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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  March 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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is a few days off. people are enjoying the spring-like weather. just less than an hour ago governor o'malley signed maryland's same-sex marriage bill into law. the road won't be easy for anyone. cheryl conner explains. >> reporter: this is a historic day in maryland. legalizing the same-sex marriage bill was the governor's top objective. governor martin o'malley signed the same-sex marriage bill into law, joining six other states. it made it through the house and last year it never made it to a vote. the governor made very brief remarks saying we are one maryland and all of us at the end of the day want the same thing for our children -- to
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live in a stable home. so the bill on this day becomes law that same sex couples still have a tough fight. opponents are in the process of printing petitions to gather signatures to send it to the ballot in november. they are pretty certain voter also have the final say. we'll have much more reaction from the governor and people here to witness history coming up at 11. live in annapolis, reporting for abc2 news. now that the bill has been signed into law opponents are free to gather signatures. the maryland marriage alliance is spearheading that move m on their website they created an area where people can volunteer to get the signatures. a jury convicted a man. dante parish killed jason math they son by suffocating him with a pillow case and slashing him
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with a raise disomplet mathison's friend bs said he had a bright future. a baltimore man who was drawn to harford county for a girl's basketball game got a charge when police tried to tase him. once the birpz sounded in the game, police say 30-year-old teoine carroll tried to leave the building through a restricted area. when officers stopped him, they said carroll became belligerent. >> to my understanding, he was loud. he is charged with a couple assaults on the police where he pushed the police allegedly. so at that point they backed off. >> carroll was transported to harford county detention center where he has since been
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released. officials say he was attending the game as a parent. >> a harford county sheriff's deputy suffered a serious injury and was hospitalized. folks in edgewood called police have the three men kicked in the front door of a trailer to get inside. deputy ti tyler vass suffered an injury to his arm eye heard that he got cut. all i did was say a prayer that he was okay. >> deputies arrested 24-year-old william joseph flemming on an outstanding warrant. police are looking into a robbery near arundel mills mall. the woman was standing near bed, bath and beyond when a man
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walked up to her and demanded her purse. police believe she was targeted and they have identified the suspect in this case. in arnold police are looking for the man who robbed a woman outside of chesapeake academy. the woman said she was walking toward the entrance when the man grabbed her purse. he walked off. the man was in the main office asking for information about enrole m yawn with information is asked to call anne arundel police. you can call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. there were tense moment at bwi-marshall. police were called to the police after getting a handgun from a carry-on. the owner, a 70-year-old woman
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apologized and said she simply forgot the gun was in her bag. she was released on her own recognizance. >> it's one nice day of march, clear across maryland. we'll continue to see clear skies. look at the highs, 71 patuxent river. 70 at the beach. man, wish i was in ocean city earlier today. you can ceive temperatures now cooling in the mid-50s. wind gusts 16 to 235-6789 the wind's coming up. it will cool things off. we think a dry friday but rain possible as we go into tomorrow night and early saturday. we'll break that down and show you the complete forecast. that's minutes away. >> this winter has been one of the mildest on record. normally it's pretty cold and
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snowing. spring doesn't start for a few weeks but we hope to have another good season. >> reporter: march 1st. the sun is signing. birds and people alike are enjoying the spring like weather and a chance to take care of some spring cleaning. >> if we had snow this morning, i would have probably pushed it up another day or two. >> reporter: march 1st is the day that they celebrate. the couple has been marrieded for 23 years. they're opening -- celebrating the opening. >> i'm not sure i look forward to it. i'm sure kids look forward to it. i look forward to it. it's a lot of fun. >> they know we're opening. >> reporter: even before the
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blinds open, the lines form for the real unofficial day of spring. >> my nephew called me and said aunt, mary, guess what opens today -- rita's. >> my son's birthday is sunday and i'm pregnant so i'm looking forward to tasting rita's. >> friendly greeting, smiling face and an italian ice. >> i'm very happy spring is here. it's been a long school year. we're all graduating this year. >> reporter: spring is definitely in the air, not because of the calendar but because of rita. reporting for abc2 news. >> the nation's capital is getting ready to celebrate with
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its famous cherry blossoms. the passenger bloom dates will appear between march 21st and march 31st. 70% will be blooming. normal lit peak is april 4th but the mild weather pushed it to an earlier time. they're celebrating the 100th anniversary. a plan will aout university of maryland baltimore, university of maryland college park to share some resources. the original plan was the brainchild of the president and he suggested merging the two schools. the board of regents rejected it. they will combine research programs and allow students to easily enroll on both campuses. early this afternoon the owner of the harbor carousel began removing operation. he was unable to make his rent
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payments. he has until the end of march to get the entire ride out of the harbor. when looking fora enough car, what -- for a new car, what kind of factors are you looking for? the one factor that's become happening major factor again. plus, many ladies love their big old high heels, but did you know some are better than others? we'll break down which ones could be bad for your feet. 66 warm degrees at bwi. we hit 80. 6345 was your two-degree guarantee, a winner. tim, con gralts. you get pan abc2 scraper. we'll talk about if you'll need that thing. we're clear for now but changes sport weekend, we're breaking it down right after this.
