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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you, now abc2 news at 11. we are following two
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breaking news stories into the abc2 newsroom. a tanker fire in cecil county and a police involved shooting in baltimore city. >> a wet weekend at times but not a washout. maryland's most accurate forecast is coming up. >> signs things are getting back to normal but people who live in ellicott city will not forget what happened there tonight since 6. >> whatever happens, happens to the man i am with happens to me and that's how i want it. i want no special treatment. >> he made it back safely. find out why matthew vandyke planser for dangerous trip to the middle east. that's on abc2 news at 11 which starts right now. but we begin tonight with breaking news a tanker crash in port deposit. police tell us a propane tanker crashed into a car at about 9:15 and it is still burning right now. the accident happened at 222 and main street. police in cecil county say it's
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too soon to figure out if anyone died because they are trying to put out the fire. this picture came to us from byron morrison in port deposit and we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. more breaking news an officer-involved shooting in south baltimore. you are looking at live pictures of the scene. we want to teak you there. it happened right near west port elementary school. what we know at this moment is a suspect was shot and taken to a local hospital. no word on a his condition. we do know however that no officers were injured. tonight downtown ellicott city is getting back to normal three days after the deadly train derailment. main treatment reopened and so have the tracks. cheryl conner joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the goal was to get main street opened for weekend and that happened at 7 tonight. there will be free parking through sunday after a week tough on business and life
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changing for two families. it's beginning to look like the historic town built around the railroad. after several tests the first trains since the derailment mapped through ellicott city friday evening. -- passed through ellicott city friday evening. cars are allowed to come through. >> from day one we were clear with csx they don't get back to business until the town gets back to business. >> reporter: county executive is happy with the progress but it's tough to celebrate when flowers serve to remind us of two 19-year-old lost. rose mayr and elizabeth nass were on the bridge when the train derailed and 21 cars flipped over spilling coal. sally owns discoveries along main street. her son went to mount hebron high with the victims. >> shut down for one day and i knew it was probably fairly useless to open the other days.
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but, we did and you know, a fair a people came in. >> reporter: friday night shows promise outside the business but there's work to be done. over the next several days. >> csx is going to be back within the next few weeks to fix the retaining wall in lot b. we have roadwork and curb and gutter work to do. >> reporter: the railroad town is getting back to normal but it's a day of mourning as two families have forever changed. >> there's no way around it being a trying time. you can't change that. >> reporter: county executive almond says there labor digsal work on the sensing and signage to keep people away from the train tracks. there is talk about making a permanent memorial garden to remember the two victims. cheryl conner, abc2 news. today and torment families of both women who died in that -- tomorrow, the families of both women who died in the
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accident are burying their loved one. nass would have been a junior this year and donation can be made at m and t bank in ellicott city. we have information for the fund on the website. we have posted some amazing pictures from the crash scene. if you haven't check out, log onto abc2 news and scroll down to the slide show section. and with main street reopening of course a very nice night for people to head down to ellicott city and pat ronize the business but -- pay theronnize the weather -- patronize the weather but wyatt joins with us the first look at the forecast. >> the weather looks decent tonight and early tomorrow. things change as the weekend wears on. out there this evening, upper 80s. low 80s rather in up -- and upper 70s on the map. but a rain show because we had 70 at state capital but 71 in
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dover. humidity is on the moderately high side. and that will hold temperatures up a little bit overnight. that along with quite a bit of cloud cover as we look at the overall setup into the next few days. you can see showers to the eastdeveloping tomorrow afternoon and in fact, that could wear on into the latter part of the day. we will break down the weekend forecast in few more minutes and the latest on isaac as he moves towards florida through the caribbean. >> thanks. new tonight, today marks the one year anniversary of the day a baltimore man escaped from a prison in libya. by helphis friends but e to then he was captured by forces loyal to the former deck tateor more march cay -- moammar qadaffi. he went onto fight in the revolution. one danger for enough lifetime you are thinking? now he is heading to another war zone syria. christian schaeffer talked with him to find out why. >> reporter: it is a long way
