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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 14, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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until a 13-year-old girl returned to her home following the christmas break and reported it. >> we were notified by child protective services. contacted school authorities, processed it through the state, we investigated. turns out the individual had a prior history with law enforcement and is currently facing charges. >> reporter: the former cop, 36-year-old troy gee had a prior assault charge. according to charging documents the young girl this time was a relative who asked gee to help her establish a wi-fi connection on her lap to computer. once he accompanied her to the basement she claims he began molesting her, stopping short of penetration. after it he gave her a hug
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showing they were still quote unquote cool. >> often times this type of activity you see individuals reoffend. it doesn't come as a shock to law enforcement. what is helpful is we have this individual off the streets. we will build the best case we can through forensic evidence and we're going to put this individual away for a long time. >> reporter: gee has never appeared on the sex offender registry. his plea a few years ago spared him that even though it may have come at the expense of another victim. now to our continuing coverage of the murder trial of george huguely. it continues to focus on yeardley love's autopsy. we have the very latest on the evidence presented to the jury. >> reporter: hours of testimony
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from two neuropath toll gists all aimed at trying to answer the question, how exactly did yeardley love die and did george huguely kill her. the doctors both testified that they didn't see any bleeding on the outside of yeardley love's brain. three were brought in to study the brain after yeardley love's autopsy. they say, however, there was hemorrhaging inside of the brain in several different areas. they both said small blood vessels within her brain had been damaged. they both said it had to be blunt force trauma that caused those injuries. the prosecutor, dave chapman, asked the doctors if any of the injuries could be associated with crr -- cpr and they both said no. originally the prosecution, the
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defense and the judge had been hoping the trial would last two weeks but the longer it takes with these prosecution witted nests, the -- witnesses, the more likely it can go over into a third week. >> he has been tweeting testimony as it happens in charlottesville. we've been taking those tweets and building a timeline inside the courtroom. you can find it right there on our website, murder. one man is dead tonight after an unusual accident in a tyson building parking grafnlgt the man fell several feet after an automatic system broke. roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: right here in this building, it allows them to get a lot of cars into a very tight space but something went wrong early monday morning. the auto park system works like this. you pull a car into a lift and
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it tells the system where to park the car. it will lift the car into a correct floor. just before 10 monday morning police say 35-year-old timothy bartholomew was in the fourth floor trying to get the car down when something happened. >> one of the employees of the parking complex had been working on the automatic parking system. it appear there is was some sort of an accident. a peering's of the parking system had fallen to the third floor and the employee had fallen to the second floor of the parking garage. >> reporter: now bartholomew was taken to st. joseph hospital where he later died. investigators are going over the cited to determine what happened here. we'll have more coming up tonight at 6:00. reporting live in towson, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. checking out maryland's most popular radar and finding just a
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couple of fairly light rain showers mainly across baltimore county and toward bel air, you're starting to get very light rain. all we expect is really light rain the remainder of the night. as we take a look, a little bit of wintry weather in southwestern pennsylvania. temperatures way too warm to support any type of wintry weather. the rest of this evening 40s, a few sprinkles but not a bad valentine evening. much more on how the rest of the week shapes up coming up. happening right now, bge crews are working to fix a gas main break that left hundreds without service. sheryl con ner joins us with the -- cheryl con ner joins us with the latest. >> reporter: have been out here for hours. the damage to that gas main
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happened around 3:30 this morning. a crew was making repairs to a city water main at the time of the damage. the damage caused water to get into the gas line, so service was shut off to more than 900 homes and businesses in the area. joining us is the department of public works. tell us the mess it created around 3:30 this morning. >> usually we switch away and things are straightforward. we can zig up deeing -- dig up the line. something struck the line, and what we have right now is the hear has been made safe because of bge working with it. by the way, there have been a lot of agency, police, fire, emergency management all working together to make sure this goes off safely. so the hole is safe. we're in there now and will be
