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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the long-awaited trial of the young man killed -- charged with killing yeardley love. i'll have that, from the courthouse. we saw flames, probably 10 or 12 inches high. >> an abc investigation into a danger in your kitchen. we go through hundreds ever complaints. across the nation. to figure out whether the machine you got could start a fire. we have another reason to call dogs our best friend. i'm cheryl conner, with more from a maryland family who is getting a dog to help their autistic son. and why you may want to bundle up the kids extra well at the bus stop toward midweek. i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> we lead off with a story out of charlottesville, virginia. if you grew up in cockeysville with yeardley love, or you went to mvp with her or played
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lacrosse with her. >> you want to know what is going to happen to her former boyfriend, accused of killing her. >> most of the day here in charlottesville, virginia, was spent narrowing down the jury who will determine the fate of george huguely. also today, george huguely spoke for the first time since his arrest. >> reporter: for the first time since his arrest, the former university of virginia lacrosse player, george huguely spoke, as members of his family and the family members of yeardley love listened. huguely said he is not guilty =s
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>> well, it doesn't last four or five decades, to the point that it's okay to be on a jury, even though you have familiarity with a case, provided that you can state under oath, that you have formed no opinion on guilt or innocence. >> reporter: love is from cockeysville and played lacrosse for notre dame prep and uva. a number being paired down to 27. then the prosecution and defense will then have the opportunity to choose six jurors from that pool. warnkin said he doesn't buy the theory that trials are won -- and lost in the jury selection. but he say its does have some effect on the outcome. >> if i were a prosecutor, i'd want people who could identify with the victim. i'd probably want women, women who felt vulnerable against the power of a larger man, et cetera. probably if i was the defense, i'd certainly want somebody who didn't feel that way. i'd probably be more
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comfortable with male jurors. >> reporter: court documents showed that huguely admitted that he kicked in love's door and shook her. but defense attorneys will argue that prescription drug and alcohol contributed to love's death. >> opening statements are expected wednesday. but if the statements wrap up, we could see the opening statements as early as tomorrow afternoon. reporting live, christian schaefer, abc news. >> and closer to home tonight, baltimore county police need your help. a 16-year-old girl was raped and the men responsible are still on the loose. police say it happened january 18th. two men stopped them along north bend road. they pulled her into the car, raped her and pulled off. the only lead authorities have is a vague description of a car, a dark-colored four-door car with dark windows. you're asked to call 1-866-7-
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lockup if you have information. or call police. it wasn't your average chase. a suspect hauling a ton of heavy machinery. the landscaper who was hit said the two are worth about $35,000. a state troop patrol pulled the suspect over. >> the truck still had frost on it. the piece of equipment, a landscaping piece of equipment at 1:30 in the morning, just seemed suspicious. so the trooper attempted to pull over the driver. >> police say when 38-year-old mark kyle tried to make a run for it down search95 -- 795 to nikodermus road, they say he fled on foot but didn't get far. >> did the man on the pulpit pilfer? pastor facing tax fraud and evasion tonight. he may be guilty of stealing anywhere from $10 to $100,000. some church members suspected something wasn't right. former church members say he'll
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have to answer to a higher authority. >> he can be judged here on earth. and prosecuted and whatever. but he still has to stand before god, come judgment day. and that's when he'll really pay the price. >> church trustees have gotten their own attorney now because they believe he stole from the church as well. we'll know more about the details of the tax fraud when fanon is arraigned later this month. our two casinos brought in nearly $13 million last month. one made $9.8 million, and the casino at ocean downs brought in $3 million. and if you really want to break it down, each slot machine made $336 a day for the month of january. >> great way to spend that money, huh? crystal clear over charm city. >> a little chilly out there now. but not too many are out there. will it be chilly tomorrow? or is spring time continuing for us?
