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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it happened on joppa road in baltimore county. we have more on what the woman's loss means to neighbors and friends. >> reporter: kelly, miss beverly lived alone in perry hall. at beverly hall's condo, a light is on and flowers are placed on the porch. the unforgiving accident took her life. these are the groceries moore was carrying across the street when she was hit. the receipt is still lying next to the bag. >> someone as alive as she was and to go out the door and never come back, it wasn't expected. >> reporter: moore didn't expect
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to bury her best friend. stephane is handling her friend's estate. in the meantime, people are seeing that the cat is adopted out and someone continues to feed the birds and squirrels as she did. a fixture in this community, miss beverly is missed. >> she was. you can ask any of these neighbors. sunday night they were all out here. everybody was quiet, missile a, kathy, send i.d. everybody was in tears. >> reporter: what pains them is the driver did not have the conscious to stop. they are looking for a car like this with what they believe now as significant front and damage to the right side. >> and this vehicle did not stop behind the vehicle that did stop for her. the driver of this vehicle
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pulled around into the other lane and continued going. >> reporter: last seen turning west on joppa road but police have no leads beyond that. the driver at large having no idea who he killed or what she meant to so many, pain, her best friend hopes he sees in her eyes. >> today i went to the funeral home and made rangements -- arrangements to send her off. >> reporter: what's that like to do that for your best friend? >> it hurts. it hurts. oosh oar now, again -- >> reporter: now, again, baltimore county police have no leads. if you see a car that matches their description call them at 410-307-2020. brian kuebler reporting. remember this, seems like a lifetime ago. the fog burned off while you were at working leaving behind a
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beautiful day that felt like late march than january. will the mild weather stick around or is it just a tease? hi, wyatt. i think we have a pretty nice stretch. blue skies over bel air. our live have you from charm city. moss of the state under a -- most of the state under a clear sky. temperature wise, this is comfortable stuff for late january and fog yesterday mid-50s with a few passing clouds. the rest of the evening forecast will shape up with a light west wind and temperatures dropping from the 50s into the 40s, just a few clouds. we'll talk about how things shape up into our next storm system later this week and look at the weekend coming up. last night dense fog set the stage for a narrow escape as an elderly man abandoned his car just before it was struck by an
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oncoming train. jeff hager joins us with more. >> reporter: skellly, this -- kelly, this isn't the first time someone has driven on to the tracks in lutherville. 83-year-old howard kay was apparently trying to turn off seminary avenue but made the turn prematurely, driving it on to the railroad tracks where he got stuck. moments later a light rail train cut through the fog with little or no chance to stop in time. >> there was a car about right here on the railroad tracks facing that way, and looked like they had crashed into each other. >> reporter: fortunately, three people got out of their vehicle and called out to him to abandon the car. those who live and work in the area said the same crossing has been the site of numerous crossings in the past and they
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hope the state will add a light or speed bump to make it safer. a trial date has been set for one of the doctors charged with the murder accused of doing late term abortions in cecil county. dr. chase brigham will be back. he and dr. riley were indicted on murder charges. riley was in court last week after being extradited from utah. a bill legalizing same-sex marriage failed the general assembly after controversy. don harrison found out the governor is making some changes to his approach. >> reporter: the governor, along with clergy and others who sport same-sex marriage bill in maryland emerged from the governor's residence to a bright
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morning in annapolis, wishing a new day would bring new hope to a bill that failed last year. >> we want our children to live in loving stable households. >> reporter: they focused more on the religious freedom, giving churches a decision on whether to perform same-sex marriages or not. if they don't, they won't be subject to punishment. >> the punishments are more explicit in this bill than last year's bill. in fact, they may be more explicit in this bill than any other bills around the country. >> reporter: she said she wants what most marylanders already have, equality. >> is that every squat adult -- adult will be able to get a marriage license and they can marry the person they love. >> reporter: it still doesn't sit well with some delegates. >> marriage is not so much an
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institution as a definition. it's one man and one woman together. it doesn't help me with the bill, no. >> it's about changing the term marriage to include same sex relationships. >> reporter: if it does pass this year, it will go to referendum for the voters to decide. >> in six other states and washington, d.c. allow for same-sex marriage right now. tonight president obama delivers his state of the union address. republicans have already dismissed the address as more of the same policies but the white house said the president will outline a blueprint for boosting the middle class. the president will focus on manufacturing, energy, worker skills and values. obama will have a special guest to help make him a -- help make his case for economic fairness.
