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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  April 29, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: none of her friends ever met him. after the pregnancy, he was telling everyone it wasn't his baby. >> it is frightening for the neighborhood to know that something like that can happen. >> nathan rogers was sentenced to home charges last year. he is charged with first degree
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murder. a security guard was among the three men stabbed at an elks lodge party in annapolis this morning. police say they are looking for two suspects tonight. it happened around 1:00 this morning when a fight broke out. victims were taken to shock trauma. seven people dead. three children. after a man lost control on a new york city highway. the van hit a median and crossed and southbound lanes of traffic and hit a guardrail. the van plunged 50 to 60 feet into a revene off of the side of the road into the ground of the bronx zoo. it is closed from the public and far from the animal exhibits. victims range in age from ten to 84 years old. cause of the crash is under investigation. on the weather front a nice, sunny day. temperatures in the upper 60s. a chilly night on the way. especially for north eastern maryland. here a frost advisory
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overnight. most should stay safely above the freezing mark. look at the satellite and radar pictures. couple clouds across the state. no precipitation. we are dry on the radar. temperature wise comfortable. upper 60s in baltimore. 70 frederick and d.c. you can see temperatures will continue to fall through the 60s here. a pleasant night. as we go into the next few days big changes. those are coming up. >> thank you. new johns hopkins tower is set to open soon. some of the pediatric patients are moving into the new building. new technology is giving doctors a better advantage when it comes to care. the command commenter has doctors and nurses coordinating logistics and modification . transition has been smooth. >> we are expecting it to be flawless. patients have all been okayed. everyone is in stable condition. anyone who is not is in the
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intensive care unit. we practiced the move a couple of times. >> this is made up of people watching the patient move. if you have ever hired lawn service you know there is a big price tag. this weekend labor and materials were free for 30 homeowners. cheryl conner will show us how volunteers with rebuilding baltimore are helping fix up run down communities. >> reporter: they are digging up the old and hauling weeds away. new paint is chased on the church sign in dundalk. mulch makes the entrance look
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brand new. >> it is important to help out those that need help. we are happy to provide it. >> reporter: the help is much needed at the woods home down the street. navy veteran william woods and his daughter qualified for rebuilding together. they are low income. the home is over 50 years old. >> my father usually does the repairs himself. >> reporter: a new kitchen in a day. 800 volunteers are leaving their mark on 31 homes in baltimore city and county. their skills range from pluming to electrical work and installing a new kitchen. >> it is close to $300,000. if we had to hire a contractor or hire a landscaping crew do this type of work it would cast church and woods family is
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free. after a seven hour day on saturday, the community gets tlc as the old moves south and makes room for something new. >> it is definitely meaning a lot to come to a place that looks nice and operates correctly. >> reporter: in dundalk cheryl conner. >> this year the organization will assist 75 homeowners who need repairs. don't jump on the feel at the royales game. it is illegal. that's a lesson a 20-year-old learned the hard way. he jumped on the field last night. once on the field police say he took off his shirt and ran around bases and slid into home plate where the umpire tackled him. he is charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. he is one of the greatest orioles of all time.
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now there is a statue at camden yard to honor frank robinson. >> this is a very special place in my heart. it always has been. it always will be. when i come back here i'll see exteammates and we all act like we have been together for life. >> robinson's statue is one of six to be unvailed this season. ravens met their three 2012 draft picks yesterday at a p.c. courtney upshaw and bernard price are the draft picks. the coach says he is sure baltimore will grow to love the physical players. >> our fans, raider nation, our media will be exciting when they get to know these guys.
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>> i'm ready -- i love winning games. that's what they do here. to be a part of this defense and to be on the watch of ray louis and guys like that. >> all three players felt they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the win. that's good news for us. we are learning new óthe secret service sandal. coming up, the agent apparently at the center of the escort scandal and what else he knows. you won't believe this one. >fin efront of cars and a big box truck. what she did that saved her life. take a look at this. 9 bwi marshall. that's our average temperature this time of year. it has been cool lately. a big warm up on the way. we'll talk about how that will impact your work week straight ahead.
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a little girl was crossing the street in china when she was nearly hit by two cars and a truck. her quick action saved her life. the truck was barreling towards the child. she ducked and crawled under the truck and got away with a couple of bumps and bruises. the girl's family said it was terrifying when they saw the video. they could not believe she survived. new details in the secret service scandal. the agent at the center of the columbia prostitution scandal has been identified. his one of three agents that had a room on the 7th floor. the agent reportedly had a dispute over paying an escort. he has since left the secret service. details have not been released. two agents have returned to work.