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replacing that. once we get that done we scan return water service to -- can return water service to a couple hundred people. when the service does come back, there may be some cloudiness. what you need to do is run your water a little while. take off the aerator, the screen on the faucet, so the sediment doesn't get trapped there and it should clear up in a few minutes. >> reporter: certainly a tedious task. they have to go into all 900 buildings, shut off the gas, make the repair and go back in. >> the crews are going around. they will have dpi. badges -- i.d. badges with them. so you will need to accommodate them. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. kelly a very ongoing effort out here. we're talking about 900 buildings. frederick elementary school to our right. also, there's a shopping center, west side shopping center and
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several homes, so we will be out here throughout the night to bring you updates. cheryl conner. >> thank you for that live report. when you're out doing your grocery shopping, you check the food labels for the calorie content. an important fact about the things you serve your family may soon disappear. >> reporter: when you're buying meat or fresh vegetables stores have to tell you which company it comes from so there's no mystery but that could be changing. a big decision means the label of origin could soon be disappearing. so you'll be left in the dark about where the food you serve actually comes from. tonight at 11, we'll explain why and how dropping the labels could put your family at risk. >> this is a constant threat that we live under. consumers and retailers need to be able to track back the origin
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of this food so that we can know whether the food that's on our dinner table should be subject to a recall. >> tonight at 11, we'll tell you which products could losed label first -- lose the labels first. joce sterman. speaking of food, mcdonald's apparently wants better treatment for pigs. the fast food restaurant change has asked its pork suppliers to stop keeping pregnant pigs in tiny crates. mcdonald's apparently said larger cages will benefit the pig's overall well-being. animal rights groups are alouding -- applauding mcdonald's. the fda says 400 of the most popular lipsticks contain trace levels of led. it was found in test that revealed a much wider scale and
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higher levels of led. five lo real and maybelline ranked high. there is a gift exchange program that would allow you to trade in those gift cards for frequent flier miles. they will accept unused or partially used cards from barnes & noble, target, bed, bath and beyond, just to name a few. often those unused frequent flier miles expire, so keep that in mind before you decide to trade in those gift cards. sphawr still looking for a romantic -- if you're still looking for a romantic spot for your valentine's day, some restaurants will offer a table service for two for $25. for the best part lovers can
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take a photo with the chick-fil-a cow. how about pizza hut. for $10,000 couples can get a ruby ring, get a pizza service, limo services, flowers, fireworks and more if you stop at pizza hut, wow. all new at 5 everyone looks forward to getting their flowers on valentine's day. not everyone. the queen anne's fire department is out -- handing out flowers. there's a soft side top queen anne's sheriff. the sheriff's department post add valentine greeting on its facebook page. >> i have lots of valentines i need to wish happy valentine's day to. >> reporter: there are many celebrating their brgt di --
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birthday. >> i'm enclosing a copy of the warrant for your arrest in your valentine greeting. those who decide to turn yourselves in i'm willing to stand good on my offeror a dozen -- over for a dozen roses. >> reporter: a dozen roses and your warranted. >> jessica mae walker. happy birthday. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the sheriff's department has used facebook to help solve crimes. the department finds it very useful. >> the best thing is we receive so much information back from the community such from the information we put out. >> reporter: florists deliver on valentine's day and sheriff hoffman is willing to do that, also. >> if someone turns themselves in, i will personally drive one
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dozen roses out to that person. >> reporter: so queen anne's county is always looking for a way to reach out to the public. this time they're using facebook. >> sir, these are for you. >> reporter: in queen anne's county, happy valentine's day. don harrison. tonight we know hop found whitney houston's body in her hotel bathtub. coming up her former body guard explains why he would never let houston take a bath. montgomery county police have released the interrogation tapes of the woman found guilty of killing a yoga shop owner. how the government is now getting into the match making business.
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tonight fans continue to mourn whitney houston. her funeral will take place this weekend. t.j. winick has the very latest. >> reporter: it was announced whitney houston's funeral will be held saturday for the pop star's family and friends. >> they shared her some 30 some years with the city, with the state,s with the world. this is their time now for their farewell. >> reporter: it's being held in the same new jersey church, new hope baptist church where the star got her start. >> i knew her before she was the icon and i'll take that with her. >> reporter: this is a clip of her singing at new hope in 1979. investigators won't know how much, if any, prescription drugs and alcohol were found in houston's body until the toxicology report comes back in
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several weeks. we now know it was houston's aunt, hop found her and tried to revive her. antibiotics and valium were found as well as champagne and beer. ellen jacobs' office said he had warned her and husband bobby brown it would happen and would quit if she didn't stop eye said you hired me to do a job to protect me but i cannot protect you from yourself. >> reporter: another former bobby guard said he who never take baths, fearful of what happened in beverly hills. >> on friday "20/20" will air a two-hour special.
