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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 21, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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2 condition 20 when -- 2:20 when he hit the blue car head-on and struck the suv. the driver in the head-on crash were pronounced dead. the driver in the suv was shaken up but not injuried -- injured. people have been standing out just monitoring it. mcdonogh road between painters mill and winans will be closed for a few more hours. police are on the scene for two and a half hours. what they know a double fatal crash after a head-on collision. we will be monitoring the investigation. cheryl conner, abc2 news. tonight's crash comes on the heels of another accident last night that claimed the lives of three siblings in bel air.
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jeff hager joins us with this story. >> reporter: a veering car in the lone stretch of two lane road with no rom for error. the three victims who died all came from a single family. >> ashley, joey. >> reporter: a family photo captures one of the last images of 29-year-old david bauguess. his younger sister ashley and 17-year-old joey, all killed in a single accident in bel air monday night. >> i told my wife it was an accident. she thought the kids had hit something or something. when she said all three of her kids were dead, she lost it. >> reporter: the chevrolet cavalier crossed the center line here on route 543 just south of wheel road, side swiping one car
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before spinning into the path of another one. the impact of the crash split the car in two, macking it difficult to know who was driving at the time. as highway workers continue to clear debris from the crash on tuesday, one of ashley's friends stopped and looked on in disbelief. >> the last time i saw her, ashley brought the kids over, our kids over. she's got great kids. she's an awesome person. a really great loss. >> while the investigation into the crash continues, back in fallston the victim's family is balancing their grief and funeral planning for the brother and sister with concern for ashley's two young children. >> she's got two kids. the other mother had kids, joint custody with my daughter. i don't know how my wife is going to take it from here on
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out. >> the three victims als represented the grandparents. police say the two people in the car that struck them are expected to survive the injuries. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> all right. thanks a lot. continuing our team coverage, the medivac helicopter had an engine problem. the state was supposed to get new helicopters to replace its aging fleet. roosevelt leftwich joins us with the news that the delivery of those new choppers may be delayed. >> reporter: the engine problems illustrate the need to replace the aging helicopter fleet but new choppers have been delayed again. it took the lives of four people in 2008. the state has tried to modernize the air fleet. after almost two years the money was approved for the choppers used worldwide in rescue services and by the police.
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the first two choppers were supposed to be delivered to the state police on may 1st. this month they wanted changes and now the delivery is on hold indefinitely. >> we are currently, as i underestablished it -- understand it, negotiating some changes which would be an improvement. they're in the process of negotiating that with the manufacturer. when that is finalized, as i understand it it's a modification to the outside of the airplane. it has to go to the faa for certification. >> reporter: he sits on the committee that oversees the purchase of those helicopters. now depending on the amount of notification and how quickly the manufacturer can make them, help mentioned that it has to go to faa for final approval. that process can take several
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weeks or months. so it could be delayed for quite awhile. we'll have more coming up tonight at 6:00. roosevelt leftwich, website whoib whoib -- abc2 news. two men get into it on route three. this leads to a stabbing at the next intersection on gambrills. >> reporter: this is just crazy. switching drivers, led to violence. 23-year-old rolls sudbrook is charged with first degree assault as a passenger riding in a pt cruiser. anne arundel police tell us his car mixed this with with a 44-year-old driver of a ford explorer. witnesses tipped the police off about the driver switching seats. this leads to words between the driver of the ex-lowerrer and
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sudbrook. the driver of the ex-lowerrer gets out -- explorer gets out and confronts sudbrook, stabs hip. the ex-lowerrer chases the cruiser. then they get into it again with the driver of the explorer holding down sudbrook until police get there. in the end everybody went to the hospital either because of stab wounds or because of the accident. police tell us they will keep this investigation open for a while. jamie costello, abc2 news. new at 5:00 tonight anne arundel police are investigating the report that a 9-year-old girl was sexually assaulted last week. now the girl told police she was on the way home from lakeshore elementary around 3:00 in the afternoon when this man grabbed her and pulled her into a wooded area. this sketch has been put together based on what the girl told police. police are asking anyone who may have seen anything to give them
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a call at 410-222-3468. tomorrow jurors mr. start dlib -- will start deliberating the fate of george huguely, accused of killing yeardley love. the defense said his client had a role in the death but tblaimed on youthful indiscretion and the couple's volatile relationship. today the bill to legalize same-sex marriage is on its way to the full senate. the gush shale committee -- judicial committee voted to approve it. advocates say they are confident they still have their 25 votes. he said hoe expects a final -- he expects a final vote later this week. a rally north rights of the
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disabled. advocates, family members and people who provide care gathered in lawyers mall. they're concerned about the need for more services. while they're thankful the governor restored funding that were lost to increases. earlier this month we told you about delays in the doctor discipline system that allows some physicians to go on practicing despite some serious problems. abc2 news investigator joce sterman is here to explain. >> reporter: as part of our bad medicine investigation we talked about a baltimore county plastic surgeon, oscar ramirez. the medical board allowed him to continue practicing after questions were raised about the death of one huff vis patients. the medical board is allowing him to stay in business while they look into the case.
