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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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sunday. in the low 50s clear across the state. as we look at the winter storm watches in the region, they are in effect for acceptable trail virginia. -- central virginia. this is not in effect until sunday. our developing storm down in the heart of texas right now , the energy has come across mexico. its act together. this is the beginning of the genesis of this approaching sunday storm. we are just getting started with this thing. this evening, still nice, 40s, mostly clear and setting the stage far great saturday. we will talk about the sunday storm coming up. abc2 news continues to lead the way in mobile news offerings. visit now, check out our growing list of apps for whatever type of phone or tablet you have. get the latest news and baltimore's most accurate weather to your device. now the latest on the same
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sex marriage debate. now the house of delegates debating amendments to the bill. don harrison tells us how we got to this point today. >> reporter: delegates waited until after 1:00 today to begin debate on the same sex marriage bill. some attempts to add amendments failed, one amendment delaying the same sex marriage law from going in to effect until all the court challenges have cleared, did pass. the debate was emotional at times. >> aberration of how we should conduct ourselves. this is the definition of marriage. they are playing political games by ramming this through on a friday evening. the house of delegates took up
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the debate over 30 minutes ago. we will bring you the results in a live report. getting you up to date on the news around the nation tonight. police say they've arrested a man planning a terror attack near the u.s. capitol. a spokesman says the man was monitored by law enforcement. he was taken in to custody with an inoperable gun. authorities say there was never threat to the public. a workplace fight ended in gunfire and death in southern california. immigration and customs agent in long beach confronted his supervisor shooting at him several times until another agent stepped in and shot the gunman. >> we are like a family in this agency. when something like this happens it affect us all. in the face of tragedy and adversity, we are strong,
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support one another and here for each other. >> the identities of the ice personnel have not been released. the shooting is under investigation. a person familiar told the press , the shooting was over a disciplinary matter. penn state university filed a lawsuit against insurance provider. the school says they've been making payments to the pennsylvania manufacturers association for six decades, now the insurer isn't covering defense of a civil suit filed in november. the university is being sued by one of sandusky's allege ed victims who says the school neglected him. amanda knox signed a $4 million deal to publish her memoir. he was cleared the death of her roommate four months ago. knocks kept diaries for four years while in an italian prison. now to a developing story tonight, researchers say they
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found science of autism in babies as young as six months old using mri scans. the results just published in the american journal of psychiatry could provide new understanding about autism. >> the findings at 6 months are before the typical onset or appearance of the major symptoms of autism and we also see that these evolving brain changes are happening in a time when the symptoms of autism are beginning to unfold. >> the researchers add their work is preliminary and the scans can't predict autism yet. johnson and johnson recalling more than 500,000 bottles of infants tylenol. the parents come plain the protective cover doesn't work. the cover supposed to limit the amount of medicine that flows in to a plastic syringe. it's for one ounce bottles of grape flavored oral suspension.
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about be 1000 tumble kinds toys are recalled. they can break in to small pieces are sharp points chirp can choke on or cut themselves with. the toys are wooden and painted in bright colors, they were sold in stores all over the country and on line between march and december of last year. final preparations are underway today for whitney houston's funeral tomorrow in new jersey. fans are cement far away from the church. the entertainment world's elite guest list is leaking out, janet jackson, mariah carey. >> in newark, new jersey, preparations are underway for whitney houston's funeral. celebrities expected to attend the service tomorrow. >> the inner perimeter, no admission of anyone not invited
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will be two blocks surrounding the church. >> reporter: kevin costner will speak. aretha franklin and stevie wonder will sing. fans can watch a live stream of the funeral on the internet. still, some feel left out. it's devastating to everybody. >> it's would have been nice if they could have put the things out for the fans. >> reporter: fans plan to show up anyway. >> i will be here physically. >> reporter: the funeral was closed to the public, whitney houston's mother didn't want a large memorial, a private service at the church where the singer grew up. abc news learned californiath in golfers so far found no evidence of criminal activity or any reason to believe
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houston was looking to abuse prescription drugs. unlike the michael jackson death investigation, source as say only a few pill bottles were found when she died last weekend and everyone is cooperating. tonight 2020 will air a 2- hour special called one moment in time, the life of whitney houston. taking an in depth look at the achievements and musical legacy and battle with addiction. that special airs from 9:00 to 11 here on abc 2. customers say a baltimore tax prep chain filed returns without asking. we have new information on the story. one agency says problems with this chain are nationwide. military doctors are getting new marching orderers. which treatments are being pushed to help soldiers with pain. teenage girls go on a racist rant on the internet. how the school they attend is reacting.
