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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, embarrassing falt you're to launch. north korea's rocket splinters into pieces right after blastoff. are they planning to test a nuclear bomb. also breaking now, severe weather alert. a united airlines jumbo jet hit by lightning over san francisco, as a major storm slams the west. now, a massive tornado outbreak expected across the midwest in the next 24 hours. our extreme weather team has the latest. caught on camera, one wild ride. the traffic cop so dedicated to giving a ticket, he leapt on to the windshield of that bus and hang on for dear life in heavy traffic. a showdown on the freeway. tim tebow, the man of the moment, like you've never seen him before. our exclusive one-on-one with him, and his mother, on his
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unexpected nickname. and who is he really dating? why the superstar is the most excited man in america. >> i'm excited about being a jet. so excited about meeting my teammates. i was so excited about that. all right. i'm excited. >> and? >> and i'm excited. >> ding. it's like "monday night football." >> yeah. >> but it's friday. friday the 13th. good morning, america. and tim tebow, i saw what josh did, also with the excited in your newscast. >> it was exciting. >> he was very excited about it. great to sit down with him in his hometown of jacksonville. >> he was excited to sit down with you. >> he's a good guy. we also have a lot of breaking news overnight, including a very scary shoot-out in new hampshire. four police officers injured.
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and this is so sad. the chief of police was killed eight days before his retirement. >> that community is reeling with that news. and we have a picture for you. that is the snout of taz, the dog, carried away in floodwaters, turning up in the most surprising place. his amazing rescue. >> we're going to get to that. we do begin with the latest on that failed missile test by north korea. and the government was set to admit the setback on state tv. martha raddatz has been tracking this from washington. martha, the pentagon and all of asia on alert for this test. but it turned out to be a dud. >> a total dud. that rocket was airborne for 81 seconds. the rocket lifted off with no signs of trouble. but right after, the first stage booster rocket, whihe rocket higher and faster, the missile broke apart in flight. the debris fell into waters 100 miles west of seoul, south
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korea. it was over. >> there is a lot to make up for the embarrassment. north korea is going to plow ahead and actually try to test a nuclear bomb. >> that is a concern. it's the first time ever that the north koreans have acknowledged a failure of a rocket. so, that was a big surprise to the administration. but there were already fears that the north koreans would try to test another nuclear device. this time, a uranium device. so, everyone is bracing themselves for that development, george. they do not think this is over yet. >> and the administration was hoping to have a new era with north korea, now that they have a new leader. they were offering food aid if north korea didn't test this missile. that's completely off. >> they completely reneged on that deal. everyone is looking onward to that nuclear device test, which they think will come in the next few weeks. >> thanks very much. now, to josh elliott and the headlines. >> we're going to go to breaking
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news overnight. a drug bust gone horribly wrong in a small new england town. alex perez is just learning new details this morning. and he joins us, now, from greenland, new hampshire, right now. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: josh, good morning to you. you know, this is the nightmare that every police officer's family has every night. it appears after killing the police chief and injuring four other officers, the suspect killed himself. >> police officers and chief maloney attempted to gain entry into that residence. gunshots were fired. and the officers were struck. >> reporter: police chief michael maloney was just eight days. eight days from retirement. the deadly standoff began around 6:00 p.m. last night. police officers were serving a search warrant at the home of 20-year-old collin untre, who has previous arrests for drugs and firearms.
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but as they entered, the officers were attacked. in the sense hours that followed, he holed up in the home with a female acquaintance. about 2:00 p.m., officers who had been trying to negotiate with him, hear more gunfire. investigators then send in a robot. >> both of them had sustained gunshot wounds, either as a double-suicide, or a potential murder/suicide. >> reporter: in this tight-knit community, many are mourning. maloney had been police chief in greenland for the last decade and was a 26-year veteran of the force. now, the other officers that were injured required a special task force from across the state of new hampshire. they were working with the greenland police department, which, by the way, consisted of just seven members. and has now lost their chief. josh? >> alex perez in new hampshire. thank you for that. meanwhile, a tense situation to bring you in modesto, california. flames engulf an apartment complex while a suspect was
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holed up inside. earlier an officer and civilian was shot and killed. there is no word on the suspect's condition at this hour. meanwhile, newark, new jersey, mayor, cory booker is out of the hospital this morning, after heroically saving his neighbor. booker returned home last night to find the house next door to his in flames. he and his security detail ran inside the house. seconds later, booker carried the woman out of the house and to safety. on his way to work this morning, booker said he was treated for smoem inhalation and a hand injury. but he is just fine. a big scare for passengers on a flight from san francisco to london. they had to turn back and make an emergency landing because the plane was struck by lightning. part of this fast-moving storm over the bay area. none of the 258 passengers were hurt. overseas now, a scene right out of a movie house. a police officer hanging on for dear life to the windshield
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wipers of a bus, you see here, while speeding through traffic in hanno wa. he tried to give the driver a ticket. so, the officer jumped on with the ordeal lasting a mile, before the driver finally pulled over. and finally, a dog owner in kansas thought he lost his beloved pet, taz, forever. taz so scared by thunder, he ran into a creek, and got trapped by a rising river. rescuers were about to give up hope when they spotted this. a glimpse of his snout. sticking through a tiny hole. they worked quickly. they got him out of there. the best news of all, taz is back home this morning, safe and dry and none the worse for wear. >> what a survivor. >> i know. you have to explain. we have monitors right here. that's why sometimes we're pressed down at the little nose looking out. that's great. thanks for bringing that to us,
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josh. moving on, now, to george zimmerman, who appeared for the first time in a florida courtroom on thursday. the judge saying there's proximate cause to move on with the case. a bail hearing now set for next week. abc's matt gutman is in sanford, florida, with the latest on all this. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. now that george zimmerman is in custody, we're learning so much more about a man who, basically until yesterday was somewhat of a ghost. we know he had a fight with trayvon martin. during his first night in jail, he wept. even what kind of snack he likes to eat. as george zimmerman makes his way into court, shackled and in his gray jump suit, for the first time, a man shrouded in so much mystery is finally unveiled and heard. >> you are represented by mr. o'mara. is that true? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: this morning, abc news has learned new details on why investigators are now seeking a second-degree murder charge. the court documents revealing
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investigators believed zimmerman profiled trayvon martin. believing he was a criminal, and then following him. abc news has also learned zimmerman is being kept in isolation for his own security. and spent much of his first night in jail weeping. >> george fully well realizes that he was involved in some way in the death of another young man. he does not take the results of that altercation lightly at all. >> reporter: in an interview, zimmerman's attorney, mark o'mara, exclusively tells abc news, his client has been in touch with law enforcement for weeks. but he was blind sided when he was charged. >> until the decision was made and announced, george zimmerman may well have had the belief he wasn't going to be charged at all. >> reporter: zimmerman's attorney says his client is open to directly reaching out to trayvon martin's family. >> what i want to have happen is have that conversation occur directly to the family. >> reporter: jail officials also released new details about zimmerman's first day behind bars.