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temperatures in the upper 60s. 67 bwi marshall. winds northwest at 10. visibility unrestricted. nice sunday today. cloud cover disappearing early on. we had a lot of sunshine. this is our view from the community college of baltimore county. dundalk campus looking at the mighty key bridge. outstanding day. a few more clouds in the afternoon. a lot of people walking inner harbor today. get sunshine and vitamin d levels up. frederick beautiful blue skies and sunshine after a frosty night or two over the weekend. look at temperatures now. 67 baltimore. 70 winchester. 74 charlotteville. 57 ocean city. season april day. winds northwest. bringing in a cool, dry breeze.
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frost again tonight in northeastern maryland. cecil county northeast toward philadelphia region. for most of us tonight we will not be that cold. you have to see a culprit. north breeze and humidity levels 20%. the air will cool off rapidly overnight. weoverall the pattern is quiet. a few clouds drifting north and west. as we go into tomorrow night a warm front pushing in. this will change the game weather wise for the latter part of the weekend and next weekend. looks like we'll shift back into a warm weather mode. if you are a warm weather fan and missing it it is coming back. cool, dry tonight. high pressure hanging out. canadian high pressure is cool. as we work into sunday into monday, cloud cover increasing toward your monday afternoon. chance for showers coming in late monday night. you can see the boundary here. this will usher in warmer air. it could spark some showers on your tuesday morning commute.
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once that clears the area, big warm up on the way as warmer air mixes into the east coast. we are talking temperatures pushing hum -- up into the 70s. overnight tonight chilly. mostly sunshine tomorrow. tomorrow night showers possible overnight. here's your seven-day forecast. you can see temperatures warming up. on tuesday 80 degrees. the chance for hit or miss showers a couple of days this week and next weekend. just in time for the start of may. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome to maryland spotlight. this is my favorite time of year, springtime. not because of the flowers and
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the warm sunshine. but the festival. joining me is the director of the towsend chamber of commerce. this is so exciting. >> we are thrilled to death. >> it is a four-day event. this is our second day that the towsend town festival is a four day event. we are thankful channel 2 has been a wonderful sponsor of ours. we start out with thursday, may 3rd 10:00 to 3:00 is garden day. we have over a hundred vendors with beautiful flowers, crafts and entertainment. that night from 5:30 until 7:00 in the beautiful historic courthouse gardens we have beach bums. it is a great band. they are a jimmy buffet tribute band. it is a free concert and a lot of fun. friday night at 5:30 at the courthouse plaza we have
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another free concert. it is uncle jacks. they ask that everybody gets a note from their doctor. they play disco and jazz. you can't sit still during uncle jack. it is $1 parking. >> there is no excuse not to come down. >> the weekend is my all-time favorite. >> main event starts at 10:00 saturday morning. >> i'll be there at 9:59. >> we have seven entertainment areas. over eight blocks of activities and vendors and fabulous nonfattening food all the time. >> there is something for everyone at the festival. there is something for the little ones. >> we have a great kid's area
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and betweens area. >> it is very important. i have a 6-year-old and 14-year- old. they are not going to want to hang out together. >> we have everybody covered. we have mount bounces and petting zoos and pony rides and bungee jumps. we have swings to send the kids up on. we charge extra if you want them back. 50 entertainment acts including my son, who is going to be there sunday at the z 10 4 stage. i'm excited. this is the first time we ever partnered with the music workshop. some of the most talented kids in maryland. >> you are expecting 250,000 people. this is the largest festival on the east coast. >> absolutely. >> sounds great. >> we have great bands like the
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amish outlaws which are really amish and in full guard. it is like something you have never seen in your life. >> that will be interesting to see. >> they play on sunday. >> we have a new jazz area we put in the courthouse this year. jazz, steel drums. all kinds of fun, new entertainment and exhibitors. so many vendors. >> i'm going to have to be there both days. >> there is so much to see. you have a really cool singing contest this year. >> yes, we do. >> tell me about that. >> this is our third year we are doing this. it is the sing fest. we send the winner to american idol. not that they get on, but we give them a ticket to fly there. we are really thrilled because the second place person last year came in the top 7th in exfactor. she is going to be performing at our festival this year. >> i remember an idol singer performing a couple of years
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ago. it is not small town there. >> not anymore. we have a lot of talent in towsend. >> thank you so much for joining me. abc 2 will be there. we have a booth. come get your picture taken in the photo booth. enter to win $100 in free gas every hour. >> i heard about that. you guys are giving away over $1500. that's great. >> we could all use one. thank you for joining us. ♪
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