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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  June 1, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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lightning data that's coming in. you see a tremendous amount of lightning on the border between cecil county and harford county as it's going to push toward the pennsylvania border. out toward the west we've been watching these storms moving in. let's take a look at a wider view. you can see a couple lines of storms. this line will produce -- continue to produce the potential of flash flooding. you see how it's bowing like that? this is indicating to me that we could turn from tornadoic storms to the straight line wind storms where we get a push of wind that comes out of the column of air. that could produce winds in excess of 60, perhaps near 0 miles an hour -- 70 miles an hour. we have to monitor it. first under the gun is
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westminster, showed you manchester. eventually it will push through baltimore, harford county and cecil county. we have several hours to go. behind this line that's where we're starting to see some clearing. looks like a nicer day as we head into tomorrow. a huge storm system that's producing flash flooding and tornadoes and a dangerous situation across much of maryland. take a look at the overnight forecast, continued thunderstorms, mild with a temperature of around 61. a much better day. tomorrow will be the cleanup day with a temperature around 75, partly cloudy. we'll take a look at the radar in a few minutes. in case you folkings haven't in the it is 6:30. normally we would have world news with diane sawyer. a attorney thorn has been extended in harford county until
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7:00. cherle -- cheryl conner. a tough situation. harford was the second wave of the storm. we didn't see it initially when carroll county was getting it. we got here ahead of the storm and had soon it come through. we got a call from the harford outfire department. they tell us there has been a building collapse. we believe it's building related. that's on the 2000 block of parsonage lane near fallston. we're going to be heading out there and checking that out. again, what we understand, rosie, is a billedling co--
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building collapse if fallston. they are expecting a tough nee. the emergency raising center is staffed. they plan to hang out there throughout the evening. the warning is expected to be in place by 10:00, with the flash flood until 10:00. they are monitoring the radar and have crews on stand by. >> cheryl, just looking at the conditions, it does sound like it's deteriorating. you're looking at the clouds. you're seeing the dark ominous clouds. are you noticing that people are at least staying off the roads? are people trying to get to the -- are they taking add vest and staying off the roads? >> reporter: they're staying off the road.
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it's 6:30 on a friday evening. i say one car pass. you could probably hear the thunder coming in the our photographer, tony has pulled over. the rain is coming down heavy. we're having a tough time keeping the windshield clear. to answer your question, people are staying off the road. it's a tough, tough situation. the water is stacking up. lose the light of day it will be tough to tell whether or not you can drive into a road. we've said this so many times but certainly as you approach an area where there's high standing water, if you're doubting at all don't do it. you can easily get stuck. >> also, people need to remember that puts first responders in a pickle because they have to get the people stuck in the standing water.
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we're getting a will the of comments. you're sending us lots of pictures about things that have gone on. we'll take a look. let's see here. you're keeping us informed. this is a picture from hannah, in brooklyn, her backyard where you condition see a big fence, then all the water rolling down where the storage barns are. people are seeing things from funnel clouds, rotation in the scoip and just these really, really dark only men us in clouds. if you've got good pictures, send them to us at let's toss it to joce right now.
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>> we're going to fix your mike. lot's talk about what's going on with the active warnings. we have an app that we've launched. it's in good timing because of all the severe weather. it's called storm shield. we have been working on this app and perfecting this app. it's ready for you to buy and purchase. if you lose power you need to have it alert you. there are a ton of warnings and watches. it's storm shield from abc2 and download our app, our wmar app. it's a great tool to use against
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the severe weather. it's keeping you one step ahead of the storm. let's talk about the active warnings. where you see the green, we are still dealing with massive flash flood warnings. it's for the entire viewing area, for cecil county. we'll continue with this tornado warning for harford county. that's until 7:00, 7:00 until this warning expires. let's go over to maryland's most powerful radar. it's out toward harford county that over a been -- that we've been noticing with rotating winds. we don't have a confirmed tornado but we have a tornado warning. this is going to move into reising star -- rising star. it's moving toward the northeast at about 25 to 30 miles an hour. not only could this not whom produce a tornado but dangerous
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lightning and flash flooding will be a concern. bel air, forest hill airport, into abby road and out toward whiteford road, will cross that area and cross into the pennsylvania border where we have newly issued severe thunderstorm warning. let's see if the weather service will expire that. still seeing rotation on radar but the majority of the rotation shifting toward pennsylvania which is good news. i anticipate them dropping it for harford county. back up the shot. i'll show you what's been happening to the west. this is moving into hagerstown. this is a line that has a hex of prying 70-mile-an-hour -- history of producing a
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70-mile-an-hour wind. it's going to change to a straight line as it's pushing toward the north. still about 80, 90 ours away, moving rapidly. again, a hex of producing -- history of producing damaging lightning and destructive winds. we have active tornado warnings out to the west with the line. we'll see if that holds together. tornado warning. there's a new severe thunderstorm warning. and that's a warning for frederick and washington county. we mentioned them outside of the viewing area. this has to move through. the first part of the area will see the storms and that line will be moving into baltimore county. so dangerous thunderstorms moving toward the east. i want to put a storm track on
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this to give you an idea of how long it's going to take. this is -- going to put a line track on this to show you. this is what's called a bow line last it moves toward the east. charles town 7:13. as it pushes toward the east we'll be watching this but expecting some damaging winds as this line pushes off through the area. we'll continue with the tornado watch that's up until 9:00. everybody is susceptible to seeing a possible tornado until 9:00. then we'll focus it. it's a dangerous line. we're still expect the lightning, damaging winds and large hail during the course of the creaser night. so, again, right now we are still under a tornado threat for just about everybody. as we go into 8:00 we lose the daytime heating and will shift to a dangerous wind event as the
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line pushes through the area. we have to keep on guard for the next three to four hours and keep the focus for the eastern shore of maryland. >> potential problems with amtrak trains due to falling trees on the track. that is a preliminary report. we want to show you locally what's happening with some of the aftermath. this is an overflowing stream at worthington ton road at to you son. also, as we discussed, the tornado precautions that have to happ storm moves through. harford county does have an active tornado warning in place for the next 17 minutes or so. want to warn you, front precautions how to stay safe. got to have a plan in safe.
