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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. now abc 2news at 11. >> another freeze warning tonight. will we thaw out in time for the orioles first pitch? >> russian rolette or a better way to manage limited resources in a new plan for the city's fire department. >> did the orioles loose to a community college team? we find the truth to this rumor. >> they needed to take action and they did. tonight the news is working for you with ways on how to get out of debt and stay that way. it's on the news at 11. >> right now let's go outside and take a look. its opening day eve and we are getting ready for pass over and good friday lead up to east ear. >> a freeze warning it in effect. wyott with a look at where. >> reporter: you know it's the northern counties, cecil up
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through garret, the pennsylvania line and from baltimore south including howard, lower eastern shore, no freeze threat tonight but if you have that outdoor plant maybe bring it in. still a few hours, clear skies over the state. that will help cool it off. temperatures above freezing but headed south quickly. frederick already down to 37 at the top of the hour. sun on tap tomorrow but a slow climb out of the 50s. sunny and breezy, more on easter weekend picture coming up. >> thank you wyatt. there are concerns that a now plan proposing major changes, could impact your safety. christian is live tonight. when the news went out to see -- several fire companies closing for good in.
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>> reporter: 42 said it's a better solution than what's been going on which are rotating closures, different companies being taken out of service on any given ninth. still the head of the firefighter's union said it's another step in the wrong direction. the message from the city fire chief. >> no firefighters are being laid off, all we are doing is redeploying. >> reporter: it's a new strategy to deal with a tight budge. different companies had been shut down each night. the chief's plan has identified three that as of july 1st will be closed or disbanded for good. >> stabilized. it's a more efficient system to have permanent locations. >> reporter: truck ten which operates out of the fire station on lafayette would be disbanded along with truck 15 on north monteford and squat of squad 11 out of the fire station on eastern avenue.
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the stations themselves will not close and other equipment will be movedn. the firefighters about 72 of them will be moved to other stations, the head of the firefighter's union said. >> we have to protect the people. my opinion is we are at rock bottom. >> reporter: he isn't a fan of rotating closure but said the three permanent ones worse. >> it's a russian roulette and i would rather gamble i had my resources than never having them. >> reporter: he said the three companies were picked because the areas they cover are most easily covered by other units. he said they those and the upgrade to the dispatching system could improve response time city wide. >> it'll belong term. we have to figure out how to right size the department sot city can afford the fire department. >> reporter: last year there are 17 fire related deaths,
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that's the lowest total any year since they started keeping track. this year there has only been one fire related death. the head of the firefighter's union plan to meet with the mayor here next week to try to address the concerns and try to make changes to this plan, we will let you know how it goes. >> you are traveling live on 895 right now. the road is back open after being closed for almost three hours tonight. as you can see traffic is moving and here is why it was closed earlier tonight. a six vehicle accident including four cars and a drum truck. four people were hurt. they were taken to shock trauma. they will make it. this is 895 fort harbor tunnel and this -- 97 the belt way the harbor tunnel and if you were caught in this you were
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detoured back on to the beltway. . just a few miles south of this a call comes for a shooting in the 1500 block of furnace avenue. this is in the point pleasant area. police found one person shot to death. another was found inskied is now being questioned by police. linda heard the sirens and came outside and ducked behind her husband's truck when she saw police getting rifles. she talks about her neighbor now with police. >> -- you know he would be out helping mr. earl across the street and it was just -- very calm, quiet man. really nice. >> reporter: it's really hard to accept. >> police want the neighborhood to know this was isolated. >> tonight a missing person's case is solve bud now police are looking for a motive for murder. the remains were identified from middle river yesterday. it was 57-year-old jeffrey
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jennings, reported missing in september by his son. as police investigated the missing person's report they were able to intercept communications from a couple. >> there was some type relationship between the victim and suspect but we don't know the nature. >> they have both been charged in the death of jennings and are being held without bond. a noose and vandalism found on the college park campus. it was in a elevator, the noose was in the computer programming building. the university said they are still investigating both incidents, and that they just can't have it, they won't tolerate hate or bias in any form on this campus. a former girl's track coach
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must now register as a sex offender after the 40-year-old entered a alford plea of sexting with a student. he exchanged nude pictures and videos with the 17-year-old. with the plea he maintains his innocence the sentence is carried out as if it was a guilty plea. we are told the relationship was found by the girl's father who caught them kissing. >> the hearing for a former penn state assistant coach lasted just minutes today. his attorney is asking for the sex charges to be dropped claiming there is not enough specific evidence. the judge adjourned it saying court decisions could be made because the investigation is not done. the prosecutor addressed some of his claims. >> the defendant didn't wish to hear the perversions he was
