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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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now abc 2 news at 11. it worked just like the law was rent in in this case plan b didn't need to happen as cpr saved a little boy. patients are being contacted at johns hopkins and possibly the va for possibly contracting hepatitis. tips on how to protect yourself and coniine freed is a protecter, he was on duty on the clouds on the deck of heaven. >> but the little boy who drowned six years ago was a safety net for another little boy who nearly drowned on saturday. cheryl conner with how a new law is in place. >> the law went into place less ethan a month ago providing another layer of protection
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around pools. >> watchful eyes at the waugh chapel swim club saved a life. a relaxing day at the pool turned into one amy davis won't forget. an 8-year-old boy was pulled from the deep end. >> there was a loud scream, and the lifeguard, i saw him rescuing a little boy and putting him up on the deck and immediately did cpr and everybody started running. >> reporter: a lifeguard named mark is the hero and did cpr before he was flown to john hopkins hospital, a 5-year-old boy named conner who left us in 2006. >> that mother just got a great gift. her son's alive. >> conner's parents started coniines foundation after their son drowned at the country club
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five miles away. a defibrillator was on site but wasn't used. a law passed mandates every pool have an aed machine. >> if used in the first five minutes they have a 90% survival rate. >> reporter: she donated an aev two years ago, on saturday the boy came to life but that machine was added protection. >> they did the job here, the layers of protection worked and that's why we're doing this. >> reporter: and the president of the swim club got a reallot check. >> the aed was an incredible back up in the event that he was not able to be resuscitated by cpr. >> conner's parents believe he played a role on saturday. one life gone and another saved and a family that hasn't downed in their grief. >> we felt a hand of conner reaching down and helping this
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little boy. they're going to have the school year to plan instead of a funeral. >> reporter: the 8-year-old's name has not been released. he was visiting with a birthday party. we were told he was breathing when he left the pool. conner's law is being concerned in queen ann county. cheryl conner abc 2 news. edith turnage, the mother of 13-year-old moe nay was there toport her community this weekend. turnage joined the folks here at dolly park outside her daughter's middle school for a policing event. she hasn't turned her back on this neighborhood even though no one was there for monet when she was killed in march. a 12-year-old helped him move her body and dumped it in the crash. instead of hiding her anger turner remains hopeful tonight. >> a change of mind and attitude and look out for not
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only the kids but other kids and things around here. and be responsible if something happens. >> it turns out an adult and city police officer were involved in the cover up but that didn't stand in the way yesterday. churches and businesses all came together to make this a huge event. james holmes the suspect in the colorado massacre will be in court to be formerly charged of killing 12 people. the movie theater did not have security on the night of the shooting. offduty officers hired as guards are usually providing security checking bags or dealing with disputes. court documents show holmes was a patient of psychiatrist lynn fenton before last week's attack. this weekend, funeral services were held for the victims of the shooting. three people were bounced out of a langley hot spot. they drove around the parking lot and started shooting out of the car hitting a police officer. her name is rachel jacob, the officer was hit in the leg,
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will recover and as the white honda left the galaxy nightclub, police were able to pull the car over a mile away. all three inside and a gun was recovered. >> this is the 5th time in a little more than 18 months that a police officer has either been shot at or shot. this is unprecedented. >> the officer had the bullet removed from her leg and expected to make a full recovery. 24-year-old andrew dash under arrest tonight in frostburg. he's accused of bringing three women back to a home for drinks raped one of them fired a gun at all of them and they say he met them on friday night and greed to go to the home. two broke free to get help from police. thousands of people are facing the grim possibility that they may have been infected with hepatitis c. all of them now waiting to find
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out. abc 2 news david curly has the very latest. >> reporter: this man labeled a serial infectors living in jail. 30 people are living with the results of his alleged crime, a dangerous disease. this new hampshire man who doesn't want his name used was in the hospital for heart treatment last year, the same hospital where medical technician david worked and is charged tonight with allegedly spreading hepatitis c which can cause serious liver problems. >> i'm getting healthier with the heart disease and all of a sudden, bang, you get this. >> reporter: he faces several charges of stealing syrup yes, sirs with drugs and they were returned and used on patients. 3400 patients are being told to get tested. many are not happy because state health officials postponed this weekend's
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testing saying they aren't ready. >> the fact that i don't know if i could have had it, if i could have possibly contracted it while i was there. it's stressful. he was a temporary traveling medical worker and in the past five years, he's worked in 8 states, 13 hospitals leaving thousands of patients wondering if they are infected. several infected are planning to sue. they plan to test them early in the week. arizona hoping to notify 200 patients about possible exposure on monday. david curly, abc2 news washington. a powerful back a drop for a presidential campaign, mitt romney and his wife at the western wall reading separate notes notes and we asked what they wrote in the cracks. >> we both sat down and wrote players, you know, i treed her what i had written and she read to me what she wrote. my thoughts are with regards to
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peace, my family, my wife and the source of our salvation. >> so many have made to the wall. back then. barack obama asked god to give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. >> tonight the white house isn't commenting on a report that the obama has briefed israel on plans for a possible attack on iran. an israeli newspaper says a u.s. advisor discussed plans with the israeli prime minister but a senior official says nothing in the article is correct. reverend jesse jackson is asking for prayers tonight. he say there's no timetable for the recovery and he's been on a secretive leave of absence for 7 weeks. he's facing a house ethics
