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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  July 6, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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tomorrow it's going to be each hotter. let's check in with wyatt everhart to find out if there is relief in sight. >> i mean you said it. it will get hotter and worse before we see relief. you have to get to the peak of the heat wave before you can come down and begin to cool off. the peak comes tomorrow. heat warning is up for the entire state of the mailed, except for garrett and the highest of the higher the rain, a little cooler. most of us sweltering in to the evening, sweltering tomorrow. temperatures now, pushing 100. not quite getting there in baltimore. 99bwi. downtown hotter, we cooked our weather observation stage at the may recall science center can't get a new number out. 98 dc. humidity is high. it is a dangerous heat index value, especially now, western counties, carroll county, western howard county, frederick.
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columbia, you have higher humidity levels there. oppressive heat indices. do what you can to stay cool. 90s the rest of the evening. we will talk about how hot it gets and how cool we get next week, coming up. day 7, still no power, for more than 19,000 people in our area arundel, more than 1000 people in the dark. no power. baltimore, 10,000. more than 6000 people out in the city, and just under 200 without power in harford county. that's where we find cheryl conner. it is day 7 without power for some people in the forest hill area. how are the people dealing in this extreme heat with no power? >> reporter: harford was not one of the hardest hit areas when it comes to bge power outages. tell that to the people here and it doesn't matter. they have gone a week without
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power and haven't seen a crew yet and sitting in the shade get getting to know neighbors a little bit better. i got off the phone with a bge spokeswoman, a crew will be dispatched here tonight, that it was an underground line affected. bob evans has quite the story out here. your wife was going in to labor as the storm hit and you lost power. >> her water broke friday in the middle of the storm. we made our trek to franklin square in the middle of the storm. five minutes after her water broke our power went out. that was about 11:30 friday night. my son was born, casey, everything is okay. however, we can't bring him home because the house is about 100 degrees upstairs, we have nowhere to put him. we are with my parents right now, saying in their living room on air mattress, he is
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sleeping in a pack and play. >> reporter: congratulations. you said you called bge a number of times pleading your case. >> they said since we only have 21 units, we are on the lower priority since they have thousands and thousands of people without power and they can get them back up to power by fixing a few lines, we are in lower prior. it not great for us. >> reporter: do you think that's fair considering you have a newborn. >> i understand it's not fair. i understand the concept that if you are going to get 1000 people back on line posed to the 1, that's problem -- 21, that's probably the best thing to do. do i agree? no, i would like to bring my newborn home. >> reporter: he is healthy for now? >> he is healthy. >> reporter: there is an update, bge says a crew will be out here tonight. have you heard that before? >> about three times. tuesday, wednesday, and what's
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today? friday. yesterday, thursday. >> reporter: let's hope they are not telling the same story to the news. they tell us they will be out tonight. the folks will call us if there is a different story. the power may come on tomorrow, not tonight. here they may go in to another hot night and of course as wyatt everhart told us, tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. bge, what does it mean to you all? >> power. >> reporter: one week without power for 21 homes in forest hill. back to you. >> during the day, did they sit outside to stay in the shade? how do they deal with it as the hours go by over and over and over as the days go and staying sane? >> reporter: you have chairs outside. for the folks staying home from work, they are sitting out here. i want to show you hank. that's my boy. i've been playing with him all day. there is a pool hank likes to play. in he is able to stay cool. pets are another population we talk about when it comes to
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surviving the heat. we talk about newborn babies, we talk about the elderly, the folks that live in the 21 homes in forest hill and pets. they are doing all they can to stay cool. >> well a story for that kid's baby book, for sure. cheryl conner reporting live tonight. gripes and complaints as you deal without power go to the bge call center. today we got a firsthand look at the place where they have been handling an on slot of calls. the number dropped off. 200 reps fielded 1.2 million calls this week. after a week power for some, crews are still working around the clock. >> bge has made a lot of progress this week, with every storm we will always have lessons learned and talk about how we can communicate better with customers, provide better information and restoring power
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as safely and quickly as possible. >> for people who don't have power for the next time the storm puts news the dark again, bge recommends trying to connect with him multiple way, by phone and by sending a message on facebook or tritter. red cross is at critically low levels because of blood drive cancellations after the storm. their donation shortfall left them with half the available blood than they had at this time last year. they are asking eligible donors to schedule appointments immediately. if you are interested in donating, stop in to a center or call 1800 red cross to find one. we aren't alone in the blistering record setting heat that had the nation in the grip for days. over the cows course of the week they have proved to be dangerous and deadly. >> reporter: storms ripped through tennessee's great smoky