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accused of. >> the trial is set for june 5th and he will face 50 counts. >> that winning ticket is still out there. lottery officials want you to double check the tickets you may have at home. they say nobody has come forward and just because one person claimed to have the ticket doesn't mean they do. officials say still check your ticket. the right numbers are still worth $158 million in a cash play out. >> it's important to us that in all of the information that is out there in the media, the people not be mistaken in thinking its been claimed only to have the real ticket holder discard the ticket. that would be a tragedy in this circumstance. >> officials say they are in a holding pattern so check the ticket again. the winner has until september 28th to claim the prize, here in maryland the winner has the
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option of staying private. >> the orioles getting ready for opening day and the greater baltimore committee with hopes in the air for a new season. today the orioles were introduced to everybody and there is the man in charge. buck, jam packed crowd. >> hey, essex, hartford. the orioles, major league orioles while preparing lost to a community college in florida. they lost 2-1. the orioles also loaned the team some of their proplayers and, several stars played just a few innings and took just a few at bats. remember they play after their competition so they will be better tomorrow. we will be at camden yards for everything. you can catch it all at five and six. >> tonight a rare look at one of the first edition king james bibles ever to be published is here in baltimore. it's on loan to stevenson from
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the maryland bible society. there are about 175 left in the world. they can sale for up to six figures, its part of a collection that will be on display for the public beginning one week wednesday night. we got word from the comptroller that it the first william donald schaffer award will go to the little sisters of the poor. they have saved the lives of many. a special panel look over the nominations and then personally present the awards, the comptroller will meet them on april 16th. congratulations. >> jim adams -- he is no politician. the man who owns the running store is out to win a national award. all of you who laced up, put your sneakers on, you walk, jog, run, you move -- support your baltimore hometown. > first of all this say fun place to work. if you have been in a ak or
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marathon you know jim. >> can -- film contest and a film maker that's what i do. >> reporter: tells dad to go for it. i'm jim adams and this is retail. >> reporter: thousands of entries, hundreds down to just 20 and then a precious ten. >> competition with him, lot of businesses nationwide. >> here say man who started off in insurance, found his passion in running, set up a shoe stand and now is running for every small business in baltimore. >> the best city to have a small business and we deserve that type of recognition. >> reporter: get it. he plans to write a check to his son, tuck some away and spend the rest on a big party. good luck jim. go to the website, we have a website there where you can go
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and vote. you can only vote ten times a day. from armor or new shirt to wearing a shirt with a eye opening message. >> where this young man goes to school says he can't wear it but on april 20th he can and will. >> how can you climb out of detect. a woman buried in bills manages to show us the way to a debt free life. >> and researchers studying chickens. the news comes back in 60 seconds.
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. new tonight an ohio student is making a bold statement in silence. he is a gay high schooler. he sued after they banned him from wearing a shirt that reads jesus is not a homophobe. the district said it's sexual in nature but will let him wear it on april 20th the day of silence recognized nationwide to race awareness of gay
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bullying. this is a hot topic. should students be able to wear shirts with controversial messages like that to school. leave your comments on facebook. >> and a new find that came just as the world is set to remember good friday. a film maker believes he has found a christ tomb and it's filled with artifacts some say suggest it was jesus's family tomb and one inscription says god rise up. >> you have the earliest icon of christian belief. the earliest statement of resurrection anywhere, even if it's not connected to jesus it's the earliest statement. you have something dating back earlier than the gospel. >> they used 21st century technology to explore it and they dropped a robot into it to
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take images. the film maker said he didn't want to disturb it. how many times has this happened to you? you are asleep, enjoying your dreams only to be awakened staring at your alarm clock. now there may be help to help you get back to sleep. nearly half of you wake up in the middle of the night and a third can't go back to sleep. there is a new drug being marketed as the only fda approved drug that will get you back to sleep but not knock you out for hours. >> it's different from ambien but has the same drug. it lasts for only four hours which makes it so wonderful. if may not be the magic pill to solve the problem and doctors warn that drugs should only be taken as a last resort. >> is this happening to you? health care so expensive and for a number of you it's to much. there is a new study out that shows the people are going to the doctor less frequently and they are cutting back on drugs
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and that said -- emergency room visits up more than 7%. report is also suggesting the increase in length and loss of health insurance coverage due to long term unemployment. > you may be getting a little more than what you barginned for with chicken. researchers joined two studies looking for medications in chicken used for growthn. addition to four that were banned five-years ago they found active ingredients for several medications. they admit they didn't study chicken meat, only the feather meal, that's a by product used to feed them. while there may not be a immediate danger he said more research is needed. >> it only says that it would be worth looking in to them but we can't say that they are. >> the national chicken council is shoot down the study saying as the study's author says it looked at feathers, not at the meat, the fda said it hasn't had a chance yet to
