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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  June 8, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's been one week since severe weather in maryland hits hard. national weather service, saying a dozen tornadoes touched down in maryland last friday. crews continued to work nonstop, airing trees and trying to get businesses back open again. damage estimates are in the millions. a glenbury man said he lost a bag filled with cash in i-97.
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he works in a convenience store and told maryland state police, he was on his way to deposit the money to the bank. he put the bag on top of his car but forgot to grab it on top of his car. when he went back all the money was already gone. we told the story, who worry about things where they will sleep instead of next week's math test. some of the teachers saw them in need and decided to take action. abc 2 news cheryl conner is live in mothers at federal hill where the teachers are holding a fund-raiser to help the families. tell us about that. >> today, it's the last day for students. some teachers are not taking a break. take a look here. this is the staff at woodside elementary school in glen bernie. live in channel 2, say hi. they are getting ready for a ben tbit that -- benefit that
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will happen. they have several families that are homeless. these kids go to school. instead of worrying about mass, they worry about where they will lay their heads at night. the stories have affected all teachers at woodside elementary. michelle polk is one of the organizers of tonight's benefit. there is one family, michelle, four kids involved. their shuffle back and for the. >> the family, their grandmother and mom was incarcerated. they put all three of the children on board. it was too many kids living in the apartment. the apartment complex, evicted her and they've been living back and for the, traveling to someplaces and staying in dc most of the days. our staff was worried about where they were staying, if they had a safe place to stay. we decided to do something. >> and this is the story, told
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us about 15 minutes ago. how is tonight's benefit will help that family. they are close to getting into an apartment. >> yes, some of them -- find an apartment or a, you know, housing, very soon. we are going to pay for their security deposit and hopefully, with tonight's event, get them as many months rent as we can to help the grandmother out. >> and six other families at your school who are homeless? >> correct. >> and the money will help them as well? >> correct. >> the money will help those families. they are in need of clothing. they are in need of food, supplement their income. we will just help out our kids. we treat our kids like our own. we want to make sure they are taken care of and safe. >> thank you so much. teachers deserve so much credit, josie. these are community donations. teachers step up and donated the items. there's a silent auction that
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will go on tonight. the benefit is here, again, at mothers in federal hill from 6:00 until 9:00. the price for admission, is suggested at $10. and there's tons of free food here. if you're thinking about heading out this friday night, certainly make your way to mothers at federal hill. back to you. >> cheryl conner. talking about overcoming incredible obstacles. a north carolina teen managed the homeless. she's going to be a member of the harvard university class of 2016. abc 2 news roosevelt joins us more on that story. rosy? >> last summer, dog logins came home from academic camp, found their parents gone. it began with a struggle that did pay off in a big way. with the high school about to gip in north carolina, the town search and money relied on a part-time job she had in the school. she eventually found a permanent home in a friend's
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mother's house who was also a custodian at the school. she still studied hard and taking advance placement and still active in school clubs. earned a nearly perfect gpa. she applied to several colleges. she got that big letter from harvard late this week. >> and i saw my family living from paycheck to paycheck. i made a decision to myself, i wasn't going to end up like my parents. >> and her parent -- she was finally able to contact them. she got a partial scholarship and will work part-time as a custodian to pay her tuition. abc 2 news. >> for more information on the fund-raiser we told you about that's going on in a few minutes and the family that ip spired it-- inspired it, and the teachers that put it
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together. head to 2 news. com. . what a difference a week makes amp few passing clouds out there this afternoon. most in central maryland. nice friday, nice start to the week. temperatures running comfortable. downtown, hot, 88. most spots in the mid to low 80s. all right. is there's hotter air marching in our direction. heat values close to 90 and parts of the south. we can do it this evening, as we go to the 70s and down to the 60s later tonight, because things will be much hotter, stickier to sunday. details straight ahead. down to a deadly outbreak of e.coli bacteria. more than a dozen people gotten sick and a little girl has died. diana perez reports, the governor's disease hunter, on a desperate hupt to find the source. the nation's top detectives are urgingly trying to find and contain the string of e.coli.
