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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> now abc2 news at 11:00. >> shutting down, fire company cuts and increase. it's a done deal. tonight, we look at the impact of the city budget. >> don't be surprised if you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. we'll tell you about a new effort to bring you down. >> i couldn't see the super mom and the employee that i wanted to be. >> can women really have it all? the job, the family, everything. what do you think? >> it looks like a breath of fresh air out there. they're here to stay for a while. >> how should you dress kids for summer camp tomorrow? what can we expect? >> i think we're looking at a crystal clear day and spend most of the day in 70s. down right comfortable. some showers and storms in the lower eastern shore.
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rain, unfortunate in that sense but making it feel comfortable. >> christian schaffer joins us with reaction. he's still holding out hope that one of three companies might be saved but tonight the mayor said it's time to move forward without them. this time next week, truck ten in baltimore and truck in east 11 will be out of service for good. tonight, baltimore's city council president called the losses devastating.
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since 2009, three have been out of service and replacing the system with the permanent closure will save money because the trucks can be taken out of service permanently. >> 80% of the calls come into the fire department or equipment. >> the head of baltimore city firefighter's union thought discussions over saving at least one of the companies was still going on. >> the budget has passed and hopefully we have enough wiggle room. >> reporter: but that is not the method tonight for mayor rolling. now, there will not be layoffs in the fire department. the firefighters who work on those three companies are going
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to be moved to other stations in the city. christian schaffer, abc2 news. city council tried but couldn't save four city reck centers. they won't make it through the summer. they're all within two to three miles within one another leaving parents wondering, what are we going to do now? >> the kids have nothing to do during the summer. that's my biggest issue. >> anything nearby they can play in? >> nothing. nothing. >> ten others could close if community partners don't step forward with funding to keep them all open. and an exciting time for the city. they say it's easier to understand, what to say about that. a new language. the city assessment credit with the city home credit. the homeowner's credit will now be the state homeowner's credit. if you have questions about the new bill, it is (410)396-3987.
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a special hotline set up for people to report civil rights concerns regarding voters immigration law. this morning, the supreme court struck down three of the four parts of the law. the only part up hell is the show me your papers requirement to show at least a partial victory. >> today, the state of arizona and senate bill 10-7 was vindicated and the heart of the bill was upheld. the court made clear show me your papers could face future challenges depending, that's why we have the hotline. >> and maryland's congressional redistricting map, the high court agreed with the maryland decision to throw the lawsuits out. some voters say the main districts discriminate against african americans because it doesn't allow a third majority black congressional district. if you're speeding on wheel
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road, you're going to be pulled over and if you cut people off on 24, you're going to see red flashing lights. abc2 cheryl conner with harford county crackdown. >> reporter: there's been connections to homicides in the past four years. sheriff said it's time to put more on the roads. there's no doubt driving is dicey. >> texters, people ignore red lights. that's a fun one. >> reporter: harford county sheriff jesse isn't proud to be fourth in the state for the number of traffic fatalities so far this year. it's far past the number of murders. >> the traffic fatalities, they don't attribute the same as they do homicides. we're emphasizing with public education on harford county roads.
