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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you, abc2 at 11:00. there's no way to say it but it's just the worst, a horrible accident that should have all of us feeling for this family tonight. >> a heated rivalry in sports that turned ugly and violent. >> and you should be dancing and they are. the music has never stopped. they are celebrating 70 years of marriage. a 9-year-old girl in surgery while her father is trying to heal the emotions of running over her with a lawn mower. >> an awful story. >> it was a freak accident. tonight i talked to a neighbor who witnessed the family's pain and we are giving a lesson in
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safety by the volunteer fire company. toys in the yard show the fun kids have at this home in jaredville. a neighbor says a 9-year-old girl and younger brother were out playing while their father was on his lawnmower. it happened so quickly, he lost sight of the kids and backed up over his daughter. >> the parents were just ba hysterical. trying to keep them causing so -- calm. >> reporter: the fire department says the girl's foot was nearly severed. she was taken to johns hopkins pete district in serious condition. >> it was just an unfortunate thing. it at what point anybody's fault -- it wasn't anybody's fault. >> reporter: the girl's father doesn't realize she was behind the mower. the ems chief says you should never give your kids a ride on a mower and be certain no one is nearby. >> going in the back yard, you need to give a good distance away.
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>> reporter: this neighbor saw enough this afternoon to have another talk with his 10-year- old son. >> and he was -- when he was littler he used to want to follow me around on my tractor riding his bike and i used to holler at him not to do it. >> reporter: the girl and her father have not been identified but we understand she goes to jaredsville elementary school. cheryl conner, abc2 news. it's been a weekend of tough news. first a 27-year-old army national guard member was found dead on saturday. timothy could or was also -- koier was found by his roommates inside his apartment near caption. police don't know how he died but say it wasn't a homicide. the state medical examiner's office is now going to conduct an autopsy. a student killed by a hit- and-run driver. police say the 20-year-old was walking near washington avenue when a car hit him and pushed
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him toward the sidewalk. investigators say he hit a grass embankment and a tree root before coming to a stop. bailey was pronounced dead at the screent -- scene. it happened near the prospect hills ceremony. the father says his son was a junior, studying accounting. police are looking for an older model silver or white car. police officers shoot and kill a man after they say they were threatened. it happened around 11:15 saturday morning. officers started canvassing the area after a disturbance call came from the home a couple miles away. the suspect ran but not for long. >> the officer went to apprehend the suspect, a struggle ensued, the suspect threw an edged weapon. the officer feared for his safety, fired one round. >> was taken to shock trauma where he later died.
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tomorrow a national committee of young adult collegies is going to -- collegeys ys -- clergies is going to host a rally for trayvon martin. as shelby lynn tells us, they want george zimmerman arrested. >> we want -- >> reporter: the naacp rally and march for trayvon martin on saturday filled the streets. >> no peace. >> reporter: protesters wore yellow clothing and held signs in honor of the victim. the naacp president joined jesse jackson and al sharpton at the rally. >> there will be justice for trayvon martin. thank you and good bless you. >> zimmerman will go to trial. that does not stop racial profiling and raising violence in our country. >> reporter: george zimmerman is quoted as saying he shot and
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killed martin in self-defense last month. martin was unarmed. this surveillance video shows zimmerman arrived at the police department after the shooting. zimmerman's family defends him. >> orge showed tremendous restraint. he prevented his firearm from being taken from him and used against him and that's called saving your life. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: appointed a special prosecutor to pursue the case. the u.s. department of justice is also investigating. martin's family says they want a thorough investigation and justice for trayvon. shelby lynn reports from atlanta. >> and claims of self-defense as that happened in florida are becoming more and more common. it's most common in states with these stand your ground laws. the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot trayvon martin february 26th claims he did it in self-defense. the "wall street journal" article says justifiable homicide almost doubled from 2000 to the year 2010.
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with the ncaa championship now less than 24 hours away, march madness is turning into april aggression. there are concerns tonight that there could be a repeat performance of the ugly scene on the campus overnight. police in lexington kentucky embracing for new violence after university of kentucky fans went on a rampage celebrating the 44 win. >> reporter: passion hit the lexington skies as cars burned openly on state street. what started as a celebration of a win quickly descended into mayhem, thousands of alcohol fueled wildcat fans whipping each other into a frenzy. fans climbed on top of cars to the cheers of others. hear are officers screams to partiers, down, down, get off the car. >> get off the car. >> reporter: police were out in force giving a whole new meaning to march madness.
