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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  February 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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brokenland parkway, a little slow going. it was another day of pinching the thermometer to see if this day was real. it is another early spring like day and late winter. meteorologist wyatt everhart says enjoy it now because fickle february is acting up tomorrow. >> another day of fantastic february weather. this time tomorrow you won't recognize it as we see a wintery mix arriving. low 50s now. 46 in frederick. remember, our average high in the low 40s. we're still 10 above that average. hardly a cloud in the state, a few clouds from pennsylvania. we're watching our next winter weather make per sing over missouri right now. we'll continue to track that as it moves in toward daybreak. just morning clouds. you see as we go past lunchtime the chance for rain showers and snow showers goes up. we could see light accumulations
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especially on grass and elevated areas. we'll have much more coming up. now to continuing coverage of the trial of george huguely accused of killing yeardley love. finding a jury has not been easy. they are close but they're not done. >> reporter: the judge and the attorneys set aside two days for jury selection. it appears they will use the entire two days. they were chosen from this small town. just about all the potential jurors have at least heard of the case, george huguely charged with killing his ex-girlfriend yeardley love of charlottesville. the process today is attempting to determine whether the potential jurors could put aside what they know and consider the evidence. they're trying to get from 160
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to 27ed from that the final -- 27 and from that the final 12 and alternates. love's mother and sister each often staring at george huguely. he didn't appear to look back at them. a law professor tell me they may be more important than you think. >> some studies show the majority of jurors make up their miensd after opening statements, so you don't want to say this isn't evidence. this is just argument. he'll wait until i get the evidence out there. you need to set a tone. >> reporter: after his arrest, george huguely confessed to assaulting love. however, his defense team is expected to argue that alcohol con trb by thed to it. -- contributed to it. one point said i believe he is
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guilty. another said i heard he admitted his gi. i took him at his word. and abc2 news is covering the trial from the jury selectioned to the verdict. on we'll have an entire web page dedicated to the trial. you can click on the see if churred stories in the middle of the home page. a judge has dropped one of the counts against campaign consultant charged with using robocal tools keep black voters from going to the polls. one of the counts against julius henson was dropped because the judge said it was redundant and said the statute violated the first amendment. a colorado man charged in the murder of a dundalk woman nearly 12 years ago is fighting
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extradition. alexander bennett is charged in the murder of high di bernard zukcowski. she had been strangled and her neck was cut. there was a match found in the dna database to dna at the scene. ben note as another hearing set for next month. police think two men are burglarying several homes in the -- burglarizing several homes in the glen burnie and severn neighborhoods. >> reporter: the suspect's mo is simple. hit a house in the middle of the day and make out with cash and sometimes property. do it quick. do it often and as this map reflects, keep them close. that's what she's doing with her three children has she learned one of her neighbors was a
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victim. >> scared. it makes me think twice. lock the doors. now dealing with a loss of security in a neighborhood she grew up in, an unare in offing feeling -- unnerving feeling police are doing their best to settle. >> be on the lookout for your neighbors, suspicious suspects, even if it's a little bit of uncertainty. it raises that if something isn't right, it probably isn't. >> reporter: police are adding patrols, a move neighbors say they've seen, now looking to notice what dectses gather are two -- detectives gather are two men trolling through west glen burnie in the middle of the day, a description the stay at home mom shannon will do her best. >> now that i know it's a certain type of car, i'll be looking for that when i'm here with the kids and outside
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playing on days like these. so it's a little bit scary oar but hoping a simple observation puts an end to an aggressive yet tight burglary ring. >> again, all the burglaries happened within a 24-hour period. the state is about to make a point about you pointing a laser at pilots. a lazier strike can cause temporary blindness. we've seen recent cases of lasers signed in medivac and police helicopters. they are trying to pass a bill that would make laser pointing a criminal activity. you can't help but notice the price of gas. you then figure out how the new tax will take more money out of
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your wallet. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: they think a gas tax is a bad y.d the city comptroller said maryland's gas sales tax proposal would slow down the economic recovery and give mtd fourth highest gas price in the nation. he said that would force trem men dpuls problems on gas station owners. many would be forced out of the business. he said nothing hail texts the -- affects the average person more than gas. >> it's hard to imagine a worse case to raise tax, particularly one that will immediately bite into family income, raise prices on consumer goods and destroy the profit margins for many of the state's employers. >> reporter: under current prices the gas sales tax would raise the price anywhere from
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$1700 to $1900 a pop because taxes are first paid on the wholesale level and that gas hasn't been sold at the pump. those prices will be passed on to consumers. he plans to continue to speak out against the gals sales tax as long as he can. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. the harford county sheriff's department said a driver dosed off causing his car to hit a school bus, severely injuring one person. it happened on route 7 in abington. firefighters had to cut out a 60-year-old woman from the car and fly her to shock trauma with serious injuries. the driver of the car refused treatment. the 28-year-old school bus driver was taken to the hospital. baltimore county police said a parent was in the dropoff area of the school when the
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17-year-old girl was hit. she was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. coming up we'll tell you more about the little boy who needs a special dog. i'm reading labels. i'm look at calories, sugar, fat. >> you're hitting the treadmill every day but the weight isn't dropping off. think of this program designed just for you. then baltimore's spice rack is about to get bigger and you'll be asking what's that smell, wyatt. >> a little day in the wind. how's that? 12 degrees above average. our winner robin strain -- vein from lutherville. we'll talk about an approaching weather maker.