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>> reporter: a traffic task force will mix deputies on aberdeen with state troopers. every week, there will be a new focus based on the crunch reports like this on route 152 and may. dinah said it will make her a better driver. >> i am being more proactive in how i drive and turn off the radio with how precious she is to me in the cars. >> reporter: but it shouldn't take this adorable face to put yourself in the driver's seat behind the wheel. >> it has to change. information won't do it. it has to be reinforced behavior. >> reporter: they duoonce a week with no warning, in an effort to keep drivers safe around the clock. cheryl conner, abc2 news. in south carolina, they
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charged a baltimore man with murder. he shot and killed his girlfriend. he has an early sunday morning to pick up their son. he's charged with murder and held in the lexington county murder jail. burnt land. fire in the woods under control but it kept swelling up the land. you can see it from the river to the bay bridge and families saw it coming closer and closer, too close for comfort so they had to high tail it for safer ground. >> somebody beating on our door and then opening our door, saying is anybody here? is anybody here? so i quickly put on a pair of trousers and ran downstairs and here's the firemen telling me to evacuate. >> did saturday night fireworks
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set this off? you'll want to go to the stand to buy legal fireworks for the fourth. abc2 news preston mitchum jr. was working on why we all need to be careful. >> fourth of july, the birthday of the united states of america is a parade of picnics and fireworks. families will take part in patriotic festivities. the dazzling fireworks show will be the main attraction. >> 15 feet in the air. some go 20 feet in the air. >> bobby gene carries a wide selection. >> smoke bomb, loud whistles. >> this is ignited, you step away and emits showers of sparks. >> make sure you're with a parent and it's on the ground and once you light it, you step away. >> the state fire marshal began to address the importance of
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safety this year. >> when you use them and exhaust them, does them heavily with water and make sure they're completely out. >> last year, we lost a million dollar home because the kids collected all the fireworks, put them in a trash can and then placed them on the deck behind the house. >> the best way to enjoy the fireworks and stay safe is: >> go watch the public displays. they're free and you don't have a mess. >> in baltimore, preston mitchum jr., abc2 news. so admit it, when you were younger, you left the paddock with a cup of beer and walked next door. you could get arrested for that. the ocean city council made open kitchen violations a $200 fine. next month, they're calling to educate us on what this law means before laying down the law. if you ever had a difficult time threading a needle, you
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know it can be time-consuming. >> we test out one product to see if seven is really worth a second of your time. here's abc2 news megan pringle. >> there's a lot of people that can never get a string through these needles. a new product called one-second needle would be the 90 seconds it takes to this needle. some girls we spoke to said they have a good trick and their mother is a good teacher. >> sometimes she takes her finger and makes it wet and then puts it through but it's hard. >> let's see if the one-second needle does the work for you. it's so small, we wonder how anyone could do it blindfolded. enter should be as easy as one
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two three. >> she did this within seconds but then blindfolded herself to put it to the real test. she created a lot of tension with the thread, had a few misses but figured it out. >> it's not as easy as that guy made it look, but i did do it. >> mission accomplished even blindfolded. megan pringle, abc2 news. >> the one-second needle has a special eye let to thread the needle in three steps. it comes with three needles and 130 piece sewing kit. >> we're going to need to make bill gates money when you graduate from college. >> your student loan rates could double. what to watch out for when you consider student loans. clear in maryland now but what about our big storms in the south in we'll talk about
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debby when we come back. >> women, can you have it all, i mean, career, family? can you have it all? we'll tell you
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we got a coast guard rescued in the middle of tropical storm debby. they got trapped in dog island off the coast of florida where the storm is basically just sitting there. the helicopter ripped a basket. they had to pluck the family and the two dogs from the house but good news, nobody was hurt. congress has five more days to act on your student loan or it could double. listen to this. on july the 1st, the interest rate on some 7 million federal loans will bump up to 7.8%. both sides want to keep it but
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can't figure out how to cover the costs. cost no matter what happens, millions of students will apply for loans before school this fall. three tips to remember if you or your child plan to loan, read the fine print. understand terms, grace periods and interest. remember to think about life after graduation by considering the salary you're going to make and know that paying on time may pay off later. >> taking out student loans, it seems like it's a bad thing but it helps you build a strong credit history if you pay those loans back on time, you can get lower interest rates in the future. >> if you have trouble, don't be afraid to ask. defaulting on student loans can derail a financial future. working moms, it's tough to balance work and family and sometimes that are means giving
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up something you once loved for someone that you love. >> lisa talks about the major change. >> reporter: sharon has days from key executive from the white house administration. >> that was very intense. >> reporter: weeks of 11 to 14 hour days. now hembree is a stay at home mom with a 6-year-old daughter and boys. juggling a full-time demanding job and parenting was just too much. >> maybe there's a super woman. i couldn't do it. i couldn't be the super mom and the employee that i wanted to be, very type a, wanted to be the best employee out there. i couldn't make that balance work. >> reporter: hembree has a provocative article, why woman still can't have it all.