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revelers torched these cars. by the time it was over up to two dozen arrests but no serious injuries. meanwhile, louisville mourned their loss gracefully and without incident, all this after a basketball game, a big one as kentucky won the battle of the bluegrass state beating louisville 69-61 to advance to the ncaa finals. of course for thousands the only experience was to celebrate -- intention was to celebrate. police tried to close the streets but they were outnumbered and showed restrained -- restraint. the crowds and the fires eventually burning themselves out. >> got to get that under control. the only thing to make this a better day was if we were the ones who bought the winning ticket. started out overcast but then cleared up quicker than a pimple before prom night. heard that on the golf course today. here's meteorologist lauren. >> i like that one.
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that was good. that was good. you know what, guys? we are seeing a little bit of rain out there right now, just in some areas. if you were golfing, hopefully it was earlier today because it was absolutely gorgeous, not that you would be golfing at night but we are seeing rain coming through, a little bit of clearing taking place in baltimore right now but more rain off to the north and west. temperatures 52 degrees, we have dropped significantly throughout the evening hours and looks like we are going to slip into the 40s as well. that humidity 86%, you can still see out there with visibility about 10 miles and those winds are light right now but going to pick up through the day tomorrow and going to be downright blustery tomorrow night. so overnight tonight 47 degrees, spoit rain, that chance -- spotty rain, that chance of showers continues overnight. i'll let you know how things are shaping up for your commute to work and also getting the kids ready for school. >> thanks. in tonight's consumer alert, cars and suvs have been blazing up the roads and we are not talking about in a good
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way. federal officials say they are investigating reports of engine fires in the 2011 chevrolet krause and the -- cruze and the jeep wrangler. received two reports of fires beginning while the cars were actually moving. if you have trouble with your visa today? a technical problem affecting its network stopped you from using your card for about 45 minutes today. a visa spokesperson says the outage was caused by a recent upgrade and the problem is not related to the security breach potentially affecting visa and mastercard customers and that was reported on friday. not enough cash on hand to finish the class. that's the problem many advanced placement students face in the wake of federal budget cuts. the cuts mean high school students must pay the fee for their a.p. exams, a problem for many low income students. some students face bills over $200 and in a few states students can use state funds to
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pay but in some areas low income students must take on the cost. there is ways they will detour kids from taking the a.p. level classes in the future. tuesday we have primary day here in our state and also wisconsin, this is big for the republican presidential nomination. voters go to the polls and the latest poll puts mitt romney at the head of the pack in the badger state and the win could put him closer to nabbing the nomination. newt gingrich's ride could also land in wisconsin and for the first time he's acknowledging romney could be the nominee but he is going to show up in western maryland tomorrow and rick santorum is not conceding yet. santorum is counting on the primary victory in his home state of pennsylvania on tuesday. a 70-foot yacht with its crew knocked over and into the ocean after a monstrous swell. >> we are going to show you why this may not be the end of the race for the australian crew. we are going to meet the happiest couple in baltimore.
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you'll never guess how old they are or how long they have been married. and your h.r. department is going to have a hard one rewriting the manual where the encouraging petting at work. find out why dogs should be at your desk when abc2 barks again in 60 seconds.
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we got a little interactive tv tonight. we want you to raise your hand if you're married. if you do that, take a look at your spouse. >> really look at your spouse. can you imagine spending 70 years with them? look back at me now. let's assistance. >> the world was new. >> it's saturday night at giovannis and there's our song, it's time to dance. drapey in his black silk shirt takes her hand and there they go. now he is coming up on 90 and june is right behind 89 and they are about to celebrate 70 years of marriage. >> we've been distancing -- dancing ever since we met so
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that keeps us going. >> reporter: five times a week, four hours a night at places like nina's and the green dolphins and now at giovanni's: they have five children, 13 grandchildren, two great grandchildren. >> it's really great. it gets better as the years go by. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: what's the secret? well, june cooks like drapey's mom. never heard that one before, did you >> we just kept dancing. >> and whether it's a slow or a fast one, drapey and june tell use of -- all of us to keep dancing. you get the feeling it may work. hey, you think they are in love? >> i probably love her more now than when i met her. >> reporter: and this story ends with a kiss.