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from the place he grew up south baltimore but this was matt vandyke last year on the front lines of the libyan revolution. >> sometimes i was terrified. you know you have to keep going. you have to keep going forward and keep gaining ground. >> reporter: more terrifying this 6 month he spent in two of moammar can do havey prison --qaddafi prison. >> i thought i would be there three decades or he can cute. >> reporter: now he is at his more's beach house in delaware but his atension is drub -- attention is drawn to the middle east. syria is trying to overthrow their leader and he feels the need to go help them. >> i thought i would be fighting but there's not enough weapons and ammunition for the men they have. >> reporter: he plans to make a documentary film in an attempt to win more international support for the rebels. >> the fact is they are
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outnumbered outgunned and they don't have what they need to win. >> reporter: news out of syria focused on mass curse of the rebels by the assad regime but vandyke says they can succeed and feels the u.s. should be supporting them. >> a poll found libyans like american more than canadians do. we want that after syria and we don't want syrians like jihady and saudi arabia. we want them liking us. >> reporter: he wants people to know he is going to syria as a supporter of the rebels and doesn't plan to go into combat but would defend himself and knows the danger and expects no special treatment if captured. a death wish if he has one, it doesn't fit with what he is trying to accomplish. >> if i come out with a film that shows the world who the syrian rebels are what they are fighting for, improves the image in the world increased support and donations for them, and inspires people in othercountries to protest for their freedom i've done a good job. >> reporter: he he plans to
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leave next month and hopes to have the documentary finished sometime this winter so he can return safely to boughtmore and -- baltimore and continue to spend summers here at the ocean. christian schaeffer abc2 news. we have more clips of that interview on the web silt abc2 -- website along with the link he set up in support of the documentary project. and all new at 11a. man wanted in connection with a double murderer in philadelphia is now in big trouble in baltimore county. 28-year-old john gonce has been arrested and charged with the rape of a 13-year-old girl. he he was staying with the family of the girl and related to her. during an interview with police he admitted to engaging in sexual acts with the girl but says it was consentual even though she is a minor. the latest on the boat accident involving a maryland state delegate. don dwyer admitted to drink while behind the controls of a boat that crashed into another boat wednesday night injuring 9
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people including 5 kids. but the investigation is far from over. natural resources police say the average boat accident takes as much as 10 days to investigate. but this case could take even longer. >> the scene of the accident is dynamic. it's always changing and soon as those boats run into one another, the tide is mock and the wind is moving and -- moving and wind is moving and one boat sank and one went back to shore. once we -- once we got there, you don't have the classic accident scene where you look at this car hit this car. >> natural resources police say it could take as long as 60 days to get dwy are's blood -- dwyer's blood alcohol results. a conviction could come with a 1,000 dollar fine a year in jail or potentially both. in health news tonight, it's one of the best parts of the state fair. but will pedigree animals be safe in light of swine flu. officials are making sure and add hand washing and sanitizing
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stations at the farm fair to protect people. swine flu of course is a big concern as more cases pop up across the nation. maryland has already had 6 cases so steps are being taken to keep you safe. >> we have had kids here touch the animals and they should wash their hants. doesn't matter -- hands. doesn't matter if it's a pig but this year happens to be swine flu. >> much of the focus is on visitors staffers are keeping an eye on the pigs looking for any signs of illness. when you think of drug rehab you probably think cocaine heroin and oxycontin but different drugs are accepting an eggs plodding number kids into treatment these -- exploding number of kids into treatment these days. we are talking about prescription for adhd and andthey are being passed out sold and abused and kelly swoope discovered it's leading to life-threatening addiction. >> reporter: annie was introduced to adhd medication when she was 13 years old by a friend with a prescription.
