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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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especially towards the game. the clouds are coming in to dry. north and west of town, we find the leading edge of showers, mount airy and tawny town, walkersville, a good downpour of rain. this is advancing towards the east. dealing with the rain through the latter portion of the evening in to tonight. this is maryland's most powerful future scan in to the next couple of hours. towson, down towards silver springs around 7:00. keeping in mind, kickoff is at 8:00. this game does look like it's going to feature showers, maybe again a rumble or two of thunder. 91 in town. hagerstown 69 degrees, the rain has gun. 80 for the rest of this evening for the football folk. spotty spot showers. wind 5- 15, around towards the northerly direction. a split decision saturday versus sunday.
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now murders inside two days in baltimore city a rash of homicides that has city police thinking there maybe a connection a perfect case for what they are calling a new task force set up to investigate unusual murders. >> police are stopping short of saying too much about the murders, they believe they are close to a break in the case and now tell us they have the right group of detectives to close the book. they are the remnants of any baltimore city homicide. surgical gloves, packaging from life safing medical equipment, there is nothing all together routine about this killing, in the 4200 block of hamilton in northeast, neighbors tell us and midnight last night, they heard one shot a pause and then a barrage of five. the two victims a 54-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man
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were related, ambushed, shot in the head outside their home. >> the victims arrived home from a location, they were walking up to their house, attackers were waiting for them. hiding. when the victims arrived home they were killed. >> reporter: intensely personal killing, one city police believe maybe connected to a triple shooting in southwest baltimore earlier this week where two people were killed. four bodies and the fear of more that has city police using a new task force just created by the acting commissioner. >> what the deputy commissioner has done is taken our best detectives in the homicide unit with the highest clearance rate. when there are cases that fall outside of the typical pattern we will put the detectives on those cases to quell the violence swiftly. >> reporter: also including two residents last week, alex, was kill that night, peterson
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struggling to survive at an area hospital. the two, a seemingly random target and now the third such unusual murder case falling under this new special homicide unit. a distinction giving friends and loved ones hope they will one day be able to answer the question why. >> the police seem to be doing their best and conducting a good investigation. we have high hopes for them at least being able to get this bit of lightning out of the sky. >> now so far there is few leads in the mount vernon shooting. police are following one that led them to ask dc metro for help. as far as the other two multiple homicides in the past two days, detectives believe they are close to solving that case. brian kuebler, abc2 news. we broke this story this morning on, an update to a case we have been following for months. another doctors with ties to a suspected timonium pill mill
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had his license suspended. the board of physicians suspended dr. alexander's license for questionable practices. the clin was raided in may and operators were arrested and indicted on drug conspiracy charges after investigators found they were allowing out of state patients to pay cash for oxycodone without the doctors evaluating them. two other doctors and an assistant with ties to the clinic have been suspended. update to the breaking news we brought you last night on, this incredible video was sent in by a viewer who rolled on the massive flames and confusion on i-95 as the tractor trailer caught fire. the maryland transportation authority says 34-year-old gregory brian watkins was behind the wheel hauling lumber, he was pronounced dead at the scene and investigators believe the fire started because of a rupture in fuel tanks on board the truck.
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police identified the woman whose body was found in the woods in pasadena this month. she is jessica lynn lee, lee had been reported missing in may and police are now investigating her death as a homicide. the investigation started august 6th when officers were called out to the woods behind the alleys bargain outlet in pass dee navment the call came in after a human head was found. a search crew was formed and later the rest of lee's body was located. police used dna to match remains to lee's records. they are asking anyone with information to call 410-222- 3417. school year hasn't started yet but drivers are educateed about slowing down in front of lock raven high school. that is until someone blinded the automated speed camera along cromwell with spray paint. jeff hager joins us with more on that story. >> they not only spray paint toafd camera lens, they left harsh messages that could burn
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the eyes, motorists passing by the metal box near the high school were met with the words go to hell, involving the f word, many motorists didn't condone the vandalism but could understand why someone would do it. they could have a police officer here. the policeman did give out warning tickets and tickets. speed cameras are just they are just gouging people for money. i think they are wrong. >> the pups of the cameras is simply to reduce speed in school zones, that is their only purpose. if you are obeying the speed limit, the existence of the camera should be irrelevant to you. >> reporter: it's not generating $40 citations yet, just warning tickets. workers installed it ten days ago, there is a 30 day grace period for motorists to learn to slow down.
