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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:16pm EDT

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which comes tuesday of next week. we may see this for an extended period. for now 79 at bwi. we hit 83 so far in downtown baltimore. 70 in washington. 5 in easton. dover, 76. winds south, southwesterly. it's a warm breeze. at one point we thought with the humidity on the rise that we could see at least a few pop-up showers. we're beginning to see early indications south and southwest of baltimore. could we see some blossom into a few thundershowers. this evening 0-- 70s, variably cloudy. much more on how long this warm stretch continues. it's coming up. we all struggle with our budgets when the economy gets
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tough. it's no different for the people who create these states. republicans from the house of delegates introduced their alternative to governor martin o'malley's budget. >> it's a major factor. we have cut over billions of dollars of the budget. >> he sits on the house appropriations committee. house republicans say the budget is not being cut. it increases every year. today they offered up their alternative budget it. would cut more than a half million dollars from the budget. the governor's budget -- the republican budget does not rely on teacher pensions. the government wants to keep monetary things the way they
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are. >> the republican caulk sus is asking that we extend spending. >> reporter: the republicans say people are making more so the state shouldn't be spending more. >> make a responsible budget and give people a break. they're hrting. >> reporter: some democrats say having two versions is a good thing. >> especially when the competition breeds a better product for our budget. >> reporter: the budget is now being heard here in the senate chamber. when they're done with that, they will go to the house of delegates. they have less than four weeks in the session to get this done. in annapolis, don harrison, abc2. >> since he has been in office he has made over $7 billion in cuts. republicans disagree. the first slots casino in
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maryland just scored its big must and a big payout for the small town of perryville. jeff hager joins us with that story. >> reporter: the towns people of perryville, all 4500, would have never welcomed the casino in not for a cut of the proceeds. the town is now reaping the benefits and rolling in cash, which should help it upgrade from roads, to parks, to fire service. >> we have the police department, which we formed about eight years ago, that has been operating out of a double wide trailer, and it is getting to be in bad shape. it is, again, the police force has grown and has outgrown them. the casino's first year of operation produced $1.6 million for the town as much as it takes in each year in property taxes.
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last month perryville made $200,000 from slots. at 6:00 we'll break down some of the things that will bring it into the 21st century. now the latest from afghanistan. the situation is getting worse. we're following a revenge attack in response to the attack by a u.s. soldier who confessed to killing 16 civilians. the tmz promised this is -- the tal ban promised this is only the beginning. >> we will follow the facts whereever they lead us and whoever is responsible will be held accountable. >> angry students also hit the streets shouting death to the soldier who killed our people. the soldier is a married father
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of two. his family has been moved to an army base outside of tacoma, washington. he could face the death penalty. a man wanted who police say refused to surrender was shot after pointing a handgun at two standard & poor's in -- state troopers in cecil county. two troopers went back to the home later this morning and found thomas holding what appeared to be a gun. the troopers ordered the suspect to drop it and surrenderment thomas headed to the woods. police identified a man accused of killing his
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girlfriend's son. police say james haywood stabbed andrew fisher on pikeswood drive sunday night. fisher drove himself to the hospital where he later died. haywood is being held without bam tonight. the judge in the child section abuse case against former assistant coach jerry sandusky has denied the defense' request for more information on when and where the crimes occurred. sandusky's attorney said he will file a motion to dismiss the charges. his trial is expected to begin in mid-may. >> the best football players in the nfl are here for the ed block award. it honors courage on and off the
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field. abc2 news cheryl conner is live at martin west with more on what makes this young man so special. >> reporter: i can tell you this is the 34th annual ed block courage award. you can see people. are starting to gather here. that's because matthew costello will be here. he is the son of our jamie costello. he will be honored along with 30 players. it was back in 2009 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he was in middle school at the time at the top of his game in baseball, football and basketball. matthew is cameron's son. cam cameron called matthew to lift his spirits. he asked the 16-year-old to call the play for the ravens and that
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started a friendship every sunday. matthew made the memorable call when ray rice ran an 83-yard touchdown. so matthew will be one of three to receive a special award tonight and a player from all 32 nfl teams will be here and accept their ed block courage award. i can tell you, kelly, considering all that we've heard, there certainly won't ab dry eye -- won't be a dry eye in the house. matthew will take the stage we're told right after dinner. cheryl conner, abc2 news. a baltimore man is on a mission to make this into the record books. coming up, how his strength in the face of a disability is inspiring others. and the loyola greyhounds head off to the ncaa tournament.
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or your money back.
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you know, many of us struggle to get to the gym. for one baltimore man it has been his haven. hi is on a he is on a mission. he has inspired a lot of folks. >> reporter: at any gym anywhere you can find great demonstrations of strength and determination. you can find not just incredible strength but also heart. take a lock at -- look at tony
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harris. it took a disability to get him here. >> i continue on with life in a normal manner, but it wouldn't allow me. >> reporter: tony has multiple sclerosis. >> there was a time right after my diagnosis, i believe it was from june of '06 to july of '06, midmonth, i slept for the whole month. >> reporter: two years ago he read a blog that exercise would help. now he's in the gym six days a week, sometimes three hours at a time. >> i didn't accept the fact this is how my life would end. my last visit to the hospital in 2009, they had to push me around from clinic to clinic in a wheel chair. >> reporter: he even became a personal trainer. his story was featured in a local magazine for people with disabilities. he is moving people along the
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way. his best friend lap month -- lamont elliot was by his side. >> i watched my mother from the age of three years old to until the time she expired, suffer with the disease. as far as weight gain, exercising was a big help, i saw how he perked up. >> reporter: this week tony will try to get into the guinness book of world records as the strongest man with multiple sclerosis. hard to believe he won't get the title. but the whole way he will be repeating the words that got him here. >> never give up. never, ever give up. >> a motto that has taken him a long way. >> the m-s society and mac will
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open their doors for people living with multiple sclerosis. that's when tony harris will attempt to set his record. we'll follow him and let you know how he does. warm day. what can we say? well above average but not record breaking. the old record is in the mid-80s, so not that long ago. winds southwest at 12. we are the warmest we have been all day long. as we take a look at the overall regional picture, paul sunshine -- all sunshine, all warm temperatures. through the day, all sunshine. people out at the harbor. annapolis, just a few clouds do absolutely no active weather yet. here's the other side of the bay. you see the cameras. so we'll continue to watch.
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things get a little more active here. you can see that, cloud formation, looking west over the chesapeake. so the possibility of a few pop-up showers and thunder showers still exist. we think it will be mainly south of baltimore as that boundary interacts with slightly cooler air over the close is a peek to see the steady southwest wind bring up the warm and humid conditions. slightly drier air poised north and west of baltimore, lightly more humid and so with the heat of the day and that contrast and humidity that slight dry line, if you will, this is where we could see a few storms pop up. in fact, right now west of annapolis you can see a little bit of a storm developing here just south and west of the state


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