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this commissary receipt, showing his clothes size, large. the fact he wears contracts. like crossword puzzles and apparently fritos. and despite the bail hearing scheduled for next week, zimmerman's attorney says he doesn't expect zimmerman to make bail. he is preparing for a year-long legal battle and expects zimmerman to remain under custody, under watch, separated from the prison population for his own security. robin? >> we'll see what happens there, matt. thank you. we bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. some people were surprised that the new attorney did not ask for bail. but you think that's a smart move. >> i think so. judges are human. and this is a discretionary call for this judge, based on a whole series of factors. like his ties to the community, the severity of crime, the risk of flight. so, the judge gets to make this call. and it's a smarter move to let some of the public anger subside, let some time go by, and then ask the judge to evaluate this, even though they
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still expect, it sounds like, not to win in that motion. >> not to win. but you would think that he would at least ask. >> absolutely. it's not out of the question, by the way. it's a possibility that zimmerman could get bail. based on all the factors together. particularly, you think of risk of flight. remember, he's known for a long time that he was likely to be arrested. he didn't go anywhere. the authorities knew where he was the whole time, et cetera. he could certainly argue that in the context of not being a risk of flight. >> we talked a lot over the last few weeks about the stand your ground law. >> yeah. >> and it's not a certainty that this is going to go to trial, is it? >> no. the first step will be that the defense will ask for effectively a stand your ground hearing. they will present evidence that says, this case ought to be thrown out because he was right. he had the legal right to defend himself. there'll be a little hearing, a little minihearing in front of the judge, where the defense has
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the burp. but preponderance of the evidence to demonstrate he was legally justified. if the judge agrees, case goes away. if not, case goes to trial. i think most people believe that the significant likelihood is that this case will go to trial. >> dan, thank you so much. have a really good weekend. >> you, too. now, to politics. "your voice, your vote." and the presidential race yesterday, all about one, hot topic, the mommy wars. it started with one democrat's dismissive attack on ann romney. she tweeted back and it was on. by the end of the day, everyone from president obama to sarah palin had weighed in. abc's john berman was watching it all. and the romney campaign saw an opportunity here to make up ground with women voters. >> reporter: they jumped on this with military precision, george. remember, mitt romney trails the president by 19 points among women. 19 points. meanwhile, the president's campaign is engaged in full-fledged damage control every mother-loving chance they get. campaign 2012 has become the mother of all political controversies. >> there is no tougher job than
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being a mom. >> reporter: moms work hard. the message from the president and first lady, who tweeted, every mother works hard. and every woman deserves to be respected. yet, democrats are playing defense on motherhood because of these comments from democratic consultant, hilary rosen, about ann romney, who raised five sons. >> his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. >> she should have come to my house when those five boys were causing so much trouble. it wasn't so easy. >> reporter: the romney team sent mrs. romney to the airwaves to defend women who choose to be state-at-home moms. >> my career choice was to be a mother. >> reporter: they sent out everyone and their mother to keep the discussion alive. this is barbara bush. >> five boys is a handful. trust me. raising george walker was not easy. >> reporter: and he sent out a fund-raising pitch, decrying what they call the democrats' war on moms. but overnight, the vice
7:14 am
president took it to a new level. saying it was the republicans who are at war with all women. >> i think the war on women is real. and, look. it's going to intensify. the next president of the united states is going to get to name one and possibly two or more members of the supreme court. >> reporter: meanwhile, the woman who ignited this recent skirmish, hilary rosen, who does not work for the obama campaign, by the way, did issue an apology. >> i apologize. working moms, state-at-home moms. they're both extremely hard jobs. i know. i've shared them both. and i'm sorry if that offended. >> reporter: what this proves is that ann romney might be the single-biggest asset to the romney campaign. this even brought sarah palin more into the romney fold. she says this controversy has awakened momma grizzlies around the country. george. >> she has not been a fan. the obama campaign releasing the tax returns of president obama
7:15 am
and vice president biden. they want to show they're paying higher tax rates than mitt romney. and try to pressure him to release more returns. >> reporter: the constant reminder of how rich mitt romney is. unlikely the romney team will release his tax returns. >> john berman, thanks very much. and monday, diane sawyer will speak to mitt and ann romney. their first joint interview. you can see that on "world news" and "nightline." we're going to go to the high alert going on. >> we have the high alert across the midwest. a very serious tornado outbreak expected there over the next 24 hours, threatening a rough weekend for millions. our extreme weather team, led by ginger zee, is en route right now. and sam is tracking the storm from orlando this morning. >> good morning, george. good morning, robin. and by the way, we're going to start talking about this storm system a day before we think it's going to happen. it's a saturday and sunday storm because we want to save lives here. this is a very rare move by the storm prediction center to put out this high risk. and they started talking about it yesterday. they put out this high-risk zone
7:16 am
today. and look at the shaded area in pink here. talking about oklahoma city, tulsa, wichita, kansas city and into omaha on saturday. then slide that slightly east on sunday, where it's north texas, eastern oklahoma, western arkansas, much of missouri. dallas, tulsa, springfield, missouri, that's on sunday. these storms we feel like will be particularly strong with long-lasting, long tracks, violent tornados in the area in pink. you need to make plans for where to go if threatening weather moves into the area and be prepared to move your family to safety for saturday and sunday. we're very concerned about this storm system. and throughout the morning we'll tell you where this storm is coming from and how it develops.
7:17 am
>> the last time the storm prediction center put out a warning like this in advance, was for the tuscaloosa,
7:18 am
birmingham storm a year ago. more than 300 people died in those tornadoes. so, we're trying to get the word out early today. and we'll be talking about it a lot because it is extremely serious situation. the weather service feels like is coming up. >> we remember all-too well. all right, sam. back to you in a bit. first, prince harry's new flame. pop star mollie king has had her world turning upside down since world got out she may be dating the prince. does she have what it takes to step into the spotlight with harry? linsey davis has been on royal girlfriend watch. >> reporter: so much excitement about this. there was the seven-year on and off girlfriend, a lingerie model, a cocktail waitress. and now, perhaps, a pop star. buzz has been building all week about whether mollie king is a contender for harry's heart. as far as she's concerned, mum's the word. she's the new paparazzi princess. >> thank you.
7:19 am
>> reporter: british pop star, mollie king, is rumored to be prince harry's new girl. they're supposedly head over heels for each other. king is the lead singer of pop group the saturdays. but is this newly-crowned it girl to be the next pippa-like paparazzi fascination. >> people are going to be obsessed with who harry is dating simply because he's the most eligible bachelor on the planet. and everybody wants to date him. ♪ you're so far away >> reporter: known for singing like a bird, the songstress is usually tight-lipped on the matter. >> anything you want to say? >> okay. >> reporter: perhaps she is letting her most recent outfit speak or itself. a royal blue top, plus red pants. perhaps an overall ode to union jack's colors. but not a tweet about their possible relationship on her twitter account. after rumors hit a high note on wednesday, she posted this message to her many new fans.
