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the lens. there is a 30 day grace ped for drivers to learn to slow down so most rises haven't had to pie for citations yet. the government is intervening to raise awareness about leafing children in hot cars after a deadly week at the beginning of this month. in the fis week of august, 8 children died after being left in hot cars. children's body heat up a at faster rate so a short stay in a hot car can turn dangerous. a year long effort to launching to remind paper not to forget they children when they leave their vehicle. we haven't seep storms today but what is going to happen? mike masco has a look at the first forecast. >> i think tomorrow is okay. let's deal with the here and now. people are going down to the stayed yom stadium for the game tonight. things will go downhill.
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conditions will deteriorate. tawny town, good cell south of you. this is going to be heading towards westminster over the next 15-20 minutes, a band of rain from hagerstown, down in to pats of deep creek and pawpaw, seeing heavy rains, that will be advancing towards the east. outside, to ellicott city, showing us, that we do have a decent amount of clouds in place, 89 degrees now, it is rain cooled 84 out toward frederick, hagerstown, towards 70 degrees. planning out the rest of the evening. 80 degrees with the storm threat going to bed, left over shower or storm and waking up with partly sunny conditions. rain showers for tomorrow, it's a nice looking day for sunday. show you the seven-day forecast coming up in a little bit. there is do it yourself home improvement, health care, why not do it yourself banking. it's a trend in branches around the country with new technology making it easier than ever for you to get your much without a
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middleman. soon simply with just your smart phone. >> atm machine that will wish you a happy birthday, sell you stamps and spit out the money you need. >> choose what language you would like to be served in. you are able to choose how you want your receipt. you can order checks, you can set an appointment for a personal banker to give you a call all from the atm. >> reporter: a live remote video teller. though it's not in use quite yet , the technology exists to use your smart phone instead of your bank card. >> the other thing you will notice is the bar code. the technology we use to let the atm and mobile phone communicate. >> reporter: inside some banks and credit union, you can find pen pads that transform the teller line to self service, too. >> think of the airline, how much faster you get through the
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line at the airline opposed to the past. there is always someone there that can help you to the extent you need the assistance at the airline counters and same is true in financial institutions. >> reporter: instead of fill ought a deposit and withdrawal slip, all the info is fed to the teller. >> the customer presents the atm card at the pin pad, they swipe their cards, enter the pin number and the information flows to the teller screen. >> reporter: banks and credit unitions love it because it cuts back on costs and frees the teller up for real conversations about other services that could bring more money in the door. customers love it for other reasons. >> i do my transaction and go. >> reporter: some people aren't eager to p embrace technology. the teller isn't going to disappear entirely, not any time soon. >> if a individual wants to use the teller line, the individual can go to the teller and have
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the human to human contact. we want to make sure the options are available. >> reporter: the banks with video tellers are still offering the option of using the traditional tellers too at this point. >> the american bankers association points out that often its larger banks that deploy this technology, but in this case, many smaller banks and credit unions are signing on just as quickly. >> we saw them in action for the first time last week in the match up with the falcons. tonight the ravens take the field at home , the people in baltimore are ready to cheer on the purple and black. cheryl conner is live at m and t bank stadium. they are ready for a win on home turf, right? >> reporter: that's right. the party being right here, fans are back at the bank for the first home game of the 2012 season. look what we spotted across the street to. get the home life is okay. you have the man wearing the detroit lions jersey and the woman wearing the ravens jersey, looks like they get
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along fine. they are holding hands there. we found our own square off, ahead of tonight's preseason game. we have don armstrong, wearing the detroit lions jersey, we have earnie nick, wearing the ravens jersey. earnie, since it's the home game, we are in baltimore and not detroit. we will start with you. tell us, what are the ravens going to do tonight? how are they going to win? >> ravens are going to win, we are not going to lose any preseason games, one last week, we are going to win tonight. also we had flacco calling his own plays. i'm going to be behind him, hooping and hollering and make sure he calls the right plays against detroit. >> reporter: what do you think about that? think the lions defensive line is going to take over. they are too strong and going after joe flacco and can't stop the mega tron. >> i don't believe a word he
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said about detroit. detroit i don't know whether they won the first preseason game or not. >> reporter: we are going in to the game without tore el. >> he is resting. >> don, back home, are they happy that he isn't going to be on field. >> i'm sure they probably are. i'm happy about that, but i hope they get better. i like the ravens too. >> reporter: earnie gets the last word. sorry. >> i don't believe he has anything to worry about detroit beating his replacement. i am a raven fan all the way through this year. we will overcome. thank you guys to much for playing along with us so the game gets started at 8:00 tonight. tailgaters are starting to
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trickle now that it's friday night and they are just get august of work. joining you live at 6:00. back to you. >> knowing that ravens get the last word in this town. switching gears, 6 police officers opened fire on man in michigan. what sparked the confrontation that had so many open fire. why the man's family is crying foul. this guy might want to consider another race course next year. he rolled out of control at the same spot two years in a row. where this amazing incident happened and where the team is thinking about racing again, after this.
