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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> our black eyed susan this afternoon. outstanding. a few passing clouds. that's what we'll see tomorrow. it will be warmer tomorrow. we'll be above 80s. we're not mid-70s with relatively low humidity. if you're out in the sunshine, it feels warm. it will be warm the rest of the evening, but tomorrow pushing up to 80 for our preekness. a few additional clouds. we'll talk with some -- about some changes. people living in parts of east baltimore said their streets are quiet after authorities cracked a large murder and drug speer experiment they announced the indictment of 14 people in connection with murders, shootings and drug smuggling. brian kuebler has more. >> reporter: at some point, a
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make shiest memorial become as permanent shrine. while the balloons are pieces of mylar and the ink has faded. the block where alex was shot and killed is still clearly marked. two others were him were shot. he was the target. moore, along with 13 others, including his wife sara hooker, were indicted by either the state or the feds for setting off a wave of retaliatory fatal and nonfatal shootings and heading a powerful drug ring. >> this case should serve notice to those who endanger the public
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through violent criminal activity that that there is a new paradigm in law enforcement, a new way of doing business. >> reporter: none of them wanted to go on camera and talk about it today but they were happy top find out that while -- to find out that while the memorial still stands, the aciewstlessed shooters no longer don't. authorities said it took work and unprecedented amount of cooperation with the police, u.s. attorney's office and the dea. >> so these are very violent people we were able to get off the street. simply put this is a very significant case with impressive results. >> reporter: hoping those results translate into quieter streets into what residents said was a small but terrorized part
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of east baltimore. east baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> the state's attorney said it was the result of a six-month long investigation. some have been implicated in other violent crimes. a reminder about protecting your homes. the burglary broke if and stole items. the fire department from several departments were put on work after a business caught fire in elk ridge. police am baltimore county, anne arundel helped to got the flames out. the damage is expected to be about $100,000.
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same sex couples cannot get married in maryland but are allowed to divorce. two women who got married in california were denied a divorce here in 2010. this year the maryland general assembly passed a bill that would allow same-sex marriage for couples. the issue is expected to be an the ballot for voters in december. have you ever wondered if the gas pump was really giving you your money's worth. abc2 looked into hundreds of gas pumps. joce sterman has more. it's great how you made this easy for people to report problems. >> you're going to find it all on a special page we've created. it's report. we want to show you all the features on our website. if you go to the pump report page you'll see this.
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you can watch the entire investigation and get the overview. you can also figure out how to find your gas station. we've done that on the home page you'll find a map. when you click any of these you'll get a summary about how many inspections they've had, how many gals pumps have been rejected and you can look them up by map. say you live by brook avenue. click the gas stations right here. you'll find out how many pumps were rejected. you can also do it by list and get a complete list alphabetically of the gas stations in each cowed. we'll try the belvidere exxon. now go back to the home page and you can find out the most common complaints, what's in your gas
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tanks, all of that on that special page at slash pump report. joce sterman, website woab news. happening now, lady's day at pimlico as we get ready for the preakness. black eyed susan benefiting the susan g. komen race for the cure. >> reporter: lots of stylish hats. i've got to dress for the occasion. are a looking at the crowd dwindling. it was probably a record-breaking day. this is really a special event because it's more than president racing. however, there were 13 races with the lamps one getting started in a couple of minutes at 6:22. this is the big race, the 88 running of the black eyed susan, tied in the very beginning but not and it's in lingerie. taking off number seven but as i
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said there were 13 races but this really is a special day as you mentioned because it's a day for susan g. komen. it comes out on to no matter which races. let's talk with the executive director. this is a real special partnership that you have here with the american jockey club. tell us about it. >> one of the ways we raise money is we work with partners in the community. we have a partnership with the maryland jockey club. this is our third year. we received donations through ticket sales, promotionals and selling of other eye -- items and they give us a donation. last year they gave us about $142,000. >> reporter: it's also special because you recognize survivors. there's a legends, a couple jk
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races where you have women. it really is giving back to the community. a number of jockeys came back to ride in the race. and a couple of them are breast cancer survivors. so not only are they getting back in shape to do the race but they're also fighting our own battle with breast cancer. this is the 88th running of the black eyed susan stakes. we invite 88 survivors to come out and honor us. they get to bring a guest. that's the celebration and the fun part of today and the connection with komen that we get to celebrate survivorship. >> reporter: thank you very much. again, folks are heading out today. this really was the big day for susan g. komen, the maryland affiliate and a big day for me because i got to wear this stylish hat on tv.