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mountains national park, leaving 8 injured and two dead. we know one of them was a 50 year-old from georgia who couldn't escape fast moving storms. >> tree limb fell, struck him on the head and killed him fairly instantly. >> reporter: in detroit residents are cleaning up from a storm, crews are working to restore power after hundreds of thousands lost theirs. in washington visitors to the mall took a beating. even the president couldn't escape. he traveled to pittsburgh, some waiting for him there were overcome by the heat, passing out and needing medical attention. added concern, all the heat could lead to more deadly extre too in fact it's the extreme heat that is causing the thunderstorms. in the last week alone more than 3000 temperature records have been shattered across america. construction crews in virginia
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suffer through it with no choice but to wear heavy clothing but the heat may spur devastating problems for parts of the economy that could linger after it cools offment one of the by-products of the extreme heat wave is the potential disaster that is occurring with the nation's corn crop, a lot of the crops have been damaged by this extreme heat. >> reporter: the good news, northern cities could finally catch a break this weekend. not so, though, for the east coast with cities ranging from washington to here in new york, seeing triple digits potentially. >> days after the drowning of a 3-year-old boy in arundel county a new law is signed in to effect. that could prevent future tragedies at public swimming cools, requiring a defibrillator to be installed. it's named for 5-year-old connor, he drowned 6 years ago, his mother says if a
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defibrillator was available, her son would be alive. >> we don't want another family to lose a child or suffer a loss like this if they are preventible. having an aed on site and access to it immediately increases your survival rate up to 80%. >> a foundation raises money to provide the machines to place that he is can't afford them. the foundation already sponsors 500 kids who are receiving training to prevent drowning. the attorney general's office says he misled marylanders overcharging them while paving without a license. the office issued a final decision in a civil case against the man suspected of running a paving scam in four states including maryland. that decision orders him to pay $200,000 to 14 maryland consumers and nearly $300,000 in penalties.
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that's not all. >> second biggest impact, it shuts him down. if mr. clack wants to do business he will have to post a sizeable bond in place to make sure no consumers are harmed. >> he has criminal issues ahead after picked up in south carolina a few weeks back. he was extradited to face criminal cases in four different counties. in the tough times charities are hurting but an investigation found some are doing something unbelievable. tonight at 11:00, we look in to how nonprofits are able to raise millions without spending a dime. something experts believe is impossible and a nationwide investigation with our partners at scripts found thousands of charities claim they can do it. >> never had somebody call me up and say how would you like me to pay for your budget. i've had to work for it. that means you need to do all the things that you need to do
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to raise money and that costs money to do it. >> tonight at 11:00, what some say charities are doing to skirt the rules on reporting and what local experts say about maryland nonprofit. anxiety running high in england, a terror plot is exposed weeks before the olympics what investigators discovered and what is done now. swimsuit season means waxing appointments, should your tween make a visit to the salon? you can't hit the beach without our iphone or kindel, how to protect them from the surf and sand. @
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no animal byproducts, no animal fat. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. it's not gonna happen. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free, and we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did, and it's what we do today. for a second time since trayvon martin's death his accused shooter is out on bond. zimmerman left a florida jail today one day after a judge set
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a $1 million bail. while he is out, there are strict conditions, he will be electronically monitored, can't open a bank account, get a passport or step foot on the grounds of a local airport. he claims the february shooting of teenager trayvon martin was done in self defense. from london to northern england, arrests and a terror plot weeks ahead of the olympics. this is raising the level of anxiety, police insist they found no direct connection between the suspects and the games. >> reporter: authority make a 7 arrests near london this morning as police impound a vehicle after finding firearms inside, the third major security incident in 24 hours and the 4th this week, 21 days from the beginning of the olympics. >> big bang. for a minutes, i thought it was like a bump, really. >> reporter: three brothers arrested here and three others elsewhere. one of them muslim convert richard dart, a former bbc
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security guard who lashes out against british royals in the military. another suspect, a former community police officer. the crackdown took place less than a mile from olympic park, while police deny there is any direct link, they aren't taking chances. exhibit a, police and the military also stormed this bus on its way to london thursday, they isolated passengers for hours in fear of a bomb spread. they found a passenger had been secretly smoking an electronic cigarette. with the fist wave of volunteers beginning work today and teams arriving soon, helicopters are already patrolling the skys and the royal navy's largest warship is on duty, too. part of the largest peacetime deployment of the british military ever.
