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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 10, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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forecast. >> already creeping in out of the west, in to western maryland. seeing the first showers coming down. this is the leading edge of the approaching weather system. we are okay this evening, but the winter warning, winter weather advisory for the northern counties that goes in to effect at midnight and lasting through 7:00 tomorrow afternoon. most of the snow out of here earlier in the day. there are winter storm warnings for western maryland. temperatures above freezing. showers we get initially early, will be rain showers. this is a growing storm, widespread snow over the upper midwest. rain and moisture feeding south. there is cold air over the new england state. this will be a headache for us later this evening and in to the first part of your saturday, more on this as we get a little later in the news, back to you. more tonight of continuing coverage of the murder trial of george huguely. jurors watched huguely's interview with police and saw his reaction to finding out his former girlfriend was dead.
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christian shaffer joins us with more on the tape and reaction from huguely , the love family and the jury. >> reporter: jurors heard the interview with george lasted more than an hour, with detectives from the police department. it wasn't until 45 minutes in to the tape that those ]çthat the detective asked george why he went to the apartment. he said he wanted to talk. he broke through the locked bedroom door and assaulted her. in the interview huguely said i never struck her or like hit her in the face. later he said we were like wrestling and i threw her down and told her to go to the bed and i will talk to you later. all he could see was love had a bloody nose. he said injuries on his hand
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and leg were from lacrosse. detective reed said i have to tell you something, she is dead, you killed her, george. inside the courtroom, love's sister began to cry. huguely reacetd with disbelief. there is no way she is dead, there is no way she is dead he said over and over again. you can hear him start to sob. at the end of the tape he said i did not kill her. coming up at 6:00, we will talk about more on what was on the tape and crime scene photos the jury got a look at today. christian has been tweeting testimonying a it happens. we have built a timeline of everything happening inside the courtroom on our web site. go to murder. a developing story, columbia known for unique street names, residents find it
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offensive. >> sandwiched between raccoon and hound hill, many say there is no mistaking coon for raccoon hunting which was prominent there. >> we had coon dogs. i think that's why it got its name. >> reporter: the historical interpretation takes on sinister tones. >> anyone that's been called a coon or anyone where you say coon hunting, actually denoted hunting for black people, that's going to be offensive. >> reporter: neighbors must agree on changing the name before the county will consider it. he says there is precedent for the county picking up the bill. >> they made another name change of a word that was
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satan. the residents banded together and got that name changed. >> reporter: others say that case was different. >> it maybe tc for the people that live there. it's ridiculous. it was supposed to be satinwood and it was done by area. the people were conservatively religious and didn't like it. >> reporter: residents say raccoons once saturateed the farm and it was a popular sport. the animals are prevalent here today. >> it's ridiculous. it has a long history here. i've lived here 26 years. the history is raccoons. we had one the back the other day, wondering along the deck. it's silly. >> lane didn't like the name when he bought here but his wife liked the house so he is hoping he can change the words on 1]ñthiamqñ$?(esign that alwa him. >> they are not african
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american and haven't been exposed to the type of language used. how could they know? i don't blame them. they need to understand that to african americans it's offensive. >> councilman, ball, picked up the cause and circulating petitions to try to get the sign changed. jeff hager, abc2 news. people are warning people about a series of burglaries. the harford county sheriff's department says four break ins since february 1st two copperwood way, two brandon hunt lane. the sheriff's department believes those are related, cash, jewelry and a television windows damaged. parents in carroll county are trying to get the school system to move a bus stop that puts their children in grave danger. the stop is located along main
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street and manchester and directly in front of a known sex offenders house. the man was convicted of sexual abuse of a minor. parents are concerned and asked the district to get the bus stop moved. >> it is concerning. i don't like that at all. i don't know who allowed that. who didn't do they job and look it up ahead á4mex4÷time. ÷ájdmake ó?puñsense to me. >> coming up at 6:00, we will have more on the effort to get the bus stopped moved along with reaction from the carroll county school district. former football coach jerry sandusky was in court asking for a judge to give him permission to see his grandchildren. his lawyer requested visitation rights despite the fact he is ß under house arrest, accused of molesting young boys over a 15- year period. he says he is having a hard
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time. >> i'm associated with thousands of young people over the years. now all of a sudden, because of allegations and perceptions that have tried and been created of me, i can't take our dog on my deck and throw out biscuits to him. >> prosecutors have asked the judge to require sandusky to stay inside his house which boarders a playground. the neighbors fear for the safety of neighborhood kids. the judge expected to make a decision on monday. after a week of fierce backlash , the white house reached a compromise with religious groups over a change in policy that would force them to offer birth control their employees. roosevelt leftwich is here with more. >> president obama says the goal under the health care law was to provide women with free
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care including free contraceptive services. organizations did not want to be forced to pay for something they are morally opposed to. the white house rushed to make changes to the plan and today, they announced a compromise. >> if a woman's employer is a charity or a hospital that has a religious objection to providing contraceptive services as part of the health plan , the insurance company, not the hospital, not the charity, will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive care, free of charge. >> under the revised plan, employers won't have to pay for or pay a direct role in medical care. the move sun likely to appease most religious leader that blasted the administration for overstepping. the presidential candidates are taking advantage of the debate. romney calls the move an assault on religion.