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>> i liked the effect and how they made me feel. i got my prescription from doctors. >> reporter: by the time she was in colling she was abusing the drugs daley and knew she needed -- dealy and knew she needed help. >> weight loss and irritable moods, i started lying being dishonest and stealing. >> reporter: the doctor director for the center of addition medicine at massachusetts general hospital has estimated 5 to 10% of young people are misusing or abusing adhd medications. >> if you are popping them willie nelly and using them in context to other substances which is frequently occurring, that can be potentially dangerous. >> reporter: rehab centers say they are seeing an influx of patients addicted to the drugs. >> it's huge. >> i have probably 100 clients and over 80% of them have been addicted to the drugs since they were in grade school. it's an enormous rise from just
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10 years ago. >> reporter: experts blame the fact that the drugs are easy to obtain and socially acceptable. >> it's just kind of the norm on college campuses like drinking is. >> reporter: according to the experts, the typical value that exist in families around the use of the illicit drugs don't come into play. but, the dea list the stimulants as scheduled 2 controlled substances. the same as cocaine and oxycontin. >> it's similar to misusing any kind of amphetamine or speed or cocaine and it requires abence in and requires recovery management skills and how to fight urges and how to fight cravings. >> reporter: rehab centers focus on the emotional problems behind the substance abuse. >> it's not what you use, but it's why you are using. so, we focus on life skills and we focus on self-esteem. >> reporter: through rehab annie got the help she needed and is about to celebrate four years of sobriety.
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kelly swoope. a.bc2 news. experts point out in addition to being harmful to your health and addictive, selling your prescription or giving it away to friends is actually a felony offense and there are serious penalties including fines and jail time if you are convicted. the announcement from lance armstrong that he will end his fight against charges that he used enhancing drugs is felt inmerrill. he has been a strong-- maryland. he has been strong of a cancer if u had to -- fund to idove free service for parents. the president and ceo says the 7 time tour de france win and found lation live strong have given over $200,000 to support the mission over the past 15 years. he says time will tell if donations will slow down. >> lance from early on was one of our first donors. he's one of the largest donors. and as an organization he's been instrumental and helped us launch a program in baltimore at university of maryland
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cancer center. >> and the cancer fund and live strong will benefit from a bike event this weekend called 24 hours of booty and happens in columbia. abc2 news is a sponsor. event organizers do not think donations will drop off. coming up, whether you use it every day or just for emergencies, most of us have a credit card. and if you are fed up with your card company, stick around. we will tell you which credit card users like the most. >> and we have active weather on the ocean. not just off ocean city that could bring showers to us this weekend but the big storm on the map, isaac churning in the caribbean. we will talk about where he is headed next. >> and hot topic for moms and dads how much allowance do your kids get. find out how much it stacks up against other families when we come back in 60 seconds.
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and we want to go back to some breaking news tonight. two big stories. first a tanker crash in port
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deposit at 222 and main street. police tell us a propane tanker crashed into a car at 9:15 and it is burning. we want to show you a picture sent to us by byron morrison in port deposit. police in cecil county say it's too soon to figure out if any deaths are tied to the accident because they are trying to put out the fire. our other breaking story an officer-involved shooting near west port elementary school. what we know is a suspect was shot and taken to the hospital. these are live pictures from that scene. we don't have any word on the victim's condition at this moment. but we know that no officers were injured in this incident. meanwhile gunfire at a new york landmark leaves 11 -- leaving leches shot including 9 passers-by caught in spray of bullet the it happened this morning outside the empire state building. an disgruntled exworker
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confronted his employer and shot him. first responders were there within seconds and police killed johnson when he pointed a gun at them. >> three days you know our -- every day our officers put their lives on the line to protect us. and they did so again today responding immediately and they were joined by a number of civilians whose bravery in assistance -- bravery and assistance probably saved lives. >> the nine people braised or shot during the incident will recover. in our consumer alert tonight, your favorite samsung phone been off the market. today a jury decide they stole the technology used by apple to create the iphone and ipad as a result, samsung has to pay more than a a billion dollars and a judge is deciding if they will have to pull the most popular phones and tablets off the market. it's expected samsung will appeal. well we have got them and most of us hate them. but for most consume -- hate them. but for most consoupers credit cards are a fact of life.