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords will also be in the crowt tonight-- crowd tonight. her hus want mark kelly has been invited to attention. giffords was shot in the head just a little over a year ago when a gunman opened fire at a political event in tucson, arizona. the president's state of the union address airs at 9:00 on abc2 as well as abc2news dot com. the state of the union address will also be a social media event. the white house has a strategy. a handful of the 2.6 million twitter followers were invited to the white house for an inperson tweetup during the speech. they are encouraged to use hash tags while watching an enhanced
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enhanced program. republicans created a hash tag of their own tonight and a web q&a session. imagine waking up on a tuesday morning. there's a knock at the door and on the other side of the door you get surprise of a lifetime. jo ann wasn't expecting a visit from ray rice. she stopped by to wish her and her family a good trip. she was awarded the trip for her community involvement. it's all part of the team's initiative. rice said he has put it behind him, played a little madden football and wished them a good trip. rice said while he's supposed to be nominated for the probowl this year, help won't be able to atndz due to family -- attend
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due to family reasons. the famous gino's is coming to camden yards. they will open 12 new franchises. keep it right here. we'll be right back after a break. today my journey continues across the golden state,
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let's get the latest on breaking news out have baltimore county where a three-car crash happened while police was pursuing one of the vehicles. cheryl joins us from dulaney valley. >> reporter: you can see the blue vehicle behind us that ran into a pole. police say that is the suspect's
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vehicle that caused the crash. over an hour ago baltimore county police were following a car that was involved in a burglary. the vehicle sped up and head another vehicle. a third vehicle was involved. the driver in the suspect car was flown to shock trauma and pronounced dead. the passenger in the car bailed but was caught by police a short time later. a police spokesman said three other people suffered less serious injuries. what we know three cars involved in this head-on collision. one person died in what police are calling a suspect vehicle tonight. obviously, traffic in this area is going to be something to talk about as we go throughout the rush hour. dulaney valley road and ivy church road is where this happened. when we were coming up here about 30 minutes ago, it wasn't backed up too far. in fact, police have a detour that's set up at pot springs
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road. we will be here and bring you the very latest information coming up at 6:00. we're live in towson, cheryl conner. penn state football players past and present filed past the closed cass set of joe paterno. paterno died of con cancer -- of cancer over the weekend. >> reporter: joe paterno's first win came against the university of maryland in 1966. that was his first of 409 wins, national championships undefeated seasons. one current and one former play are will stand guard. there will be another viewing tomorrow. one person said his good-byes 10 days ago. he thanked joe for taking a chance on me on making me the
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man i had today. the president also gave condolences. >> it will never die. >> i don't agree with how anything went down. i think it was gross. >> reporter: what darryl was talking about, among those paying their respects was mike mcqueary, trustees felt that he should have done more. the family is expecting 10,000 people to pay their respects by 6:00 tonight. now tickets for the memorial on thursday are selling on ebay for $175. jamie costello, abc2 news.