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>> well, it's in the all about the horses this weekend. today the turtles took center stage at the johns hopkins hospital. look at this has they cheered them on with the hospital staff and supporters. they made $10 wagers. looks like they're into. this first prize went to a little guy named calypso. it's going to perkins day care. horse racing is a very old tradition but one that's trying to keep up with technology. look at that, helmet camera. at least one of the reporters covering the preakness will ware the helmet camera. it was created from technology used for cameras in nascar races. you can own a piece of facebook. the price of the stock jumped about $4 but it went down to
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$38. one financial expert says this shows the best stocks can be overhyped or some people like them too much. others say it wantals exciting, but overall not a total failure. twitter is implementing things to protect your policy. other web browsers like safari and internet explorer have similar features. the housing market may be rebounding. tonight at 11:00, a special report on the benefits and potential risks with short sales. the good thing you can usually find a pretty good price but money isn't the only investment you need to think about. >> here's what it comes down a willing seral, able buyer and patience, patience and it is a
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absolute roller coaster but the ride's worth it. >> short sales are a lot like life. abc2 works on ways to work it in your favor and what to watch out for. signs of progress for a lot who has been hospitalized for months. coming up, a look at how far he has come and how the community is stepping up to help. plus, warmer weather means more people will be on the water. all right. warm weather is always a good thing this year. 75 at bwi. we have a winner for you. mary from timonium, you get an abc2 storm umbrella. when we come back, we'll talk about this approaching coastal system. will it get here before the end of the weekend? the answer is straight ahead.
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it is a maiming sign of -- major sign of progress for aj. he has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that has left him unable to sit up and speak. the firefighter has been in the hospital for months. there will be a fund-raiser to help with medical bills. >> aj, lean forward. >> reporter: we never know when
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life will change. for a d.c. firefighter, a new husband and father, it took a drastic turn. there's no telling if aj will really be the same. aj leans on nurses to help regain his balance. a rare brain tumor took away his ability to sit up straight. he doesn't know right from left. he can't speefnlgt the biggest heartbreak of all, he may not realize he's a father. >> got married october 16th, 2010. our son came early. we had him on june the 8th this pastdown. aj started having symptoms after that. >> reporter: migraines, overly tired, dizzy spells. it's not cancer but by november it had tripled in size. he had been at johns hopkins. >> i never thought i would look
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at nursing him, my 28-year-old husband or having to take my 9-month-old son to a rehab facility to see daddy. >> reporter: all this came when "i do" came 17 months ago. instead, she bridges her 9-month-old son dominic to help out. he was a d.c. firefighter and he worked a second job to keep his wife and newborn at home, a fund-raiser at the family's church will help cover daily living and what insurance denies. >> he would show up to help move, boxes. >> reporter: now it's the community's turn to step up. you see this smie. you hear the laugh. maybe one day he will recognize his son. >> it's going to be a long, long
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road. >> that was cheryl conner reporting. there are two fund-raisers. they're at the fallston fire department from 7 to 3 and sunday until 1:00 in the afternoon. if you're heading out on the water, maryland had almost double the number of boating accidents than last year. this year they will pay attention to anyone boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. natural resources want them prepared for a safe trip. >> make sure that the conditions that you will meet out on waterway don't exceed your naff dpaitional capability or your seamanship skills. >> boat safety week starts tomorrow. nearly 90% of drowning victims are not wearing life jackets.
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the coast guard will tell you the life jacket is always a good idea. 72, warmer than this downtown. tomorrow we're going to be above 80s -- 80. our view over the chesapeake. beautiful sunshine, just some high thin clouds. a light breeze in annapolis. look at those high thin clouds. light cirrus cloud cover that cannot produce any form of rain. last but not least, ocean city, people out on the beach getting peak season. some waves rolling in. right now maryland's most popular radar. that will hold up until sunday afternoon into sunday night. temperature wise we're in the
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low to mid-70s. we'll end up in the low 80s. winds are from the east but that east to northeast breeze used to be a cool one a few weeks ago. even an east breeze is not all that chilling. take a look at the humidity levels. a few thin clouds on the weather bug. those are coming off this coastal system which is our player in the weather. high pressure to the north keeps us dry. this thing will sit here and spin off the carolinas. probably not going to move much more over the next 12 to 24 hours. we believe this will make a move to the north and east and bring us a chance for late sunday night into monday. here's the timing. you can see it parked for saturday. we're look great for preakness sunshine. bring along some sun screen.
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dress light. sunday clouds increase, not as brought and sunny but the showers will be knocking on our door. i think we're dry. it's two days as well as the wine and the woods in columbia. we're watching the system but expect it to stay south. overnight 50. tomorrow preakness saturday. sun and clouds and warmer. tomorrow night down to 52 and your seven day forecast, you can see the trend is for showers to return but, hey, perfect timing not until late sunday into monday. that's great news. i got to mention the warrior dads thing. that's in st. mary's county. calvert. >> st. mary's right across the bridge. it will be a nice day will. more than 100,000 people at preakness sweating it out. >> preakness is tomorrow.
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the orioles begin a three-game series. the nationals had a strong start. starting pitcher for tonight jake arrieta for the orioles. abc2 news at 6:00 returns after the break. ♪
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here's a look at what we're working on. trying to sell your home, the housing market flood. what can you do top stand out. the hottest way to get your home to sell. plus, a white second grader gets in trouble for doing to school with his face painted black. why he did it. those stories and more when you join us at 11. wyatt, checking out the racing form. >> i'll have another is a great sounding name. a few clouds. tomorrow, if you're headed to preakness or wherever your travels take you, outstanding weather. just dress light. >> thanks a lot. i'm christian schaffer. we'll see you at 11.
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