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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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grand prix. the warmer weather remains. did you get a chance to get outside? it was fantastic. might have been surprised if you didn't get a chance to. some places saw temperatures in the 60s today. can you imagine that for january? the warm up was nice, hopefully it will last the weekend. meteorologist, lynette charles is here with more. the weather hot seat. >> that's the question, hmm. will it last through the weekend? i have good news. it going to last until tomorrow. satellite, radar, not picking up on a lot. i hope you got out and enjoyed it. it was definitely a nice treat out there today. we are not dealing with a lot of cloud cover. a few clouds but now, we are talking about the temperatures. the temperatures and 59 degrees, we got a change. we got an update on the air. 57. the 59 has been holding tough throughout the evening. now 57 baltimore. dc around 58 at the top of the hour. 61 now in frederick.
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york pennsylvania, 54 degrees. through the rest of this evening, we will see a few clouds move in here, with the temperatures still in the 50s, we will drop in to the 40s, cool not cold , the winds southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. back to rosey. the latest on the deadly fire in east baltimore yesterday. the victim was stabbed and now the case is treated as a homicide. cheryl conner joins us now with the very latest twist in this investigation. >> homicide detectives now replaced fire investigators in the 2700 block of east middle street. 84-year-old mary hines lived most of her life until her home caught on fire yesterday. she was known as a dear woman in the neighborhood. someone who dedicated her career to the baltimore public school system, a teacher and principal for 30 years. an autopsy was performed and determined that she died from malt multiple stab wounds.
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hines could have been stabbed while cooking and that may have started the fire. neighbors say she was careful about who she allowed in to her home. more at 11:00. baltimore homicide detectives are asking anyone who may have seen something or has any information about the stabbing, to call 410-396-2100. cheryl conner, abc2 news. baltimore city police arrested a registered sexed ofer in connection with a rash of crimes over the past two months. nelson clifford has been charged with more than 330 counts in connection with two rapes and one attempted rape since november. in each, he went in to the victims homes while they slept and tied them up. dna at each of the scenes pointed to clifford along with other evidence. >> clifford has a unique mo, we were confident that prior to the dna hits that nelson clifford was the offender responsible for the incidents.
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>> because clifford had been indicted for a previous sex offense in 1996, his dna was already on file with investigators. police are also asking for the public's help in identifying this man right here, they say he was involved in a sexual assault of a juvenile transgender teen. this is a video of the suspect back on november 17th. police say the 167-year-old victim was -- 16-year-old victim was walking when someone forced her against a fence and assaulted her. if you know more, call the police special investigation section 410-396-2076. remain anonymous if you choose. a man returning home to his pregnant wife was met by a pair of armed robber whose attempted to take his money before taking his life. it happened in lorel. jeff hager picks up the story from there. >> reporter: the shooting
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happened in the wee hours of the morning friday here in the high end town home community called russic green. this belief from neighbors as detectives comb the alley for evidence of a shooting that claimed the life of 36-year-old gregory robert sears. arundel police responded to reports of a shooting a learned from the wounded suspect that he had been targeted bay pair of armed robbers. >> the victim indicated, able to relay the information that he arrived home there, at that point he was basically accosted and approached by two unknown male subjects described as two black males, little further description on them at this point. they were masked up. >> reporter: sears resisted the robbers demands and they shot him in the driveway as his wife slept inside the home. paramedics transported him to the shock trauma center where he later died. >> he has a baby that's due in
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a week or so. they were excited about having a kid. his wife and my wife worked together. that's how i know them. >> reporter: neighbors we spoke with said they didn't hai shots outside but it's not something they would expect to hear. especially in this affluent neighborhood which many law enforcers call home. there is a federal agent two doors down. he lives in one of these houses. >> reporter: arundel count 'tis ty police are asking for your help. if you have information which can help them, call metro crime stoppers, 1-866-7-lockup. reporting in lorel, jeff hager, abc2 news. a drunk driving charge was dismissed after a judge ruled that the police department was trying to fill a quo ta. she had a level more than
