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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  February 17, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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house chamber, debating positions, for and against same sex marriage since 4:30 this afternoon. earlier today, there were two amendments attached to the bill now being debated. democrats, tiffany, offer an amendment. the other would push the bill from taking effect until january 1st, 25013, 250 -- 2013. there are 71 votes to pass the bill. that would be big news in annapolis. that bill would have to move to the senate floor for a final vote. we will be here throughout the night and watching the debate. it's been going on for quite sometime. we will bring you the latest at 11:00. cheryl conner, abc2 news.
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one delegate is protected by maryland state police after switching his vote. catch switched his vote from no to yes on allowing same sex marriages in maryland. one aids says the switch resulted in a credible threat. no one is saying what the threat was. police won't comment on the threat or protection details for delegate catch. this weekend could be interesting, we want to show you a live look at the highway, your ride home, kingsville, we haven't had serious storms to deal with. is that about to change? wyatt everhart joins us in the storm center with our first forecast. >> it's interesting. spring like tonight and tomorrow. sunday, winter storm watch up for central and northern virginia. see the counties highlighted part of west virginia in this, this is for areas well west of baltimore and dc, we think
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that's where the highest totals will ends up from the storm. not to say we won't get accumulating storms. we will by tend of it all sunday. trend clear tonight. our storm now over east and central texas beginning to gain strength, becoming well defined. we can see the storm beginning to spin up now and tapping a lot of gulf moisture as it trucks across the south. the good news is this, for tonight and your saturday, great weather, mid-50s tomorrow, increasing clouds as we go past sunset. we will talk about when the snow starts around here and a detailed look at sunday coming up. to help you keep track of what is coming, download the abc 2 weather app for your iphone and pad and other devices. this is a little bit about how the ipad app works. check out the seven-day forecast and everything that is happening and follow this storm.
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see the different alerts that are there. track around and see what is happening where you live. very important. to download the apps, head to our website or text us, a message if you want. all of that happening on, text the message, send a text, 46988, you get a quick link to download the app. no matter what device you have. visit and download from there as well. now to our continuing coverage of the george huguely murder trial. the plan to get the trial back on schedule after yesterday's delay didn't work out. once again the judge ended testimony because one of the defense attorneys is sick. the trial that was supposed to last two weeks will head in +í9 a third week. christian shaffer explains what happened today. >> today and where they go from here. >> reporter: one of huguely's attorney was sick, but they did get to some testimony today.
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there was testimony today, jurors watched vid row from yeardly love, and george huguely's favorite bar. the video taken 24 hours before her death shows her holding hands and talking with huguely. scott goodman says it breaks the prosecution's narrative but shouldn't hurt their case. >> the common wealth will say that meant nothing. the first opportunity he had to be alone with yeardly love, he killed her. >> reporter: huguely's defense attorneying are attempting to show may 2nd, huguely went to her apartment to talk with her. common wealth attorneying a that once he broke through the door, he set a chain of events that led to her death and is enough to bring a conviction on the chag of fist degree murder. >> they have to argue any
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impromer in at the present time to commit larssey or assault happened after he got in to the room. because of all the delays , there is an un usual saturday session for george huguely's trial at 9:00 #mty/ftrtomorro provided the attorney is feeling better. p we have an entire web page dedicated to the trial including a live twitter feed, follow what christian has to say about what is happening in court. head to murder. the latest from baltimore, students had to evacuate the high school after a strange snell smell in the building. it was a precaution as crews worked to figure out where the smell was coming from. gas fumes pulled in to the air system, the exact cause is investigating, students were let back in 30 minutes later.
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investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire that destroyed a west baltimore grocery store. it started at pride brothers grocery and liquors at 2:30 this morning on west lafayette avenue. qume of blocks from alex -- couple of blocks from alexander. police had to block off streets. no one was injured. bge expect half of those without natural gas service in southwest baltimore to have their service restored this weekend. as many as 1200 people were without natural gas and water, after a gas main was accidentally broken early tuesday morning on millington avenue. the utility company hopes to have the majority of customers restored tomorrow. crews have been going door to door to check gas pipes and meters and furnaces before turning on service. merger plans for exelon and constellation energy.
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regulators approved the $8 billion deal. it followed months of debate on whether the deal was in the best interest of marylanders. the only remaining hurdle is approval from federal energy regulatory commission. maryland senate voted unanimously to censure curry for failing to disclose she was working for a grocery store chain. he was acquitted last year on all charges in a federal bribery case. cardinal designate is in rome, elevated to cardinal this weekend, o'brian and 21 others installed at a ceremony at the vatican. the last baltimore archbishop to become cardinal was killer in 199 -- in charge of 1000 group that protects the holy
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land. preplacement for o'brian in baltimore could be months away. consumer alert, makers of tylenol are recalling half a million bottles of tylenol, johnson and johnson took the action, consumers complained the dose was too difficult to use. the recall applies to one ounce bottles of grape flavored infants tylenol oral suspension. they ves no children have been affected. new information tonight about a baltimore area tax prep cane complaints for filing returns without permission. some branches of instant tax,, the 2 locations around baltimore, filed returns without asking and deposited funds in to a third party -=f6%%b in fees igds÷they weren't expecting. the owner blames new employees hired as the chain expanded locally. the better business bureau says similar issues brought up against instant tax nationwide with 389 complaints filed since
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january 2010. >> it's a pattern reflective of the management of the company, or the company as a whole from their headquarters. >> we tried contacting instant tax #qí#at their corporate headquarters. e mailed return as undeliverable. 53 today. 8 degrees above average. 2-degree guarantee was that, 53. our weather winner, steve from stevensville, congratulations to you. as we look outside, it's nice on friday night. will it hold up?