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the problem, they are not sure where to start. >> they want to figure out what the product is and get it out of the market before it sickens the kids or anyone else. >> so far more than a dozen people contracted what officials believe is the same deadly string of e.coli. it carries a genetic fingerprint that produce as toxin and could cause reaction. and new orleans, 21-month-old baby girl died of the disease last week. the largest is in atlanta, where they have five cases. >> cases are linked. that would suggest that there was a common source somewhere around the way. we just don't know where. >> there's no concrete evidence for the source yet. a likely culprit is under. and as we break the grills, officials are reminding us to clearly cook your food well. >> most of the people here, are
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adults. a little child got sick and died and they have to be very careful. >> more government agencies are starting to get involved. just this week, the u.s. department of agriculture announced plans to start testing meat for the deadly strain of e.coli. diane perez, abc 2 news. with one swift move, he puts a stop of an attempted robbery. what he did to the guy who demanded cash? it was a hailstorm to the agents. show you where it happened coming up.
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a robbery foiled by a customer. you see the robber come in, in the counter demanding the clerk hand over the cash. the robber pulls a knife and watch this. bam. about to kick him and gets out of the suspect's hand. after he kicks him, chases him out of the store empty hand. brave guy. check this out. cars submerged in rain and hail going nowhere fast. earlier this week, in colorado, dozens of cars were abandon and several feet deep. hailstorms are not uncommon to people in colorado springs.
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the national weather service confirms six tornadoes across the state. no injuries reported. forget the argument you have on cell phone. the big debate whether young teens should be able to use facebook. whether it is right for your kids? you feel like you're constantly being watched at least by advertisers who are tracking your every move. we'll show how [ jared ] uh, michael?
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you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! . facebook is considering opening the site to kids, raised a lot of eyebrows among parents, claims it's too young for the site. take a look at the debate and the social media options. social networking could leave parents conflicted. one hand, it's a new territory. another hand, it's a medium the
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kids will use for the rest of their life. among concerns are safety and privacy issues for parents. another concern is kids facing another source of advertising. >> we're talking about viral marketing. we're talking about marketing that's woven into interactive games and social networks and, you don't even know that's marketing. >> speaks to the chief criticism of the facebook report. it seeks another target for revenue on the stock struggles. steven is ceo of the family on- line safety institute. he also serves on facebook's safety advisory board. >> this is not about the ipo. this is the discussion that's been going on for over a year now. >> regardless of facebook's decision, parents should have a conversation with kids before they log on to every site. even if its kids only. >> set rules for the family and in terms of what they can do, how long they can be on-line,
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what they can share, who they can friend? >> among the kid-friendly sites, what's and safety protections for tweens only. >> facebook apps range from angry bird to pinterrest. most don't know that because there's no central way to find them. facebook is rolling out an app center that will feature more than 600 apps. they will be available to users on computers and mobile devices. facebook began rolling the app last night. >> maryland's most popular doppler radar. and nice view of the harbor tonight. winds are relatively calm out here. 84 degrees at the airport. little warmer in the city. winds northwest around 8 miles an hour. how about some visuals through the day. from bel air?
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you could see the beautiful blue skies with a couple of passing fair weather clouds. heart of the county, looking good. charm city run, and the high school annex, looking over the field here and the football field and pretty quiet here. the last days of school, we're out. kids having fun in manchester, mix of clouds and sunshine. maryland's most powerful radar spinning clear as it continues to be for the rest of the weekend. temperatures are comfortable. low 70s in the western edge of the states and mid-70s in the beach. winds are variable, 5-15. that's kind of helping stir the air, making it feel comfortable. look at the humidity values, between 10-20%. the overall trend, it was this. quiet, north of the state. few showers around central, central pennsylvania, harrisburg area. for the most part, we are here.
