mark zuckerberg introduced the format in september. >> all your stories and apps,
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and a new way to express. >> reporter: everything sorted by month and years to make it easier to relive your on line life. users were given an option to activate or wait for the inevitable. after an account makes the switch to timeline users get 7 days before it goes public and friends can see it. giving the user time to sort out what appears highlighting the good stuff, hiding the wild college party pictures and deleting posts that aren't so interesting. it's easier than some user might think. >> you don't have to go month by month. facebook takes the photos. >> reporter: the most prominent is the cover photo on profiles it's been confined to a small corner of the page. timeline stretches it across the entire page, so choose a
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good one. i'm karen kay pa, you are now clicked in. >> the girl scouts are celebrating the centennial with a new cookie, savanna smiles it's lemon flavored. the company that makes the treats describes them as cool and crisp with just the right number of lemon chips. you can't beat the thin mint. four people trapped at an accident in arundel county. what happened to get them hurt at 6:00, which starts right now. a man is dead after an early morning shooting here in lorel. i'm jeff hager, i will have the details coming up. death of a woman in east baltimore in a fire takes a twist. why the fire may have been covering up the results of another crime. city is looking for the next group who wants to put the pedal


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