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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> another night of counting beads of sweat instead of sheep. >> that looks to be the case. it's still very steamy out there r. let's retap and talk about what happened, friday right around 10:30 we saw lightning, this is what's responsible for all the deappreciation all the power outages across the area, and
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getting some of the reports on facebook, abc2, sharon from laurel sending this in, that land recover not looking too -- rover not looking too good. lines down, trees down, this is kind of the problem we're facing as we're trying to restore everything, it's so much debris hanging onto the line. we're looking at just five reports over the last 400 to 700 reports that we've gotten to the weather center, from trees down to nearly 70 miles per hour wind gusts across baltimore city. we're going to show you more storms on the radar coming up in just a little bit. >> listen, unless it's served with wine and prime rib, living by candle light is miserable and some of you have been in the dark since 11:15 friday night and cheryl conner is live where people flip the switch and get nothing. >> reporter: that's right.
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we have seen the problems all weekend long and of course there are power outages across the entire baltimore area, we're standing in the heart of it, northwest baltimore, and i want to show you what we've been looking at throughout the weekend. there are dark traffic lights and drivers who think, we don't have to stop. so many impatient people. this has been an issue for 48 hours now with these traffic lights out and also a tree blocking the road, it's likely to be an issue heading into the monday morning commute. let's face it sweating it out with no air-conditioning is tough on everyone, trying to sleep, forget about it and then the waisted food, chicken, pizza french are fries all the until the trash can. here's the ice cream sand wish in the davis house. even the milk has no purpose in
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the morning. >> the hardies thing is not have been v -- hardest thing is not having coffee. >> reporter: now imagine a partially paralyzed man with a need to charge a wheelchair. like so many of us he's been without power since friday night. you >> you have to have the out let to plug in. i can't get around to do anything that has to be done. >> reporter: neighbor kathy has bronchitis and asthma. >> i'm on inhalers i've had to use these more because we only have -- don't have a generator working. >> reporter: she slept in the lobby last night but seeing her friends get carried out is emotional. >> people have gone out in ambulances. >> reporter: we saw crews out working but the governor said this weekend it could take well into the week to bring everyone
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back online. if you slept through it friday night, you had a rude awakening, the rain wind thunder lightning were violent. the storms left us with 6000 outages, about half of their customers. >> we've been through hurricanes and we haven't seen this. >> reporter: and we're back live now, but it's so dark down below that i have to tell you what you're looking at. there's a large tree that has been blocking the road since friday night when those violent storms whipped through here. we have checked in to see what's being done with the tree rereview process and basically there are several agencies working on that but as we have seen, there's still so much work to do that's going to extend well into next week. cheryl conner abc2 news. and we have heartbreak for a dad who lost his son when a tree fell on his car.
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kevin o'brien was driving with two friends around 11:30 friday night when this tree just crushed his vehicle. the wind was up to 70 miles per hour at times, and brian's father believes his son was coming home. around 10:30, his sister hannah got the last text message asking if she was okay. >> we had to go back to the county police station to try to find out if our son was still alive and that's when we were notified he lost his life due to the storm. >> reporter: two friends were with him, 16-year-old matthew miller and 27-year-old david hodges had minor injuries. 16-year-old hannah brian was in her brother's vehicle just uh- huh hours before -- hours before. the grandfather was supposed to celebrate his 70th birthday. every home has ha home wait -- a home waiting for lights.
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until late last night took you about an hour to find the beltway because of all the roads being shut down. pools couldn't open. ice was hard to find and intersections as cheryl's been showing it's a free for all. view when the lights are out treat the intersection as a four way stop. a lot of you would flunk your drivers ed if you had to take it again and. this was one mean storm. it wasn't a hurricane or a tornado but what this was will have us comparing every storm that follows to this one. managua p locke jr. was all over the city just like a tree branch branch. >> reporter: the sound of chain saws that's what most baltimore is hearing after these storms. bruce and martin have been working hard all day cleaning up the debris. >> when he two tree limbs down on the ground and the next thing i know i look in the back and there's tree limbs on the
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power lines and we've been without power for like two days now. >> reporter: as you drive around the city you'll notice blinking traffic lights, motorists driving around down trees that seem to be everywhere and this sign says welcome to grove park sounded by a -- sounded by a big oak tree and look at this tree blocking both directions of travel. transformers are on the ground and residents like mrs. woods heard that familiar sound. >> freight train, be and when i heard that oak tree snap, i ran to the basement. we had no way of getting out of the community at all. every street was close first- degree liberty heights on rogers --ed, on liberty lights, and we were blocked by trees down, trees on homes, on cars. >> reporter: baltimore city mayor stephanie was on hand to deliver ice. and she and all city
