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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  July 2, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we are slowly seeing the numbers fall. we were just under 40,000 in anne arundel but at noon it was over the 40,000 mark. baltimore city, baltimore county continue to be the big areas with nearly 130,000 people without power. howard, carroll, harford, you're slowly coming back to normal. you'll see under this there's a car. joce sterman came upon it today. >> reporter: that car is one of the stories. these people in the 1100 block of east northern parkway, they have a sidewalk to contend with. worse than that they can't get into their house. four huge trees are blocking their house as we speak. they have lots of cleanup.
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their story is one of many we saw over baltimore city today. if you want to get to judy willie wells' house it's going to take worth. >> this is the path way. >> reporter: four fallen trees have trapped wells and others. they have been yanked from the ground and pulling sidewalks with them. >> this is like hitting the lottery. >> reporter: not in a good way. >> no, not in a good way. >> reporter: you can't go a few blocks without finding another problem tree. in hamilton they've taken down power polls -- poles and wires. they are trying to get the electricity flowing again. after three days without air conditioning, patience in this neighborhood has grown thin. >> it's really frustrating. >> reporter: but not everybody
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is frustrated. >> i don't think it hit us to be honest. >> reporter: despite a giant tree crushing three of her family's cars, she is thoofl we were on the way out. my husband was going to park the car swore -- somewhere else. >> reporter: the insurance will handle that. as for the tree -- >> it takes time what can you do? >> reporter: so the people on this block are without power. this big tree within the down. these have been here 25 years. this one went down. the others fell like a set of dominoes. julie is the only one with a clear path. she took a big leap over her ivy. her neighbors, it's not as easy.
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these are city planted trees put into the ground more than 20 years ago. they made that call to 311. they will have to wait for services. we are told the department of transportation was out inspecting sidewalks, but they have big priorities, traffic lights out, road closed. as for now, judy and her neighbors will have to wait. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> you heard a lot about neighbors coming out to help neighbors. >> reporter: they're checking on each other. moss of the people have lived here several decades. the ones who are able to get out are checking on the other ones. they're concerned about how they will get the trees out. they know these trees are way too big to handle. so they're waiting on someone else to do the work. we'll talk about the best
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contractors you can find, how to find the best tree expert and why you should not make any hasty decisions. it will only cost you in the end. i'll talk about that at 6:00. now from baltimore county to howard county, many are struggling. the heat, loss of electricity. let's go to brian kuebler. >> reporter: to help people through this time while crews are working to restore power down there. the communities around glen els high school were hit hard. the county brought in what they call a water buffalo to however clean and fresh water to
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residents. the counties will opened a number of -- counties also opened a number of fire houses. >> definitely, for sure. >> reporter: how many trips do you think you will make? >> for next two days, day and a half. >> reporter: you're hopeful the power will come back on. >> only team will tell. >> reporter: time and lot of it. we'll talk more about the restoration effort. we'll have all that for you coming up tonight on abc2 news at 6:00. right now we're live in rogers forge, broien kuebler, abc2. it could be much worse. a north breeze stirring the air a little bit. humidity has come down significantly since even this morning. as the front retreats south we're looking at dry conditions.
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so that is good news. the dry heat is not as oppressive and it doesn't take as much to cool down. now that air is still out there to the west. that'sno carrierááringconnect 50 good evening, jamie.
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it is brutally hot and there's no and in sight for this heat wave. this neighborhood haven't had power since friday night. the scorching heat is bad enough, but for the hundreds of thousands still without power, it's unbearable. >> trying to find ice for food. i got insulin i've got to take. >> reporter: friday's nasty thunderstorms brought down trees and power lines. the unlucky ones without power are looking for ways to beat the heat and charge their devices. >> we're trying to get our systems going so we know what's going on on the laptop, his kindle and cell phone. >> reporter: government offices opened today but employees are allowed to work from home or take unscheduled leave. that means the d.c. roads aren't has jammed as usual but that
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hasn't prevented power problems. many areas are without traffic lights. >> there's complete chaos as far as when traffic lights are out or people going the wrong way. >> reporter: for those who venture out on the roads, just filling up is a challenge and the quns that are open are having trouble keeping up with the surge in demand. >> i've been to three gas stations, and they're out. >> reporter: utility groups from as far away as canada are in route to help get electricity back on. crews in this neighborhood and around the region are working around the clock. the utility companies are warning it could take several more days. i'm karen travers for abc2 news. >> karen, you're talking about
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the crews. they've been on the clock since friday night. how are they dealing with this? >> jamie, there's two big challenges for the utility crews. first it's those without power. that is an many yesterday, but there's still a lot of things. they're also having trouble with getting crews in to help with the recovery effort. those who would come in from ohio, pennsylvania and west virginia are dealing with their own power outages. so the number of places they have to reach and the number of crews are making it a much tougher job. seems like they're giving conservative estimates. >> thank you. despite the efforts of bge crews, we still have intersections with no working traffic lights. they often skoals a lot of con -- cause a lot of confusion. when you come across an intersection with traffic lights
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out, treat it like a four-way sto. that means you stop, take a look and pursue safely. if you don't think it's safe, avoid it. stay with abc2 news for the latest on the screenup. remember to down load our weather apps. you will be able to prepared for the next time storm clouds come rolling in. all right. that cup of coffee or soda could be what helps you get through the day. coming up, new research that shows it could help lower your risk of one time of cancer. plus a major change in a school helps students with dyslexia.