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>> how about that? >> great story. >> great party at the knights of columbus. they are the grandparents of casey brooks who owns casey's on joplin road and every week they have disco night. great story. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> they were so adorable. so i guess dancing is the key, i guess, keep everybody happy. i like it. congratulations to them and they can move. i hope i can move like that when i get that old. maryland's most powerful radar, we are already seeing rain coming down. heavy in spots. not seeing any lightning so don't think we are going to see thunderstorms especially since our temperature is cool, 52 degrees but we do see heavy rain, again, we will continue to see this throughout the evening hours and throughout the overnight hours. almanac 63 degrees where we hit
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today. it was absolutely gorgeous outside. hopefully got a chance to go out and enjoy it but i think we are going to have plenty of sunshine this week. if you didn't get a chance to go out today and you laid on your couch, this week is the week for you because it is going to be beautiful outside this week as well. normal 55 degrees, we were right around normal. right now temperature is 52 on baltimore, guy in our nation's capitol, 52 in frederick. eastern shore, 52 in easton. 48 in dover, delaware. clouds holding on as well as the rain. it's starting to break up just a little bit in spots, off to the northwest, we will pop this picture out. you can see we still have a little bit more rain to get through but these showers are moving very fast. so everything is going to be out of here by the time you make your way into work tomorrow morning. we just got to get through this rain. could pick up about 1/4 inch of rain before it is all said and done in some areas. show you this future trend. we see the rain moving through now, it is doing a good job of
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picking up some of the heavier spots of rain. but look how quickly it moves out of here. we have sunshine for when you wake up tomorrow morning. it is going to be beautiful and then all the way until tuesday we continue to see sunshine, tuesday night a few more showers maybe moving in and we could see a thunderstorm as our temperature pops up into around 70 degrees for your tuesday afternoon. overnight tonight, 47, some spotty rain, we are not going to fall too much further. chance of showers continues during the overnight hours but don't worry it will be gone by tomorrow morning, 60 degrees our daytime high, going to feel just a touch cooler since we are going to get a breeze out of the northwest and going to be fairly windy tomorrow, northwest winds at about 10 to 20 miles an hour and some gusts up to 35 miles an hour. and 35 is going to be our temperature overnight low tomorrow night, clear and downright blustery, areas of frost in there. you got those potted plants you might want to bring them in. seven-day forecast, 60 degrees for your monday, slight chance of showers on tuesday.
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looks like just a few maybe thunderstorms, i'm going to give it about a 20 to 30% shot that we are going to see anything, wednesday, thursday and friday we clear back out, our temperature goes down a little bit, especially by the end of next week, we are in the lower 60s, coming back up for the weekend and hopefully that weekend will stick and we won't see anymore rain and we can have sunshine for next weekend as well. >> actually looks pretty good. >> opening day, 63 and sunny. >> yes. >> wow. >> beautiful. >> yes. >> positive. tonight's health news, don't take it off. >> the food and drug administration wants the tobacco industry wants to tell consumers about every harmful thick in cigarettes. any claims of a reduced harm product such as smokeless tobacco has to be backed up. there are more than 7000 chemicals in tobacco products, so large label. the fda says 93 of them are harmful and that list includes the nicotine and arsenic and the fda wants the new packaging
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by april 2013. moms, i don't need to tell you this, childbirth is painful but did you know it takes longer than it used to? the new study by the national institute of child health and human development, scientists compared the delivery data from the early 1960s from data to the 2000s and researchers found out it takes a first time mom longer to get through the first stage of labor. babies these days are born five days earlier and tend to weigh more and mothers are heavier. researchers aren't sure what's caused the increase but believe it may have something to do with some of the changes in the delivery room. it wouldn't be a nice workday, a whole lot better if you could brick your dog to work -- bring your dog to work? researchers say yes. a new study found bringing your dog to work reduces stress and makes the job more satisfying. and the study was done by a north carolina business that allows its employees to bring their dogs to work around 20 to 30 dogs are there every day and