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here's meteorologist everhart. >> we're going to warm up nicely tomorrow. crystal clear now. we don't even have any cloud cover in the area. temperature-wise, we're at the freezing mark in frederick now. 42, d.c. you're 4 above freezing now in easton. light, southwesterly breeze. that's a mild breeze for us. but still chilly tonight. seasonably so in the low 30s. and tomorrow, bouncing back in the mid-50s. but what a change it might be as we go into wednesday. we've got much more on that coming up. right now, it's romney, 2, gingrich 1, and santorum, 1. and tomorrow, voters in three more states will choose who they want to be the presidential nominee. colorado and minnesota hold caucuses tomorrow. people will cast ballots. rick santorum says he expects to win one of tomorrow's contests. and apparently he's polling well in minnesota. right after wyatt's
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weather, you're probably going to turn on your dish washer, go upstairs and watch the rest of the news from the bed. >> well, you may not be able to go to bed after you see this. abc 2 news is about to change your dish washer ways. >> hottest story people can't wait to hear about. they have been talking about it all night long, josie on facebook. >> reporter: that's right, kelly. and what we're talking about, the potential for a kitchen fire, the dish wash ser probably the last thing on your mind. because this machine uses water. but our nationwide investigation turned up hundreds of complaints about fires in these machines, including one death and countless other close calls. >> reporter: in the hours before their thanksgiving meal, it was firefighters, not family, who arrived at the logan family home. >> she saw the smoke coming out of the kitchen, along with the flames. >> reporter: claims the logan family said charred their kitchen and filled their kansas home with smoke. the blackened pieces that remain leave little doubt in their minds as to where this fire started. >> no question, it came from
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the dishwasher. >> reporter: and the logans are not alone in their kitchen close call. >> flames started shooting out of the side. >> we looked over and smoke was coming out. >> we saw flames, probably 10 or 12 inches high. >> reporter: fire investigation reports we obtain don't zero in on a cause. but they do show a potential problem, with homeowners and some investigators blaming dish washer fires for this damage. and even a death at this oregon home. it's an issue that spans the nation, from florida, to arizona, michigan to colorado. our abc 2 news investigation found fires in dish washers in almost every state, including maryland. >> we were pretty lucky, i think. >> reporter: it was the smell of burning plastic that woke columbia's paul lev ski and his wife. a small fire in their dish washer didn't destroy their kitchen. but pictures of a scorched control panel showed what could have been happened. >> it is serious. but people might not have heard of it. >> but the dead government
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knows. between february and march 2011, more than 330 problems were logged with safer run by the consumer product safety commission. of those, more than half reported smoke or flames. >> it was scary because we have young children. and it could have been a disaster. >> reporter: while a few hundred potential disasters were made public in that unverified online forum, our investigation uncovered that the cpsc knows of more than 1600 problems with dish washers in the last five years. those complaints simply aren't shared with the public unless you ask to see them. in 80% of those cases, though, consumers reported a fire. >> a representative came out to the home, interviewed me for a couple of hours, asking me a lot of questions. >> reporter: we have questions, too, about what brands are mentioned in those cases. the cp sc won't mention it until they get permission from the companies involved. we have been waiting for weeks.
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customers are posting on blogs like kitchen aid, which has dozens of complaints. >> this is a dangerous issue. a serious safety and health concern. >> reporter: that's why bethesda attorney charles fax has filed suit against whirm pool. -- whirlpool. at this ohio plant. he represents 11 people who say they have had serious damage from fires in dish washers made by whirlpool, which has until february 15th to respond to the lawsuit. his clients want compensation and a recall because of what they consider a product flaw. >> this design defect in the control unit causes the wires inside to overheat and eventually burn. >> reporter: a defect consumers believe exists in whirlpool machines, which account for about half of the dish washer complaints on safer but consumers have reported
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fire and smoke in other brands, too, including fridgidaire. while that company doesn't have as many complaints as whirlpool, fire investigators believe a fire in or near a fridgidaire dish washer killed an elderly woman in oregon. consumers have also complained on safer about bosch, ge and others. ge is the brand that ken logan says caught fire in his house. >> you've got water. how can it catch fire? it did. >> reporter: that's why he is keeping an eye on his dish washer he had repaired after the fire. >> we run it through a good day now. and i just like to have the confidence that it's safe. >> reporter: whirlpool says it built its dish washers with a component to turn off power if the control board overheats. now, the company says they are investigating complaintsdzs and working appropriately with the appropriate agencies. ge says their dish washers meet
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third party safety requirements. the company says it investigates reported safety issues and takes corrective action when appropriate. we put the bulk of the investigation on our website, you'll see it here. we've got a huge page full of information. you can did through a slide show that hits the major data points. complaints by state. you can check out all sorts of video in here. in addition, the most important part, if you want to search for your brand of dish washer, you can do that on this special page as well. go in. you're going to type in the state you live in, the city you live in, or search specifically by brand and check out all of the information there. you want to check out fridgidaire, you can do that. in addition, on our main page, you can go to video. nationwide, this was a nationwide investigation through our partners at scrip. you can look at the different cities and click on and watch video. and hear from people who have experienced these dish washer fires. all of this is on our home page just click on the story about
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dish washer fires. josie termon. >> i think everybody should take a look at the brand. >> exactly. coming up, a southern person who has crossed the line. making people sick. we'll name the farm and what you should do about it. friendly parenting from dogs trained to help autistic children. i'm sharon conner, with one maryland family. after 20 years of research. should you spank your child or spare the rod? find out the results when abc 2 news comes back at you in 50 seconds. e announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options.