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>> and on the weather front we've got hot are and more humid conditions to the west. when they arrive here and when we might see more thunderstorm action. that's all coming up on abc2 news at 5:00. [ mosquitoes buzzing ]
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they are being kept in isolation for now. y
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in the heart of that heat bubble to our west.
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storms flaring, missouri. back west through kentucky, and that area certainly looks to slowly shift further east. so it does mean hotter or more humid conditions. with that the chance for storms along the frontal boundary driesting steadily. could be here by tomorrow evening into early the 4th of july wednesday. there's the hotter air. as we look at our future temps map, this does tend to stay west of us tomorrow afternoon. as we push into the 4th of july, yeah, the numbers start to crank up more. this does look like this will be hot wednesday evening for the 4th of july fireworks. the chance for storms slim through early tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow afternoon into wednesday, pop-up showers overnight possible and into the west, maybe more storms flaring up on wednesday. so we're going to keep a close
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eye on the thunderstorms. overnight 70, a few clouds dry and fairly warm. your two-degree guarantee, we'll call it 92 hot and more humid. tomorrow night 74. the numbers staying up and the outlook again into the middle part of the week, wednesday is a wield card. i think i'm going to crank wednesday up to the mid-90s as well. i would say low 90s today and tomorrow. wednesday into the first part of the weekend. >> what's the term that you're using knew everybody wants to be a meteorologist is dropping. >> this storm event, this bro echo. this is called a du uratio. >> all right. thank you, so. the odyssey school is a
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coindependent day school that helps dislexic children -- dislexic children. after 18 years, gordon jones is leaving the odyssey school. jones has made a deference in ed -- difference in education. >> reporter: he has walked through these doors over 1,000 times. he is now leaving the board of trustees. he got involved because he can relate to students. at age 40 he was diagnose -- 4, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. >> maybe i can get you a job, so i was beat up for being
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dyslexic. when i found the school, i fell in love with this school. >> reporter: the odyssey school is tucked away in stevenson. it started with 24 students in roland park and moved here 10 years ago and now as 165 students. gordon found the land, designed the building and has been instrumental in fund-raising. >> he severals -- selflessly shares his own story. >> reporter: the odd disci si school has four pillars -- kindness, honesty, respect and hard work. >> i want them to know that they
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are dyslexic and they can take their strengths and be very, very successful. >> reporter: he may not be around as much but johns said he wouldn't be far away if they need him. >> it's mr. jones. the odyssey school started in 1994. you can find hour making a difference story -- our making a difference story on well, you may need an iced tea today. >> plus keeping the baby in the womb a little longer could make a difference.
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we have a new study linking child hood violence. researchers tooked at more than 20,000 people. about 1,000 had experienced pushing, grabbing, shoving, slapping and hitting as children. scientists found they were one and a half times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than the 19,000 who had not been hit as kids. that iced cold glass of sweet tea, cup of joe, the thing in common, caffeine. the study shows caffeine lowers a person's chance of getting some form of cancer including basal cell carcinoma. they said more research is need.
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there's new research suggesting babies born a week or two after term had high are test scores. they compared the length of pregnancy with the same children's scores on standard eyed reading and math toasts when they reached third grade and those at 37, 38 weeks had lower scores than those born at 39 or 40 weeks. check out our health headlines for more information. we have continuing coverage of the damage left by the storms. >> the traffic lights at stevensons in the towson area are still out. i'm cheryl conner with an update on when they will come back on. >> from baltimore county to anne arundel to howard, we'll find out when things will get back to
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normal. >> a hot sunny day, but the high humidity levels have driested -- drifted off to the south and the west. when do those come back? we'll talk about it coming up. [ barks ] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to know today - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪
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many people were clobbered by the storm. we are back here at stevenson and bologna in towson. one of the major problems, a lot of the traffic lights are out. you can imagine, they're stopping. they're treating it as a four-way stop but a lot of horn


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