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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  April 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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things. >> we have our own peep treats here. >> stay with us . local lawmakers head to a prayer vigil for trayvon martin. what could happen in florida court tomorrow. the final day of the legislative session, lawmakers have to pass the budget. why it could cost more money if they can't reach a compromise. hope you had a wonderful weekend, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's head over to meteorologist, lynette charles, with more. we will get to that in a sec. the alert coming up. we were talking about from 9:00
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until 8:00 tonight for strong winds and dry conditions. >> it's going to be in effect for much of the state west of the chesapeake bay. critical fire conditions are occurring now or will shortly. we've seen our fair share. now a check of the forecast with lynette charles. good morning. good morning. yes, it is going to be a hair raising monday for us. the red flag warning, cool and breezy and dry and the winds will pick up as we go in to the afternoon. here it is here, look at the red, it's not only for the state of maryland. we are looking at del aware, new jersey, points to the north and east and virginia. if your travels are taking you in these places, don't do open burning for today. it's in effect until 8:00 this evening. look at what we have. the temperatures are mild. 52 degrees gwen oaks.
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shady side 54. the winds are light and variable but will pick up. humidity, 31%, 43%, 34%, that's dry air we are dealing with. that's what is helping this fire danger that we are talking about this morning. detailing more and talk about next chance for rain in the forecast that we need. right now, let's get a check of the traffic with angela. how are the roads? not too good for 695 on the southwest side. starting the morning with an accident on the inner loop of the bellway. traffic is slow. blocking two right lanes and overturned tractor trailer and more information on this accident. if you are traveling through the city, 895, through the tunnels, an easy drive for you. around the beltway, keep in mind the accident is on the southwest side, looking at southeast at the bw parkway, okay here, but once you get on the inner loop to the southwest side, blocking two right lanes
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at baltimore national pike. lawmakers will try to hash out issues on this final day of the legislative session. >> linda so is standing by live with the latest. >> reporter: in a few hours, lawmakers will try to come to an agreement on the budget. they have until midnight before the session comes to a close. there is a lot of differences to work out. at issue is how to balance the state's on going budget deficit. the house and senate yet to come to a compromise on the measure to raise income taxes. if lawmakers can not come to an agreement they may have to extend the session. there other high profile bills that hang in the balance. the bill to promote offshore wind power, raising the flush tax and allowing table games in maryland. a lot to get down before the session adjourns at midnight. linda so, abc2 news.
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domino sugar factory is celebrating a milestone today. refinery will make history by receiving the single raw shipment east of the mississippi. dominos received 95 million pounds of raw sugar, 6 weeks short of the 90th anniversary. u.s. senator ben carden will attend a prayer vigil in honor of trayvon martin hosted by the african american coalition of howard county. it's going to take place at st. johns this evening. it will under score the need to pass an end to racial profiling act. the bill he produced in october. martin was killed by a neighborhood watchman in florida in february. tomorrow a grand jury is scheduled to meet on possible charges over the trayvon martin killing. the special prosecution in the case has said while the meeting is scheduled, it's not certain they will meet. a conference set for today
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outside of cleveland, ohio. lain, the accused shooter in the high school is set to appear at 3:00. firefighters are busy this morning. crews are keeping their eyes on joppa town for several days. firefighters are trying to control an 18-acre brush fire. the area has been affected. we are told that the fire, they are keeping close to homes there, crews knocked it back quickly, families in 80 homes were forced to evacuate for several hours. the smoke kept fire crews on alert for 3 days. and the national weather
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service issued a warning for the entire baltimore area. until there is a soaking rain, you are asked no to start a fire outside. baltimore city firefighters are in fact tbaiting a fire in pig town. -- investigating a fire in pig town. no one was hurt. authorities are looking in to how this started. dundalk, two people hurt and two dogs killed after four homes caught fire saturday evening. they started before 6:00 on st. heldna avenue. two people were taken to hopkins bay view. no word on their condition. dry conditions contributed to a fire in the woods of northern baltimore county in a 5-acre area east of pretty boy dam. 20 engines and brush units and 100 firefighters were called to help. they had to go deep in to the woods to get the fire under control. a live feeder running around the white house lawn this morning. >> details on the fun activities and the first lady
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has plans for the easter egg roll. man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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gorgeous weekend with a lot of sunshine. look at anchorage, alaska. they broke the record for seasonal snowfall at more than 11 feet of snow and 5 inches fell over the weekend. while snow is nothing new to alaska. the average snowfall in anchorage, 74.5 inches. they had 133-inches this year.
