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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 15, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the area. there's not as much rain today, still, the possibility of some showers. you can see on maryland's most powerful radar showers popping up a couple of showers crossing the chesapeake. the chance for more rain as we did into the evening. humidity still very high, plenty of moisture, showers. we'll keep it in the forecast. it will be warm in the 70s. we'll talk about how things will eventually dry out as we push toward preakness weekend. the latest on the breaking news update. four children are dead, apparently at the hands of their own mother. >> here's what we're knowing three of the children got out just before dawn. went to a neighbor's house and told them they were shot. the mom called the children back. they listened to their mother
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and once in the home she shot them. all the:were shot. the neighbor received text message from the mother saying she wanted to be cree mated with her children. less have contacted the father of the children but they're baffled and have no motive. >> a baltimore county police officer faces a pair of misdemeanor charges after exposing himself. jeff hager joins us with more. >> the female officer just wanted her feet rubbed while officer harold williams had something else in mind. it may be one of the last place you would expect a crime to occur, the police training
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academy. the police say office are harold williams crossed the line when he turned a therapeutic massage into something sexual. >> was paving foot massage and in the course of doing that said that he sexually assaulted assaulted her. >> reporter: according to documents the female officer was lying face down with williams in her lab when she got a suspicious this wasn't her tensioners rubbing her feet and toes. when she saw he had exposed himself and more. the victim confronted williams and went to a fell many where she washed her feet, borrowed some socks and reported the incident. >> no longer assigned to the training academy. he was transferred to
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administrative duties. his powers were suspended including the use of his service. >> he now faces charges of second degree assault. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> animal activists gathered for a peaceful protest. charm city pitbull project is asking for lawmakers to battle the courts right now and not wait until later this summer. they say it's unfair to labor their pets as dangerous. we'll have much more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> they have made some decisions that will affect all marylanders. >> the senate passed its version tend would raise taxes.
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>> some senators were vocal about remember that votes. >> we will pay a large, large price in the future of the state of maryland if we do not have an adequate excellent public education system from k through graduate school. it with raise taxes for individuals making more than $100,000 or couples making more than 150,000. the senator said the tax increase and the economy are hitting taxpayers from all sides. >> they're getting squeezed. their income isn't going up. at the same time additional expenses, whether it's gas expenses, taxes or et cetera. the governor and the interest groups said not enough. >> it's now up to the house to discuss and vote. there's some talk of increasing
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the sales tax. president mike miller doesn't think that will work. >> it raises -- raised the sales tax two years ago and put it in a position where this wouldn't be competitive. the house is expected to have the debate completed by tomorrow afternoon. in annapolis, don harrison, abc2 news. >> the second special session is expected to happen sometime this summer. in a few hours the first ceremony. he was installed as the 16th archbishop of baltimore. we will be streaming that live on our website at bang tomorrow at 1:30.
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president obama honored those who made the ultimate sack cry fiessments today the president spoke at national peace officers memorial service. let games begifnlt the naval academy's freshman class is spreading their fins. >> i don't even know what time it is right now. >> it is a really good feeling. >> it's about my country. coming together. >> do not slide down the ropes.
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>> dedication. preakness festivities are in full swing. they're throwing out the first pitch down at the yard. earlier he visited children at the johns hopkins children's hospital. tomorrow there's a slate of things going on. first up, the 46th annual frog hop and around 2:30 the wen are from the kentucky derby is expected to arrive at pimlico and then the 137th running of the preakness. in tonight's consumer alert, the nfled others are teaming up to meek sure children have helmets. it helps kids in underserved communities. helmets will be repleased for those in the communities. it price coaches with much
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needed information to keep the young athletes safe and active. it's being tested in four areas including california and the tristate area around new york city. >> there are some things you should not do. the charges one movie ger faces -- goer faces. plus, is it cheaper to dine out or eat in? and you
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sherrie johnson was recognized the by harbor city high school for all the contribution she's made in the learning program. congratulations, sherrie. good work. here's the choice, dine in or dish out. it may come down to time or money. cherem confer -- cheryl conner sat down with a local family. four people to feed including two growing athletic girls, 7-year-old carly and the 9-year-old. the family typically eats dinner at home but they compared the
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restaurant prices. eating in versus dining out, a question deanna booker will help hash out. >> we're running constantly, every single day. i started sunday, every day. >> if you're a family with young kids, you can relate. >> the girls have soccer, la crosse several times a week. getting denar comes down to not. before grabbing a grocery cart, there's a guess. >> i'm guessing that it's going to be less expensive to go grocery shopping. we had tacos. >> they tried to pick up the same ingredients found at the restaurant -- tomatoes, taco shells, rice and beans. >> we love it. >> tortilla chips and salsa.
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saving money starts with planning. >> what is it you're trying to save. trying to save money? trying to save time? >> i would recommend that the planning be done. >> reporter: in the end, the savings were at the store. >> $27.06 versus $36 for that meal in the restaurant. less money on the credit card but more time invested. >> that is so worth the $10. >> reporter: on this night $10 did add up to it. so they said eating out makes sense. >> sounds good. deanna said it's important to write down how much you spend at the grocery store and check the weekly sales and check out some of the restaurant deals.