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double the legal limit but let go after her attorney found a memo that asked officers to write two to four citations an hour. the court says it was a violation of civil rights and a quota. howard county police say they do not have quotas and that it was drawn up by an employee that misunderstood. they wanted to encourage stops during check points to justify the grant money it received. >> there are no quotas in the howard county police department. >> you have to have reasons not numbers to meet, to pull over someone and invade privacy. >> police say the memo was in effect from january through april of last year before they realized the mistake. attorneys will look for other dui cases in the time frame for complete look at the story, log on to all new, four people
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trapped after an industrial accident in arundel county. firefighters deposit got the call to go to k care on corporate boulevard after something collapsed trapping the workers. >> the patients in a void space, between the shelving with relatively minor injuries and we had to go in and use the -- sense it was head, neck and back injuries, we transported them as such on a long board and rescued them out to the outside. >> two of four people trapped had to be taken to the hospital. the other two were treated at the scene. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this to happen. baltimore catholics will have a cardinal in charge of the archdiocese. edwin o'brian will be elevated to cardinal. he is one of 22 new cardinals to be named to the college of
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cardinals. he was appointed to the archdiocese in 2007. he is in charge despite named august by the pope to lead a 1000 year old group that protects the holy land named to the college of cardinals makes archbishop o'brian advisory to the pope. today at johns hopkins they celebrated the 30th anniversary of the martin luther king jr. celebration. features tributes, music and service awards. >> he was about interpersonal dignity. how you talk to people, how you treat people, i can tell you right now, personally speaking, we have a long ways to go on
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that. >> staff and students representing johns hopkins were honored for volunteer activity as at the commemoration. democracy 2012 news, ben carden will face competition in the democratic primary for u.s. senate. anthony muse plans to challenge card inn the state primary. muse is a democrat from prince georges and served as senator since 2007. in the meantime, senator ben picked up endorsement of a former congressman. carden has support from governor martin o'malley, anthony brown, selfny rawlings blake and several other democrats from around the state. officials say anyone interested in becoming the organizer for the baltimore grand prix have until tomorrow to submit a proposal.
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the city says any group interested as to show they have the money and management experience to run that event. last week the city terminated contract with baltimore racing development after the group failed to pay more than $1 million, it owed to the city. indy car, le mans series put it on racing calendars after a successful inaugural event last year. if you are trying out a new restaurant without busting your budget, there are a few options coming up. baltimore city and county are looking to get you to try the top restaurants and making it worth your while. coming up, when restaurant week kicks up again. >> hot wings, fried shrimp, sometimes we make our own bang- bang shrimp. the ravens might not be playing this weekend but that doesn't mean football fans aren't gearing up for playoff parties. >> the bang-bang shrimp sounds good. 27 degrees this morning, we warmed up nicely to a 63
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degrees, we forecasted 54, there is no winner for today. i'm going to tell you when you are going to need the umbrella and also we have nice weather in the offering as well.
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you are going to look at a new picture, baltimore is turning itself purple. the old county courthouse bathed in purple lights to celebrate the ravens push in to the playoffs, plans to keep the lights on throughout the ravens
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run hopefully to another super bowl. notre dame of maryland sent us this picture, decked out in purple. while they may not have football there, they have a serious case of ravens fever. we want to see you show off purple pride. upload to the facebook page, head to to share your pics. nfl playoffs start this weekend , the ravens will be resting at home thanks to earning a first round buy, they will be watching along with us to see who they will play in next round. what is football without friends gathering and talking smack? it might be time for an upgrade on your football party menu. >> reporter: the ravens regular season is over. for the fourth year they are in the playoffs. for fans the question if they will get a first round buy has
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been answered but not without a little nervousness. >> they almost gave me a heart attack the other day. >> reporter: what is on your football party menu? >> everything. >> hot wings, fried shrimp, sometimes we make our own bang- bang shrimp. >> dip, cheese, anything hot and spicy to make you want to drink a beer. >> chili, you name it, i like to eat it. >> i'm a huge pizza fan. >> reporter: what is new that can be considered? jason hancock says while wings are pizza will be there, it's good to expand the football food taste buds. >> turkey chili, beef chili, and a vegetarian chili. >> reporter: jason says the parties don't have to be bland but foods that are customary. >> asian dumplings.