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departments are working hard to help citizens during this time. they're opening cooler centers and they want to make sure we look out for our neighbors. >> you have to check on those you know don't have electricity or air-conditioning. make sure that they have fans, make sure that they have water. our seniors are extremely vulnerable in this heat. there's already an increase in emergency room visits for heat exhaustion and heat related injuries. >> reporter: the mayor wants all of us to help our most vulnerable citizens our seniors and if you must make emergency calls use 311 for nonemergencies. if you try to run away from the storm you ran into this, into richmond, this is an apartment complex or what's left of an apartment complex. the governor was quick to declare a state of emergency for his state and half of fair fax county remains in the dark
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so bad that virginia gave up on cooling centers and instructed everyone to head to the mall and charge up their phones and in dc the trees came down dragging down power lines right into a yard, the mayor has declared a state of emergency. if you haven't called yet you're going to have to call your insurance company tomorrow. state farm says take a look arnold your home -- around your home, write down all the damage, bode up holes and broken window with plywood, save every receipt, we're talking from home repairs going to a hotel, spoiled food, take all the pictures you can of the damage, write down how long it even took you to clean up the mess. make sure your insurance company gets that in their hands. it's your neighbor using a generator and if you're using one only use it outside away from windows and vents, somebody put a generator on a porch near an open door and
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that caused carbon monoxide and someone putting a generator too close to a house and that house caught fire. public schools are going to be shut down for no power, last time we had them closed for hurricane irene, all activities are canceled at these 42 schools and principals are going to let you know how and when to report to school. go to and you'll see the list of schools closed for tomorrow. and it's time to raid the fridge for all the wrong reasons, it pains you to throw out the chicken and meat and sweet corn you just bought. tips from the health department. don't taste the food to see if it's spoiled. when in doubt, throw it out. make sure you double bag and tie it tightly. they have shut down two dozen restaurants for serving food without power. if you see one, call 311 right away. and this is the time we have to look out for one another. make sure the neighbors are okay, drive those up in age to
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the mall tomorrow, get them out of the heat and we have been getting calls ability -- about letting their dogs out. get them inside, ice them down a little bit. take care of your pets. that code red is going to be extended into tuesday because of the heat and humidity back in the forecast. we have some active watches to let you know about it, it's allegany county out to the north and western corner of the state. there has been some gusty storms moving through parts of west virginia, i had a couple reports of 60 to 70 miles per hour winds, you notice everything sliding off to the south and east is a little bubble trying to form south and east of pittsburgh. we have a couple of storms trying to form but again most of this diving down into virginia, so the good news is the majority of these storms will be pushing off toward our south and west for the overnight. the problem back closer to home is the temperatures and right now at 11:00 in town, it's 84
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degrees. feeling like it's 88. so again, could be some dangerous heat. these are the air temperatures, that's not taking into account what the actual temperatures are inside homes. 70 for the overnight, partly cloudy and again a storm chance as we head into the overnight hours, on the big boards there's that cluster of showers and storms moving to the southeast, we have a lot of activity over the northern plains and more heath in the 7- day forecast, we're going to detail that a coming up in just a little bit. if i took you lie above eastern and fleet and told you to look down, i bet you could see a chew chew train and a fish. brian kuebler can't wait to tell you this story of gp art. and to the little ones it looks like candy and to mom's it gets the stains out. poison control tells us to watch out. and who can't you bear to see at the office tomorrow. when abc2 news comes back in 60 seconds.
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. baltimore is full of some of the greatest art, the we woulders, the baltimore museum of art features some of the greatest features but as brian kuebler you can also find masterpieces where the rubber meets the road. >> reporter: for michael wallace, riding his mountain bike arnold town is as much exercise as it is expression. if his tires are his paint brush, the city streets are his con vas. >> this whole area from around the base and around monument is where i do all my pictures. >> reporter: in the map of baltimore city, wallly gpx as he calls himself sees art, images that pop off the grid, then tracing what he sees in his mind's eye from the simple assist from an app on his cell
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phone,. >> i hit record track, and it's on. we're live. we're recording now. >> reporter: and peddle power, wallly is off weaving through the maize of his highlighted routes and cutting through parks navigating around traffic and the odd looks from onlookers, his vision is quickly drawn. >> it's also becoming a great challenge to see how many different lines i can see in the streets just in this one area alone and so i figure i'm going to keep doing this until i pull a map out and nothing happens. >> reporter: but so far the concrete jungle has been quite the muse, wally has been able to draw 150 satellite photos for aal ship for last month's celebration. his art work spans from the random to the seasonal. and on this day at the end of this route. >> loaded, done. >> reporter: just like that.