7:20 am
i can't believe i hit 500,000 followers. kisses. the extra attention comes with the territory when linked to royalty. in an interview last month on cbs news, the third in line to the british throne hinted it is not so easy to find a princess. >> any girl will tell you, oh, my god, he's a prince. not so much. searching for someone to fulfill the role. but ultimately, to find someone who will be willing to take it on. >> reporter: at least this 24-year-old is already used to the spotlight. plus, she's a king. he's a prince. sounds like a romance made in royalty heaven. now, just what we needed. a new reality show is apparently underway about five prince harry hunters. young women who is vying to win the heart of the royal. >> you knew that was going to come. thanks, linsey. coming up, shoe rage. a mystery woman accused of beating a man with one of her high heels. and tim tebow like you've
7:21 am
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good morning, everyone. it's friday, we made it through the week together. we still do have a frost advisory in effect actually until 8:00 for cecil county. we still do have these freeze warnings that are in effect for adams koinl and also looking into york county this morning as well and that's until 9:00. so we are dealing with some chilly temperatures this
7:27 am
morning. 43 in elkton, fredrick coming in right around 41 degrees. 37 now right now in mount airy. the good news for today is that the winds are nice and calm for the most part. we'll just have a light breeze trying to move in across the area. i take you outside in baltimore and we do start to see that sunshine out there as those clouds are starting to get away from the baltimore harbor this morning. we slide over into manapolis, things looking good there as we have a beautiful sunrise and those clouds are pulling away from the area. plenty of sunshine will be had all the way into the afternoon. charley. be prepared for some major traffic delays beginning tonight along the jones falls expressway. the left lane of both the northbound and southbound lanes of the jfx near 29th street and druid lake drive will be closed. it's part of a construction project to repair collapsed drainage pipe. the closure could last up to two months. you can find the listing of alternate routes at our website, sentencing will take place for george huguely on monday. the university of virginia la crosse player was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and
7:28 am
cockiesville native yeardley love. sentencing is set to begin in charlottesville 9:30 monday morning. a jury recommended he receive 26 years in prison. students in fredrick county schools are getting an extra day off next month because world leaders are coming to visit the area. the g8 summit is being held at camp david in they aremont from may 18th to the 19th. the sheriff has asked that schools be closed for safety measures. time to go back to new york for "good morning america." stay with us. you're watching abc 2 news.
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♪ how you like me now how you like me now ♪ how do you like him now? that is tim tebow. superstar q.b. last season, with the broncos. now, with the j-e-t-s, jets, jets, jets. making headlines on and off the field. i had a chance to go to jacksonville, his hometown, and sit down with him for a revealirevea revealing exclusive, one-on-one. >> what a nice smile. >> he was a lovely afternoon. what a great guy. >> looking forward to that. this is a strange story. a mystery woman accused of beating up a man with one of her high heels. he's not trying to track her down. he had to spend the night in the emergency room. she tried to spike him with that stiletto. >> that's okay. i'll keep them over here. i know you're looking. i'll keep them down here. and they call her geronimo. adorable, out there in times
7:31 am
square. she's rehearsing for her live debut. we have a very special live "play of the day" ahead. and wait until you see her. >> that's the warm-up. that's nothing. >> that is nothing. right now, we're going to get to the so-called black widow. the florida woman accused of hiring hitmen to kill her husband and mother-in-law. marcy novak's trial begins next week. but going on record now about the new theory about the murders. saying she might have been a target herself. abc's se veal ya vega is here. do tell. >> reporter: she gave the interview to a new york newspaper. it was rambling. it was often confused. she proclaims her innocence. and says whoever wanted her husband dead may have wanted her dead, too. she's been called the black widow. a woman driven by greed and revenge. and she is about to stand trial for hiring hitmen to hurd her millionaire husband and heiress
7:32 am
mother-in-law. and for the first time speaking to "the journal news," she says police have it all wrong. and shockingly, they can't prove that her husband is dead. >> one of my questions is, is my husband dead? is my husband alive? we have not touched the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: police say there is no question, that three years ago, ben novak jr. was beaten and stabbed to death inside a new york hotel suite. narcy told police she was at breakfast. when she came back, her husband was bound and gagged. >> i walked in and i tripped on something. i realized that he was on the floor. and that did not look like ben. >> reporter: the case made instant tabloid headlines. then novak's father built the legendary fountainebleau hotel. narcy was a former stripper set to inherit an empire.
7:33 am
but in a twist for a high-crime drama, one of those that pled guilty to killing novak, now say it was narcy who let him into the hotel. and that it was narcy who ordered them to gouge her husband's eyes out. >> it's extremely unwise to sit down for an interview. unless her goal is to taint potential jurors and create some sympathy. >> reporter: three months before his mother, his mother was found dead in her ft. lauderdale home. narcy said, i don't believe she was killed. not on my so-called orders. police say narcy ordered both hits to collect a $10 million estate. and to get revenge for a string of her husband's affairs. she denies it all. and narcy novack's brother will also go on trial next week. he's accused of helping his sister hiring the hitmen. now, they both face charges of racketeering, conspiracy and other crimes related to the
7:34 am
murders of the millionaire husband and the mother-in-law. >> bizarre cases. >> so bizarre. >> thank you, cecilia. we have another one. a case of shoe rage out of san francisco. police are pounding the pavement in search of a woman who pounded a man with one of her stilettos, landing him in the emergency room. it's not the first time that designer shoes have been potentially deadly weapons. and rob nelson is on the case. >> reporter: wanted. this morning, the search is on for this woman. her alleged crime, shoe rage. >> she's a white female in her 20s with blonde hair. >> reporter: the alleged victim, matt meidinger, said that he was beaten repeatedly, in the head with the louie vuitton heels. the mystery woman reportedly saw red, punching a passerby, after he kicked one of her pricey
7:35 am
stilettos. when meidinger intervened, she turned her heels on him. >> in this case, it caused laceration to the victim. in fact, it was -- >> reporter: the unidentified woman fled the scene in a cab. >> at this point, we're looking at it as a possible aggravated assault, which is three to five years. >> reporter: a police report was filed. but not knowing the woman's name, meidinger tweeted out a bounty. 500 bucks for anyone who can identify the lady on the lam. tweeting, this woman smashd me in the head with her heels and then jumped in a cab. spent the night in e.r. stories of stiletto-wielding women on a rampage aren't that uncommon. like this woman, who bashed an atm 50 times with hers. or this woman, caught striking her cheating boyfriend in the neck. as for the mystery blonde, police are still on the lookout for this red-souled woman.
7:36 am
>> just saying. let's get the weather from sam down at disney's animal kingdom. you're looking happy, sam. >> i am happy. george, we want to give a good good morning for everybody here at animal kingdom. go ahead. shout it out. there is a lot going on in the park today. we're here for the premiere of the disney nature film "chimpanzee." and the disney nature celebration is going on. before we give you a clip of the new film, i want to give you a feeling of africa you get from the park here. this is alex. >> good morning. i'm alex, i'm from south africa. >> and you're from? >> botswana. >> they're ambassadors. and they are to show you what africa is like. the drummers are here, as well. here's a clim of the film "chimpanzee." take a look. that's oscar. he's the star, by the way. and this whole thing is about his journey when he's separated
7:37 am
from his mom and gets adopted in an unlikely way. a quick look at the boards. a lot to talk about in weather, as well. here's where the severe weather rolls out today. it's an entirely different story for tomorrow. today's storms, not as strong as tomorrow. for saturday and sunday, make sure you're up w >> all morning long, we're in animal kingdom. we're going to -- we have some fun things to show you. but all that weather was brought to you by meow mix. >> thank you, sam. coming up, tim tebow sits down with robl. for an exclusive and candid interview. [ male announcer ] capri sun has 25% less sugar
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at just 24 years old, tim tebow has become a cultural phenomenon. on the field, leading the denver broncos to come-from-behind wins. the entire country, tebowing with him. and off the field, he is a beacon for the faithful. i sat down with him as he prepared for the second annual tim tebow golf classic, which tees off tomorrow at sawgrass. playing in the biggest stadium.