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all right. do a little grilling and 80 degrees at bwi. warm and humid, 56%. take a look at some of the cloudy weather. we got a wild shot looking toward the bridge and some showers, some tides and at times a little sun comes out. boy, you see the mix of weather. kent island, a similar view and a couple of showers dousing our camera lens at the bay bridge marina. they were doing the sea trials and a mix of clouds and showers. we got a little clearing going on. a couple showers going on. light showers south of kent island here over the chesapeake
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bay area. other than that temperatures are warm. cooler in the mountains. 63. we're going to get cooler air as we go later in the week but not tonight or tomorrow. we stay muggy. humidity stays high. we think we should be well into the low 80s. take a look at the overall satellite trend. a disturbance on top of the state but the main waive of rain -- wave of rain has not been replaced by much more than scattered activity. hit and miss showers. count on those tonight and through the day tomorrow. as we go through thursday and friday we're getting into this weather, crystal clear, sunny, dry weather funneling in but still an everall slow mover but the bulk of the rain north of us right now. how about timing tonight? maybe some more hit and miss showers. until we get to the late
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overnight probably won't have the unsettled weather and what we're seeing is a fresh frontal boundary, okay. so we'll be warm tomorrow, low 80s but the fresh cool front may spark a few more showers tomorrow evening and bring in cooler drier air for tomorrow night into thursday. thursday looking like a bright sunny day. this will set a nice standard for our alibi breakfast thursday into preakness weekend. overnight down to 62. mild humid. low 80s. 82 at bwi. tomorrow night 56, variably cloudy with scattered showers. as we look at the seven-day forecast, here's how things develop. you can see a hit or miss shower. better chance for dry weathers to take over wednesday we get into thursday and friday. they begin to bounce back to 80,
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so i would say this much, if you're going to be in the infield, plan for a warm one but a pretty nice setup as we did into black eyed susan friday. we go back two years where we a nice day of weather. >> let's keep the fings -- fingers crossed. more people will be packing up their cars for memorial day f you're hitting -- if you're hitting the road, pack your patience. >> reporter: more americans are planning to kick off the official start of summer with a road trip. >> i'm going to north carolina to see my dad. >> reporter: aaa predicts 31 million people will get behind the whole for a memorial day weekend getaway, half a million more than yesterday, but people
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aren't going as far. >> the overall distance traveled during the memorial day weekend is expected to be 150 miles less than last year. this indicates that many people are willing to save money boy staying closer to home. >> gas prices are slowly decreasing but it's a big concern. many travelers plan to stay at less expensive accommodations or scale back to save money. >> how expensive is it to fly versus driving? >> out at reagan, a lot more expensive. >> with rising costs of plane tickets, fewer people will fly. if traveling doesn't fit your budget or if you can't get the time off from work, there is always this option. >> stay at home and a pool part around the neighborhood. >> reporter: reporting from
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washington. >> okay. are you brushing and flossing as often as you should? what you should know about proper oral healthcare. >> plus, if you have copd like i do,
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spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help.
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a new study said more than 8 million adults have -- are sleep walking. one factor, the use of
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over-the-counter sleep aids. doctors say usually sleep walking is harmless. it seems like there's an app for just about everything these days. now researchers at yale university said a drug could help people from getting drunk boy reducing the number of deadly drunk driving accidents no brushing your teeth does more than making them pearly white. they make them healthy. many people don't know much about proper oral healthcare. there is a hart to flossing -- art to flossing, too. >> a soft bristle tooth rush with soft gentle circular motions will which your teeth better. the best way to floss is to
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gently put the floss between the teeth and gently move up and down along the tooth's surface. >> experts say to floss at least twice a day and visit a dentist twice a year. check out our website to find out the headlines from today. coming up at 5:30, the disappearance of a girl in arizona. the latest on the search for isabel celis and why the father has to stay away from his two sons. plus, angry over a movie? what one man did that got him in trouble. >> and improvements to save you from a headache. we're back if just minutes. ♪
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getting you up to the minute, police in brief h--- brevard county florida find three children and a mother dead. police bloaft mother -- believe the mother shot the children and turned the dunn on herself. >> a pawk buccaneer police officer faces charges tonight. according to the documents, the officer crossed the line when he exposed himself to a female officer after a workout session. williams is no longer serving as a physical fitness instructor at the academy and faces second degree assault and a fourth degree sex offense no and
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maryland lawmakers are working on the bulgt. the changes will only impact about 14% of marylanders. those voting against it say the tax encrops and the -- increase and the economy will affect it. traffic is moving well at 95. let's check in with wyatt everhart. looks like the traffic is moving smoothly. let's find out what's on tap for tonight. >> the rest of the evening and into the day tomorrow you may need the sunglasses and the wipers. some periods of sunshine. some periods of showers. a few more showers in central virginia. some may drift further north into pg


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