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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 20, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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arrested at the pump. the evidence is locked inside the impound lot, a white van and wrote truck with $35,000 in diesel gas. >> pulled in and started pumping. go ahead. when you're finished fueling pay. >> reporter: they filled up several times a week. he pumps and heads inside to swipe his card. he says it's the only station in the area that banks on honest paying customers. but state police in loganville said three men took advantage of that. they stole gift cards from panera and used them as a visa or mastercard. stolen credit card information on gift cards. >> the same information was
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encoded into the gift card. >> reporter: panera showed us their card. police are trying to track down how the thieves did it. they likely used an electronic machine to transfer the codes. the owner of one credit card notified the store. >> they looked into it. looked at the receipts and the footage and sought same vehicles and the same men were doing it over and over again. >> reporter: on saturday 32-year-old ricky evans, 50-year-old glen keller and 50-year-old kenneth reed of baltimore were caught and arrested at the pump. three suspects, two cars and multiple credit card numbers now put to rest. >> everything involves stealing makes me mad. >> reporter: evans, keller and reed are charged with retail theft, fraud and conspiracy. police aren't certain how the
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diesel was being used in the baltimore area, if the three had their own business or if they were selling it, cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> we're working to help you protect your family from credit card fraud. first, don't put your pass code or pin numbers anywhere. only shop online with companies with reputable name. and keep a close oi on your account and statement f you see a charge that shouldn't be there, contact your bank or your credit card company immediately. a few showers out there well north and west of the city. take a look from hagerstown all the way down to west virginia. i'll show you over frag county
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-- frag -- frederick county, westminster. i want to show you the progression of the line. it's still north and west of the city limits. i think it's in here after 9:00, 10:00. a spotty shower, perhaps a rum billion of thunder. temperatures with the clouds, 77 in town. 77 easton. 80 in salisbury, a rain cooled 66. 71 degrees through the rest of the evening. you'll go to bed with clouds and storms, waking up to fog. we'll check more on the seven-day forecast. the tropics are heating up. >> 50-year-old navy veteran is beaten to death. police say the two men were complete strangers, which really have detectives and the victim's family wondering why this
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happened. brian kuebler has more. >> reporter: from where this attack happened to who this happened to, the case makes little sense. elkton police said 55-year-old james pierce was grocery shopping saturday evening just before six when troy kelly approached him from behind and started savagely beating him. this happened in the middle of aisle eight in elkton. the two men were strangers. pierce later died after being kicked and punched more than 20 times. his attacker was arrested a short time later, charged with murder and denied bail. police has the suspect, crime and victim but the reason why is still a big question. they were strangers from what you know. >> from what we know they never met each other. >> reporter: that makes this case even more weird. >> sure.
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it's a shocking case. >> reporter: new coming up at 6:00 we'll talk to the victim's family last they struggle with why this happened to a mon who they say was an all around sweet guy. >> thanks a lot. a 23-year-old prince george's county office are was killed and another one hurt in a crash. the department said they were chasing a silver acura connected to a theft in laurel. as they were chasing the car, the officer lost control and crashed into a ditch. the surviving officer is expected to be okay. the officer who died was thrown from the patrol car. he had been on the force for two years but they had not released his name. baltimore county police still trying to identify a young man they said was found dead in a dundalk basement. officers were called to the 400 block of scarsdale road just
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before 6:30. will there -- there were other people in the home but they weren't sure what the relationship was to the man. >> these are hispanic residents living there. we brought in detectives who are fluent in spanish to help with the investigation. >> detectives spent a lot of time going over the crime scene which ended up being about four blocks because evidence was dropped around the home. now to an update we first brought you on good morning maryland. baltimore police confirmed that one of the three people shot in west baltimore was a 9 jeered by. police say he and two other men were shot just after 11:00 last night in the 400 block of bloom street. all three were taken to a local hospital and are expected to survive. nine people were hurt this morning when they road on a bus and it crashed into a home in silver spring. police said it happened just before 11 on avondale drive.