7:42 am
and making time to play a little touch-football with amateurs like me. you're going to a very big stage. new york city. are you ready? are you ready for the big apple? >> as it's been well-documented, i'm definitely excited. i'm so excited about being a jet. so excited about meeting my teammates. i'm excited. i said it. add another one. >> reporter: that's two times now. what are your thoughts about playing? new yorkers are very passionate. >> yes, they are. >> reporter: especially about their sports team. >> that's what's so cool about it. the fans are so passionate. and i'm so passionate. i feel like it's going to be a great mix there. and i'm really looking forward to building a relationship with my teammates. and just going in there and trying to earn those guys' respect, one day at a time. >> reporter: and? >> and i'm excited. >> reporter: ding. >> there you go. >> reporter: tim tebow may be excited. but he's also grounded. his family, essential to his faith and the person he has
7:43 am
become. his parents were missionaries at the time of his birth. his father, now a pastor. he calls his mother, pam, the woman in his life. someone who still serves as a role model for his faith. when have you needed your faith most? when was a time, a moment, your faith you had to rely on? >> probably when i was pregnant with timmy because it was so difficult. and i was told to abort him and i didn't. and the doctor said that i could lose my life if i didn't. and we didn't have the medical care because we were living in an area of the philippines, it was a very long time ago. 24 years ago. but it was a time when i had to -- very difficult nine months. >> but how supportive all my brothers and sisters were. at the beginning of the pregnancy with me, they thought i was a tumor.
7:44 am
so, when as far as i can remember, they called me timmy the tumor. >> reporter: your nickname. perhaps that's one of the reasons he feels so strongly about caring for children, especially those who are ill. inviting special guests to be with him every game, home or away. i know what they got out of it. what did you get out of it? >> before the game, i can spend a few moments dealing with so much more than i've ever had to deal with. and that's extremely special for me. i know what i do with that kid is more important than whatever i do the next three hours in that game. >> reporter: puts everything in perspective for you, doesn't it? >> it does. >> reporter: we caught up with him at his hometown, jacksonville, florida. how much has changed for you? >> not much has happened in the last four or five years at all. >> reporter: no. >> honestly, this is my personal life. it's who i am. and with my family, it's about the same. >> reporter: but away from home, the spotlight is much brighter. his love life constantly under scrutiny. from taylor swift, to "glee"
7:45 am
star diana ingram, who launched rumors on "jimmy kimmel live." >> i had a chat with him. have a boyfriend. haven't seen him since. >> he's not your boyfriend? >> no. >> why did you talk to him for ten minutes? >> it's funny because half the rumors, i've never met the people. i'm sure they would be lovely. >> reporter: are you wanting to share your life at this point? or are you just kind of -- i'm not good at these things. >> you're not. >> reporter: i'm terrible at it. i know. but -- life's good. >> it is. >> tebow scores. touchdown. >> reporter: what do you do to stay on course? >> i think it's having your priorities and keeping things in perspective. and my goal is to create a brighter day for as many people as i possibly can by being on this earth. and being someone that can be a good role model. >> reporter: people wonder,
7:46 am
after football, are you going to be a preacher? >> you know, i don't know. i don't know what my future holds. i'm going to love playing football for as long as i can. but there's a lot of other things that i would love to accomplish. >> reporter: you're 24. you have a little time to figure it out. got a lot of time to figure things out. i spent the afternoon with tim and most of the tebow family. such a terrific time. we did cooking with his mom, pam, and kathericatherine cassi "taste of home" magazine. we're going to show everyone closer to mother's day, spending time with his mom. so easy to talk to. >> he was so polite. but not going to give you anything on the dating issue. >> we'll have more with pam tebow, closer to mother's day. coming up, big "play of the day." watch out for the jump roping day." watch out for the jump roping dog. to watch it for us. rs thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back.
7:47 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> we have a very, very abc news exclusive. live "play of the day." let's get going. i want to say geronimo, the double-dutch dog, will be here all morning long with us. geronimo, here we go. get in there, geronimo. oh. come on, geronimo. no pressure. >> no pressure. >> none. again, have i mentioned, they're going to be here all morning long? come on, geronimo. did you know when heartburn, it's too late to take prilosec because... but it's but zantac® works differently. it relieves heartburn in as little as 30 minutes.
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good morning, everyone. and happy friday to you. it is another frosty start out there. check out york, pennsylvania now, coming in right around 29 degrees. it's 34 in fredrick, 39 in baltimore and 42 in d.c. yes, these temperatures are below average once again this morning. satellite and radar, though, picking up on those clouds moving out of the area. what we had was an upper level disturbance -- disturbance that slid across the ohio valley and now sliding down to the south. so we are dealing with plenty of sunshine and that will stick around as we go into the afternoon. as high pressure sets up, does its things and will clear out the skies for us, keeping the rain away. that part isn't such the good
7:57 am
part because we did need the rain in the forecast. but it will stay away as we go through the rairmtd of today, tomorrow. now, tomorrow night if your plans are going to take you early into the morning on sunday, there is a slight chance for a shower in the forecast, but it looks like it passes us to the north. pennsylvania will get more in on that wet action. but for today that temperature coming in right around 67 degrees. that is above average and it won't be as windy. let's get a check now of that traffic with angela. good morning. reporter: good morning to you, lynette. good morning, everyone. of course osures begin at 7:00 tonight. right now dealing with a couple of accidents out there. traveling through carney right now, old hartford road at joppa road, police on the scene there. also a backup on eastbound i- 70, an accident on the shoulder. that's going to be tweeb baltimore national pike and marysville road. expect delays there. speaking of delays, that's what you'll find on the top side of the beltway right now, looking live at 695 and hartford road. that stop-and-go pace starts at bel aire road and continues to providence road as you make your way to i-83.
7:58 am
we're back in 30 minutes for another update. but for now we'll send it back to new york and more of "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's friday, gang. happy friday, everyone. d.j. reach is with us. good to have you back with us, playing rihanna's "we found love." and we found love with the crowd. and we love geronimo. >> it's all right. >> live tv is difficult. >> there she is. >> moments ago, double-dutching, geronimo. >> i mean, it's a lot of pressure. >> she knew she could do it, though. there we go. all right, geronimo. >> geronimo. you have to love live tv. >> geronimo coming back. that was great. also, scarlett johansson. she is speaking out, as well.