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tuesday's tornado outbreak in texas. hundreds of families still trying to salvage anything they can. >> everything has to be gone through. >> the families say there is a new reality for them, they took advantage of nice weather this weekend for cleanup, rain is expected across part of the lone star state this week. chance of rain throughout the course of the weekend. it was perfect out there. >> i believe lynette charles, a little cooldown is on the way. >> we have a cooldown on the way, starting tomorrow. for today, this is what we are looking like on the satellite and radar. texas, a chance for rain and possibility for more severe weather for today as well. closer to home, we are looking across ohio. a couple of rain showers there. zooming in and while we are dry, back to western maryland, we are seeing showers dying down. we have a possibility for a couple of showers to move in as we go in to the afternoon and
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through the overnight. but, a lot of that will be scattered, isolated in nature, we need the soaking rain and i don't believe we will get that. temperatures mild. 51 degrees in chestertown, jessup 50. walkersville 50. the winds, not bad, they will pick up as we go throughout the day. we will be windy and very blustery. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. good morning, everyone. getting ready to head out in the next few minutes. if you travel on the inner loop, consider traveling through the city and taking the jfx. it is not bad right now, only one left lane is getting by. the accident is a little bit closer to i-70 and security boulevard. we have an overturned tractor trailer. it's leaking asphalt. one left lane gets by on 695, approaching i-70. looking good on i-95, no reports of incident.
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baltimore national pike, no problems yet. volume is light. rick santorum spending the day off the campaign trail today. >> the family issue he is dealing with keeping the candidate close to home. frustration at the university of pittsburgh. what forced students to evacuate buildings over the weekend. you are waking up to what is new in maryland. we are following breaking news this morning, looking at a life picture out of philadelphia, crews are battling a fire, details on that in just a moment.
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five things you need to know. players are performing in maryland and dc. work of student poyets and artists unveiled in a unusual canvas, they are going to be on
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mta vehicles they encourage the work of young adults. fun of easter continues, kids of all ages are invited to take part in an easter egg hunt and enjoy arts and crafts and animal petting farm and egg painting. easter egg roll at the white house , the first family hosting the event which is in it's 134th near, the theme is let's go, let's play, let's move. more bad news at the pump, the average price for a gallon  of regular unleaded gas is up nearly $0.04. the average now sits at $3.97. in maryland is price is higher, $3.99 with many gases at over $4. commemorating the 100th anniversary, the pratt library, will show three screenings of the titanic.
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the unsinkable ship sank april 15th, 1912, three films will be screened. the film titanic, will be screened tonight. a night to remember available tomorrow in the evening and titanic will be shown on wednesday. head to our website at today , the genealogy website will release collection of the titanic. you can search the collection for free. tomorrow if first lady's first book will be released. it inspires families, schools and communities about the health of families and communities. report saying rick santorum will be off the trail today. his campaign said his 3 year
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old had to return to the hospital, she has a rare genetic condition and hospitalizeed this year with pneumonia. for continuing coverage of democracy 2012 head to, we have the latest news, primary results and candidate profiles, look under the news and click on politics. students and faculty are getting frustrated on the university of pittsburgh. a bomb threat forced evacuations sunday. 7 buildings have been targeted making bomb threats almost a daily occurrence on campus. the dorms are closed for hours for searches. nothing has turned up. there have been 40 threats since february. community members came together remembering lives lost, five men killed friday. sunday two men arrested in the shootings. sunday morning, 48 hours after the first shooting, investigators made a
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breakthrough. 32-year-old alvin watson, 19- year-old england, were arrested. they face multiple counts of murder. three of the five victims died. the community is now turning its attention to the families  hurt by the random act of violence. the questioning of potential jurors will begin in the trial of a man accused of murdering members of singer jennifer hudson's family. the suspect is charged with killing her family and charged with kidnapping and killing her nephew. 150 jurors were send home with written questionnaires. opening statements are set for april 23rd. preliminary hearing set for today for berkhart , the man accused of setting fires in hollywood in a four-night crime
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spree. authorities believe he may have sparked the arrest. check this out, an egg shell landing. the display features more than 38,000 plastic eggs. the theme was old friends and new. it's featuring the muppets. time for a check of the forecast. back over to lynette. we are dealing with windy conditions for today. it's on the breezy side, winds west at 8 miles an hour in baltimore, 15 easton. this is more what we will get as we go in to afternoon with the sustained winds. winchester, 24 miles an hour sustained winds. 17 haguerstown. gusts this afternoon up to 35 miles an hour. we have the winds, the relative human out there, it is dry. 35% baltimore, 27 dc. 33 hagerstown. dealing with bone dry air, the