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investigation. and a beautiful day and it's a beautiful evening. take a look at the shot downtown and right now at the 11, bwi sits at 77 degrees. dew point values down from last night, it was 75-degree dew points. right now we're into the 60s, so the comfort level certainly isthere. we got to 88. that was your official high. and a very comfortable 82 as you head down the shoreline, ocean city 82 degrees. let's take you through the temperatures again right now 76 in town, 79dc, 70s over the eastern shore, we'll slowly fall back into the low 70s. suburbs could be in the middle to upper 60s. here's the trend, starting out tomorrow morning, 77 to 74 degrees. your wake up to good morning maryland temperature around 75 and we're on our way to the 80s as we head into the tomorrow afternoon. there could be an isolated
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shower or storm at the 3:00 hour. watching a storm system over the tennessee valley right now. that's going to bring some scattered showers and storms by tuesday. detail your 7-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. guys. and you can take mike's forecast with you on the road, head to to learn how to download our weather app on your smart phone and you can get the storm shield app which will alert you when severe weather heads to your neighborhood. his last 72 hours for commissioner, freed boylefeld could get and the man who brought the crime down to the lowest level is taking the badge off after more than 30 years of protecting us. and the orioles won today. it sound short and sweet but short sales are. >> why that deal for your house looks so good, so good that the bank comes in to take it off
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your hand. what you need to know. and you need to know about two recalls about cars that could be in your garage, what's the cause behind this. and to hold your breath, we're going to talk you to a haunted pizzeria that gives out scares by the slice. abc 2 news at 11 returns in 60 seconds.
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now we've all heard the tales of people who got a tremendous deal by buying a home on foreclosure or short sale, the price well below the retail value. >> unfortunately getting a deal like that is not as easy as it seems. anyone looking for a bargain home sale, you don't waste your money. >> we're hearing reports that the housing market may finally have turned. prices are inching up. sales o -- sales of homes are start to go improve. only problem, it's not always so easy. >> the windows are all brand
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new or almost new. >> david fell in love with this traditional three bedroom house. >> and they said you don't find it in newer homes. >> reporter: best of all it was a short sale, at $65,000 it was half price. >> this was a great value home, 3 bedrooms, two baths, everything we were looking for. >> reporter: in a short sale the owner unloads the house for less than it's worth but he soon learned draw backs. >> banks originally took our original offer and upped it by several thousands dollars and added that we would have to pay any closing costs, any liens on the property. >> reporter: so he agreed and after weeks of waiting, the bank shut him out. >> that was the last we heard from them. >> bank shows many downsides o of short sale, the house is sold as is. you're responsible for all unpaid bills it may be neglected and need repairs and
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cash talks is what happened here. the moment several offers and the bank went with a cash offer. the bank would to the comment. >> he can't buy it, isn't that crazy. you know it just, the term short sale is one of those ironic terms where it's not short at all. >> reporter: all he can do is think about what could have been. >> if you're trying to purchase a foreclosure or a short sale, you may want to speak to a lawyer or at least have one in your back pocket. they may be able to get the wheels moving when the bank gets cold feet. that way you don't waste your money. i'm santasanta fe suv are 2007 through 2009, the front passenger air bag may not deploy in a crash. another is for sonata cars from 2012 and 2013, apparently the side curtain air bags for those
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cars may inflate for no reason at all. you can contact hyundai at 1- 800-633-5151. this is real confusing whether applements to invest heavily in twitter. the new york times reports the investment could be hundreds of millions of dollars. the wall street journal reported that talks happened more than a year ago with bloomburg reporting that the talks tailed off and no discussions were happening. now applements to have a stake in social media and feels twitter may be their best shot. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> i got a good shot, we stopped the time lapse around 7:30. watch this sunset. this is beautiful. i'm going to get out of the shot and show you. look at that, sitting on the bay bridge, just a beautiful shot down there. a few clouds coming into the picture and bel air a few of
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those scary looking clouds moved through, nonprecipitation clouds and ocean city had a beautiful day. a light show going down on the beach today, and will be wrapped up until next sunday. in terms of temperatures, at 11:00 east in the hot spot at 79 and wilmington eastern shore numbers between 74 and 76. we've been talking a lot about the dew points, we're falling back into the 60s, dryer air trying to sneak down 95. we'll calling it a anythingy night but not that oppress -- muggy night but not that oppressive humidity. that's one above our normal, that's 87 and a far cry from the record, 101 that was set back in 2011. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is clear overhead. we had a a few of showers and storms move through cecil. and our satellite picture
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looking beautiful. went from partly cloudy skies to mostly clear skies, so we wake up tomorrow morning around 8:00, really nice conditions, lunchtime, 73 with that low humidity but watch as we head into the afternoon hours, there could be more pop up showers and thunderstorms. going to call it isolated after the 4:00 hour and more muggy air starts to work in as we head into tomorrow evening as those temperatures are falling into the 80s, and the real heat is going to be over parts of oklahoma city, arkansas, and they're going to be in triple digit heat and that's going to stay over the portion of the country for much of the week. we're going to be involved with this jet stream that's going to be right on top of us. get ready for the next several days to be unsettled. before we start to break out of the pattern. future trend showing the clouds tomorrow, popup showers, this is going to be later in the afternoon hours and. it's a decent amount of clouds through much of your afternoon.