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probably not on sunday. we have the details straight ahead.
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chesapeake beach, beautiful day, i wish we could be at the beach today. we are not. wyatt everhart will have a look at the stormy forecast. details on that coming up in a couple of minutes. new at 6:00, it's called valentines for veterans, baltimore hosting one of 16 concerts across the country, saluting men and women who served this country. jeff hager reports, one of motown's most successful groups
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raised the roof off of the va center. republican almost half a sent reare you moved from the vietnam war, veterans have never forgotten them. the flair and charm that characterized this time, he stopped off with members of the group to visit aging vets. [music] on a makeshift stage, everyday cafeteria, the 7 time grammy winner and group turned back the clock for adoring crowd. >> from early 60s, kennedy, on up through 70.
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the motown legend said the respect goes both ways. jeff hager, abc 2 news. temptations review featuring dennis edwards will
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perform at the symphony hall tomorrow. tickets disappeared early but have been fetching $50 or more on line. today many people were in line at maxes tap house in fells point for the kickoff of bell gin beer fest. the most in the entire country and going to have 275 beers in bottles. i've been coming 8 years in a row. every year it's more and more production. >> they will be greeted with a 9-liter bottle of beer. each person gets a small sample for free, while it losts and enjoy a free belgian style breakfast buffet. >> people from around the world come to enjoy it. it runs throughout the weekend
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from 11:00 a.m. to close each day. that would be tough. maybe getting snowed in with the belgian beer. look, out there right now, a nice finish to the day. longer and longer periods of daylight now. still dusk, probably 15 minutes or so of some daylight. 49bwi. in the 50s most of the day. before we get to the storm changing the day in the second half of the weekend, let's talk about the weather on this friday we to kick it off. normally our snow lottery winners places like here, summit ridge and mount airy, harford gets the higher totals, this time around, a sharp cutoff, and more of a dc, richmond and central virginia storm that will clip maryland
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and it could be that places like here, kent island get the higher totals, more south and southeast of town as opposed to north because of the southern track of the system. maryland's most powerful radar, early indication, the only warnings up in these are for sunday, south of winchester, through central virginia west of fredericksburg, west of washington. we will see that evolve over the weekend. that will be where most of the accumulating snows are. some snow around baltimore. temperatures in the upper 40s, to mid-40s, in the 50s couple of hours ago. humidity bone dry. dry air cools off more quickly. that's what we have tonight. picture across the mid atlantic. talk about the quiet before the storm, this is crystal clear in the central states. as we look west, we are beginning to see a little more active pattern developing in the leading edge of cloud cover from the storm, edging in to
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missouri, tennessee, kentucky. limited clouds through the day tomorrow and clear tonight. as we go forward, saturday a spring like day in the mid-50s with early sun. clouds by saturday evening. the storm gains strength, as it moves in to the carolinas, see snow beginning to develop on the backside of this as cold air wraps in to the system. here is the situation as we go through the day sunday, expect to see snow encroaching by 10:00 to maryland. rain to the south, virginia beach, all rain. it does look to be in southern maryland this time around. the maximum snowfall potential through central virginia, west of richmond. the storm is just now really forming in east texas. 48 hours out. tough to nail down.
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it's a tough meteorological trick. overnight 32. staying clear. 2-degree guarantee tomorrow. great saturday, enjoy this first half of the weekend. tomorrow increasing clouds. it looks quiet. until we get in to sunday morning. all bets are off. we think we will get wind, rain mixed with snow and give you a detailed look at the weekend forecast. we can see looks like mix to snow, higher totals to the south of baltimore. baltimore getting some snow. maybe max is there, good idea, i don't know. >> hideout for the weekend. everything you need is right there. >> any scenario does not make this look like the massive snowstorms in the last few winters. stay tuned more details tonight. take a look outside, show you, beautiful, beautiful evening in baltimore city. we'll be right back. ♪
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savor and sip in style, annual savor stipand style in howard county. abc2 news is on the go with roosevelt leftwich. a preview of the fun what is going on? >> reporter: a lot of fun, saturday and sunday. a lot of cool stuff. this stuff here, this was a wine barrel, all the stuff was wine barrels. really, really cool stuff. come over here. tell me about this. you guys were wine barrel designs. >> southern new jersey. >> tell my, why wine barrels of all things? >> my husband was in carpentry, lovers of wine, brainstorming and came up with an idea to bring the two together. it's expanded in to a business with a product line of wine
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barrel furniture. we bring the barrels in. the line is available at wine barrel >> we have something really nice here. look at this stuff, this is fantastic. this is chocolate bark. how are you doing? >> good. we are located out of greensburg, pennsylvania. order our stuff on the website. third generation candy maker. we are the savor part of sip, savor and style. thank you so much. we will do fancy foot work as we come here, this is a lot of fine things. a couple of businesses, local stuff here. you call this a portrait for the floors? >> we like the educate customers. this is a handmade oriental rugs. you have painting on the floor. many people who are customers, choose us because we carry mostly finer quality rugs from
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around the world. specialize in cleaning. we also have a repair department, you can see example of the work that our website. >> you are in ellicott city. >> we will get one more in here. we are going to talk to jenny. i mean you got a lot of good collections and you try to talk with people and try to finds out what they want in their house. >> that's correct. we first listen to what the clients want and go ahead and offer them our services absolutely free. we have if you are looking -- this is great [no audio] ten tech. [technical difficulties]
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