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roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. in the consumer alert, more than 1 million brewers are recalled after dozens of people were sprayed by the machines with hot liquid, tea leaves or coffee grounds. 140 reports filed, including 37 where people say they had second degree burns from the spray. the recall says a plastic disk which holds the coffee or tea in place can burst while you are waiting for it to brew. consumer product safety commission says get a free relacement by calling 866-918- 8763. number of consumer groups are calling for a recall of bum bo baby seats. the seats which are popular, were recalled in 2007 to add a label warning that it shouldn't be ter or table off the grounds. the groups say that's not enough. babies have still been hurt and
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calling for a redesign including a strap. the move to legalize same sex marriage got support today as governor martin o'malley testified in front of a house committee. why he says a lawmaker should make it happen for maryland families. the last person to see josh pow expel his boys alive. a social worker recalls the chilling moments before the tragic explosion. and a flag looks like it features a nazi symbol, was it just a naive mistake? [ male announcer ] today at kfc get our freshly delivered whole chicken freshly prepared by real cooks with our own secret recipes.
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we learn details about the murder suicide in washington state, josh powell took the lives of his young sons. the memorial service will be held tomorrow. the last person to see them all
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alive, social worker who delivered the boys is speaking exclusively to abc =tunews. tj winnick has the latest. >> reporter: in a new exclusive , the social worker with charlie and braiden, recalls the horrible moment when she dropped them off at their father's home. >> i saw josh for a second, his eyes caught mine and he had a look in his eyes. it was kind of sheepish. he slammed the door. i started yelling, josh let me in. as soon as the door closed i heard him say, charlie i have a big surprise for you and i heard braiden cry out. >> reporter: she began banging on the door when suddenly she smelled gasoline. she dialed 911, but hardly got the response she expected. >> how long -3alwill it be? >> they have to life threatening situations first. after two 911 calls and ten
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minutes, elizabeth was knock back by a massive explosion, she insists she never saw any warning signs from josh powell. monster or somebody that was going to kill his children. >> reporter: elizabeth knew she is lucky to be alive but all she can think about is charlie and braiden , the 7 and 5-year- old boys she describes as unique and talented. >> they are not going to look at bugs and frogs and that all that life had in store for them, that's been taken away from them. >> reporter: in a disturbing development, it was revealed computer generated images of parent-child incest were found on the powell's home computer seized in ult ut seized in -- utah, two years ago. >> find out more about the tragedy on 2020 tonight here on abc 2, night starts with shark
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tank at 8:00. keep it here for abc2 news at 11:00, see your investigation in to the dangers of dirty shower qu-uyheads. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> i take a lot of showers. maryland's most powerful radar, look to the west, we are tracking in some wintery weather. no question about that, the air at the surface dry. although we are seeing what looks like a impressive radar return, this is elevated, several thousand feet up. this is not hitting the ground. hagerstown, westward, winter weather already, clouding up, 43 at bwi. visibility 10 miles unrestricted. through the day, things were getting cloudier through the
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afternoon. quiet for a few hours this evening. mount airy west, this could approach 3-inch total as we go in to the morning and midday tomorrow. further west, and bel air, you are under the advisory as well, for after midnight through 7:00 a.m. in the morning, snow showers after that. don't be surprised if you got, one, two, three inches on the ground. this is an overnight arrival. things will stick better to pave surfaces as we move towards day bake. 43bwi. 43 easton. 45 ocean city. temperatures above freezing. the grounds is relatively warm, but as sunsets tonight, temperatures fall sharply, i don't think it's going to take that long for the windchill factor to drop and the road surface temperatures and all the surface temperatures to continue to drop as well. we are tracking the more active weather, pushing in to west virginia now. right on track with the timing