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that takes us through tomorrow night going into tuesday and tuesday is the better shot of maybe a more scattered showers and storms to develop across the area. 68 through theover night, comfortable -- overnight, and comfortable evening but humidity comes up. 7-day forecast looks like this, we'll call it muggy, tomorrow night going into tuesday, tuesday's interesting, a mold l says we're going to get wet all day and another mold l -- model says tuesday into wednesday. and below normal terms for a change, 84 for tuesday. wednesday spotty showers and the diamond in the rough is thursday, 89 degrees, low humidity and a lot of sunshine to end the week. 80s return pass we head into -- as we head into the next week. we're going to transition to dryer air by the end of the week. >> everyone's okay with that.
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>> we're less than a month away. >> i can't believe it. >> want to make sure students in need get school supplies so abc 2 news are teaming up with the preston junior foundation, this drive will start tomorrow and run through august the 24th 24th and the items needed include your backpacks, paper, come session books, pens and pencils, you can drop off supplies at any of the locations and learn more about the back to school drive, go to our web site right now slash school supplies --/school supplies. from giving school plies to giving blood. >> the red cross is announcing a severe shortage of blood, why donations are so low. and it's not like the pizza stopped twirling in midair, but close. next up a stop to to a haunted pizzeria. the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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new tonight, the american red cross is sounding the alarm about a critical shortage in the nation's blood ply, the worst in -- supply, the worst in more than a decade. item owens explains. >> severe whether can knock out power but this year all the summer storms hit something else, the nation's blood supply. the american red cross says the supply has dropped to the lowest level in 15 years. >> it's puts our community in a very difficult situation. patients don't get vacation they're in the hospital and they need blood. >> reporter: summer is always slow but the red cross says
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this month's severe weather canceled many blood drives and doctors say the extreme heat is keeping many regular donors at home. >> you never know who's going to be the next person who needs blood. it might be your next door neighbor, your child or you. >> reporter: hospitals may soon cancel some elective surgeries or postpone more serious procedures because they require so much blood. >> patients who are having elective procedures are encouraged to donate blood two or three months ahead of time for their surgery to ensure their procedure is not canceled. >> august is typically the slowest month for blood donations but the red cross is hoping that sounding the alarm now is weathering this storm too. let's take a look at the weather downtown now. actually pretty good. looking at our weather cam, real nice. we'll be right back after a break.
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i was hungry for pizza. a pizza shop in louisiana says it's experiencing some para normal activity. kevin roth shows us what appears to be a mischievous ghost caught on camera. >> reporter: at a normal poise leah when things start disappearing -- pizzeria when things start disappearing, there's usually a good explanation. >> when i came in the next morning, i found both of these over on the floor. >> reporter: someone or something had been throwing around kitchen supplies for
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weeks. >> tabasco sauce hit me in the back. lorimented to get to the bottom and -- lori wanted to get to the bottom and here's what she saw at 6 in the morning when no one was in the shot shop. >> you can see them come up like this in the video, if you watch it close enough and then they go this way and end up on the floor over there. >> reporter: another security video from a different day, shows a bleach bottle taking a dive, but that area of the store is sturdy ask the items in question were resting on rubber mats so they certainly didn't slip off. >> they're not going to fall off that tray. >> reporter: last the explanation. >> something out of that world. >> reporter: but ghosts don't really exist, do they? >> are you going to walk me to my car. >> i don't know. >> that camera anxiety a --
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angle is the same direction as the icy thing, so i don't know about that. here's a final check of the forecast, unsettled to start the week and you're going to love the finish, 89 on thursday, friday, 93, could dodge a few isolated storms tomorrow but a better bet tuesday, lynette is back tomorrow morning. >> have a good night. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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