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continuing coverage of a story that's back if the headlines this week after 8 chin died dug the first week of august after left in hot cars. roosevelt leftwich has more on that. >> tranically it's something that happens every summers children left in hot cars by busy parent oh do it by accident or through plain neglect. after this deadly week the government is stepping in to raise awareness about leaving children in hot cars. of all the dangers in the world you wouldn't think this is up with that has the government worried about your kids. they announced a campaign called where is baby, look for you lock your car. >> heatstroke is the leading cause of noncrash vehicle related deaths for children
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under the age of 14. 23 children died. >> how could he forget his own child? >> that's a legitimate question, one i asked myself everyday for over two years. republican it could be stress or busy lifestyles last week in california, a mom left two kid locked in he car while shopping. >> one was lethargic. >> reporter: each if it's in the low 80s. temperatures inside the car can become deadly in ten minutes and young children can't handle that kind of heat. the feds are kicking off this year long effort urging daycare providers and schools to remind parent to look around they cars before leaving or leaf themselves notes so they don't leaf their children to die. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. a settlement has been
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reached between the federal trade commission and the company behind brain pad mouth gads. the makers cannot claim their product lowers the risk of concussions. the company made the claims on the packaging and in ads on line and in print. the mouth sold between 10- $30, versions for juniors and adults. here we are working for you, we have an entire section on the website devoted to concussions, prevention and latest information you need to keep your family safe. find that at, or just check out the sports tab. it hasn't been a huge problem here in maryland yet, west nile outbreaks are forcing some states to take to the sky. how they are attacking the mosquitos that cause the disease and the dangers that poses for those on the ground. with the days of summer dwindling, you are running ow of time to get your kids ready for school. we are going to show you apps
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we have only had two cases this summer in maryland, but the fight against west nile the forcing other cities to take drastic measures, facing one of the largest outbreaks in years, officials are moving the battleground to the sky as scott goldberg tells us, that has some raising new concerns. >> reporter: more than 45 years in dallas, fighting the mosquitos on the ground was good enough. >> aerial spraying that hour. >> reporter: the last night, two planes barn stormed the 9th largest city dropping pesticide over the neighborhoods where ten people died. >> you are dealing with
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someone's life. that should come fist and foremost. >> reporter: the state of emergency earlier in the week and decided to end up the planes which sent some people to their doctors asking if they should be concerned about the pesticide than the pests. >> i tell them if they can and real sensitive to leave town. >> reporter: the chemical called duet comes with a warning it could cause a burning or prickling sensation on the skin, tearing and blurred vision and respiratory irritations especially in people suffering from lung disease, asthma and allergies. the chemical also is toxic to bees and fish, so pond openers took last minute precaution, epa says the chemical mist is only harmful to people or pets if it's swallowed, with 700 cases of human infection across the country, 200 in dallas, there is plenty of support for the spray. >> the spraying is great. its west nile i'm concerned about. >> reporter: 1800 people signed a petition on line calling for the spraying to stop.
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there is another round scheduled for tonight and more planes going up next week. tonight's commute should be quicker for drivers who were stranded in some cases for five hours, that looks like no fun. they were stuck in back up on the 405 freeway in california, authorities say a truck jackknifed just as rush hour got underway, shutdown the entire highway. >> this is the worst traffic i've seen ever. >> i've lived here my whole life this is ridiculous, this time of night? i don't know what is going on over there, i got home from chicago i would like to get home. >> one person was hurt in the crash, that accident is being investigated a as possible hit and run
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snowmageddon, we are nowhere near that. >> i will cross that bridge in november or december. we got an interesting evening. you go outside and say not bad out there. the rain is not too far off to the west. if you are going to go to the game, you can't bring in the umbrella. >> poncho. >> you need the poncho, maybe a couple, three or four, double or triple up, there is going to be heavy rain. >> they are die hard, they don't care. >> raven fans are the die hard. cheryl conner is out there, talking to people, interviewing, hanging out. having a cold beverage, take a look. not a bad shot showing the clouds coming in. 89 now, it's comfortable. the barometric pressure falling down. we have inclement weather coming in to play. hopefully get wind tonight. here is the shot this afternoon. watch how it was not much in the water of cloud coverage, we are seeing the clouds filtering
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back in, outside the channel 2 doors, bel air, same deal, good looking shot. this morning gorgeous downtown, just the clouds coming in to play. let's switch sources, here is the band of showers starting to work in bigger storms out towards hagerstown that we will have to keep an eye on. spotty showers, frederick, westminster, south of tawny town, maybe that produce as band of showers and storms. let's get over to weather graphics, 89bwi. hour by hour folk showing us -- spotty showers in the forecast, tomorrow morning you may wake up to a spotty shower. we will see the front bringing in cooler, drier air. 80 by tomorrow afternoon. here is the cold front to the west, look at the cooler temperatures, minnesota at 73 degreess this is the cooler air
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that dives in behind the system. the band of showers coming in and 9:00, 10:00, 11, showers in to the 70s. tomorrow morning, there is possibility of showers and going in to lunchtime hour, from the city on southeast, be aware of that, a lot of clouds in place and tomorrow afternoon, temperatures low 80s. heading for the beaches, a lot of clouds, 79 to around 80, late day shower and storm. the water temperature is balmy, 76 degrees. 70 for the rest of tonight. hit and miss showers and storms. showers are south and east. 81 for your two degree guarantee. here is your seven-day forecast, 84 for sunday, that is going to be the pick of the next two days. it's more sunshine than clouds in comparison to saturday. showers monday at 82. the trend is our friend in the sunshine department. 82 degrees with a mixture of sunshine and clouds.