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as we uncovered, he still practices in florida. we told you they filed motion to temporarily suspend or revoke his license in november. almost four months later still nothing. now a member of florida's medical board is defending the delay. >> it's not a case where you -- the reality is due process is something good. it protects both the public and the doctor. you have to be fair to both sides. >> reporter: we contacted the florida department to -- of health but have not gotten a response. he is one of the 50 doctors on our website bad medicine. you'll also see a scrolling
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timeline of other if ication -- physicians and new ones with this icon that says new. we're continuing to follow discipline, looking at doctors who are problematic in the state. joce sterman, abc2 news. a clear day for the most part. we had cloud cover earlier but no precipitation. the sun coming out but still quite a bit of wind out of the south with higher gust. we can zoom in. 25 in frederick. 26 d.c. 26 salisbury. an evening where the winds will let up. still breezy early on, winds relenting overnight. we could see the potential for a few showers. we'll talk about that and our mild surge. it's all coming up. now to the economy. the dow jones industrial average
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broke the 13,000 mark today for the first time since the financial croi spies begafnlt it happened just before 1130s. stocks climbed on news that greece would get more funds and avoid a defall. the last time the dow closed above the 13,000 mark was may 19th, 2008. domestic violence doesn't just happen at home. sometimes it can spread into other parts of the lives, including the work plaissments coming up, with some lawmakers are doing to make sure women feel safe at work. and we pick up generic brands to save money but you may not be saving as much as you think. plus a dad became a violent hit after he shot his daughter's laptop.
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do you buy store brands to ceive on groceries? many of us do. but our consumer reporter shows us why that advantage may be disappearing so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: generic products are red-hot in the local supermarket. one shun -- once shunned by shores, many of us head for the store brand items. you're not always saving as much as you used to. when grocery stores first launched generic products in the 1970s they were a fraction of the price of the named brands. as they caught on and within the more upscale, store brands started costing more. fast forward to 2012. private label grocery items rose more than 5% last year compared to 1.9% for name brands.