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investigators are trying to figure out why the bus left the road. now a gas main break in middle river closed some roads. utility cruise struck a gas line on pulaski boulevard just before 10:00 this morning. the crew was making repairs to a sewer drain when the two inch gas line was hit. bge and the fire department arrived. after evaluating the hair quality they determined that evacuation was not necessary. traffic was diverted because one side of route 40 had to be shut down. a california farm is recalling more than 23,000 -- 2,000 cases of romaine let thus because it could be tainted with e. coli back tear ya. the company responsible for the shipment said it was fresh wrapped single head romaine on the package it. was in stores in a dozen
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states, including maryland andnl by date of august 19th. no illnesses have been reported but they are urging anywith the lettuce to get rid of it. we also have another recall to tell you about, this one from general motors. they have issued as in to owners of a various vehicles due to a fire hazard. it's 250,000 mid-size suv's. fluid can get to the driver's door module and lead to a short. it could cause power loss and windows to fail. in rare cases it could spark a fire. there have been no crashes or injuries related to the defect. come election time maryland voters will have a lot to decide on when they head to the polls
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in november. we'll take a look at what the ballot could look like. augustus national had a men only membership until now. the two ground breaking women invited into the club. >> what was supposed to be a fun sunday turned dangerous.
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come this fall, augusta national golf course will sport something never seen before -- women. abc2's jamie costello has more. >> reporter: only two women have been asked top join but a larger bearer has been broken and stood
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it's a thing of the past. for the first time in its 80-year history augusta golf club will have female members. the two invite tees are -- inspreet -- inviteees are darla moore and condoleezza rice. the masters had always refused to admit women. it gathered new steam after virginia rommen ni was apointed as one of the sponsors. augusta did not make rom mindy a member. today the club chairman called the decision to admit women pacific and positive time in our club's history and on behalf of
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our membership. augusta national is so secret it won't reveal the members. apparently there are 300, all by invitation. rice and moore have accepted and will enter the club in their green jacket. rice seen teeing off said in the statement i have long admired the important role augusta national as played in the hex of love. kelly, sect reese is a heck of a player. jamie costello, abc2 news. clouds were in place today. that kept our temperatures down. the shot outside the abc2 studio doors in towson showing a mix. we had a peek of sunshine. downtown we go nice look shot early on. then we started to see the clouds come back into play.
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here's the current statistics at bwi. 77 degrees. that loment up at -- humidity is up a. the southeasterly wind at just about seven. here's maryland most powerful radar. a small line of showers north and south of the city limits. this is starting to push into carol county, so westminster toward eldersberg. taneytown and from 70 headed toward frederick you're seeing a good down pour. maryland's most powerful future scan showing the line around 7:15, 8:00. so i think after 8:00 toward the tame end going into tonight, that's when we'll see the line press in across the city limits a pair of sevens in the city. 80 toward d.c. eastern shore numbers uniformly. a lot of clouds.
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8:00, still around 71 degrees. down to 66 at 11:00 with a lot of clouds. i think most of the clouds are past the city limits. on our way for another day of below average temperatures, upper 70s to around 80a dip in the jet stream -- 80. a zip dip in the jet stream. then wednesday, thursday, the end of the week friday, this high pressure builds back in which brings the temperatures back into the 80s. future trend through the 10:00 hour down into the upper 60s to around 70. 64, and the afternoon where there could be a pop-up shower or storm, the chance of a sure and storm is there with temperatures into the low 80s. notice the time line going into wednesday.
