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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the controversial bill governor o'malley is hoping to push through the legislature. first, breaking news, three cars crashed after police were following one of the cars. cheryl conner is at dulaney valley road and ivory church road. >> reporter: we have new information since we joined you at 5:00. a baltimore county police spokesperson said the crash happened here around 2:30 just after burglaries occurred north of here.çç5"ti játxdñr wasxdñi0
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>> reporter: now dulaney valley road and church road shut down tonight. police are directing traffic to pot spring road. we've been out here talking to people who live in the community. one woman we just spoke to said burglaries have been a problem in this area for sometime. it was the burglary, according to police that caused them to follow that car that then crashed into a pole involving two other vehicles earlier this
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afternoon. you'll hear more from her. cheryl conner, reporting. we want to take a look at the mess we ran into this morning. this was the thinking fog that -- thick fog that had us delaying our travel. the skies have been clearing and the temperatures have been clearing all day. for a look at how long this weather will last, let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. wyatt. skies clearing off through the day today. just the last few clouds lingering over northeast maryland. that fog was gone byxdñr 10c a.. that fog=has gone byxdñr 10c a..
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>> reporter: there's no mistaking the decent of a crossing gate here at seminary crossing. it was the same crossing blanketed in fog monday. a driver mistook the tracks for a right turn, disabling the car and putting 83-year-old howard kay in harm's way. >> so many accidents here. a guy died here. >> reporter: three men in another car spotted kay and took action to get him out of the
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vehicle and off the tracks. >> i think his car was right there. it just -- i don't know. i can't believe that he made it out alive and then all the people were stuck and they pulled another one and unloaded them, but, yeah, there was an accident like a month ago. >> reporter: whether additional traffic lights or speed bumps, people familiar with the crossing said something should be done, fearful that the next motorist who makes a mistake may not be so fortunate. =iñi çóe1fr)qñit(ç?$(,w)r'oino carr0
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>> moore later died from her injuries. friends tell us she was a loving person. moore's husband passed away two years ago. she lived alone and her best friend is fighting through the grief to bury the 68-year-old woman. >> today i went to the funeral home and made arangements to
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send her off. >> reporter: what's that like to do that for your best friend? >> it hurts. it hurts. >> all right. here we go. police again are looking for a light colored ford 500 from 2005 to 2007 with significant fronts and damage to the right -- front end damage to the right side.+- call 410-307-2020. ono carrierringconnect 0
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>> this is one we're going to have to keep an eye on and keep you posted. our state added 3100 jobs, last month, the fourth straight month of job growth. that's 30,000 jobs added in one year. we're now at our lowest unemployment rate since february 2009. last week the governor introduced a balanced job creating budget. well, the gloves have come off in the race for the republican presidential nomination. in last night's debate the four remaining candidates went at it hard after mitt romney released his tax returns from the past two years showing he made about $42 million in that time. newt gingrich, who had publicly
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pushed the former governor to push the returns jumped at the opportunity to show people just how wealthy romney is and how little he paid in taxes. unlike debates in the past ñfáxdw3ñrxdi rom
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tonight in health news, you may want to know if you're safe bringing another child into this world by a vaginal birth. when a fellow stubs his toe, say hey, try giving bimpleght who suffers greater pain, women or men? >> no winner today. the next weather maker not on the map just yet but it will be here thursday. we'll talk about that and a look at your weekend is straight ahead in just a minute.
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>> i didn't want to go through the abdominal surgery for a second time. >> a labor of love these families say they were glad top -- to experience. >> consult your doctor for what's best for you. women feel pain more intensely than guys do. at least according to research. they looked at medical records for about 11,000 men andxd womeó kzksívi?kñr0
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>> log on and check out the page. you'll find the health headlines as well as different categories to fieptd -- find the information that you need. >> let's go out there and try it get home. traffic is looking pretty good at 83 at shawan road. there goes frank and his son adam. they're going home right now. all right. let's find out about our weather later on tonight and into tomorrow. here is meteorologist wyatt everhart.
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what a change from yesterday, right? i want to start off with some of the pictures over the city and beyondxd acro&oñi maryland. imes. xdok dayxdçó
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>> we'll pinpoint that for you. first, stayed wide temperatures, 37 in the mountains. most of central maryland pushing up close to 50. almost no wind. we had a steady west breeze. it was a comfortable type of wind, not particularly cold, highs pushing close to 60. 59 downtown. compare that to our average. we had a bonus kind of a day temperature wise today and humidities will dropping, some dry air in -- humidity also dropping, some dry air. cooler tomorrow, not because of a big change in the weather but a clear night. we'll drop near 30 degrees. it will take a bigger climb to get close to 50 relative to what we did today. you can see things are nice and clear. we've gotten rid of the last clouds in the state.
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very quiet pattern for late january. one of our most active weather the year normally but none of that now. cool, clear weather, courtesy of a pacific high. this is not one of thoset(w3 frd canadian pressures. renjóñ forñi-rsr'g,çóçóçó ixdñiñixdxdxó
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>> temperatures not bad at all for the last days of january many this will take us into february one. maybe sunday we'll see some showers but all these temperatures just too mild to support any kind of wintry weather. come on now. >> don't bring it up. all right. less than 48 hours after his ravens devastating loss to new england, running back ray rice had a smile on his face. joanne and her family are headingñi to hawaii tot"keçpgñ i
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gino's will be coming to camden yards. gino's is opening 12 new franchises coming up in 2012. here's a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. hazing, bullying. it's happening to our kids. the warning signs and advice from parents. plus, the very latest on a deadly crash in carroll county.
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cheryl conner remains on the scene. i'm kelly swoope, plus wyatt's forecast. join us at 11. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
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sunny nice start. our next chance of rain thursday into early friday. the first half of the week is looking dry out there loo -- >> wow. >> you were there in foxboro. that media room -- >> that locker room was something i'll never forget. i've been in a lot of locker rooms before but nothing like that. everybody was so down. 11 minutes and 19 seconds away from going to the super bowl. >> incredible game. the last 30 seconds. >> that's why we love sports. we'll shake it off and get back at it next year. >> have a great night everybody. thanks for watching us. world news is next.
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we'll see you after the state of the union address tonight.
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