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>> i had top pinch -- to pinch myself to remind myself it's january 24th. >> to go from a skier's weekend in maryland to a fogged in day and now the sun is back out, blue skies, mid-50s. if you don't like the weather, just wait a day. hey, almost no wind. light breezes. you can see the flag. 52 at bwi and winds are from the west northwest at five. a light breeze. a mild temperature and pretty good january weather. today's temperature melting off most of that one to two inch snow pack, especially north and west of the city. take a look at the weather in motion, the weather bug camera over at the inner harbor showing passing clouds but a bright day a pretty good looking day. here's a look at st. vincent
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high school. let's give you one more camera, towson at lock raven tech. you can see the weather clearing off. really, this was back and forth with the clouds. i think we'll see something similar to that. maryland's most powerful radar. we expect no new precipitation until we get into early thursday. weather from the texas area could bring us rain thursday, thursday night. dry, pleasant, 50s across the state. 47 at the beach and 41 in the mountains. winds light from the west. that's going to continue to be the case overnight and into the day tomorrow. pacific hair coming in clearing out any fog that we had, 10 miles of unrestricted visibility. it's nice to see that change from so much fog and reduced visibility, big improvements
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after that morning fog burned off this morning. has we take a look at the -- as we take a look at the broader perspective, the front sitting off shore right now and behind this front you may have noticed not a tremendous cool air. that's the pacific area. the air is cool. when you get a lot of sunshine you can easily warm up above 50 degrees. you can see the coldest air bottled up near eerie -- erie, pa. as we go forward in time here, watch as we get to thursday afternoon. rain showers moving in. these could move into thursday night, friday morning. overnight 30, mostly clear. we cool off quickly. a delay with some die -- decent sunshine. perhaps reaching into the mid to upper 40s with a light breeze. clouds increase and not as
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chilly tonight. the seven-day forecast, let's take a look at this. really for late january our statistically coldest time of the year, mid-50s friday even with some rain still around. that's thursday and friday on the rain. we start the weekend off dry, 48 saturday. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. >> well, hollywood heavy wets -- weights, they were honored at thes who collar nominations. diane alvear has some of the highlights. >> reporter: leave it top one of america's's schemed directors. martin scorsese. "the artist" with 10
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nominations, including best actor. best picture war horse, money bawl. "the descendants." midnight in paris, extremely loud and incredibly close. best actor brad pitt, and gary oldman for tinker taylor's soldier spy. viola davis. perhaps the biggest surprise came in the best supporting actor category. nick nolte is up against christopher plummer nominated for the beginners. and best supporting actress is
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the hardest. the help's spencer and chas tain. as for snubs, j ed guard hoofer was not -- edgar hoover was not nominated. >> you can find out who will win the oscar at the 84th annual academy award. the ceremony airs right here on abc2. once again, our fan favorite, billy crystal returns as the host for the first time in eight years. we know he's already hilarious. now to a new trend. women are setting a wedding day before they have a ring on their fing are or a -- finger or a man. she admits she's had a wedding obsession since she was a little
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girmt -- girl. she has been dating for a month and has two wedding dresses ready just in case. >> there are definitely people out there who are saying, honey, you're getting ahead of yourself. >> reporter: do you care? >> no. >> the planning for the fantasy wedding includes floral arrangements, centerpiece and dress sketches. in some cases they have already picked their bridesmaid dresses as well but the owner of klein feld's said putting the scart too far -- cart too far before the horse can be foolish. >> we'll take a look at some chemicals fond in cook -- found in cook wear and plastic bags
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but what do they have on a child's vaccine. don't give up on that new year's resolution to lose weight. we have some tips.
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pfc's. they're man made chemicals found in things from cook ware to plastic bags. now a study found that high levels can weaken the effectiveness of childhood vaccines. moms were tested for levels, which were checked against their
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children's immuney. moms with high levels had children whose vaccinations were less effective. those with high levels did not have enough protection after their shot. if you're having a tough time trying to shed the pounds we have some weight loss secrets. experts will tell you it takes more than a quick resolution to watch the numbers on the scale go down. once you decide to make the change, there are a few new tips that can help out. first of all, track your wet at least once a week. it's very important to keep a daily food journal. >> keep track of a couple of things. one is what you eat and how much you eat from that you can get calories, carbs or fats. >> watch out for empty calories like drinks, alcohol and soda and exercise. the doctors warn you still have to watch what you eat. in order to lose one pound, you
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have to burn 3500 calories. so you need to watch how many calories you eat each and every day. they're cleaning up in the south after two dozen twisters touched down in four states. we'll take a look at the damage. plus, supporting veterans say when they come home, they can get to work. jobs that are available for them. what can you expect the president to hear in tonight's state of the union. keep it right here. we'll be right back.


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