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we'll be in the low to middle 80s. so we're making progress in the temperatures. we posted this on facebook. three storms. that means three we have to watch. this one storm in particular, this is well to the east of the win ward islands. we'll talk maybe isaac forming. this could be a threat to florida. 64 for the rest of tonight, early shower, possibility of a rumble or two. your two degree guarantee around 4 degrees. most areas won't see the isolated showers. but we'll keep it in the forecast to stay on the safe side. 85, feeling better, noise and warm. 86, 87 degrees. we'll keep it dry. then the muggies come back into play for saturday and sunday. it will fuel back to august
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standards by saturday. there could be an afternoon shower. we'll fine tune it. we're back into the 80s close to 90 boy next week. we'll talk about the tropical storms. we'll she if it gets named -- see if it gets named. it's in the long before kids head back to school. before they go, they need all the proper supplies. sherrie johnson let the stores as teachers loaded up on supplies. >> reporter: she's shopping for back-to-school supplies for her daughter. she is pecking up things from crayons to lunch boxes to kleenex. >> we usually set a budget for everything we do and school is no exception.
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>> reporter: this jeer the average family is expected to spend $689 on back-to-school items. that's up $604 from last year according to the national retail foundation. here at walmart stores they created a special back-to-school section with everything from pens to pencils, notebooks, backpacks and crayons. store managers say sales are pretty good and backpacks are hot ticket items. >> all our stores are stocked. moms can come. they have tons of backpacks, composition notebooks, everything they're looking for. >> reporter: walmart contacted area schools to help with back-to-school shopping. >> here at walmart store managers are helpful they offer a school supply list for parents with a list of supplies your child may need for school. >> oar teachers like kristen
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teaches an orchestra cross. she wants to create a welcoming atmosphere for students. >> we need to have stuff in the classroom that engages and makes them want to learn. nobody wants to walk into a white room and be told they have to learn. i'm trying to bring a little bit of my personality with it. >> parents and teachers found the right supplies to get them on track. >> students start monday august 27th for baltimore city, baltimore city and harford county. if you haven't finished getting your supplies, you have time. consider picking up a couple extra supplies for students in need. abc2 is working with you along with the preston mitchum foundation and the celebree learning center. we're collecting school supplies through friday. here's a list of some of the things we're looking for.
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backpacks, pens, pencils, wide ruled paper and composition notebooks. supplies can be dropped off at any of the 20 celebree learning centers. we have more information about the drive on our website at supplies. so check this out. excessive sweating can be embarrassing, but there's hope on the way. we'll show you a new prd -- product that could help. >> is marriage tough enough to drive you to drink? the surprising study an marriage, divorce and what it does to our drinking habits.
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we know that second hand
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smoke has harmful effects but it could affect children's coughing reflex. it examined children between 10 and 17. half were exposed to tobacco smoke at home and half were no those who were, posed to smoke had twice as much coughing irritant. coughing protects lungs from potentially dangerous toxins and people hop can't cough are more likely to get pneumonia or bronchitis. marriage can be stressful but does this drive women to drink. maybe. marriage appears to lead to more drinking among middle aged women. men actually slowed their drinking when married. divorce seemed to be what drives them to the bottle. previous studies show more men drink more overall but women have been catching new recent
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news. well, excessive sweating may not be a serious medical condition but it could have serious emotional consequences. they could ruin clothing in one wearing. some excessive sweaters don't want to leave the house out of embarrassment. now a new medical treatment could help. it's called mir a dry and uses microwaves to heat sweat glands. doctors say patients are seeing promising results. >> they completely eliminate their sweating. it's not that they sweat at all but what would be like a normal person. >> they said more study is needed to see if it works long term. you'll be paying between $20 l--- $2500 to $3500 for two sessions and it's in the covered
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by insurance. check out our web page to find the health news you and your family need. all right. with all the referendums on that november ballot, it may look confusing. the stated board of elections is looking at what you may see. plus, she has to battle muscle physique, sharks and -- fatigue, sharks and she is swimming from cuba. [ male announcer ] the emotional burden of debt.
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or, visit us online. careone. we know what it's like to be in your shoes. three maryland men are arrested, charged with using panera gift cards


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