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put all your vital stuff in a safe place. this is video from dulaney valley road in towson. one of the manhole covers popped up. steams they get carried off. this guy, brave nice good samaritan goes back in to flip it back off in the midst of the rain. a lot of flooding from this situation happening in the baltimore area and other areas. we want to see what you're seeing while you're out on the street. also, keep in mind if you want information about what's happening with the weather presently, don't forget to text wmar to 46988. want top send it out to rosie at the interactive news center to give you more information.
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>> we're getting great pictures. that's one of the great things we want to do. some people have been looking out their own windows. this is right outside of -- westminster. looks like lightning or high winds, busted that tree in his driveway. it's incredible to see how it split. let's take a look at a couple of others, as people have been sending in pictures. you can see the cool contrast, very bright colored burn. look at that sky. move down more to take a look at some of the other posts. this is big mike taylor. you can't even see. he's up in towson. this is how much rain has fallen. we're getting the storms. they're popping up and dumping a lot of rain real fast, real quick. we have a lot of stuff coming
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down. i've got one more i want to show you. this is a phone video that was sent in by one of our viewers. here we go. this is from lindsey kyle. this is what she says is video of a rotating funnel cloud right new her area. that's a scary thing to see if you're looking out and you see something. we've had reports of this going on all over the area. also, send us a tweet. we're getting lots of information from that. people are telling us about about storm damage, manhole covers that have flipped up and everything from trees down to standing water in the roadway. these are the kind of things we can get from you guys and pass on to let them know what's going on. if you've got something like that, send it to us at or you can
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email it to us at pix at wmar dot california. let's send it to mike. let's row cap what's going on. we'll continue this. it has crossed into pennsylvania. we're close to giving harford an all clearment in about 15 minutes an all clear in harford. sealsle county. that's included with that cell, tornadic cell. once that lifts north we'll give both counties the you a clear. the -- baltimore city there's a flash flood warning until 9:30. i anticipate that being activated until mid-night.
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frederick under a flash flood warning, howard most of the counties under a flash flood warning. marine warnings for all of the close is a peek as we have a ton of lightning close to the bay so keep that in mind. out toward the west there are severe thunderstorm warnings being activated, and this is a line pushing into the area as we head into the overnight. again, strongest part of the storm is between delta and bel air over harford county. let's take you closer. first, i want to take a look at winds and what they're doing and maryland's most powerful radar showing the rotation with this cell is out toward the north of delta. the rotating column associated with this thunderstorm is pushed toward the north. we still have some pretty damaging thunderstorms in the vicinity of bell hair to -- bel air to dealt and, stream
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northwestern cecil county. zoom out. have heavy weather from the south from baltimore toward the south and west and rockville up toward columbia. this will move through laurel. we have to watch this cell because this could become a tornado warn cell. this will cross 70 and 695 coming up in the next 35 minutes, everything moving to the northeast. out toward the eastern shore you're starting to seat storms popping. the majority has been to the west. this will move right from talbot county to, stream queen anne's county and extreme western kent county. be aware of that. we're keeping an eye to the north and west sighing -- seeing heavy rain, southeastern carroll county. we flash flood
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warning fromno carrierringconne0 >> then a couple storms popping toward the eastern shore. this band of strong to severe thunderstorms, just to the west. this is lifting from south to north. it's doing what's called training. these storms are lined up. you can see one, two, three.
