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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  April 4, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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she has been painting easter eggs like this for the past 26 years. all new information overnight on the salmonella outbreak that's making people sick. i'm linda stow. the likely source of the outbreak. and thank you to wisconsin, maryland and washington d.c. we won them all. hattrick for mitt romney. what's next for all the candidates in the race for the republican presidential nomination. and there was low turnout for maryland's primary. coming up all new reaction as we take a look at some of the local races. >> that and much more coming up on april 4th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. did you get outside yesterday afternoon? >> great afternoon. >> great spring day, lynette. keep it coming. >> i'll do my best. we have a few clouds, a few showers this morning trying to trickle in here. unseasonably mild temperatures,
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a far cry with what we started with yesterday morning. we look at maryland's most powerful radar right now. there's that one lone shower in york, pennsylvania right now. this will be diving southward into hartford county and also portions of baltimore county in the next few minutes or so. so be prepared for that. just a couple of sprinkles, no type of downpours whatsoever. right now temperatures are on the mild side, 52 degrees in aberdeen. good morning to you. middletown 56 degrees right now, nottingham coming in at 48 degrees. we look at the winds, nothing out there right now. they'll pick up a little bit more as we go through the afternoon, but all in all not a bad looking day with an isolated shower in the forecast. we're going to talk more about that coming up. right now let's get a check of that traffic with angela. good morning. reporter: good morning to you, lynette. good morning, everyone. starting your wednesday hump day, should be very nice for you out on the roadways. very light fare around 695. we've been scanning our traffic cameras and not finding any early incidents for you. no hot spots to report, so you should be able to roll along without any trouble. let's go ahead and get a live
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look at traffic flow on 695 at the bw parkway. traveling on the bw parkway, looking pretty good also making the drive southbound from 695 as you head towards the capitol beltway, the pace is pretty good for you. now let's take a look at u.s. 50. work zones have cleared on the bay bridge and you're looking at an easy westbound drive from the bridge all the way to annapolis where we're looking live at raoul boulevard. back over to you, megan. we have an important health alert to tell you about this morning. there is a growing salmonella outbreak that is making people sick. health reporter linda stow is here with all new information. reporter: if you've had sushi recently, you'll want to listen up. government officials believe the salmonella outbreak is linked to spicy tuna rolls. investigators are trying to pinpoint at exact source. right now they're focusing on six clusters of restaurants in maryland, texas, wisconsin, rhode island and connecticut. but the specific restaurants haven't been naiped. at least seven people have been hospitalized. no deaths have been reported. officials say the outbreak is
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growing rapidly, at least 90 people in 19 states, including d.c. have gotten sick. the most common symptoms of salmonella poisoning are diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. the illness can be life threatening for people with weakened immune systems. right now the fda is working with the cdc and state officials to pinpoint the exact source. the cases were first reported in late february and continue to grow. the likely source, again, from spicy tuna roll sushi. linda stow, abc 2 news. democracy 2012 news to tell you about this morning. a hattrick for primary day for mitt romney. the presidential candidate won all three primary. in wisconsin he led rick santorum by 5% of the vote. in maryland a much larger margin of victory with romney winning the race hands down. in washington d.c. rick santorum not even on the ballot. >> join me in the next step toward that destination of november 6th when across america we can give a sigh of relief and know that the promise of america has been
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kept. >> rick santorum vows to stay in the race with his home state pennsylvania voting in three weeks. santorum says the race is only at half time, but abc 2 news estimate santorum must win 74% of the remaining kel gats to win the gop -- delegates to win the gop nomination. romney needs 42%. turnout not so great for maryland's primaries. some marylanders headed to the polls to vote in a handful of competitive races. sheree johnson has a wrap up. reporter: charley, all new reaction this morning. it was a night of excitement and a night of disappointment as the results came in from maryland's primary. le senator ben carden easily defeated maryland state senator anthony hughes. he's a pastor from prince georges county. on the republican side daniel bon gino, a secret service agent from dutchess county defeated rich -- from anne
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arunderel county. carden says he's ready to move forward and serve the people. >> i'm looking forward to this campaign to campaign on my record. we'll see who my opponent is and i look forward to talking about jobs, education, environment, women's rights, let's talk about these issues. >> carden and bongino will square off in the election in november. charley, back to you. >> as you heard, bon gino was the winner of the primary race. he had a lot of competition. 10 republican wrs on that ballot in hopes they could go up against senator ben carden come november. >> i'm a normal middle class guy from saverna park who just got fed up with the system and gave a few speeches, attracted some really loyal followers and really built a movement. i think people are really thirsty for results. no more speeches, it's time for action. >> we've got the full results posted at our website, 7online.