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>> i wish we could have the weather for the ravens game. you've been waiting for months to watch them play. it may be preseason but of course expectations are high for the men in purple and black. cheryl conner is live out there in the thick of the tailgating, hopefully starting up soon. what is the energy level like down there? they are starting to collect. >> reporter: the excitement is certainly out here right at m and t bank stadium. we are under 3 hours before game time, fans are slow to trickle. in it's a friday night, they are getting off of work. ravens walk behind us, see people are coming in, starting to party, also here is the tailgating lot right over here this is fun to watch. you have young ravens fans, hoping to be joe flacco or one of the guys you will see on the field tonight. we want to break down the game.
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we grab pernell gaither with ravens group 35, we have seen you so many years out here and certainly you know what to expect with your team this season what are some of the question marks? we saw one of them being joe flacco getting sacked a couple of times against the falcons last week, is that a condition as they take on the lions. >> absolutely. i think some of that was attributed to -- he didn't get the chance to run very good. they can turn loose on the quarterback. >> reporter: how excited are you that lewis -- >> i'm excited. we need both of them back. two of them can work very well together. they came in the same year. they got us in the playoff every year. >> year.
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the rookie is holding his own. he has let downs last year. he got hurt. we needed somebody to -- he has competition. i think he will make it. >> reporter: we know you will have a great time out here, we see you ever season. get back to your table and have some fun. don't he is hesitate to bring me a hot dog. the game gets started at 8:00 tonight. we will joining you throughout 5:00 and 6:00 and show you the fans as they come back to the bank. >> with a good assignment, watching the ravens. widely agreed upon, the sitting in front of the tv or computer, bad for your childrens health. research suggests a sedentary lifestyle could have long-term effects on a child's
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development. and why telling kids to fear strangers may not be the best approach to keeping them safe. [ male announcer ] we got a real mom
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it's a known fact children who spend too much time sitting a watching tv are likely to struggle with weight gain and obesity. being sedentary can have other consequences. a study out of portugal find it can impede the development of motor skills. researchers are concerned abnormalities will lead to poor motor function as children get older. students are about to head back to school, now is a good time for a talk about stranger danger. while you want your child to be safe, you should approach this topic in a positive way so your child isn't scared of
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everything. >> it's important to not make kids afraid of all strangers because there may be a time when they get lost at an amusement park and need to find a stranger to help them. >> to help your kids find good strangers like moms with other kids or a police officer and stress the importance of walking with friends. hoping build social confidence will empower children to handle dangerous situations. is the place for the health news you need, log on, check out our page, finds today's health headlines and different health categories to help you find the information you and your family need. you have do it yourself projects around the house, why not at the bank too. what some branches are doing to cut out the middleman and they will let you use your smart phone to make the bank stops faster. the kids need books and blankets, everything else you can think of to be ready for college or school. have you bought it all? we will show you apps to make
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the back to school shopping no stress. they are taking a break from the campaign trail, that doesn't mean the action has stopped between the presidential candidate , the challenge obama's campaign is making to mitt romney.
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baltimore city police are creating a new task force to investigate unusual homicides. detectives in the homicide unit with the highest clearance rates will make up the task force investigating murders outside typical patterns. last week's double shooting and the multiple homicides are the types of crimes this task phos will investigate. -- force will investigate. vandals gotten ahold of a new speed camera in from of a high school. it was spray paint


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