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having someone do your taxes for you sounds awesome. what if they filed your paperwork without you knowing and put your money in to someone else's account. >> reporter: fine your w 2á, track down the receipts and then crunch the numbers. it can leave you stressed. >> frustrated, upset. the whole 9. >> reporter: she has been feeling the frustration, but not because she file on her own. >> she said they had already been filed. i said how? >> reporter: she got a surprise when she was ready to file. >> i went on the 17th, they had already been done. >> they filed your taxes. >> reporter: these women claim
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instant tax branches filed the taxes without permission, or their paperwork who. the both say the company got their information when they applied for loans. >> if you sign for the loan, you were supposed to come back and give them the opportunity to do your taxes. >> reporter: they were willing. how it happened bothers themment instant tax filed without their knowledge, had refunds deposited in to a third party account. when they were able to get checks they discovered they were charged more than $700 in fees. >> not only did you file, you charged $800. i was shocked. i was upset. >> people are all up in arms. >> reporter: angie with the better business burreau had six franchises with people upset, the price and where their much ended up. >> when you see the same complaint by consumer, it's a padding reflect i have of the management of the company, or
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the company as a whole from the headquarters. >> reporter: the company is franchised with 22 locations around baltimore. we went to the two branches they visited but as soon as employees inside saw us, they locked the doors, and refused to come out. after leaving my card we got a call from nick, who says he owns all the baltimore locations. he admits some returns shouldn't have been sent out and blames the problem on new employees added as he expanded from nine stores to the 2. he says customers with complaints are getting the extra fees refunded. coleeta is one of them. >> i think it was really wrong. you are messing around with people's livelihoods and money. >> reporter: money they earned and want handled with no surprises. in addition to the better business burreau, the attorney generals office and another state agency had complaints about instant tax.
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the owner of the locations says between 30 and 30 customers had returns sent without permission. he is asking customers to be patient as his business deals with growing pains. coming up, hear why the bbb says the complaints about this chain go farther than just baltimore. maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> i'm meteorologist, wyatt everhart. we have been tracking some very active weather over texas that will impact us on sundays, but in the meantime, nice friday. 50 degrees, humidity low and light north westerly breeze on this friday night. fantastic weather over the state today. for february, mid february, sunshine, temperatures well up in the 50s. great day, for baltimore and annapolis, state capitol, similar scenario. high thin clouds at times. sailboats on the severn and on
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kent island, a gorgeous view of the bay bridge as traffic heads to the beach. won't be too bad the first half of the weekend. counties see over virginia, these are already early for the approaching weather maker. upper 40s to 50s, 50 baltimore. 52 at the beach now. quiet stretch of weather tonight and in to the day tomorrow before the storm. relative humidity bone dry, we low 30%. across the state right now. this is as clear as it gets on our satellite radar pictures across the mid atlantic states. east coast sitting clear. as we look all the way at the bottom corner of your screen, begin to see the leading edge of our next weather maker. it won't affect us tonight or today or tomorrow. as we look at high pressure staying in control, sliding
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steadily east. disturbance off of the coast, not a factor. as we check out the trend in some detail here, here is what we are looking at. through the day tomorrow, increasing clouds, late in the day, sunny start. nice saturday around here. you see as we go towards 6:00 tomorrow, brainstorm beginning to bound the south with heavy rains, and moves in to the carolinas this is where we get no n to the area, 6:00 a.m. sunday morning w redry around maryland. the storm knocking on our door, already creating snow on the cold side of the system, towards sunday morning. more detailed but close to home. sundays, 6:00 a.m., watch through the day, that rain-snow line is probably in southern maryland, lower eastern shore, rain-snow mix. snow for central maryland and the core of the heaviest snow is west of dc through central northern virginia, that looks to be ground zero for this particular storm. in all of this remember, the system is just now beginning to
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form and get its act together over texas. this is still kind of getting out there in to voodoo country in terms of what the storm will be sunday afternoon. it's beginning to brew in texas. overnight, 32. staying clear. cold overnight. 52, mostly sunny, what an awesome february, saturday. what a wild twist. tomorrow night, down to 34. increasingly cloudy. i think dry all the way late in to tomorrow night, the time of the storm looks to be through the day on sunday. we will say that nor east ser likely at this point. in terms of who gets what and how much, we are venturing, sot of a guesstimation and this looks like interestingly enough that places like annapolis, and the dc burbs, could get the higher totals, 3 or 4 wet inches. north western, a dusting
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towards westminster. >> that never happens. >> we will keep an eye on it. interesting. i'm loving this weather. spring, winter, spring, winter. it's throwing me off. >> monday a holiday and warming up, we will melt off rapidly what we do get. a pill designed to help people shed pounds could be putting them at risk. what other problems the fda is weighing before they approve a new drug. if you have been spared the flu, you are not alone, why the flu season is off to its slowest start in decades.