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click on the election results right at the top of our home page. you probably have your own idea about what roads need to be fixed but today you can actually find out what the state thinks. at a press conference this morning there's going to be a new report that will identify 40 transportation projects, most needed for maryland's economic development. now, we have learned that one of those projects will include widening and bridge rehabilitation on the beltway. the press conference will be happening at 11:00 this morning at camden yards mark station. students in kent county are scheduled to go back to school today after being sent home yesterday because of bomb threats. investigators are trying to figure out right now who posted a handwritten note at kent county middle school. it claimed bombs would explode at all public schools in the county. state police right now have evacuated the schools as well as the board of education. no bombs were found. new this morning, the new york daily news right now reporting that the woman who claims that she won the
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megamillions lottery, the woman from maryland last week in our state will be holding a press conference happening today. melinda wilson says she's a single mother of seven. she says she has that winning ticket, but we haven't seen it yet. her attorney plans to join her today. it's unclear when today or where that press conference will be held, but we are working the phones and will let you know. a new report says bmi measurements may not be the best way to determine obesity. >> so what is does and what it could mean? does it mean we are fatter than we originally thought? we have new information about obesity in the united states. oh, my god! this is terrible. >> some incredible images of a destructive tornado through parts of texas. we've got new video to show you when we return. and maryland's most powerful radar is mainly dry right now, but we could get more active. those details coming up. and what can you expect on the roads this morning? coming in from hartford county, we'll have a live look at i-95 and your other options for that
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it is 10 minutes after 5:00. and tornadoes ripped through the dallas-fort worth area tuesday causing widespread damage. >> absolutely. and a lot of destruction across a large area. the twister was caught on video in forney, texas. take a look at this, you can see the funnel cloud churning towards a row of buildings. the severe weather damaged hundreds of homes as well as businesses, knocked out power, canceling flights as well. >> all of a sudden [ indiscernable ] >> they're going to be having cleanup today. that will continue as the tornadoes caused a lot of damage. look at all that debris. at this point right now we don't have any reports of anyone being injured but teams are preparing to assess the damage today to determine how many tornadoes actually hit. something, lynette, i'm sure you'll be paying attention to. >> exactly. the last i counted was three, but i'm sure there was probably more after that, and that devastation is always so difficult to talk about. but what i like to say is the
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fact that texas will be get ago break for today as this severe weather threat shifts more off toward the east. we can see some heavy rain and thunderstorms now in louisiana and also in mississippi. this will start to move off towards the east as we go through time here and also we have a severe weather threat for the carolinas and also the virginias for today. we zoom in a little bit closer to home. the only thing that we're dealing with, the cloud cover, maybe a stray shower as we go into the afternoon. let's send this back over to megan and charley. the list is now out, where the best place to shop for your groceries is. >> we'll run down that list and tell you where your favorite store ranks. millions, maybe even billions of dollars wasted each year on unneeded medical tests. today doctors will release a list of procedures that doctors think patients don't need anymore. as we go to break this morning, a live look at baltimore's inner harbor. you're weaking up to what's new in maryland. "good morning maryland" returns in just a minute. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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particularly you. thanksi'll take the usual. got it. if you're open to choosing your own batter, mix-ins and toppings, come in today and build a stack you'll be proud of. only at denny's. welcome back. multiple reports out tonight that yahoo could be laying off 2000 reporting this morning. several news agencies said the company is planning to announce the staff cuts before the markets open. the layoffs are expected to
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affect yahoo's project and resource groups. the best and worst supermarkets in america. topping that list this year is wegman's trader joe's and publix. sitting at the bottom are wal- mart supercenters and pick and save. the biggest complaint, not enough open checkouts. i can attest to that, followed by the cluttered aisles and advertised specials that were out of stock. who do you think is to blame for the high gas prices? well, the average for a gallon of regular is just below the $4 mark at $3.92. a new poll asks people who they held responsible. most believe oil companies deserves most of the blame. others think it's foreign countries, their fault and about -- they say 6% blame the policies of president obama. in maryland the average for a gallon of regular is about $3.96. i would love to pay $3.96 right now. where is it $3.96? that is up a few cents from yesterday and up four cent from just a week ago. now, abc 2 news is is always trying to help you out and
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trying to find the most inexpensive gas in our area. head to our website, that's when you get there, click on the traffic tab and click on gas prices. time now for a check on your traffic. here's angela. >> good morning to you, megan. good morning, everyone. 5:16 as you head out the door, the only reported distraction out there is a disabled vehicle if you're traveling northbound on i-95 at maryland 32. still a little bit quiet out there, so tow trucks should have that out of the way very soon. in the meantime, traffic flowing freely as you make your way around the north side of 695. a live view through overly at bel aire road. a live view here of i-95 making the drive past white marsh boulevard, looking pretty good on 95 coming in from hartford county. lynette, please tell us today will be just as beautiful as yesterday. >> it won't be as beautiful as it was yesterday because we won't be seeing as much sunshine out there. we do have lots of clouds. let's look at the satellite and radar, the big picture here. here's the line of showers and thunderstorms, the devastating