8:01 am
she made a lot of headlines in the personal photos she snapped for her husband, ryan reynolds, got all over the internet. >> what are you talking about? >> you want me to describe them? i've seen them personally. >> no. they're racy, right? >> they're very personal. we're talking about it, going. >> it's deejay friday, guys. >> she is speaking out about that. >> she is. >> for the first time. plus, kathy ireland. she's the woman with the million-dollar face. now, she's turned her business into billions of dollars. how she jumped from supermodel to supermogul. you have to hear kathy's story. it is just tremendous. and it started being very young, what she wanted to do. looking forward to speaking with you, kathy. thanks for being here. >> absolutely. and you don't have to be a celebrity to look like one. we'll show you how to get the looks of jennifer lopez, heidi
8:02 am
klum. and we're going to do it for a whole lot less. and get ready to meet giant george. that's not me. that's another big dog. cameron mathison spent a day with this great dane. that's as big as cam. first, the news with josh elliott. >> we're going to begin with the big surprise overseas this morning. the secretive nuclear nation of north korea has admitted to the world that the rocket launch everyone was so closely watching today was a bust. it broke up into pieces, the rocket did, over the water, just after takeoff. still, the white house calls the failed launch a provocation that will only further isolate north korea. and a drug ring turned deadly in a small new hampshire town overnight. a suspect opened fire on police, wounding four police officers in the town of greenland, killing the police chief, who was just eight days away from retiring. the suspect and his female companion were later found dead in the house. and president obama says
8:03 am
criticizing the spouses of candidates should be off-limits. he's defending mitt romney's wife, ann, after a democratic analyst said that ann romney was not fit to speak about the economy because she, quote, had never worked a day in her life, end quote. italy's mt. etna, erupting in broad daylight, spewing that unusual, look at that, blood-red lava, along with tons of smoke and ash. etna has erupted three times in the past month alone, spewing ash and lava and -- >> magma. >> -- into the air. >> it was on "jeopardy!" actually. magma was an answer on "jeopardy!" >> i have it on the dvr. police in seattle got a break here. a thief called 911, when he and his friend were plotting to steal a car. he called police, not once. not twice. four times. take a listen.
8:04 am
>> we'll take the honda. you cool with that? >> you should be able to grab the toyota. >> oh, yeah. i just want to see what else it is. >> so we're clear, an accidental dial. a pocket dial, if you will. the guy was keeping the phone in his back pocket, making it easy for the emergency 911 button to be pressed without him knowing. we got all the plans of that incredible plot. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. and tonight, on "world news," he is hollywood royalty, kevin costner. but doing something you would never expect. what is it? it's what makes him our "person of the week." hope to see you again tonight. have a great weekend. >> just get those codes pressed into the phone. you never know when and who you might be calling. >> so true. >> it will be hard to knock him off as world's dumbest criminal? >> yeah. he raised the bar. how about "pop news"? >> indeed. good morning, everybody.
8:05 am
angelina and brad pitt fell in love on the set of "mr. and mrs. smith." remember that film. now, they're in talks to reunite on camera. according to deadline hollywood, ridley scott will direct the couple in a film about a lawyer who gets caught up in the drug trade. the couple normally alternates working so that one is always with the kids. this will be interesting. >> this will be. yes. and the shoes. do we have the shoes? this is exciting, everybody. >> props. >> we like props. how hot are these wheels? >> they're gorgeous. >> they're -- hotwheels. they're part of prada's women and cars collection. you want one? >> hey. come on. that can be dangerous. >> they're all over hollywood right now. we love to show you. we love props. katy perry and fergie have put the pedal to the medal to get the pair.
8:06 am
souped-up shoe costs over $1,000. they're pretty but not that pretty. >> yeah. >> you think for that much money, they come with a car. but apparently, the celebs think they're like sculpture. on twitter, i'm sure you'll have plenty to say. we want to thank saks shoe department. >> what size? >> you have to pay for them. i have to return them. remember i told you about the cupcake vending machine? now, we bring you the coca-cola machine with the words, hug me, written across it. if you do that, you get a free coke. hug me. don't hug me, hug the vending machine. there's only one now. the company plans to make more of them, as part of the spread happiness campaign. that guy's taking it seriously. >> as a business plan -- >> that guy, too. hug it a little less. >> that's smart. >> i think it's lovely.
8:07 am
>> i do, too. >> now that i thought about it, it's lovely. >> and you get a lot more people liking coke. and earlier this week, you might have heard about the ridiculously photogenic guy, zeddie little. now, we want you to meet the ridiculously photogenic puppy. his picture has been put on the internet, with captions that include -- >> i was wondering how we were going to get zeddie back in. and now, i know. wince westminster dog show. never answered. let's change the video. wags tail, won "dancing with the stars." not with me? how about this one? flies on plane with owner, gets upgraded to first class. >> that's cute. >> he's very gorgeous. that's what's happening in the world of "pop news." and me and the hotwheels will see you later. let's go to sam. sam down in orlando.
8:08 am
>> hey. gang, good morning. i'm sorry. i have ridiculously photogenic alligator. don't have that, do you? don't -- just saying. so, many of the animal handlers here at animal kingdom, in disney. mindy, thanks for bringing jeff along. and maria and edward. we have an alligator here, right? tell me what we've got. >> our large male african bull frog. >> which is ugly, by the way. i like frogs. but that one scares me. >> he's pretty handsome if you get a good look. >> i'm not going to get there. and a crocodile. >> a baby american crocodile. >> and alligator. >> and our american alligator. >> i was amazed. always smiling. when you touch the back of this, this is really hard. but this is so soft and sweet. >> very soft belly. >> not sweet. but kind of sweet feeling. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we
8:09 am
want to talk about. we're talking about the storm setup for severe weather for saturday, right in america's heartland. follow the bright pink zone. all of the area from omaha, kansas city, to dallas. you're ripe for storms saturday and sunday. but in the hot pink zone, is when we think the long-running and dangerous tornadoes will set up. keep up with your local abc stations. and make your preparations early for what you and your family would do if severe weather threatens your area. it's nice in most of the
8:10 am
>> get a close-up of the ridiculously unphotogenic frog. lara, back to you, from disney. >> thank you, sam. and here's a look at what else we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." oh, yeah. let's work it out. scarlett johansson, speaking out. revealing for the first time how she coped when personal photos were released online. and kathy ireland and her supermodel success. how she turned her celebrity into a billion, with a "b," a billion-dollar business. we're going to talk to her live. and finally, celeb looks for less. do you hear that? d.j. reach is here, rocking us into the weekend. stay with us, everyone. ♪ my life is sunshine, lollipops ♪
8:11 am
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8:15 am
[ cheers and applause ] how about that? a little deejay friday with d.j. reach. we're going to turn, now, to a story about hollywood fighting back against the celebrity hackers that steal the most pim all over the internet. leading the charge, scarlett johansson, who is also revealing how it felt to have her private life exposed in such a public way. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: all eyes were on
8:16 am
scarlett johansson, at the premiere of her latest film, "the avengers." it's something the 24-year-old actress has reluctantly grown used to, after nude photos, intended for husband, ryan reynolds, were hacked from her e-mail and spread all over the internet. and now, she's saying how she was affected by that leak. telling "vogue," saying, i go out to dinner thinking everyone has seen -- johansson immediately called authorities. and her hacker, who also hacked into the e-mails of mila kunis. it wasn't just me, it was others. i don't want to be a victim. somebody stole something from me. i don't want people like that to slide. >> scarlett johansson is a profile in courage. she made sure this man was convicted of this heinous crime. and then, he won't do it to
8:17 am
anyone else. and i think it's a great example to other celebrities. >> reporter: the leak came just months after johansson finalized her divorce from reynolds. a parting she calls comically amicable. yet, still devastating. it was horrible. and there's no way to navigate it. it's a very lonely thing. it's like the loneliest thing you'll ever do. with a new man on her arm and a blockbuster movie about to debut, johansson says she has finally found peace. saying, from that comes a lot of really amazing things. i think it will be an interesting year. >> this is a really positive moment in her life after a lot of negative things have happened. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> scarlett johansson, robert downey jr. and the cast of "the avengers" will be here on thursday. we're looking forward to this. from the cover of "sports illustrated," to the cover of
8:18 am
"forbes" magazine. kathy ireland has undergone a transformation from supermodel to supermogul. we're going to talk to her live in the studio. but first, we look at how she became the wealthiest model mogul. she epitomes the word, model. to sexy swimsuit model. >> i'm kathy ireland. >> reporter: to acting. to dancing. to now, the world's wealthiest supermodel. kathy ireland proves anything is possible. ireland graced the pages of "sports illustrated" for 13-consecutive years. and transitioned from those covers to the cover of "forbes" magazine. she used her celebrity to launch hundreds of business ventures over the past two decades. >> hi. i'm kathy. >> reporter: and now has a retail empire valued more than martha stewart, at a whopping $2 billion. we got a rare, exclusive glimpse into her lavish lifestyle. >> all look amazing.