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with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. here's the latest at this hour. the investigation into the house explosion that police say a man planned, in order to kill himself and his two sons. josh powell was a person of interest in his wife susan's 2009 disappearance. police say he blew his house up over the weekend. when a social worker came to take his children back to their
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grandparents. tonight, the medical examiner says both boys suffered smoke inhalation and chop injuries to their heads and necks. susan's father thinks his son- in-law killed his daughter. >> he knows what happened to her. he is responsible for what happened to her. and the boys probably knew that mommy was with them and mommy didn't come back with them from that camping trip. >> reporter: now, chuck cox also thinks his grandsons may have had an idea of what happened. one of the boys drew a picture of a minivan and said, "mommy is in the trunk." an update to the raw milk scare that we have been following. 43 people have gotten sick after drinking raw milk from a southern pennsylvania dairy. four of those people are from maryland. health officials say bacteria is to blame. and people should throw out milk from family cow farm. late today, the farm passed theifiable inspection and has
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been starting to -- the final inspection and has been starting to bottle again. >> more people are beaten and abused from sudden infant death syndrome. researchers looked at child abuse cases from 2006. they found more than 4500 children were treated at hospital for severe abuse. 300 of those children died. the numbers show children are most likely to be abused in their first year and that growing up poor drastically increased a child's chances of being hit. >> some people do classify spanking as abuse. but other says it's a standard form of discipline. a new study out says it can pose a serious risk to a child's well-become. two canadian child experts looked at 20 years of research. here's what they found. in almost every case, kids whose parents use physical punishment were more aggressive later in life. they also link it to anxiety, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse.
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and hot topic on facebook right now. do you think spanking and other physical punishment leads to problems later in life. log onto our facebook page. here's a picture that is familiar to a lot of maryland families, maybe even yours. three generations living under one roof. for the first time in decades, extended generations are living in the same home. the trend has grown in the last 10 years. several benefits, including allowing grown children to keep an eye on their aging parents. also gives younger gen raipgzs a chance to-- generations a chance to save money. >> for her, it was definitely economic. for us, though, i think it was peace of mind for later. >> i value family. it means a lot to me to have everyone together a lot. >> another reason families are choosing to live together. immigration. in other cultures, it's more common for extended families to live under the same roof. plus, it helps spread out some
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of the financial burden. they are best friends. and now, like another parent, an autistic boy in elkton is waiting on a service dog. >> and his parents hope the new member of the family will be an extra set of eyes. cheryl joins us now with more on the family's fundraising efforts tonight. >> dogs for autistic children cost more than $13,000 through a nonprofit organization in oregon. but it's well worth it for allison and ted meehan, in elkton, who think the dog will be like another parent for their son. >> you need to come sit down. >> reporter: 5-year-old nate is always on the go. his parents give him popcorn, and it ends up on the couch. the mess is a side point, after years of keeping up with their autistic son, allison and ted meehan are exhausted. >> he doesn't stop. he does not stop. >> reporter: the elkton couple is transitioning to delaware to get nate into a more advanced
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school. but in the meantime, they are raising $13,500 for a dog, one that is trained through the nonprofit organization, autism service dogs of america. they are the first maryland couple to do so. so far, they have $4500. >> they're known to calm them down, if they need the deep pressure, they can take time out and they can hug the dog or, you know, pet the dog. >> reporter: starting at eight weeks, dogs like this one, who is assisting a child in california, go through two years of training to help them gain independence and confidence. >> one time, my older son left the door open, the front door. and he got down the street. >> reporter: the dogs are also a safeguard, if nate gets out on his own. >> the dog will know his scent. and he'll know, he'll just go find him. so it's almost like a search- and-rescue kind of thing. >> reporter: one day soon, the meehans hope nate sits on the couch, instead of jumps, as a dog moves in and helps them