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one of the atlantic's most read online articles. it's a fire storm of debate and discussion. american caldron society frowns upon women leaving the office early or working from home, so many mothers leave high-level careers to focus on family. >> our culture is making it very difficult for most women to actually have work and family and the same career choices as men. no one says anymore this is no job for a woman because a, that's discrimination but plenty of people say this is no job for a mother. >> reporter: sarah knight is another mom. like shane hembree, also took time off after children but started a new job as a consultant in atlanta where she can have flexible hours. >> i don't think i could go back to what i was doing before
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with my kids and family. >> reporter: the 6-year-old daughter, she'll have to find what works for her. >> you have to put the time in. i think they can have that. >> juggling act. so we want to know what you think about it. can women have marriage, full- time job, and a family? now maryland's most popular radar and weather rate. >> quiet, cool, and breezy out there. set the ac off, open the windows. 71 degrees now and humidity 76%. awfully nice evening. good swinging weather as we like to call it sometimes. morning clouds to clear skies as we went to sunset and the
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river from the gusty northwest winds. it was cloudy and rainy for most of the day down at the ocean. if you left early, you timed your weekend well. look at temperatures. cool air marching in the mid 60s and wynn winchester. also this. the extremely low humidity that's moved in. boy savor these low humidity nights before the august stretch where it stays so steamy the whole way through. 84 in kansas for the forecast high. 83 in federal hill. it's going to be a nice, pleasant day with a bit of a breeze but we'll see temperatures struggling to get out of the 70s. like westminster with a high. and then showers over the carolinas now and deep south,
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weather related to the tropical storm. for us, cool, drier air out of the northwest and cold frontal boundary. brought the winds and pushed the chance for any shower or storm. here's the trend. clear. we will look for more on some weather to the south but here in maryland across the mid atlantic, conditions will stay rather clear. here it is. tropical storm debby. a storm over north florida. the biggest concern so far with tropical storms versus hurricanes is the flooding rain. take a look at north florida tonight. this particular rain band has not moved in six hours. spots in florida already getting half a foot of rain today. likely to get 12 or 14 inches today in parts of the
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panhandle. so unbelievable flooding situation here across the north part of florida into southern georgia but again, none of that for us and as we look to the future with debby, it looks like she'll continue to just slowly pull off the florida coast for next weekend. if this track holds, maybe the outer ring reaching into north carolina by the second half of the weekend but doesn't appear like any immediate threat for maryland, perhaps early next week. we'll see. overnight, 57. breezy cooler skies. mostly clear. 80 degrees for bwi. closer to 84 and then tomorrow night, down to 59. that will be a nice clear pleasant night for you as well. unfortunately, the next two knights will be it with the whole open the window thing. 92 thursday. back in the upper 90s, we think now, friday, saturday, it looks like a rather hot start to the weekend and that could spark
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heat-driven thunderstorms. >> all right. did you see the bachelorette tonight? ever want to be on a show like that? >> no. >> i know people thinking about it. >> i can do better than that guy. okay, if you have what it takes, 28th on your calendar. a casting call for season 17 of the bachelor at the green turtle on mchenry road. read the rules and regulations in the marketplace section of >> say hi. >> you'll be live starting at 5:00 on thursday, right? >> come and check it out. >> much more abc2 news coming up. >> first, follow us abc2 news. >> we bring an exclusive look at the trafficking string.
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they call themselves the hunters. and what does it take your video to go viral? we employ experts and a flying cat for that next on abc2 news at 11:00.
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you'd love to go to great lengths for your kid, right? gets trapped in a garage and from the garage door beams, she hears a cry and then the mama bear is smarter than the average bear and opens the garage door and the cub gets inside to see mom and shimmies down the ladder and out the
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door. unbelievable. >> looks like madilyn found a new friend. the puppy and the ghost crab danced to and fro on the south carolina beach. it jumped and returned to the safety of the ocean. the crab wins the game. some artist work in oils, other carve it out of marble, but this uses dominoes. flippy cat made starry night with 11,000 dominoes and took hours to complete. the camera, a dog fell and trigged the dominoes early. >> who's got time for that? >> that time lapse is amazing. >> i'm just thinking about the
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dachshund, one of the few animals smaller than him. pictures though. quick check of the -- this is nice. see the electric bill tonight. it's going to be pretty refreshing in the morning. if you're a runner or biker, get out there, man. a couple of degrees warmer, there's the outlook. i'm telling you, enjoy the mild days to start the week. >> it's life coming, right? >> i think it is.
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>> i'm still trying to figure out how i can have it all. >> women are great multitaskers. >> that's what they tell me. >> what are we going to do? >> that one thing tomorrow. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a great night everybody. >> have a good one.
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