8:19 am
>> reporter: and somehow, she manages to juggle her smashing success. but unlike most models, kathy ireland worldwide sells different products. from ceiling fans to flooring, to household furniture and windows. even a jewelry line. something she attributes to learning from her mentor, the late elizabeth taylor. worth over $350 million, kathy ireland is a force to be reckoned with. only a few can say they went from being a supermodel to a supermogul. and joining us now, kathy ireland, ceo and chief designer of kathy ireland worldwide. it is such a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you, robin. such a pleasure to be here with you. >> you have really -- from really a very young age, when i was reading about you, i was fascinated about your story. when you were a little girl, you had a business mind. you had something like rocks that you painted and went door-to-door with? >> i've loved design and
8:20 am
business. i painted rocks for my wagon when i was 4 years old. growing up in the '70s, my mom would make halter dresses. i would make purses, accesso accessories. loved that combination of design and business. >> your family and friends who have known you well, they're not surprised how you made the transition. and how were you able to do it? we were just talking a little in the break. sometimes people see you a certain way. and they want to put you in a certain box. and you know in your heart, that's not what you want to do. so, how do you break out of that? >> i'm too odd-shaped. i don't fit in anybody's box. it's something that i really encourage women out there. robin, as an athlete, you understand facing fear. and i talk to women who they have an idea, they feel paralyzed. they don't know what to do. somebody's criticized them. one of the greatest gifts of my long-ago modeling career was all the rejection. didn't realize it at the time. but when people would laugh at
8:21 am
our faces, slam doors in our face, know we're talking. i'll come back tomorrow. maybe your circumstances will have changed. maybe you'll be in a better mood. but i encourage women, if you're facing fear, no matter what it is, don't be afraid of it. it's normal. don't let it paralyze. use it as that engine to ignite your passion into action. >> and you have always looked for opportunities. and i really appreciate the fact that it was back in your modeling career. and someone came to you about fox. you said, i'll do it but i want to be part of the business. tell us how -- how did you even think of that? >> i was an aging model. and i had tried and failed many, many businesses. i looked at failure as education. in that respect, i'm very well-educated. i was in a point of my career where i thought, if i don't close the chapter of my life, i
8:22 am
might not live the dream of my life and business. and i like the business. business is all about people and those relationships. and i thought, this would be a great place to start our brand. i had invested my money in people and a small team. like you, i loved sports and the idea of working together for a common goal. that was exciting to me. i love working with a diverse team. everybody brings something different and unique to the table. and that's exciting. >> and what is really cool also, is you've done it under the radar. there are others that have -- we were very familiar with their brands and very familiar with their money. and you blowed them out of the water with all of the different services, products that you have, and your worth. was that by design to go about your business and not really make it so public? >> oh, gosh. we've been too busy building the brand to think about really what others are doing. and focusing on what we need to do. and i'm -- i'm a private person.
8:23 am
one of my struggles is breaking through that shy and selfish shell. to connect with others. and i love particularly being able to connect with women, to encourage them. if you've got an idea -- first of all, figure out your values. put some boundaries in place to protect them because those values will be challenged. and i was 40 years old before i learned that no is a complete sentence. no, thank you, is better. you can't do it all at the same moment. but each season, just figure out those values and those priorities. >> i'm glad you broke out of your shy shell and joined us here and shared some of those invaluable lessons. >> well, if i can do it, anyone can do that and so much more. >> continued blessings in all that you do. thank you. we're going to go outside to lara. lara? >> thank you, robin. and we turn to hollywood and star style. and how you can get the hottest looks for a lot less. kate dimmock, from "people style
8:24 am
watch" magazine, will show us how to get celebrity looks for less. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> we love the idea of creating the celebrity looks without having that paycheck. >> without the celebrity budget to go with it. >> our first look is jennifer lopez, who always looks spectacular. >> so fam louglamorous. she loves color. we found that coat from bebe for $120. and look how great it looks on jillian. it's a perfect shape for her figure as it was for j. lo's. and it's a great look for spring. >> yeah. absolutely. you look gorgeous. and big difference in price. wow. >> i know. and i love -- i love the leopard clutch. >> and the sunglasses. >> forever 21, for $1.80. >> our next look is michelle williams.
8:25 am
one of our favorites. she is a style icon. >> working the bag here. michelle williams' bag was over $3,000. we sound that one from the sak, for just over $100. and the jacket from lulu's, with a contrasting color. but what's important to the look is the color jeans. it's a big trend right now. and it's a great way to incorporate color to your wardrobe. >> finally, heidi klum, breaking the mold when it comes to fashion. this is a look i loved when i saw it. >> oh, yeah. >> a great way to wear color. heidi klum's shirt was $460. this is calvin klein at bloomingdale's, $69.50. you have a great red, monochromatic look. and it's good for evening or
8:26 am
day. >> not only are you giving us great ways to create affordable celebrity stiles, but also showing us some trends for spring. >> amazing. please go to on yahoo! to find out where you can get all of these looks. and coming up, giant george, everybody. >> i can't wait. >> he's the biggest dog in the world. and he's here on "good morning america." stay with us.