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with the parenting. >> and i can't wait for that day. because right now, we live in a double, you know? -- bubble, you know. we can't go everywhere. >> autism service dogs of america have been training dogs for 10 years. and so far, they have helped out close to 50 families. we have links on our story, if you want to learn about the organization or make a donation for the meehans. after enough money is raised, nate meehan will get his dog, a year later. cheryl conner, abc news. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. very little wind out on federal hill right now. as we check out the flag. 43 degrees, bwi. the little bit of wind we have. already setting up to be a mild pattern as we go into your tuesday out there. show you a couple of sunset shots out there this evening. ellicott city. this is our lady of perpetual
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health. watch this sun down there. gorgeous set to the day. days getting a little longer here as we move towards mid- february. a gorgeous orange hue to the sky as we finish out the day. that's going to hold up tonight, tomorrow. tomorrow night, things could change a little bit on wednesday. but now i just wanted to show you the air temps varied out there. 40 now at bwi. 37 at the beach and o.c. getting chilly overnight. but tomorrow, i think we'll be back to these kinds of numbers. topped out in the low to mid- 50s. i think tomorrow, we're talking probably in the heart of the city, upper 50s. locust point, back through canton. expect upper 50s. but as you go, further negotiate and west, out to the north and western suburbs, say carroll county here, it may be low to mid-50s here. but again, most of us will certainly get well into the 50s tomorrow, depending exactly where you are, how high. right now, temperatures out
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there, cooling off. again you see that in the region. clear skies. i mean, that is the scenario. i want to show you the skies there. of course in february, we're always watching carefully for any coastal type systems that run up in the carolina coast. and we have actually some disturbed weather down here off of south and north carolina here. pretty significant rain showers. but the setup does not favor this running up the coast. high pressure cells still around norfolk, virginia. that's going to kind of act to push this precipitation offshore. so dry weather will hang up during the day. and even slightly milder weather will come in around the that high pressure area. see that going up the coast and out to sea. at most as this thing stalls out off shore. we could get some wraparound bands. i want to show you, the air is extremely dry. even if we get a few bands of cloud cover. tomorrow, say, toward eastern maryland. eastern shore, i don't think it's going to add up to much.
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wednesday, we'll watch. but by the way, here's where they do have a lot of precipitation. a near tropical-type storm off florida now. and the national hurricane center will not become a named storm. but very unusual for this time in february. few clouds. and tomorrow, up to just about 55. nice day. downtown could hit 60 tomorrow. tomorrow night, down to 35, with clouds on the increase. the best chance for some showers and maybe even some snow mixed with rain showers will be wednesday. but right now, we're talking less than 40%. and dryer, sunny weather as we go thursday into friday. >> we have more coming up for you. >> first, here's a look at what we have coming up. coming up on nightline, could anything have saved two little boys taken by their father in the fiery murder- suicide? tonight, the latest on the powell family mystery and tragedy. plus, we'll meet the doomsday preppers. ready for the apoc lipsz now.
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that's coming up -- apocalypse now. that's coming up. ♪
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all right. randy travis, singing the blues tonight. this isn't the photo op, the country star had planned for. he was arrested in north texas. police say he was drunk outside of a church. a tour is scheduled to kick off on friday. >> he went out last night. >> a lot. >> just a matter of time. hey, take a quick check of the weather out there. it's a chilly night. but not frigid for february standards. have temperatures near 40 in places like stevensville. and tomorrow, in the day, we're back in the mid-50s. downtown could hit 60.
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not bad for february.
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all i heard was 60 degrees tomorrow. that's all i heard. >> you're out of here, right? >> have a good night.
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