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they used to hold every frostberg record book in afternoon. all right. look at that. mr. wyatt everhart will have details in about four minutes. we have plan update on a story that cheryl conner told you b she told us about a boy with autism with a dog.
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we thought cheryl should come back and share the story. >> reporter: we hope to keep sharing it. nate's parents have received more feedback and more donations have come. the 5-year-old has moderate to severe autism, which doesn't give his parents much time to rest. he's constantly on the gop and -- go and often in danger. autism service dogs of america train labradors to calm down children but a dog costs $13,500, so nate's family is trying to raise the money. so far they have over $4500, including a $60 donation that came in today. >> we live in a bubble. we can't go anywhere. >> reporter: w8? are watchingxd tt arounde@(zx$ñá facebook. we're takingñixd a look ahdxdxdi
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rightt(wñyv now. maria writesjfçóñit(ñiñrñ+d[zlld at what animals can do. she's asking people to help. allison is hoping to get enough money so that her son clan get the dog. $13,500 is what she needs. she said she will keep the movement going. information on how to donate is on our website, cheryl con next abc2 news. we reported about stinkbugs. tonight honey bees continue to die off in large numbers. over the past year about a third of honey bees have wound up dead but no one knows for sure what's causing them to die. honey bees pollinate much of the food we eat.
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bee keepers say they are able to rejuve meat in and get pop -- rejuvenate and get populations going. >> how's that new year's resolution going to lose wet. there's a program that kateers to your -- caters to yourñiçóñre loss program. they measure your oxygen levels. >> when you measure your oxygen in proportion with your caloriic expenditure it determines how many calories you have to lose.
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>> reporter: then you come up with a plan just right for you. >> we are bound to find one that fits your need, whether it's kosher, lack toes intolerant -- lactose intolerant, gluten free. >> i'm looking at not only calories, sugar, fat. >> a lot of people eat three meals a day but you need to eat five to six. eat a little bit every three to four hours. it allows your blood sugar to stay level. >> reporter: your let coach will work with you. it's that personal touch that helps them stick with the plan. >> it's a life-style. it's forever. >> reporter: in pikesville, linda so. >> i'll take you to our website at ]
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clear february night with temperatures comfortable, 50 now. if you've got time you can fire up the grill. there's almost no wind. temperatures running way above average. all this in the wake of a crystal clear day, about has cloud free of a sky as you'll ever see in maryland, especially this part of the year, just a fantastic finish. camp springs, light breeze, as we take a look further south. deep creek lake, a little bit of snow on the ground if extreme western maryland. will we see some of that here, i think so. this will be a quick moving burt. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar, crystal clear.
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well above. tonight we'll struggle to drop anywhere close to freezing probably in the mid-30s by daybreak. clouds will begin to blow. tomorrow's high temperatures likely to not approach these numbers. we're thinking upper 30s as a clear sky tonight allows temperatures to drop. clouds roll in in the morning. that will prevent us from warming up. then the weather make are is on a colorado low type of track but packs the moisture and punch of a clipper. fact, that clipper strength coming in to milder than average temperatures. it will add up to, i think, a relative nonevent but i don't want to downplay the event that traffic will likely ab big head -- be a big headache. rain showers quickly changing to
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snow showers. that evaporative cooling. we'll continue to see a decent round of snow showersxd through theñi eveningxdñi rush hours. clearfáñi it out tomorrow by 10. if you're go!6 to beñic on the no 0 >> i don't expect any
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accumulation on the paveed surfaces. any icy spots that do develop will melt. cooler and drier for the weekend. jamie? all right, the smell is back. remember when you go down to the harbor you can get a whiff of spices from the mccormick building and it came crashing down but the spice maker is making its way back. mccormick says it will hope its first retail location named mccormick world of flavors. they will open up in the light street a spriffion-- pavilion. they will have drop-ins from chefs. you'll get a whiff of sen na min, garlic, dill weed. nora roberts, once again, has written out a big check this mcdaniel college. the college announced they've been awarded a $100,000 grantq /e&ei"'jg collegejffáçóqçc)ññiñd
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funding. rowñiçóñrñrñiñi mansñrn and an online writing course. what would she write about today, a beautiful day. all right. what's coming up tomorrow? that's what we're worried about. wyatt has the word snow in his forecast.
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coming up tonight, want to pay less on your cell phone? what about insurance. the five phone calls you need to make to save you money. a baltimore legend takes on lou gehrig's disease. those stories and the latest track of the storm that could bring storm your way. join us at 11. what do you have to say? >> who would think it. think back to saturday. you can get that brief mix even now. i want to show you a most card finish out at deep creek lake. a little snow on the ground. by tomorrow afternoon look for the weather to go down.
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we could see an inch, maybe up to two inches on the grass si areas but i -- grassy areas but i look for that to be north and west. >> world news is next.
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