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the report sites target's archer farms is one brand. it's no longer offering the same bang for the buck. the fact you can pay more for store brands. target's roast almonds cost a penny more per ounce than planters and sam's clubs diapers cost more than other brands. what this also says is some store brands are so good they compete on their own merits, and that's good. if saving money is your top priority, you may have to look harder for the true value brand as store premium brands get more and more shelf space. in other words, don't waste your money. >> we asked our facebook friends about this topic. they said not only are they getting more expensive, the size
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is shrinking. join in the conversation. like us on facebook at a clear day right now but earlier on there was definitely some cloud cover to deal w temperature 49 now. the winds southwest, gusting higher. you can see the harbor cam shaking in the wind. as we take a look at annapolis, the winds are whipping across. pretty good sailing but not much sunshine. bel air similar as we put six hours into six seconds. this is kent island, a nice shot down at the dock. crystal clear that will hold up through the day. tomorrow night we could see a few showers. temperatures, though, fairly comfortable, just below 50. the winds have been the main
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culprit this afternoon, steady from the south at 10 to 15. we had gusts 6 in -- 26 in d.c. changes are nice and clear to our south and west. we should stay clear overnight tonight. the overall pattern looks or appears to be quiet to our immediate west. it's a fast moving weather pattern, so we expect a new disturbance to spin up. in the immediate future a front comes through dry tonight. it will be a wind shift but not much cold air. tomorrow we should be well back as we work into thursday potentially getting warmer. in between the two warmups, we'll have the slight chance for rain tomorrow night. it's a quick pattern but you can see that milder air building in across the southeast where they're not '60s and '70s. tomorrow a sunny start to the day. temperatures warm up above 50,
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then that chance for rain, narrow band of precipitation between 6:00 and 10:00. once that clears out, we'll be dry again into thursday. thursday looks like or significant warmup that could take us well above 60 degrees, mid-60s. not bad. overnight down to 38, late clearing and not as cold. tomorrow we'll go with an early sun scenario. late day clouds coming in, still a mild scenario. then tomorrow night down to 42 with those scattered showers. keep in mind tomorrow night's ride from home not as pleasant as normal. here's the outlook. temperatures do trend warmer. best chance for rain, even a thunderstorm comes friday has cooler hair spills back in -- air spills back in for the weekend. we'll be up close to 50 degrees. kelly? now to a story that will
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make you double-check the locks on your doors. tonight we show you how a criminal mastermind terrorized one community and the one misstep that brought him down. brian kuebler joins us with a preview. >> reporter: we're talking about 239 home burglaries, nine home invasions charged with the murder of a mother and daughter and suspect in three more. jason scott was able to orchestrate this through a couple of neighborhoods over the course of two years. it went undetected until the burglary of the carroll county gun store which ultimately led federal and local authorities to what he was up to scott was sentenced last month and got 100 years after the judge called him quote a tsunami of crime. it is a sentence that allows us to see the details of this crime spree and tell you the story of what law enforcement officials call one of the most screaming
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criminals in this state's history. >> i've been an atf agent for 20 years. i've never seen anybody commit the type of crimes that jason scott committed. >> reporter: coming up at 11, we'll tell you how s it the disturbing tools he used and how authorities were able to bring him down. >> we look forward to the report. coming up, a disturbing new study about women and heart disease. find out which age group is suffering from more heart attacks. if you're trying to drop a few pounds, we've got some tips to help you stay in shape during the workday.
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a new and wide ranging study that's raising some disturbing doubts about women's healthcare. it finds a big gender gap in the diagnosis and outcome of heart attackses in younger women. over 1 million patients were analyzed and published in the american journal of medical association and found women under 45 with no heart attacks were more likely to die in the hospital after wards. death rates are increasing in 35 to 50-year-old women. are you having a hard time losing weight? we're working with you. try to get 30 minutes of exercise into that workday. you can either walk downñr the hallway, maybe use the stairs or the elevator. when you're parking, look for a spot that's further away f you use public transportation, get
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off the bus before you need to get off at your stop or go for an old-fashioned walk during your break. coming up, domestic violence can follow some from home to the workplace. we'll take a look at what's being done to help those victims who feel like they need to get away. plus, the dad who shot his daughter's laptop is a viral hit. we'll tell you what he has this say to people who are supporting his moves. at a time when schools across the country are facing huge budget issues, one district in new york is letting teachers do last tech surgery for free.
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getting you up to the minute on tonight's top story, a harford county mother is mourning the loss of her three children. 29-year-old david bauguess, his younger sister ashley and 17-year-old brother joy wi were riding in a chevy cavalier when it crossed the center line, hitting another car. investigators are trying top figure out what caused their car to crash into the other lane. the medivac suffered engine problems and had to be towed away. according to officials that highlights the need to replace the aging state helicopter fleet. the state approved money to buy 10 new choppers. the first to arrive was may 1st but this month the state wanted to make changes and now the delivery is on hold indefinitely. this man faces assault charges after an


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