8:27 am
. good morning, much. it is friday, we made it through the week together. we are still looking at a freeze warning that's in effect for york county, also adams county this morning, but the frost advisories are gone. shadyside's temperature 50 degrees. good morning to you, westminster at 44 degrees. and there's a little present in the forecast for you today. we will not be as windy as we were yesterday. let's take a trip outside right now. maybe you're headed to the beach this weekend. it's going to be a fabulous beach weekend. right now we're starting to see some clouds across the area, but those will move out of here as we go through the remainder of the morning where we're already seeing some sunshine in a lot of spots this morning. let's get a check now of that traffic with angela. good morning. reporter: good morning, lynette. on the roads right now dealing with a couple of incidents including debris on the roadway. traveling on 695 across the key
8:28 am
bridge. also a new accident reported in anne arundel county, 175 at dorsey run road. traveling around the west side and top side of the beltway, a little difficult right now, especially outer loop north side. it's basically a parking lot starting at bel aire road. a live look here at 695 and hartford road. that pace continues all the way to talson. also delays from green spring to i-83. megan, over to you. >> angela, thanks. good morning to you. this morning we need your help finding three people they say were [ no audio ] near 29th street and druid hill park closed. so keep that in mind if you're
8:29 am
heading out. in the meantime, have a great weekend. happy friday.
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] it is deejay friday. good morning, everyone. we're watching the big screen up stairs, d.j. reach, bringing in the weekend. we come back to halloween. >> we sing this song. >> we should talk to sam down in orlando. >> hi, sam. >> sam, hello. i want to talk about d.j. reach. he's coming back. he has been there for jay-z, and kanye west. and now, he's there for us. and i hope everybody has a
8:31 am
big appetite. we're serving up a feast, texas-style. that's coming up. very excited about that. you know who is sexy and knows it? that is cameron mathison. it's a story of a real-life giant who is the subject of a new book, "giant george, life with the world's biggest dog." written by his owner, dave nasser. just how big is he? cameron mathison went to find out. >> reporter: you guys are having way too much fun there. it sounds like you're having a rave in times square. if you meet this dog, you're not sure if he's a dog or a horse or part-giraffe. he's so intimidating that people usually cross to the other side of the street when they see him out for a walk. but in reality, he's a total gentleman. in fact, i think i made a new
8:32 am
buddy. take a look. the camera just loves him. he has over 90,000 facebook fans. over 1 million hits on youtube. he's even been a guest on account "oprah." >> hi, george. >> reporter: this super-sized celeb is giant george. a great dane, so great he holds the guinness record for tallest dog in the world. but back home in tucson -- >> hi, i'm dave. >> and i'm christy. >> and this is our dog, george. >> reporter: george is just one of the family. >> george. >> reporter: and in the new book "giant george, life with the world's biggest dog," it's clear that this world record holder is happiest at home on the couch. i decided to bay a visit to this top dog. at first, i was a little shocked. wow. he's huge. how big is he? george is 43 inches from paw to
8:33 am
neck and weighs in at 245 pounds. that's almost twice as tall as the average golden retriever. 100 pounds heavier than the average great dane. and about the same weight as four sherman sheppards, 11 beagles. overall, he's larger than the average dog. he's big for a great dane. how do you explain it? >> there's nothing abnormal about him. we just happened to get the world's tallest dog. >> reporter: dave and christy bought their great dane from a breeder in oregon. george was actually the runt of the litter. >> i converted a horse. >> reporter: he seems, you know, well behaved. >> he's a great dog. he's been a dream, really. an awesome dog. >> reporter: that's right, george. honestly, he is awesome. hanging ourge sort of feels like hanging out with a
8:34 am
buddy. george, how does it feel to be so big? you don't want to talk about it? it's not to say this beast isn't a handful. for starters, he eats 110 pounds of food a month. he is so tall that he can eat food right out of the kitchen sink, if he wants. but a typical meal, a quarter of a rotisserie chicken, rice, yogurt, dog food. all gently tossed. and take it away. while he does have fun with the dogs he towers over at the park, his preferred pastime, a good, old golf cart ride. just one day with this gentle giant -- wow, george. and i think it's safe to say we bonded. i sometimes feel like that, too. he's a world-record superstar. you are a huge celebrity. thank you for taking your time out to hang out with us today. a canine celeb who really just wants to be part of the gang.
8:35 am
i got to tell you. he is so sweet. you're my boy, blue. he's just a sweet, sweet guy. you might wonder where a dog this massive sleeps. well, his dog bed is an actual queen bed. he has his own queen-sized mattress that he sleeps on. so, life is good for george. and i think he sleeps a little more than geronimo, who you have in times square, who doesn't seem to stop. >> we do. thank you, cameron, for that. you can see more photos of george on on yahoo! and here is geronimo, the star of our "play of the day." her owner, sam, is right over there. so -- >> what? >> and the dog delivers. geronimo. >> wow. >> dance. dance. good job. dance. dance. good job.
8:36 am
>> wow. >> yay. >> thank you, geronimo. >> come on. it's a deejay friday. now, time for another sam. you are the owner of geronimo. we have our sam with very special guests at disney's animal kingdom in orlando. we miss you, sam. >> hey. good morning, everybody. we could not leave without showing you just a bit of the tribute of "lion king" right here at animal kingdom. what people come to see. also going on this weekend, it's a very busy weekend. we have the premiere, if you will, of the disney nature film, "chimpanzee." and people all over from the kids in nature celebration. and that basically is taking kids and world-renowned conservationists and putting them together for a week. i have our president and ceo, of our parent company, disney, bob
8:37 am
iger, why that was important to do. there's not a lot of companies that are going to spend, particularly these days, a lot of cash and a lot of manpower and effort to put kids to together with conservation. why is that important to a company like yours? >> i'm a big believer in basically creating a brand. when people think of the brand, they think about not only the entertainment we create. but they think of the company as a citizen of the world. one way to do that is how we conserve, how we treat nature, the footprint that we leave. another way to do it is really use our resources and our reach to inspire kids to develop similar values. when you think of the walt disney company, yes, you want to think about the great experience you have riding our attractions or sailing our ships or going to our movies. but also about the values of the company and its people. >> thank you, sir, for your time. and when you think about our kids spending only 1% of the time outdoors, it's never been more important to teach them
8:38 am
about conservation. let's get to the boards. we have one or two things going on we want to show you about the weekend. look at the hot zone in the middle of the country. this is where the storms will be roaring. and they are impressive in their strength. the national weather service has taken the trouble to issue this warning, a day before the storms are actually going to happen so you have time to get prepared. stay up with your local ab >> there's something else debuting today. the disney animal kingdom's explorer, a new facebook page. you find the animals. you can find it on facebook. you can set up your conservation zone with it. there's a "gma" jeep right there in the center of it.
8:39 am
yep. there it is, right there. get on facebook. play the game with us this morning. we are live at animal kingdom. come on. i think i might not come home. george? robin? >> all right, sam. we have an injury. did you see what happened? >> that was not me. >> blonde moment. >> what happened? >> blonde moment, bonked her own head. >> we said we were mean. but we have somebody that saw her bonk her own head. >> i hit myself in the head with the microphone. thank you. thank you for having me. coming up, behind the scenes with the star of the powerful new miniseries, "titanic." keep it right here. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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[ cheers and applause ] great crowd out here in times square for deejay friday,
8:43 am
with d.j. reach. there he is right there. we're having a whole lot of fun. but right now, we're going to talk about the "titanic." you just saw the promo right there for the re-release of the classic. this is the 100th anniversary this sunday. and abc will commemorate it with a miniseries called "titanic." it begins tomorrow night. it stars thomas aldridge. it must be tough to know you're going up against the image in everyone's mind. >> it's a movie we all love. we all love kate and leo. so, the idea was to do something different and try to tell the story of the whole ship. >> everyone onboard. >> not every, single person. but to represent everybody who was on that ship. you're going to see first class, second class, steerage and crew.