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review the studies. >> you know when firefighters graduate they have dreams of running in to burning buildings and saving lives. this school was saving lives in a different way. this afternoon someone came pleading for help with animals. when they arrived they found two goats walking on the road right in front of frederick douglas high school and after several failed attempts they took them back to the fire house while they tried it find the owners. >> you know many of us try to get out of debt but it's not easy. one mom did it and said you can to. the woman you are about to meet said she is living debt free and she is now trying to help others do the same. >> we realized we have to do something. we can't live like this. >> tracy is a stay at home mother of three, her husband works full time but when their debts reached $37,000 they realized something had to change. >> then it started to seem that we were robbing pete tore
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pay paul. things were getting more expensive and you were hold that electric shack until the paycheck game on friday so that it wouldn't bounce. >> reporter: they bought books on how to live debt free this cut up credit cards and started to pay for everything with cash. >> once we get our money we take the cash and we put it right into this. >> reporter: doing that to pay for certain things like meals out. when it hit zero we are done eating out. >> reporter: it paid off. they got out of debt in just over two years. >> it forced us into making sure that it was something we really needed instead of something we just wanted. when the money was gone we were done. >> reporter: today she blogs about her financial past and shares money saving tips with others. inspiring them to live debt free. >> sacrifice you are making now for long term gain. >> the folks have paid with
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cash so long they don't know how to do anything else. the next a disney world vacation they will pay for with cash and they hope to pay off their home in a few years. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. weather wise, still not that frigid out there yet but we know it'll be colder over night. extremely dry air and winds have gone calm. we have a clear sky. there is a freeze concern especially north of baltimore. first, speaking of frost interesting skies over frost bug as we put the weatherbug camera into motion and you can see pretty nice finish to the day in the mountains, further east on the chesapeake it was another great sunset here. the view from the bay bridge marina. look at that sunset. good as it gets. maryland's most powerful radar
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crystal clear as we speak and that will be the case for the next several days, next chance for rain monday into tuesday and rain we could use dry for this part of early april. haven't seen much april showers and we could use some. in the meantime dry and cool will be the theme next several days, winds have let up. here is the freeze warning, northern maryland, not including the city our howard county, pg or across through the lower eastern shore but we have the concerns going west. dry air in place. set up for a rapid cool up. the closest cloud cover down toward richmond. the bottom line is we continue to dodge the active weather here. this system to the south, once upon a time this was the storm that helped generate the tornados in the dallas area.
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just rain showers now in a couple of garden variety thunderstorms, but the system wrapping in, colder air behind it and we will feel the effects. breezy and chilly tomorrow business pitt the fact we will have sun. maybe get that extra layer, bring the glasses, we will be clear through the day tomorrow and into easter. north of baltimore, 36, and the city, good friday, here we go, also for the season opener we are talking about 60 degrees, it takes all day to get there, much of the day in the 50s. with the breeze it'll be chilly. tomorrow night down to 4 434 with 34 with the frost. we should push up close to 70 by sunday. saturday we will see mid60s. great looking easter weekend. chance for showers next week. we hope to get that rain. >> coming up after the break a
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crook so bold he stole from people at funerals. >> first bill weir,. >> kelly, jamie, they may seem like your average teens but they claim they are demon battling exorcists and a fat camp for dogs, is it vanity or should you worry about your best friend's wake? that's coming up on night line.
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. you have heard this before. if you lost a loved one and you post the obit. in washington state burglars are targeting people that are just lost their families and
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friends, john was robbed at his mother's funeral. he finally got his things back outside a daycare where they were found. >> going through this and having my loss of my mother, you have have get a break and they made a break for us. >> police are still looking for the two suspects. they believe they were responsible for other crimes. and he can really bust a move and it just may be his dancing. look at this guy. galveston texas, this guy has been dancing his heart out. broke into a vehicle and officers released the video hoping someone will recognize him. >> he has -- mc hammer break dancing. >> let him go. >> parachute pants. >> you have to get a little excited about it. >> never know. >> and a freezing start to the day. north of the city take a look.
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northern maryland. you can see a freeze warning up that will last through nine. above freezing by 7:30. cecil up through garret on the state line. >> game day forecast 60 degrees, mostly sunny, and -- again just a good day with the breeze in the 50s. maybe have the fleece and the sunglasses, combination. that's where it's at. >> this will be the year. >> we will be right back.
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. you have a great pitcher. >> by popular demand. this is looking over the chesapeake at sunset. came just after 7:30. man. makes you just want to go over. >> like a postcard shot. >> enjoy yourself on the eastern shore look toward the western shore. game day score prediction. i say 3-2 orioles. >> i say adam jones will have a great year. a great year. >> that's noncommittal. >> i just want a win. doesn't matter what the scores. >> get rid of the salary cap. >> here we go. >> have a good night. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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