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this is amateur video captured of a deadly shooting in michigan. police officers get in to a confrontation with 49-year-old millton hall. hall was holding a knife and refused to put it down and they unleashed a ba ran of gun shots which hall's mother says was an overreaction. >> i have a lot of pain. i'm stunned. 6 human beings were standing in front of one human being and
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fired 46 shots. i just don't understand that. >> hall's family says he stuffed from serious mental health issues and an investigation is underway. six officers placed on administrative leave. you will wonder how anyone could survive this. the drive lost control during the hill climb. that's a 12-mile race to the summit of pikes peek in colorado. the two people in the car did survive unbelievably, the same drive went off the road in the same spot during last year's race, two times. they are unsure if they will race again. >> i think that's a good bet, guys. college students are preparing to head back to campus, find out about the stats that can help with buying textbooks to decorating dorm rooms. >> you better stock up on your magic potions, you heard me, e bay is banning the sale of potions. we will explain why the items are going off the shelves.
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days of summer are dwindling for kids of all ages, are your children ready for school? don't panic, there is an app for that. karen has more on the apps that help you do everything from buy textbooks to design a dorm room. >> reporter: app like in class or iphone and ipad can help students keep track of the day. students can take notes, share notes, line up the schedule and set alarms for important deadlines. textbooks can take a bite out of a college book bite app for android aims to take a bite out of costs. student can buy, represent and sell used textbooks on the go, scan books to find out how much they are worth. the amazon student app for iphone let's users do the same things and get amazon gift
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cards for books. view the thousands of e textbooks purchased through the website on a mobile device including iphone, ipad, android and kindel fire and add notes as they read. to give a dorm room the comforts, the design yore dorm web app, has design apps. students can drag and drop items from app on line store and fit them in to the floor plans, come pay shopping lists with roommates or divide purchases and odder items to have them -- order items to have them shipped directly to the dorm. >> whether you use an app or take care of your back to school shopping the old fashion way, consider picking up sumays for a student -- supplies for a student in need. we are working with you, to collect school supplies for students through august 24th. here are the supplies we are looking for, backpacks, pencils, pens, wide ruled paper
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and composition books. supplys can be dropped off at the 20 sell bry learning snows. go to our -- centers, go to our website, supplies. maryland's jobs report was releaseed by the u.s. department of labors bureau of statistics. preliminary data shows the private sector gained 2400 jobs. the state's biggest job gains on the year, professional and business services education and health. compared to last july, 18,000 more mailedders are whoing -- marylanders are working. married people have a hadder time finding jobs than singles. married moms are having a tough time compared to married fathers, experiencing a gap between jobs, less likely to finds a new job and once they secured a new paycheck, they earn considerably less.