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windy conditions, the dry air, we do have a red flag warning for the state of maryland, also pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, virginia. don't do any type of burning. easton 54 degrees. ist mild right now. as we go through the day it's going be another mild warm day on tap for us. satellite and radar, is mainly clear skies, looking back across western maryland, a few showers. most is not touching the ground because the air is dry. we have to moisten up the atmosphere. future trend will go in to motion, a slight chance for a shower scattered in nature in time for rush hour. i doubt everybody is going to get wet. this trend will continue as we go through the overnight and the overnight is the best time to get the rain that really soaks in, and has a chance to soak in. it won't be a lot of rain to
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talk about. we don't have that chance for the soaking rain, we will have a chance on wednesday, but still, not looking at too much. tomorrow, a few clouds out this, we look back off towards the west, a little bit of snow in to west virginia and points further to the north in to pennsylvania and also new york. we won't be getting in on that action. we are dealing with the dry air outside. 67 is what i'm going with today. very blustery, like yesterday, we saw that. as we look at your seven-day forecast for the next seven days, we are getting cooler. i want to pinpoint this, 67- 58 degrees. temperatures are below average, we should be at 62 degrees now for this time of the year. see that we won't see that until maybe friday, plenty of sunshine in the forecast and we will get warmer as we head in to sunday. the temperature around 75 degrees, but for today, the big story, the wind, the dry times, we have a red flag warning in effect for us today.
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now a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. windy conditions are a problems on the road. windy conditions, but now we are dealing with this accident. a hazmat situation, if you are traveling through catonsville on the beltway, slow traffic northbound, that would be the inner loop in case you haven't heard, it's a overturned tanker, leaking asphalt. we are blocking two of three lanes. traffic a little bit slow as you pass baltimore national pike. not a lot of folks out there as of yet. 695, green spring, no incidents around the north wing of the beltway heading to i-95. a live look on the southwest side, baltimore national pike, past baltimore, only the left lane gets by as you approach i- 70. summer heat is around the corner, how can you prepare
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your skin? >> think about getting the base tan and what doctors say you should use right now.
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an 18-year-old man is recovering after his sailboat slipped in the chesapeake bay this weekend. the coast guard pulled the man from the water south of the bay bridge sunday he is suffering from hypothermia. he went on the water around midnight. half an hour in to the trip, the boater returned and spotted by a freighter headed to the port of baltimore. 14-year-old boy expected to be okay after a car hit the
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teen when he was crossing york road on his bike. he was taken to johns hopkins pediatric hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the boy with was a friend who was not injured. parsons was with the boy until paramedics arrived on the scene. the driver of the car stayed at the scene and called 911. health news this morning, as temperatures warm up for the summer, doctors are saying you need to put the heavy creams away. here are tips to get healthy. doctors suggest using a moisturizer with sunscreen, st pf of 30, -- spf of 30. a facial burn is not a way to get your skin ready for the warmer weather. >> you probably don't need a
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facial. switching to an alpha hydroxy t slough off the skin would help. >> the tanning salon is not an answer. instead, try using a self tanner. new research says certain vegetables could improve breast cancer survival rates. green vegetables, broccoli, kale, cabbage and brussel sprouts reduce the risk of breast cancer related deaths. women when increase the vegetable consumption had a reduced risk of cancer coming back. the serving size was about 2.5 cups a day. if you have a child with dyslexia or know someone, you may want to listen to. this it may have more to do with visualization of symbols rather than trying to read the words. signs may begin before the
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child begins to read. s those who had difficulty identifying certain symbols within patterns and sentences had a harder time reading later on. coming up, all new information to tell you what your kids are learning about sex in school. a survey says the essential information taught is declining. find out why. that story is coming up at 5:20. one town has a unique way to celebrate. their race, big wheels style. mac users, there is a computer virus that surfaced what you need to know before you log on, that story coming up. news around the world, 9 minors trapped in peru. the rescue could take a day or two because of caved in complications. they have been trapped since thursday. they are getting oxygen food and water and allowed right now, able to communicate with their families. in develop, 33 minors were
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trapped in the ground in chile for 65 days. a car bombing near a church, a car exploded killing 138 people in nigeria. windows and homes had their roofs and windows blown away. the bomb se said to have tried to get closer to the churches but turned away by a security guard. government forces supposed to pull out of cities. syrian officials say they be able to pull out only to have rebel groups come in and and commit attacks. activists say 40 people were killed sunday in a new wave of attacks. united states and afghanistan signed a deal sunday that forced authorities over operation raids. the deal prevents


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