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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we were very deliberate. >> he is packing up 31 years and giving out good-byes. commissioner bealefeld is now civilian fred bealefeld but not without sitting down for one last interview. >> repairs are moving along on light street but it will take longer than projected. i'm roosevelt leftwich. >> we're tracking scattered storms. what about the rest of your evening into the day tomorrow. we got the details coming up. >> soy and wheat are gluten based products. >> food allergies. how do you know if your child has one and how to make the symptoms go away. we begin with breaking news from weldon park right off of 41st street. it has led to a police officer
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firing his gun. cheryl conner tells us this did not end well. >> reporter: it has been. neighbors are standing outside of their home which is blocked off by crime scene tape trying to figure out what's going on. we're getting some of those details. the baltimore spokesman said a family argument brought them to weldon place north. that was late this afternoon. the first officer started to struggle apparently with the man inside. he called out a signal 13. that means he needs backup. another officer saw the two fighting on the ground with a weapon nearby so he fired his handgun. >> there was a, what we believe a knife like object in the vicinity. the officer who was being attacked did summon the other officer to assist him. he fired and he died as a result
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of the injuries. >> reporter: he was transport to the hospital. he was pronounced dead late this afternoon. you can see officers are still on the scene. they're going inside that home trying to process this scene. again, we're in the 1400 block of weldon place north where baltimore police responded here a few hours ago after a family dispute and they shot a man who apparently was struggling with an officer. what we understand there was a knife nearby. we will be on the scene and bring you the latest on and of course on abc2 news at 11. cheryl con next abc2 news. we're going top miss his thick baltimore accident, especially when he would say bad guys with guns. police commissioner fred bealefeld really cared about protecting our city and today was his last day at office. brian kuebler, the only reporter
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when bealefeld put his 31 years into that card board box. what did he tell you? >> reporter: the commissioner is done. on his resume, he can claim five years of fighting vie lent crimes, plus a murder rate not seen since the late '70s. abc2 investigators were the only ones with him as he closed up his office. he said he will miss being a public servant the most but said he is excited to start the next chapter. >> sit hearing and carrying that shield and wearing that uniform, it's a front proseat to everything -- a front row seat to everything, but i don't need that shield or that uniform or that title to have adventure or have fulfillment in my life. there is lot out there and i don't want to miss it.
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i'm not going to miss it. >> now that bealefeld took some time to think about his decision, he said he's cd in his decision to retire but didn't feel that n-way in may when he announced it. he will tell us why he decided to hang it up when he did. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> some say that rocky gap has always had a rocky future. now the casino is being scaled back due to trouble in finding financing. the president of the resort told the state lot commission it could not find financing for the $65 million project. so how about 500 machines. this would be built at a new building alongside rocky gap lodge and golf resort. remember this, it was supposed to make more three
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three weeks to fix. looks like the repairs may take longer. roosevelt leftwich is live for us at the break. rosie, why the delay? >> let me give you a lesson in what's underneath the city of baltimore. first, there's a big mess. there's big holes in the road, 20 person i pipe. that's the pipe that burst. there's trenches all over the place. it's a mess. an awful lot that has to be fixed. now that they know there's an awful lot that needs to be fixed, it will take a lot longer. more of the street has been ripped apart. trenches have been dug. the fences are higher. traffic is still slow as folks more of around light street and the delays are a pain. >> not as bad as i anticipated it. i don't know if it's better traffic or the traffic police,
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but usually pratt street is a nightmare and i've had to come pratt street after this and its ament been that bad. >> reporter: it's a good thing they're okay. the roads will be closed for another two to three wicks. >> we're looking around august 20th. that's hour goal to get things re-- our goal to get things reopened. >> reporter: the progress has been steady. about three quarters of the 20-inch line has been replaced along with the line that ran next to it. in addition to this the city will replace four other water line that is -- those will be fixed along with four hydrants and plenty of other stuff under the street as well. >> a whole spaghetti when you look at all these intertwined utilities that you have to work around. you have to be careful not to
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disturb additional lines. >> reporter: if you look behind me, jamie, you can see a big old trench there. that's about five feet deep. that's where the 20-inch main mr. go once they get everything complete. it's about 75% complete. earlier in the same hole we saw bge crews, verizon crews. they have everything but an archaeologist. once again, they hope to have everything filled back in, all the traffic resumed, nice new asphalt by august 20th. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich. >> nice new asphalt. if you look, you can see a beautiful afternoon, hot, humid, typical charm city. >> beautiful late summer weather, last day of july. what happened to the month. it's a blur. awant to show you -- i want to show you where some of the action is, west of the baltimore
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beltway. as you go 795 north, commuters moving toward reisterstown and wesminster will encounter a thunderstorm and garden variety north of 270, north of damascus toward walkersville. you can see the map is active, pop-up showers and storms. 80s for the rest of the evening. we could see more scattered storms, but what about the rest of your week. we got answer coming up. >> all right. going to hold on to that. >> listen, we want to give you a heads up. we're about to reveal what happened in the olympics in london. if you zoo want to know, turn your sound down for 30 second. two more more michael. when he was 13, he was already signing autographs. back then when he got in the pool, it was over. the race was for second place. now he is an olympics heavy medalist. he finished in the 200
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butterfly, medalled for the relay. that makes michael phelps the all time leader in medal wins in the olympics. way to go, michael. all right. we got new images of a man tied to the climb of another famous man in maryland. the abduction of vi ripken. police released the video of the man who drove her around blindfolded for almost 24 hours. they say it's frommen unnamed rethrall business. last week a single image from the same video generated 50 calls to a specialties line and they're hoping this will draw even more. >> any tip -- everyone has looked at it, and we're looking for people who saw this individual, not necessarily that he looks like somebody, not that we wouldn't take a tip of that nature but somebody who saw him in that area or something that
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drew somebody's suspicion toward him or something. that's what we're looking for. >> police have also released this composite sketch complete with a ball cap and eyeglass. if you think you've seen the man call 410--- police say 21-year-old james zito restrained his brother and sister in the house. when the mother came home, zito stabbed him and ran outside. this neighbor saw it unfold. >> the mother ran out on the front yard. she's laying in the yard with her throat severely slashed. there was a lot of blood. the man, boy who did this was yelling something about suicide. >> zito was found near glen burnie with self-inflicted
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wounds. three people are dead in calvert county what police are calling an apparent murder-suicide. it started as a barricade situation around 9:00 this morning. police were called to candlelight court for a domestic situation. they found the bodies inside the home. police believe frank hayward shot his wife and child before killing himself. another child a 12-year-old was found in the house. he is being treated for burns and neck injuries. >> in the old days we would say this food doesn't agree with me. coming up, ways to tolerate your food. >> if you're planning on retiring, we have a place for you. so close, it feels like you live there already. >> 86 at bwi. 86 was your two degree
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guarantee. lori paper from whitemarsh con grates. you can get forecast any time. all kinds of detailed weather. we're back with much more on abc2 news at 6:00 coming up.