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the study did not explain the reasons be s behind the disparities. i hate to hear that. you are earning your paycheck. >> everyday. hardest worker, right? here is the deal, we are watching the camera, let's switch over to weather graphics, this is cheryl conner's live shot. i tapped in to. maybe that's not the best shot. >> these are the chances you take when your camera shot is knee a traffic lite. cool jerseys and buses, but not a lot of ponchos. ponchos needed at the game tonight. its not bad. it's 89 degrees, bwi. we hit 91 this afternoon. 62-degree dew points, indication we have a little moisture in the atmosphere, not much, that's southerly wind just about 8. bel air shot, notice the clouds coming in. we will show you a shot toward
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chesapeake beach. a beautiful afternoon. watch the clouds rolling in towards the tail ends of this afternoon, you will see a lot of clouds in here as we head in to the latter portion of your nighttime. rain is going to come dliew the chesapeake after 9:00. what is going on now on maryland's most powerful radar is not much. baltimore city, towards bel air, along 95, starting to see spotty showers in to the picture, right around the maryland and pennsylvania border, 83 heading towards the north, a good spot shower, eldersburg, towards the south, towson, you will see your share of the rain coming in the next 25, 30 minutes, be aware of that. our lightning tracker picking up on some lightning, well out towards the west with a band of heavier rain coming in tonight. we are forecasting heavy showers or heavy pockets of shower and possibility of a rumble or two of thunder. future scan on maryland's most powerful radar, showing the band coming through after the 7:00 or 8:00 hour, right on time for the kickoff, we are
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expecting scattered showers to come in to play. in terms of what is going on now, 89 in town. we will start off on a muggy feel, drier, cooler air is going to come in on the backside of the cold front, 75 chicago. 73 minneapolis. this band of showers through the cows of this evening, 70s go to the low 80s by tomorrow afternoon. not a bad feel, we will talk about drier feel in to the at moss fee in to this weekend. tropical storm tabor don heading well offshore. 79 to and 80 degrees tom. tomorrow. 70s for tomorrow. could be a spot storm with a two degree guarantee of 81 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast, 84 sunday, a beautiful day, more shall be than clouds, showers working in
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to the picture for monday at 82. both of the candidates are off the campaign trail today put there is a lot of action. the obama campaign is presenting a deal to mitt romney. >> i did go back and look at my taxes. >> reporter: debate over mitt romney's taxes continues. the obama campaign is offing in they words, a truce, in an open letter to the republican candidate, obama's manager promises that quote if the governor will release five years of returns, i commit in turn we will not criticize him for not releasing more, beneather in ads or commentary for the rest of the campaign.
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the romney campaign has released his 2010 returns in an estimate for 2011. on thursday, romney offered this. >> i never paid less than 13%. the most recent year is 13.6. in a ad the president is taking aim at romney's new running mate. paul ryan and his medicare plan. today in virginia, ryan fired back. >> president obama inherited a difficult situation when he came in to office. the problem is, he made things much worse. >> here is what we know about next week, paul ryan and romney will campaign together and focus in on the issue of medicare as far as the truce on taxes goes, we have heard from romney's campaign manager, no
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surprise, doesn't sound like that one is going to be happening. political news, former rhode island congressman, kennedy, visited illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. at the mayo clinic. jackson is treated for by polar disorder and openly discussed his addictions. he has not been on capital hill since may. he was taking a medical leave of absence. jackson is responding well to treatment but unclear when he will return to work. hello, i'm roosevelt leftwich, coming up new at 6:00. they've only been up for a few days and targeted by vandals. the damage done to baltimore county's newest rash of speed cameras. and six cases of the swine flu. these stories and more coming up at 6:00. we'll be right back.
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stocks boosted slightly today, thanks to positive news from retailers , the dow jones went up 25 points, nasdaq rose by 14. standard and poors up by 3 points. retail stocks rose after positive earnings and outlook from gas incorporated. these shoes have the signature red bottoms of which i say chan lou i haveton. they share the same features but fake. since july 20,000 of the knock
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off pumps have been intercepted by la customs agents. the five shipments had a retail value of $18 million. it's the battle over martha stewart, maceys is suing rival department store jc penney saying the company entered in to an unlawful contract to sell martha stewart liveg products. macy's says the deal is a breech of contract, because it has a deal with options to exclusively sell the line through 2018. the lawsuit seeks to block the store deal and seeking unspecified damages. if you need to buy a magic spell or find a witch, you can put a hex on somebody, e bay is putting a new policy in place, banning the sale of magic services. that means you are not going to be able to buy blessings, potions or spells on the website. unfortunately, psychic readings and healing sessions are among the categories shutdown. e bay says it's making the move to build trust in the marketplace.
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that's the dream of any surfer, how they help some kids live out their own dreams coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. tonight you will see them live, the first chance to see them on the field, the ravens take on the detroit lions in their first open preseason game. look at the crowd out there. another batch of speed cameras gets the green light and another vandal takes out his frus station. new video of the deadly truck crash and fire on i-95s south of baltimore. what investigators now think caused it all. tonight, hot and humid, messed up outside. it was terrible. there is relief in sight for th


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