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all the warm air in the capital will make the cherry blossoms bloom. got a nice picture. looks like the back of the lincoln memorial. wyatt will have a detailed look coming up in minutes. it will be a warm one. meanwhile, senate president mike miller says the senators are looking for a bill that would repeal a maryland tax cut approved back in 1997. the repeal would help reduce the state's $1.1 billion deficit by increasing the state's income tax by a quarter%. they haven't settled on firm number yet. another tax bill is the
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controversial gas sales tax. this saturday americans for prosperity will hold a protest in catonsville. the group claims that if it passes, the tax on a gallon of gasoline will go from 42 to 63 cents. governor martin o'malley said it's needed for transportation projects and to create jobs. a flu medicine may be the key to repairing brain injuries. that's according to a new study. patients got better quicker. many doctors believe that many using it to treat brain injuries years ago could help out a lot. as of now there hasn't been a definitive study to show that it works. the attempt to roll -- the mesh is sponsored by roy blunt and would allow insurers to opt out. that includes the law's
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requirements that insurers cover the cost of birth control. republicans argue it's a matter of freedom of religion. ladies, i know that some of you really love those shoes, but the next time you slip op your high heels, you might want to consider this. the higher the heel, the more likely you'll end up with foot problems and maybe a broken ankle. >> reporter: not all heels are created equal. there are high heels, super high heels and the more modest ones. >> depends on how high they are. >> reporter: dr. scott wood burn a podiatrist said when the heel is four inches or higher it can lead to a host of problems. >> when you wear a heel three to four inches high it takes away from the natural shock absorbers.
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that high of a heel takes away that shock. so something has to take up that shock, whether this your ankle, knee, hip, or lower back. >> reporter: the higher the heel the more pressure it puts on the ball of the foot hoot more cushioning the better. at least get something with a little bit of cushioning. >> reporter: if you can't part of the with your heels, limit the amount of time you're in there. >> kipe it to a minimum. go out to dinner, go to the show but do do a lot of walking. >> reporter: heels that are two inches or lower are best. >> doesn't put a whole lot of stress on your calf, calf must sells or achilles tendon and doesn't put a whole lot of pressure on the ball of your foot. >> reporter: chunkier heels provide more stability and support. don't forget to log on to for all of your health news. just log on and click on the
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news tab and click on health. you'll find health headlines as well as different categories that upand your family needs postcard finish to what has been an outstanding first day of march t is tough to complaint. i mean, temperatures pushing up close to 70 in parts of the state and really nice. 56 at bwi. northwest winds at 10. what a change from the last day of february. sometime that is last day of february into the first hours of march can be an interesting time of change. we went from cold and rainy to bright and sunny and such nice temperatures. look at frederick today, sunshine on tap. gorgeous, gorgeous weather. take you on a cross state tour, frederick. now we head to ocean city. other than a little forks
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weather was looking great. baltimore nothing but sunshine. man it was nice. good stuff here. last lay, annapolis at the u.s. naval academy, looking down at the severn river. we have three weeks left on the caller. meet logical spring starts today. maryland's most powerful radar starts today. still near 60 in patuxent river. cooler air filtering in, makes for a cooler day tomorrow. don't get used to the warm stuff. the winds are solidly out of the north. 20 sustained in winchester and gusts up to 30. baltimore 25. easton 16. getting breezy and cooler. 70 in d.c. mid to upper 60s central
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maryland. 0 in cambridge. ocean city hitting 70. man, it was nice out. so clear tonight and cooler. into the day tomorrow we look for a new system to develop. it's not even on the map yet. we expect the high pressure cell to weaken, slide east. initially this will encount ter very dry air. the east coast states, as the storm develops, likely that this will be a struggle to see much in the way of actual rain until late tomorrow night and probably role list particularly early saturday mooncht chance for showers but saturday here's that line of more significant rain pushing in from the west and downpours before they clear the air completely. i think we'll be left with a fairly cool and dry saturday
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night and a similar scenario sunday. sunday looks dry. overnight 37, clear and colder with a north breeze. your two-degree guarantee 57. not as warm last today but today was kind of a rare treat for this early in march. increasing clouds will bring in the chance for scattered showers tomorrow. the main rain does hold off until we get into early on your saturday morning. there's the seven-day forecast, temperatures bouncing back. sunday into next week decidedly cooler trend. not frigid and seasonable normal. so this mr. not be significantly cold air but cooler. >> when you say meteorological spring that starts on march 1st. >> that starts today but the 21st for our greg goryian
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calendar. >> good to know. new numbers show fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week. they're at the lowest level in four years. according to the u.s. commerce department americans also earned more and spent more in jan rift the news isn't all that good, though. another report shows manufacturing growth slowed down a bit in february. things are looking up for gm. the u.s. sales rose for the company 1% last month. that may not sound like a lot but it is when most analysts thought they would see a sales drop. ford land chryslers will report -- and chryslers will reported increases. those sales are boosted by small cars. according to the detroit free
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press drivers are opting for cars with better gas prices. thing ago -- with gas prices nearing $4 a gallon, we're all looking for ways to save. if you're in the market for a new characters as demand for the cars rise, dealers will offer less discounts.
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it's something pregnant women want but more and more doctors are saying no to this, the reason behind the crack down on planned due dates. forget rags to riches, more americans are seeing their financial futures fall backwards from riches to rags. how to get your spending under control. those stories and a lot more when you join us for abc2 news at 11. a quick check on the weather. could it get better for march 1st. 67 at bwi and 70s in southern maryland and ocean city. a nice evening for you but temperatures will be cooling off and tomorrow will be a cooler day but still, you know, not so
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bad. the chance for rain holds up. >> but cooler. >> still above average. >> thanks a lot. that's it for abc2 news at 6:00. ñ[=
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