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we expected. a little bit ahead of schedule. the main core of the storm systemmer set to arrive after midnight and with us through 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow and tapering off to flurries on the backside, as we move through the day tomorrow, and also behind this particular system, look for a significant cold blast, winds could push 40 miles per hour tomorrow night, a windy night, very brutal windchills and in to sunday, another windy and cold day, sunday will be completely dry other than what is on the grass. here is the trend and timing as we move from 6:00 to 2:00 a.m., the snow coming down in earnest, especially north and west of the i-95 corridor, rain mixed with snow. wrap around snow as the bulk of the system heads out to sea. things will clear slowly after mid-morning tomorrow. it will be a slow process, there will be snow showers and slick areas where we've had a
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one to two to three inch total, especially north and west of baltimore. sunday the winds and cold. tonight 3 2-rbgs snow and wind. looking for 1-3-inch rain. more significant of a player. this will stick better with an overnight arrival and more wind to deal with tomorrow. snow showers through the day. wintery weather tomorrow. the feeling of a nkևtrue t"r0j day, tomorrow, gusty and frigid with flurries. the trend for the period of time next week, in to the 40s. cupid likes that. i hear a certain somebody was at a singles party. >> i was there for moral support. you make it sound shady. >> i mean you as a team. cheryl conner. >> cheryl conner was in baltimore magazine. we went to show support.
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>> did she wear bright red? >> she is a tall girl. i'm thrill wed ed we are going to wake up tomorrow and it will be like winter again. abc2 news continues to lead the way in mobile news and weather here in baltimore. visit right now and check out our growing list of apps futuring x r 9l8ñzfyr+yl?team, traffic cam in the palm of your hand. search for wmar at i tunes or for more details. defense secretary, leon panetta is asking marine core to look at investigation. the marine corp.has been doing damage control insisting the use of a symbol was a naive mistake.
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the defamation league hopes the flag was a mistake. >> commanders made it absolutely clear to marines this is not going to be tolerated. if they see the symbol, they will be held account able and subject to the commander's punishment. >> a spokesman says the marines involved were reprimanded and a retired general commented, young marines today don't know much about world war ii. a jewish organization is pressuring president obama to take action. when it comes to birthing a baby, c sections are a hotly debated topic. what a new study says about breathing problems for baby whose are born that way. and we know all about the dangers of drinking and driving, what about smoking pot before you get behind the wheel? does it put you at greater risk?
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researchers say c section birth don't letter the risk of complications for preterm babe dis. scientists conducted the study and found c sections can increase the chance babies will have breathing problems in premature births. march of dimes have been trying to persuade moms to opt out of the c sections because of health problems. a study has promising news for pregnant women with cancer. researchers found pregnant women may not put babies at extra risk by having chemo, the fiwere published in the oncology journal. the mothers are more like there
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any to have premature babies. it's not surprise bug a study published in the british medical journal is putting a number on a risk of car crashes in the drivers are smoking pot. smoking pot doubles your chances of having an accident. drivers who have smoked are impaired in the same ways as drivers under the influence of alcohol. is your place for the health news you need, log on, check out the page, find the headlines and different health categories to find the information you and your family need. maryland's governor takes a stand to support gay marriage. the message he delivered to a state house committee hoping to legalize marriage for same sex couples. a car show with a mommy spin. the latest models that will help parents feel better about getting behind the wheel.
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prosecutors introdowsed pieces of in evidence the murder trial of huguely today. the most recent, a bloodstained comforter and towels from love's apartment. jurors watched the interview with police after nearly 45 minutes of questioning, detectives revealed to huguely that love was dead and he is their primary suspect. controversy over a street name in columbia tonight. talking about coon hunt court. some people say it's offensive. there is a bid to rename it and it is getting support


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