8:44 am
and the whole crew of 1912 on that ship. >> did you have the -- >> did i have what? >> the "titanic" obsession. >> as a kid. i was very obsessed it as a kid. it hadn't been discovered when i was growing up. i don't know if you remember the novel, "raise the titanic." i love that book. and i love the idea that it was down there that one day it could be brought up so we could see it. >> you actually played a fictional character, an aristocrat. >> i'm an aristocrat, an upper class. i'm the lord of manson. the full entitlement. >> and you see some of that when your character discovers what's going on with the ship. >> take care. officer, can you tell me what on
8:45 am
earth is going on? >> i'm very sorry to say it, my lord, but we hit an iceberg. >> what? when? >> about half an hour ago. >> but we can't be in real danger, not on this ship. >> get your women up on deck as quickly as you can. make them wear something warm. >> but surely, i mean -- it's not going to sink? >> i certainly hope not. >> that whole idea that the idea that the "titanic" would go down was just unimaginable at the time. >> well, that's it. it's one of the greatest stories of human hubris and vanity. to create something that's invincible, unsinkable. all these rich and glamorous people traveling on it. and other people in steerage, looking for new life in america. nothing could go wrong. and it all went wrong. >> from what i hear, there's no way you could have hubris and vanity, when you're actually shooting. they really did put you through
8:46 am
it. >> it was a challenging shoot. there were 90 speaking characters in the series. we were in budapest. shot it in budapest. one of the most challenging things to do, it was budapest in the middle of summer. it was baking hot. we were in period costumes. and we had to pretend we were freezing. >> you hit the iceberg. >> we all know it hits the iceberg. so, he found a narrative style, of every episode, we're going to hit the iceberg. and every episode you're going to go back on the ship and view it from a different perspective. and you'll see some scenes twice. you'll see them over again. but from different points of view. and secrets will be revealed. >> it will be fantastic. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> again, it premieres tomorrow on abc, at 8:00, 7:00 central. coming up, gourmet texas style. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
8:47 am
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8:49 am
time to channel our inearp texan. the austin food and wine festival brings the best of the culinary food from the heart of the lone star state. three days of eating, drinking, eating and drinking. we're pleased to have the owner and "food & wine" magazine, gayle simmons. and the author of "talking with my mouth full," also known as the josh elliott elliot story. you think food and wine. that's something i can get bee hind. >> all of the best chefs from around the state, around the south, all over the country, incredible wine experts. we're going to be rocking your
8:50 am
taco. >> you're both cooking. let's start with you. fred flintstone would not be available. >> right. so, i brought you -- >> what have we got? >> this is a tomahawk chop state. i'm doing the largest hands-on grilling demo. >> hands-on and grilling, that sounds dangerous. >> we're doing a demo that has 200 people, building the perfect fire to building the perfect bite. all with steak. >> and you're using a cast iron skillet here. >> we're inside. it simulates cooking outside. lots of salt and pepper on the big steak. and if you want to get crazy, do a little chili rub right here. we're going to do that for three minutes a side. and you want to make sure you have a good amount of fat in here. >> gail, let's start judging right now. you're a judger. >> so far, i'm a judger, a professional judger. but look at the crust that will
8:51 am
form on that steak. >> you pop it in the oven for five or six minutes. we have a beautiful steak right here that's going to rest. while we do that, we add in some challots, and we're going to make a red wine hollandaise. >> just the chili left. >> doesn't that smell good? >> we add it into this machine here. the 2000, whatever it is. pop three egg yolks in there. we turn it on. it's as simple as you'll make. >> while you're slicing, i'm going to cook. i survived in 100-degree weather on a few things. ice cream, peaches and nectarines. and a little bit of bourbon. "food & wine" has the perfect recipe for an adult sunday, with bourbon and ice cream. i have peaches sauteing in hot
8:52 am
butter right here. i'm going to add some brown sugar. stir that in and let that dissolve. and hold on. we want to make sure that that . and then, are you ready? >> yes, i am. >> pour me some bourbon. >> go, baby. >> all right. >> all right. >> want to make sure that's nice and hot. now, stand back. this is where the love comes in. >> the action happens right here. >> you see? >> these are not normal croutons. these are made from pound cake. they are sweet dessert croutons. i'm going to layer them with the nectarines and the juice. we have a perfect dinner of tomahawk steaks and the perfect dessert. >> i hear the music already. austin food and wine festival. >> last weekend in april. >> gail, what do you think of the tomahawk? >> i have to say, that bite was delicious. >> okay. you judge her.
8:53 am
it's only fair. it's only fair. >> now, we're sizzling. now, i want to light this up. >> yes. >> best thing i've ever had. >> there we go. we got it. we have a fire. >> hey, guys, it sounds like it's going to be great fun. gail simmons, tim love, we appreciate your time today. and these recipes, find out about the austin food and wine festival. about the austin food and wine festival. go tit was like a red rash... very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work. i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shirt irritating my neck. and i couldn't figure out what was going on.
8:54 am
i had no idea it came from chickenpox. i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience, it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ new york, new york the big finish, with d.j. reach. have a great weekend, everybody. >> have a great weekend. >> oh. good morning, everyone. it is friday and i hope you're having a good morning so far. temperature in baltimore is at 46 degrees right now. still a little chilly in york,
8:57 am
37 degrees, but you can see these temperatures going up as the mercury is going to soar to around 67 degrees for today. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we did have those clouds earlier this morning, but now they're pushing into southern maryland, so getting out of the viewing area, mainly sunny skies as of now, and that will be the scenario, even as we go into this afternoon. so make sure you plan accordingly and you can do those outdoor activities even as we head into the weekend. high pressure is going to build in here. but we do need that rain and we're not going to be seeing any rain for today, not even on saturday. futuretrend tries to bring a slight chance of showers working in as we go early sunday morning. but for the most part we will stay dry outside, and we are also going to be dealing with the winds on the light side for today as well. so that 67 degrees that i'm forecasting for today is pretty much going to feel like 67 degrees. late send this over to angela. she has a check of that traffic. good morning. reporter: good morning. once again a final reminder that tonight starting at 7:00
8:58 am
on the jones falls expressway we will shut down one lane each direction. so be prepared for some major delays, probably in the next eight weeks or so. in the meantime, right now dealing with a couple of accidents in anne arundel county, both on route 2. one at maryland 408 and the other at route 2 and harwood road. if you're traveling around the beltway, one delay on the taupe side is still in effect from hartford road all the way over to talson. it is off and on at this point. still slow on the inner loop from green spring to the jfx. thanks so much for joining us. remember, we are always on at make it a great weekend.
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