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string rolls. these are the southwest dips i was talking about here. club packed sushi. ould have asian foo >> inlaws like to have raw oysters, horseradish sauce. >> i don't know if i could do that. >> lobster, crab cakes, crab pretzels and cookies. i'm lamont williams, abc2 news. join abc 2 for our special. we will air sundays morning, january 15th before the divisional rounds game at mt bank stadium. jamie costello, scott garceau, joce sterman and ryan ebber heart will get you ready. starts at 9:00 that morning. all right. i hope you had a great day.
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it's a great evening now as well. it's a good night to be out and about. temperatures not bad, 57. humidity is dry, 33%, the south, southwest wind at 6 miles an hour, barometer steady at 29.8 the, visibility is stellar right now. not dealing with fog, we won't do so through the rest of the evening. taking you to bel air, look at the weather bug cameras. no matter which one you choose, you saw blue skies out there this afternoon, this morning as well. we saw clouds try to trickle in across the area. those are high clouds more of felt the wonderful sunshine on our skin as well. as we look at may recall's most powerful radar. we are nice and dry. if you like the dry trend, that's sticking with us as we go through the weekend. make your plans now. the winds, yes, they played a bit of a player in our weather for today due to the fact that
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the winds out of the southwest, 6 miles per hour in to baltimore right now. temperatures were able to jump up the way they did, 63 degrees was the high for today, we are looking at the satellite, radar, not picking up on a lot. collie skies as we go through the rest of the evening, i am forecasting mainly clear to partly cloudy. i do know some of you do like the snowfall, i'm going to includes you but the only thing is you are going to have to head to the north to get some of the snow in to canada and also maine, back here at home we are high and dry and i show you the bigger picture here, you can see the reason why, we are in between this cold front this warm front and this is the warm sector. we are able to funnel in the warmer air that milder air, you can see where it's coming from back out to the south and west here in to atlanta, that temperature, 59 degrees, 63 montgomery, jackson coming in around 64 degrees, it's moving our way, moving our way for
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another day. future trend not picking up on a lot as we go through the rest of the evening. not a lot of cloud cover, no type of precipitation and as we go in to saturday, more of the same. things looking good and sunday, not so bad either, maybe we could see a few clouds as we go in to sunday. the rain will be holding off until the middle of the week. as we go through the overnight, mostly clear to partly cloudy skies is what i'm forecasting, the temperature around 35 degrees, won't be as cold. we should be in the 20s, 25 degrees to be exact for our lows. 10 degrees above that. that's what i'm forecasting this evening. by tomorrow, around 59 degrees, some spots, i bleach we will get in to the -- believe we will get in to the 60s. clouds tomorrow evening, above normal. 7 day forecast looks good. temperature coming in around 59 degrees for tomorrow. we can see, cooler as we go in to sundays. still above average. we should be around 41 for this time of the year. even though we drop in to the
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40s, we are not that bad. the rain will bring in here as we go in to wednesday. >> we've had winters like this before. it's not too out of the ordinary. >> people are used to, remember the blizzards we got. this is pretty typical. >> cool. >> i will take it. tis the season to wine and dine at a good price. baltimore city announced the winter restaurant week. they are encouraging residents to check out the city's good places to eat. 80 restaurants are taking part this year, you will have from january 20th through the 29th to take part. three course dinner at 2012 or 3013. palmore will kick off restaurant week of their own starting late next week. the county. office of tourism and chambers of commerce will host the
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event. dinner prices at $35.12. county says the last fiscal year, the restaurants brought in over $1 million in sales. second highest in the state behind montgomery county. here is a look at what is coming up tonight at 11:00, even in this bad economy, students are coming out of college making 66,000 bucks a year. what is the major? find out tonight. seems like they there is a best buy in every community, why does one finance community, the best buy is going out of business soon? those stories and the forecast join us at 11:00. i remember the days before copd.
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last look at the warm weather. >> feeling good. i know u happy with the weather. you don't like the cold. a lot of people like the cold. it's coming back, trust me. for tonight, that temperature around 35 degrees, won't be as cold. mostly clear to partly cloudy. then we go in to tomorrow. that hour by hour forecast, waking you up around 38 degrees at 8:00 a.m. by lunchtime, 51. close to 60 by 4:00 p.m. a lot of spots will get in to the 60s like today. here is a cheek of the seven- day forecast, above average as we go in to the middle of the week, the rain in the forecast and won't be until friday that we start to get more normal.
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not that cold. that's it for abc2 news at 6:00. back here at 11:00. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account
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