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officially there has been no change to the security threat status leading up to the olympics what we are seeing maybe one of those cases where actions speak louder than words. andy griffith who died this week had suffered a heart attack. that's the official statement on the actor's death certificate. it states he suffered the heart attack 24 hours before he died around 7:00 tuesday morning. he suffered a coronary artery disease, hypertension and other medical issues, he died in his home state of north carolina at the age of 86. start off with the heat warnings, which are excessive to say the least. statewide , the broadest in mailed maryland in two years. this will remain in effect through the day tomorrow in to tomorrow evening, so definitely
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an extreme heat-type situation excessive heat warning is beyond the heat advisory. downtown right now, sweltering, we don't have a current air temperature out of the city, because our reporting station at the mailed science center has maybe blown a fuse in the heat. it's hotter than the airport. 98bgi after hitting 99 today. we may have touched 100. i know we got to 99 today. through the afternoon a sweltering day in the city. people out doing what they can to stay cool. crystal clear conditions. not what you want in this type of hot pattern. the sun is able to continue to heat us up through the day with no shade from any cloud cover. that was the deal statewide. cooking in harford today. sweltering down the howard county way towards lorel at the high school an ex. maryland's most powerful radar. it's crystal clear.
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it should be tonight, tomorrow, most of tomorrow evening. chances for storms come back as we go in to sunday as the heat wave will begin to break. for now it's certainly with us and set to stay in to the day tomorrow. humidity is high. it's more excessive as you go from westminster and howard county and carroll county west. there is higher humidity values, a little bit of a dry slot of air towards the philadelphia area. for today, we got a taste of that. the values are extreme. 107 frederick. 101 willmington. you are absolutely frying if you are outside, especially in the sun. winds are north and west, 5-10, enough to stir the air a little. we will take it this is nothing to give us relief. that will come though as we go in to sunday overnight and in to monday and tuesday in particular. the pattern now, quiet over the maryland and pennsylvania area. couple of storms shenandoah.
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most of us dry and clear. this high pressure cell is drifting around the southeast states under the high you typically don't see a tremendous amount of storm activity. around the ring of fire, you can see storms flair up. that is our set up now. it's too bad. there is cooler air north and east of us up in to new england states. it's doing us no good. it's more than 100 miles away. again, 90, 80s north of new york. look at the midsection of the country, 105 in st. louis. that's extreme heat. will anything change tomorrow? for the worse. 102 from richmond through ball mow. the heat bubble expanding for a day. as we go in to the day sunday, the possibility of storms we think the hottest air retreats south. in the 90s again and again to give you a check of the storm timing, again, looking good through the day on saturday. storm free. extremely hot and then sunday here is the possible of evening
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storms which will help begin to break down the heat wave. tomorrow 102, dangerous heat. tomorrow down to 78. muggy, steamy, sultry. your seven-day forecast, the outlook, there it is. relief at long last as we go in to monday, tuesday and wednesday. the upper 80s is pretty seasonable for this part of july in maryland. it's been a heck of a heat wave. day number 10 over 90 today. tomorrow we will see the peak. >> you never seen an excessive warning like that across the whole state. >> sometimes dc and baltimore, but this is expansive area. >> people are tired of it. we are ready for the cool down. switching gears, an ad sparked a heated debate among parents. some salons are offering discounts on waxing aimed specifically at girls 15 years old or younger. the controversy took off after
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a 50% off promotion started running in salons on the east coast targeting tweens telling them to celebrate their independence by getting waxed. moms are not happy. others go with their daughters to the salon for the treatments. >> it's completely inappropriate. >> she is becoming a woman and she is very concerned about how she looks and it's important that i listen to her. >> therapists say moms need to talk to daughters about grooming and body changes so this could lead to more of those discussions. we want to know, what do you think? head to the story is at the top of the page. there are a dozen comments. tell us what you think about tweens and waxing. hot topic. can fertility drugs affect your risk of getting breast cancer? hormones play a role in breast cancer. a study on how the drugs affect
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hormones are known to play a role in breast cancer. in a study, women who use fertility drugs resulting in a pregnancy that didn't last for 10 weeks had a decreased risk of breast cancer for those that used fertility drugs had a small increased risk. we take our cell phones everywhere, they are practically glued to our faces,
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so are the germs. experts say many of us never clean them and they could use a good disinfecting especially fur handling babies and little ones whose immune systems aren't as strong. >> they carry a lot of germs. people don't think i should wipe off the cell phone. they to want think about. that they are dirty pieces of equipment. >> experts say you don't have to wipe down the phone everyday. your cell should get a regular cleaning to keep it germ free. a chase and shootout with police ends up with one person in the hospital. a man who led police on the chase and the drugs his mom says he was on. its first friday of the month that means details on the jobs report. what today's numbers reveal. protecting your gadgets while soaking in the summer sun. we will help you out when abc2 news at 5:30 continues. 6?
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