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continuing coverage of the murder trial of george huguely. testimony continued this morning before court was once again adjourned because of a sick defense attorney. christian shaffer has more on what he saw and what is going to happen tomorrow. >> reporter: for a second day in a row, one of huguely's attorney was sick. abbreviated day in court unlike yesterday, we did get to summit testimony, we heard from one of george's relatives who shed a different light on his relative with yeardly love rage was building in george huguely for an entire week before yeardly love's death. starting five days earlier, when witnesses say she burst in to his apartment, and struck him with her purse. today, the defense tried to interrupt narrative. huguely's up at
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was with love, huguely and oh family member on the saturday night before love's death. at the boy land heights bar known as the conner. a few blocks from the apartments where love and huguely lived. jurors watched a surveillance video from the bar. yeardly love was holding hands with and talking to george huguely 24 hours before her death. >> she was part of his family. as opposed to the common wealth theory he was planning to do something to her, the defense will use to show the contrary to that. >> we will hear about the importance of the testimony at 6:00. also, this weekend, there will be court tomorrow, because of the delays unusual court day saturday here in charlottesville. christian shaffer, abc2 news. for up to the minute updates, he has been tweeting testimony, we have taken the tweets and built a timeline of everything happening inside the courtroom on our website,
5:24 pm murder. in health alert, the safety of obesity drug call conext is a is questioned by the fda. administration is askinged a advisory pan told look at whether the benefits outweigh risks of birth defects and heart problems. panel of outside experts will review the drug next week. military positions have been told to look at new options to treat soldiers experiencing pain. decision is an effort to head off drug dependence on painkillers and try chiropractic treatment, massage and acupuncture. u.s. flu season is off to the latest start in decades. up until this month, there weren't enough cases to say flu season started. it usually starts in december or january at the latest. the centers for disease control and prevention say the vaccine seems to be well matched to the common flu stream that's making the rounds. is the place for the health news you need.
5:25 pm, that's where you will find the headlines and different health categories to find the informs you and your -- information you and your family need. teenage girls take to the internet and shock people with a racist rant what they said and how the school they attend reacted. and it's tough enough being pregnant, new research shows a spike in discrimination against moms to be at work. how many cases have been reported. and another republican candidate has released his tax information.
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we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. delegates preparing to vote on the same sex marriage vote.
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the reading slated to start at 4:00 30rbgs however house members have yet to vote on tissue. cheryl conner is there tonight and will bring you breaking updates as they happen. testimony ended early in the trial of a man charged with killing love. one of his attorney was sick again today. the trial is scheduled to resume tomorrow if she is feeling better. we will let you know what happens. preparations are underway for whitney houston's funeral in new jersey. her family opted for a closed private service, aretha franklin and wonder slated to perform. a look at your ride home. not too bad beginning to stack up a little bit in hunt valley, traffic not awful. what kind of week are we looking to get? let's talk about the weather and check in with wyatt everhart, a look at your first forecast. a tail of two seasons. all in one weekend. spring like today, and
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tomorrow. winter makes a return on sunday. right now, it is crystal clear and looking good out there weather wise. already a winter storm watch, goes in effect through the day sunday, does not include dc, baltimore, nor maryland county yet. again the early indication that the bull welcome be through the shenandoah valley. storm developing over texas, beginning to take a better shape here, so as we get our late model runs later tonight, we should have a better grasp on how sun will unfold. we are 48 hours out on this thing. enjoy a great friday evening in the 40s, mostly clear skies. enjoyable. we will talk about how sunday shapes up in more detail. a fire destroyed a west baltimore grocery store at pride grocery and liquors in the 2800 block of west lafayette avenue around 2:30 this morning. the flames were so intense, streets had to be


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