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fair weather maker. and a couple of days of bright sunny and ever hotter weather each day. tomorrow, around 90. sunday, low 90s. getting hotter. getting stickier, stickier by sunday. going to sunday, looking at more clear skies, hotter each day. i do think, sunday afternoon, we can see a pop-up shower storm. sisel county northward in eastern pennsylvania. for tonight, unless your travels take you north, maybe catching the train out of pen station, heading to boston. here there's rain showers. this is where the active weather shifted in the new england states. under clear sky and mostly clear sky. tomorrow, 90, mostly sunny. what could we say? summertime. and tomorrow night, down to 65. here's the seven-day forecast. hotter weather will be the
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story. we'll be to 92. the big difference, hotter tomorrow. not so much increase. and sunday, get stickier as temperatures and humidity head further up. josie, i know you are too familiar with this. bloging about maryland's decade of twisters captured on video. we go back to the deadly college park tornado in 01, that played in 02. bring you back to this year, of course. couple of active tornadoes. >> very cool. >> you're the estimate of blogging. lot of, of information in the website. we don't have any of that severe weather to deal with in the future. >> it was a rough friday. what a difference a week makes? >> absolutely. now we have to deal with real summer coming on. i'm not ready. >> this is what we do in maryland. it is interesting when you look back at the last year to two years to 10 years, people say how unusual was that big friday? i know you were here last week
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but i wasn't here for. unusual, yes. unprecedented, no. we've had times where we've had 14 tornadoes in a day. certainly last year in april, may, it was very busy. >> next time it happens, you better be here. moving out now to democracy in 2012, several of mitt romney is gathered chicago. which one will join romney in the race to the nation's capitol. and the breakdown on that. jory? >> this is almost like one huge tryout for the potential running mates. many of them have endorsed romney and campaigned for him. still, some say they are not interested in the position at least for now. >> i'm not going to be the vice president. >> i won't do it. >> happily to represent, ohio. >> it's a tough position to be in. o tame. rob portman has been criticized
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for the flip side, how tame is too tame. rob portman has been criticized for lacking star power. otis too tame. rob portman has been criticized for lacking star power. tame. senators like kelly, from rob portman has been criticized for lacking star power. other senators like kelly, from new hampshire and market has be for lacking star power. other senators like kelly, from new hampshire and market rubio from florida could be helping key battle ground states. there's also tea party favorites, congressman paul ryan. don't forget about romney's former republican rivals. their road block, a brittle primary season. son of g.o.p. contender, ron paul, endorsed
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romney and plays the attack dog. >> president romney is taking his last year of presidency to campaign. >> so just the big question, when is mitt romney going to make the announcement. it is an ongoing process. it takes a lot of betting. in 2008, john mccain waited before the republican convention to announce sarah palin. >> waiting and washington waiting to find out who the person will be. torry gun live tonight in dc. thank you for that report. abc 2 news will be right back.
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stock market closed up,
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finishing the best week of the year so far. dow jones industrial average closed 93 points. nasdaq up 27, to close at 2858. . in tonight's consumer alert, ever feel like advertisers are watching your every move, especially surfing the web. >> you don't like advertisers, knowing your every move on the internet, help is on the way. microsoft and google cannot get to the same page. web browser doesn't have, and even wrote major advertising platforms like yahoo! and google. the sticking point is how should the button work. microsoft says it will set do
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not track, so automatically your data will not be collected. google is not on board. they say they will only agree to the dot not track. and there's a stalemate and neither side is budging. if microsoft moves, advertising experts may ignore the privacy setting. others like the do-not-call list, let's networks know your preference. the tracking may continue whether they like it or not. it's time, for the weddings in maryland. it may not be getting the bride getting cold feet. average wedding costs $27,000. you don't want to hear if your a mom or dad. studies says children chip up to help only 17% of the time.
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the question, how big is your heart? that's the question. we want to find out how big the heart is in some of your neighbors, on abc 2 news at 6:00 that starts right now. . >> and came in -- >> thousands of dollars in cash spilled along the highway and dozens of motorists, gathering to pick it up. man to lost the money makes a heart felt appeal. teachers haven't forgotten their students. cheryl conner, live in mothers at federal hill. more on the benefits of homeless children. planning a vacation, how to get most of your money, in some of the


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