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tornadoes yesterday in texas. i'm going to put this into motion and you can start to see this is moving out of texas. that's definitely some good news for them. but we're looking at some thunderstorms now in louisiana, all this severe weather is pushing off towards the east. we look back off a little bit further to the west in kansas now, dealing with some showers, some thunderstorms there. but also some snow on the back side of that in colorado, but, again, here we're just dealing with just the cloud cover as of now. not going to rule out a chance for a stray shower. but look at the temperatures and you can see the mild temperatures back off towards the west and to the south. yes, that's the fuel, all that moisture going to be bringing some more thunderstorms in here as they go throughout the day. but for us now temperature coming in right around 47 degrees. yes, that is above average, but we are going to get even warmer as we go into the afternoon. but future trend picking up on most of the activity will stay to the south of us for today, but it still could maybe move a little bit further to the north. so i am going to keep that chance in for just a stray and isolated shower, not a washout
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whatsoever as we go through the day. the temperature for today coming in right around 72 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, and then by tonight that temperature coming in at 42 degrees. megan. thanks, lynette. it's 19 minutes after 5:00 now. health news for you this morning, americans may be overweight, even more overweight than they think. the body mass index or bmi as we always refer to it is currently use today determine obesity, but a new study says bmi significantly underestimates the number of people who are obese and the measure is is possibly more misleading for women. researchers say that measuring the percentage of body fat is more accurate because it differentiates fat, muscle mass and bone. today doctors will release a list of medical procedures that are not as helpful as they once thought. they include repeat colonoscopies within 10 years of the first such test, early imaging for most back pain and antibiotics for mild to moderate sinus distress. this is all in an effort to
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save some money, but doctors also say that these tests are often useless and time consuming for patients as well. today is going to be a great day to get outside with your kids. it's national walking day. the american heart association is now urging everyone to get off the couch and take a walk. you're encouraged to take at least a 30-minute walk. just go out and have a good time. it's meant to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity and impact your overall heart health. the man who got pulled over in montgomery county driving the batmobile and wearing the batman suit is now going to be at samuelson's children's hospital in baltimore today. lynn robinson will be joined by spiderman and wonder woman, entertaining the kids at the hospital. the video with batman talking to police went viral last month, leaving many wondering who exactly is the cape crusader. turns out he was on the way to another hospital visit when he was pulled over. he was not issued a ticket. >> i'm glad he didn't get a ticket. >> he's a local guy. >> pikeville, i'm told. they sold millions of records all over the world and
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they made teenaged girls scream. >> all new this morning, a new fab 4 could be forming and they're very close to the original group. plus a new message from al- qaida this morning. this one is in the form of a movie poster. 3q
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news around the world on this wednesday, a mysterious new warning from al-qaida. an image a stock photo of new york with the phrase al-qaida coming soon in new york was posted on a radical website. authorities suspect the author may be egyptian based on the style of arabic used on the website. there has now been no terror attack in new york since the failed times square bombing in 2010. >> nobody in u.s. intelligence and security wants to be the person who overlooked a clue. that's happened in the past and we've paid for it. >> officials say there is no sign of a specific new plot, but they're continue to go look
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into that poster. the miss universe canada contestant who was forced out of the pageant last week because she is transgendered is now looking into legal action. jenna talackova brought in attorney gloria allred on monday. the pageant's organizers reversed an earlier decision and then said that the 23-year- old actually could compete as long as she met the legal gender recognition requirements of canada. allred says she should not have been excluded. >> jenna is a woman. as evidenced by her canadaian birth certificate, passport and driver's license, each of which identify her as a woman. she should never have been judged by what she was or was not like at her birth. >> talackova said she just wanted donald trump, the pageant's owner to say plainly that she could compete. trump has told cnn that she should be allowed to enter that pageant. revealed last a new bird now set to take flight.
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this is one of the nine british airways plane that's been given a facelift, specifically for the london olympic games. it's been painted to look like a dove, complete with a beak, eyes, tails and feathers. you're watching time-lapsed video of that process. doves are internationally recognized as symbols of peace and social unity. they were also used during the last london games. that was back in 1948. sir paul mccartney's musician's son said he would be happy to perform a new band with the sons of the other three beetles. james mccartney said the idea had been discussed an the sons would be interested. james has already released two digital-only eps and two dirveg sets produced by his very famous father and on a small tour in the u.k. as well as ireland. on this day in history back in 1968, the world lost a great leader. >> stay with us this morning and today on that anniversary
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of his assassination, what is is being done to remember the life of martin lutherking, jr. and a firefighter's job is to save lives. the extreme measures one crew took to revive some very small victims of a fire. and we have mild temperatures this morning and that will continue into this afternoon. but a cooldown is is on the way. those details coming up. and for your wednesday morning drive, will you run into early delays? we'll have a live look at the beltway coming up next. reporter: good morning, everyone. topping america's money, disappoint in the fed. it appears that the federal reserve has no plans to shore up the economy. the fed is also a little worried about inflation, that news disappointing the financial markets yesterday, all the major u.s. markets were down slightly. consumer reports says the top national supermarket chains are wegman, trader joe's, publix and fairway. among the biggest complaints by shoppers were high prices, not enough open checkouts and rude employees. a british telecom company's work-at-home experiment was
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successful. all but a handful of employees stayed home for a day and the result was more than 1/3 said they were able to be more productive than if they had worked at the office. this is good news to me. here's the scoop, the price of ice cream could be up this summer. vanilla crops are poor. that's america's money. i'm paula farris. have a great day.
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