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it's seeing heavy rain, flooding threat just toward north and with the of 83. this is a line of powerful thunderstorms. winds associated with this line. as it pushes into frederick county and harford county and baltimore county, there is the potential, continued potential of more power outages, certainly the potential of more hail and damaging winds gusting close to 60 miles an hour. we will be watching this line of storms. round one, those are the storms. this is the last hurrah of the system as it pushes toward the east. we'll see a much nicer day but a huge storm system. we have this huge jet stream that's coming in. that's what aided in the twisting of the wind, the windshield. that created this mess of
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weather. let's break down the forecast. we'll continue with the thunderstorm threat, some of which will stay severed as we head toward 2:00, 3:00, the severity levels will drop. 75. there is the potential of a morning shower. we'll hold the best shots from the eastern shore out toward ocean city. may start on a cloud de dreary note. as we go into tomorrow night, a nice looking night and the weekend overall, much improved. we have ideal weather. 79 on sunday. that storm system may throw a couple of scattered showers and storms. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thrs, back to normal conditions, and we'll keep the threat of severe weather but the toronto let will did did tornado --
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tornado threat will go down. >> cheryl conner is live on the phone. a tornado warning was, tended until 7:00 -- was extended until 7:00. >> reporter: we were on you're way to fallston. we're on route one at bel air road. we pulled into the hyundai dealership. we're looking at a power pole that's slanted, but traffic is now being diverted off of route one because it's certainly a hazardous situation, a power pole that's slanted toward the road. the traffic, looks like state police are moving traffic off of route one into the dealership. i'm in close contact with the emergency raisings center. cars in the area had been tossed
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around, get that, tossed around at some of the car dealerships. we literal le just pulled up. again, if you know if someone in the bel air area off of route one, give them a call, give them a heads up. they're not going to get through here in a hurry. the rain splaked off. we haven't seen thunder or lightning for a few minutes at least. again, what we're going to see is some of the damage and a very dangerous situation that we're looking at am bel air. we're also on our way to fallston. that's where we're getting a report of a building collapse. that came in about 30 minutes ago. he'll get a pick -- i'll get a picture of this. >> did you get any information on exactly what the building is. was it a home or business. >> yes.
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certainly in crisis mode. liz on our assignment desk gave meet heads up that it happened on parsonage lane in fallston. we don't know yet if that's a him or business. hopefully, no one was inside as well. what we know is a building collapse is what we were told. we'll check out the scene in bel air. >> capturing the damage on the north as we send crews to the west. now we're going to send it out to rosie with the latest. >> we've gotten reports there's problems on the marc trane and the amtrak lines between washington and bwi-thurgood marshall airport. what's the situation right now? >> we've been having problems sense about 5:00 this afternoon with our marc trane service on
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the penn line specifically. you heard about power lines being impacted by falling trees. that's what we've been dealing with. we have power lines go down near new york avenue near washington, d.c. we had power out at the opinion station. that has service coming out of washington and baltimore. we are getting reports that some of the trains are beginning to move, but as you might imagine, when you have tranes delayed at the height of the rush hour, it's backing things up. we'll be experiencing delays into the evening. >> there are so many people who commute between d.c. and baltimore. any thought of using shuttle buses. >> the penn line is downtown a doubt our heaviest used. shuttle buses have not been
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considered at this point because we fully anticipate getting the service back up and that is starting to happen. it just means that folks are experiencing delays. most of our marc customers are signed up for our e alerts. we've been communicating with them on what's going on. inside union station, inside penn station. so they have a degree of comfort. they suffered through the delays and of course weather, severe weather like this, we always err on the side of caution, our highest priority until we can get system and can't run the trains. as soon as we can get the power restored then the train's back on the tracks and we'll do so. >> thanks for talking with us. let's toss it back to joce. >> as we just heard from cheryl
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con next -- conner, the worst part has gone over the pennsylvania lean. they are dealing with damage, potential flooding, trees done. we want to talk to rich gardner. what can you tell us about what you have seen in harford county. >> the worst part was 45 minutes ago in the fallston area. police located at 152, the weather created a large amount of doned trees, wires and structural collapse where a person was hurt. >> that person was hurt trying to clean up the damage. can you explain what happened to them. >> whatever passed through, it caused the structure to collapse. we have personnel in the area working with those injured but
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they're also checking things to make sure everything is good. >> is this the collapse we heard about earlier on parsonage lane? >> yes. >> is that a home? >> i believe so yes. also, what we want to ask the people who are listening, if you can pass the word to your friends and family, if they're on the road, try to avoitd bel air area -- avoid the bel air area. there's a lot of downed trees, a lot of downed wires tend makes our job harder if people are wandering through the area. >> how do you guys handle a situation like this. do you call in extra crews? >> we have specific emergency teams that are dedicated to handle a structural type of collapse. they come out. we have the people on the team right now. >> all right. rich guard next thank you for that information.
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we want to make sure our viewers know, a warning for howard county. we want to go back to meteorologist mike masco for the latest. >> we're getting this just in, it's done to the south. the weather service has put out a new tornado warning. this is part of prince george's county and anne arundel county, northern pg county county and, stream northern anne arundel county, they will throw southeastern howard county into the mix until 7:30. there could be a quick spin. it's moving toward fort meade, elk ridge and millersville. let's go over to maryland's most
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powerful radar and give you an idea. it's from the 95 corridor from laurel to elk ridge and to the south and east. this is close to the bay. doppler radar showing the potential of re tating winds inside this storm. this radar product, this shows you the winds. we see the green coloring. that's an indication that there is a rotating wind lay loft, whether the rotating winds are high above, touched down to the surface or yet to be seen. it's doppler radar indicated. it's not indicated as a spotter. the radar is indicating twisting of winds. this is the color code, laurel. when you seat bright reds and oranges, that's indicative of heavy rain, dangerous lightning and the


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