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you know when you're not grocery store you see foods that are gluten free, lactose free. >> reporter: we will all need food to survive. if you have a food intolerance, certain foods can make you sick. >> assume are soy or wheat for
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gluten based. >> reporter: he says a food intolerance mr. usually call digestive problems. >> most people have some type of digestive discomfort, maybe nasa, bloating -- that you --s that youious or bloating. >> food allergist are a full blown allergic reaction where you would have rashes, swelling throat closings. >> reporter: those who suffer from celiac disease cannot eat foods with gluten. if you think you have a food intolerance, don't ignore it. some of them are trickier to diagnose. there are tests that are available that will determine it. >> reporter: try doing an
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elimination diet. >> eliminate the suchted food for some period of time, at least four days, maybe up to seven days and reintroduce the food gradually or slowly. did you notice any of the symptoms or health complaints going away. >> reporter: steps to make sure the foods you eat are not hurting you. linda so abc2 news. >> there will lab workshop next week on food intolerances. to learn more, go to our website right now and look for this story in the health section. new tonight at 6:00, it seems the stereo typical idea of snow birds retiring to florida. our area ranks month top 15 for retireees. they looked at like quality healthcare and employment opportunities for those getting up there in age. >> and we also have access to
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wonderful educational programs. the osha program, sometimes university and the renaissance from notre dam college and seniors do like to keep their minds active. >> wouldn't want miss betty as your next door neighbor. here's a look at some of the top tier. number one on the list, provo, utah, boston, new york city, washington, d.c. for retirees and 13th, baltimore towson area. calling on all artists. they need one to work on a permanent display being held at the library. the waverly branch is being renovated and the art will be included in the new design. it's in -- in the north baltimore area. the deadline is september 3rd.
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your submission must include a cd image of some of your work. we have a link on our website at jamie, you want to retire in d.c., too much redskin coverage? that and the price of meals and drinks. take a look north and west. big storms over carroll county, but these are not severe. actually in the far north eastern frederick county getting up into the northern reaches of the state with the additional storms and the city we were talking about north and west of d.c., rain coming down. most of this has skirted just west of baltimore. so that's a good thing for charm city. we could use some rain but
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prefer the lightning. mt. airy, you can see the weather changing through the day. placating, storms flaring. in kent island you see the weather developing a little bit over the chesapeake, a little bit of a storm cloud hanging over the bay bridge marina area. then we tack you to the rod and reel. here you see, look at the storm clouds billowing up over the bay. you can make out one storm out here, just north of the cambridge area. here it is for you. current conditions at bwi in the mid-80s to low 80s. 82 at the top of the hour. this is not bad. the humidity is running high, helping to fuel the showers and storms. they're quite numerous. more of the action is south and north. right now temperatures tolerable for this part of late july, last day of july. humidity levels, dew point numbers up close to 70 making it
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feel close to 90. a more and more active weather pattern. you see the line of storms reaching all the way down into west virginia. the pattern is sop active because an area of coast lal low pressure moving north. new area developing over south carolina and a frontal boundary coming out of the midwest. it all adds up to a very unsettled active east coast setup that could feature more pop-up showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. you belt we'll lack are in that. nothing really over the top in terms of severity or the amount of rain coming down. look for pop-up showers or storms. wednesday we dry out. and thursday. friday, the next coastal system. we think it will pass offshore maryland. overnight 70. we stay muggy. your two degree guarantee. the first day of aug gust tomorrow night down to 70. still balmy. your seven-day forecast looking
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ahead to find the numbers to be on the hot side. we will get drier, but the august heat will be here. >> starting to rise. we'll take a break and be right back. stay with us.
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summer is flying by. we're working with you to help you get school supplies president the drive is a collaboration between abc2, sell le brie learning centers, starting today and year -- here's a look at the items we're collecting. you can drop off supplies at any of the 20 learning center locations. let's go out and help somebody. >> a lot of the kids don't want to hear that. hey, first day of august tomorrow. it will start off a lot like today, hot, humid. the last day of july, first day of august. overnight low 70s. midday tomorrow back to 84 and a hot are but somewhat drier -- hotter but somewhat drier weekend. >> all right. thank you for watching. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. world news is next at 6:30.
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