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>> just like that. >> the stop navigating button reveals a adjust ron thrower just in time -- javalon thrower for the summer olympic, while revealing art on asphalt, brian kuebler abc 2 news. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast most accurate. >> let's get into it, we have a thunderstorm watch. let's talk about that out towards deep creek, well north and west of town. we'll be talking about storms. in terms of temperatures, another hot day, 97 degrees in the books, that's 10 degrees above average which we should be around 87 and a far cry from that record of 130. it is a very -- 103. it is a warm and muggy night, look at dc just a shade off 90
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degrees and eastern shore 82 to 85 in cover. we tracked the amount of moisture and dew point values, right around 70 that's a very uncomfortable feel and that's the problem tonight, 69 dew point, so if any storm does push through the area, it could become severe but we are talking more severe storms well north of town. look at the temperatures, though, impressive numbers at 11:00. national at 93, atlanta, you made a run at 1404 -- 104 degrees. here's what's going on, extreme weather down around charleston and charlotte, they had near 90 miles per hour wind from some of these storms and that is sliding toward the south. we go north of the front pivoting on top of our area, you find showers and storms in columbus and another one in junestown pennsylvania. and you notice that cluster of
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showers and storms that will be sliding toward the east. right now all indications we'll be talking about these storms far towards this north and south or in fact north and west, and you can see towards dee creek, this is going to be sliding toward the south, right around west virginia that's where we're expecting the showers and storms to erupt but there are a couple other storms trying to bubble south and east of pittsburgh. all indications and stormy activity will be well toward west of town. what to expect in future trend, temperatures in the upper vii to 80 degrees. we're going to get easily in the 90s. it looks like maybe a few storms north and east of the city limits and as you move the time line going into tomorrow or tuesday, we're expecting temperatures to get into the 90s but more in the way of humidity. that southerly wind will bring the temperatures up and
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humidity values. partly cloudy and again a storm chance especially towards the north of town. that thunderstorm watch will stay in effect until arnold 2:00 in the morning -- around 2:00 in the morning but not impressive radar for right now. 94. it looks like maybe an isolated storm. a better shot of storms comes into play for tuesday. wednesday oppressive heat and humidity. we're going for 90 but i think those feel temperatures could be 105. this will be a 10 day heat wave, last time it got below 90 degrees was june 26th. so we are racking these 90s up. it's been a long time. how about that wally is that a great story or what. >> that's awesome. i love that story. here's another great one. a lesson in world war ii
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history, right aboard john browne, it's dedicated to the preservation o of america's oldest surviving world war ii ship. the crew features military reenactors, vintage world war ii aircraft and a live big band. hey, beeters and johnson are all going to the all star game but i want to take you back when dave johnson made his first start as an oriole and tonight this grad is a proud papa for his son steve has been called up by the orioles and will travel out to seattle to join the club. he played high school ball at st. pauls. what a moment for the johnson family. is that great, great. to some kids the bright colors and the bite size packaging looks a lot like candy but these colorful packets can be
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deadly. and would you donate a diamond ring for charity, and one woman is asking that question tonight when abc 2 news continues. @ [ male announcer ] millions of dollars for new schools and teachers...
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thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122
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and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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to vote "yes" on national harbor... and tonight's consumer alert, we have an update on a centers after children ate jx colorful packets of laundry detergent and the companies have promised to make changes tonight. >> reporter: it's bright and it might have looked a little like
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candy. that's what her mother thought her one and a half-year-old was eating. i just figured they got into the candy and they were eating the candy. >> reporter: but minutes after it burst in her mouth, she had vomiting and diarrhea. >> you don't think about safety proofing laundry detergent. >> reporter: new reports this week show 1200 kids have been poisoned by similar detergent packs some severely. at least eleven have been put on ventilators. they are seeing an average of ten cases a day, some as many as 28. >> reporter: what's the problem with the way these look? >> they're small, they can be handled by children very easily. some of them look like candy and children are just attracted to them. >> reporter: abc news spoke to the makers and they told us they were going to unveil child proof packeting by summer. let's see if they did. not yet, but proctor gamble
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said they will. it will soon have double latch lid and a larger warning and they say it's already started shipping and should be on shelves soon. other detergent manufacturers say they too are reviewing the safety of their packaging. in the meantime poison control experts say pods from any detergent maker should be locked up. abc news, new york. sunday night you have to be thinking about work tomorrow, you have to be thinking about facing that pesty coworker or that know it all. they are one two three in a new irritable workplace survey, gossipmongers and bad bosses make the workplace toxic, did you know in fact 30%over workers say they schedule vacation time time -- around the bosses breaks just to avoid them. how about free gas, we're giving away 600-dollar in gas cards each week all summer
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long. head to and look for the abc 2 news summer give away, that's where you can try to win 600-dollar in gas and the first winner will be drawn next friday. we'll be right back.
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well, this is either a nation or frightening mistake they found somebody's diamond studded ring among donations as they were digging one voling tier went in and found a major surprise. gail sullivan said she's pretty sure the ring fell in by
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accident and now the charity is hoping to find the owner. we have a few storms to the north and west, we'll take a look the maybe an isolated storm in town but we're not headlining that. we're going to headline the humidity that comes in play by tuesday and wednesday. those temperatures will be in the 90s, wednesday it will feel like 105. we'll see you tomorrow morning. 4:30 tomorrow morning that's when you get the latest how b and g is handing getting the power back.
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