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the special airs on friday from 9:00 until 11:00. then stay tuned for abc2 news at 11:00. all right. happy valentine's day to everyone out there. looks like we'll have a decent evening, maybe a few rain showers. maybe bring the umbrella. 50. temperature not so bad. you won't need the heavy coat. winds are from the southeast at nine miles an hour right now. through the day we saw nicer weather earlier in the day, some decent sunshine, a little unspected -- unexpected. dry roads is the story in harford county. as we take a check out west there is a little bit of snow at frostberg. they had a couple of rain and mixed showers in the high terrain and extreme western
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maryland. as we check maryland's most powerful radar, some light to moderate rain showers north of the beltway toward cockeysville. we've got a couple of showers inching in. again, this is light, light rain and toward elkton beginning to get a few rain drops. the air at the surface is dry. some of it is evaporating. it's bottled up well north of us back towards areas north of pittsburgh and youngstown. 50 plus. so, obviously, any showers we get will be the liquid variety. highs were in the mid-fist nift in spots downtown hitting 56. 55 in georgetown, delaware today. to the west we have seen a bit of a mix going on, but again, pretty much a nonevent. yes, for points well north there have been significant snow
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showers. but for most of the east, it's been a relatively quiet valentine's day with just some precipitation and most of that fairly light. drier, cooler conditions set to settle. i think once again the dry air will work against us getting much in the way of showers before that area of high pressure settles in tomorrow. once it does, you can see this clears us out nicely across the central part of the east coast. this is into our wednesday afternoon. as we go beyond wednesday evening we are tracking another system. this one will come in has just a rain maker for maryland, it would apeemplet -- appear. it looks like a rain maker and a more significant rain maker on thursday. keep that in mind. over night 36, a few showers. your two-degree guarantee a lot of sunshine, 52. some spots could be warmer and tomorrow night down to 35 with
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clouds on the increase. check out the outlook. rain likely thursday and we'll watch closely sunday as there's a slight collapse of a rain system that could perhaps bring winter weather as well. we'll check it. back to you. as we celebrate this valentine's day you've got to keep in mind it's tough top find love -- to find love. in japan the situation has become so serious the government is stepping in to play match maker. a survey found that half of jap pan neaps under the page of 35 are still single. it results in a national crisis. more than a quarter of the population is over the age of 65. so the local government is investing big bucks to make love or attractive again establishing online dating sites and offering cash rewards for couples to get married. well, speaking of hearts,
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a study published in the journal lancet shows that treating heart attacks patients with an infusion from cells from their own heart helps the heart regrow healthy muscle. patients showed significant
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muscle improvement. those who did not get the stem cells, they had no drop in heart attack scars. the stem cell groups will had a big increase in healthy heart muscle. again, it's valentine's day, so it's a special time to clear rish that special someone. new research show has broken romance or a lost love can really cause serious health problems. recent studies have shown people whose spouses die have a higher chance of suffering a heart attack immediately after the death, especially when they're older. a loss of love can cause a physical condition known as the broken heart syndrome. doctors don't understand why this happens. it usually occurs after a tragic event. >> this can present very much like a heart attack. it can present with chest pains. it can present with abnormalities on the electrocardiogram. the top part of the heart squeezes, but the bottom part of
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the heart is almost motionless. >> traditionally those who suffer from broken heart syndrome do recover. if at all possible, you should surround yourselves with friends and family as you go through the grieving process and we're hoping everyone's having a good valentine's day celebration. coming up, police have released some tapes of the woman accused of killing her coworker. >> it's a murder for hire story that came a made for tv movie. and she is the first in the history of the baltimore county fire department. what dramatic event led her to become a first responder. those stories and more coming up.
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