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even employees without dogs enjoy taking out their colleagues' pets for a break. >> as long as they bring the bags and pooper scoopers with them. >> your news for all the health news you need. check out today's page and you'll find out health headlines as well as a lot of other categories. fresh food lovers, rejoice. today's the baltimore's farmers market and bizarre -- bazaar opened up for its 31st year. shoppers with get fresh fruits and vegetables as well as pasta and pastries and crafts. the market is located in saratoga between holiday and gauge at jones falls. >> excited about seeing fresh locally grown small vendors and local arsons -- artisans and
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businesses. >> the first reason we come down here is the fresh fruits and vegetables. you can't get anything better than organic here. everything here is fresh. >> i think it's really great to support local merchants and local growers. it's just a great way to invest in your community and get something fresh and healthy. >> and out, have a great time, see what they have to offer. there's everything you can imagine, a little bit of everything. >> if you missed today's opening, don't worry. the farmers market is opened sundays through december 23rd. >> check that out next weekend. and an amazing rescue of a yacht crew just 400 miles off the california coast got hit with a monster wave. >> and that's enough to knock them off the deck and into the sea but not out of the race. and guess who remains at the head of the pack when it comes to the box office this weekend? give you a hint? you're not going to leave the movies hungry. storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. turn left.
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the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there?
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[ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine 2012 iihs top safety picks. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $219 a month.
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dodge -- done congratulations. the frantic effort to rescue three sailors injured in a yacht race. >> two headed back to san francisco but three sailors were on a boat 400 miles off the coast of california, huge wave and high winds struck and abc news clayton sandell on a new race to save them. >> reporter: when the crew left china last month for the u.s., it was smooth sailing. but just 400 miles from the california coast, the 68-foot racing yacht ran into trouble. just before dawn saturday, the
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boat was hit by a monsterrous swell, steering was knocked out. >> and the crew took the full force of that wave on them, so knocked them over. >> reporter: four people hurt including the ship's medic. she may have several broken ribs. >> we are not going to leave anyone out there that needs the assistance of the hospital so they will make the determination who needs that and bring them back. >> reporter: a coast guard plane dropped medical supplies on saturday but bad weather kept rescuers from reaching the boat. they are using a helicopter to try again today. since august, the team has been sailing one of 10 yachts competing in a 40,000-mile race around the world. on this latest leg, a competing team shot this video. featuring waves angry enough to make even the stahlworth sailor sea sick. they have two weeks to set sail on hopefully smoother seas. clayton sandell, abc news,
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denver. a 2-year-old boy in china safe tonight after falling down a well. the toddler slipped into the well by mistake. firefighters rushed to the scene, used water hoses to try and get air to the bottom of the well. they had to try to pull the little boy up with a rope but didn't work. his body was too small and that allowed him to slip down underneath the rope. fortunately the firefighters were able to pull him out to safety. how frightening. >> yes. we will be right back.
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happy hung games games -- "hunger games" and may the odds be in your favor. for the second week in a row, "hunger games" is still quite appetizing, cashing in at more than 61 million. this weekend total ticket sales over $250 million and coming in at number 2 this week, the "wrath of the titans" followed by "mirror mirror" starring julia roberts. looks good. >> "mirror mirror." >> i want to see that. >> looks cute. i don't know if this week may not be a great time to go see the movies because it's going to be beautiful outside. maybe tuesday night, but plenty of sunshine all week long, 60 degrees for tomorrow and tomorrow will be a you little bit on the -- a little bit on the breezy side. tuesday 70, wednesday, thursday and friday looking gorgeous, sunshine, i mean that's what we got here for spring. so enjoy it until we get to summer and then it's hot and thunderstorms every day. so enjoy now it now -- enjoy it
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now. >> maybe shopping for flowers this week. >> shopping for anything. >> i love it. >> yeah. >> a girl after my own heart. >> i'll pick the bill up. >> oh, yeah. >> april fools. >> april fools. will we find out this week who the winner was? >> i'm hoping? >> they are hiding now. >> what a great weekend they just had. >> 640 million, yeah, i would be happy. opening day on friday. good is that are the to this week -- good start to this week.
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