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but if you are not happy with your credit card company you are not alone. john matarese shows us which customers cards make them the happiest. >> reporter: unhappy with the credit cards high interest rate? and all that fine print? well you may want to know about a just released survey naming the best credit cards in the country. some cards customers don't like quite as much. jd power and associates known for car satisfaction released a satisfaction survey of credit cards and look at that. american express tops the list of favorite cards. that's despite the annual fee that can sometimes be 100 dollars or more to have an amex card. they were the number one ranked car followed by discover. chase, bark list and u.s. bank. lowest rated cards bank of america, ge capital and hsbc. and while capital one is popular because of its double
11:20 pm
miles program, the card itself is not a favorite. coming up in the lower third of the pack despite the commercials that say what's in your wallet. for more my reports go to and click the mornytab up top so you don't waste your money. john matarese abc2 news. all right. you remember getting a allowance for doing your chores mine was a quarterp today kids are raking in the dough the average 780 dollars a year. that breaks down to 15 bucks a week. and the new survey says 61% of parents pay an allowance and most make kids earn it with chores or grades but only 1% of kids save that money. financial experts say that means parents are not talking to their kids about financial responsibility. now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> after a pretty decent day around here cloudy and tonight we have more of the same. partly cloudy skies. and quiet weather, rain free for the moment. that could change easily
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tomorrow afternoon. more on that in a second. 75 humidity at 74%. so just about even on humidity. weather through the day was mixed. mostly cloudy and very little sun except early in the morning we had some bright conditions atlaurel but see the days finishing on a gray note and here at the beach it looks like showers for the weekend saturday and perhaps even on sunday. we will have the detailed hook at coastal system in one second. first temperatures statewide 63 in oakland. 73 in ocean city. 10 degrees span across the state in the middle around the baltimore area and muggy conditions generally out there but also not really making the presence felt as much as air temps dropping. moderate humidity not a big deal. maryland's most moderate radar clear. clouds streaming in blocking the sun not the greatest tanning weather scenario on the friday at beach or elsewhere. and i think this is what the satellite view is going to look like most of the weekend. mostly cloudy skies. yes, some breaks yes some sun at times.
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and now we are watching that significant rain begin to push up out of eastern north carolina and towards virginia beach. what that can mean is hit and miss rain through the weekend and around here as well. now this is through saturday afternoon a lot of that rain will be for the lower eastern shore and beaches perhaps. maybe not so much from the chesapeake westward. and then on sunday, really looks like the area will spread out a little bit. we may see hit and miss showers stay wide on sunday. i don't think alday soaking rain but the coastal system will bring the threat for showers through the weekend. it's one of two major coastal systems we are keeping ion on. right now it's a -- an eye on. right now it's slow mover and i think it will park off the maryland coast over the weekend and play a little havoc with our weather. with that, let's head down by isaac. still churning its way through the caribbean sea well defined center of circulation. but weakening as it interacts with haiti cominimum can republic -- dominican republic here hispanola and cuba high terrain there as it moves from
11:23 pm
southeast to northwest along cuba. and it's going to weaken more. however, there are 90 degrees sea surface temperatures up here in the eastern gulf of mexico. so the current thinking is as soon as it clears cuba which will likely be sunday night into the day on monday more monday as it emerges into the gulf, likely this storm will expand and intensify just to the west of florida. current track right now does pull it just west of the central part of florida and towards panhandle. over towards apalachicola and tallahassee and we will see what happens. it's a strong tropical storm. overnight 67 cloud on the increase. and as we look at the saturday, mostly cloudy and showers to the east. tomorrow night, still showers around. and i will say this it appears we can see hit and miss showers again on sunday. i would like to pull those out and i can't do it. as we look at the overall outlook here, into the setup for the middle of next week, hotter by tuesday and then another round of showers and storms. we will be back with more abc2
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news coming up.
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wild car chasten dangered triers. police said mercedes exceed speeds of 1 hupp miles pee per hour. chase ended when the driver crashed into a chain link fence. the driver was taken to the hospital and his condition is not known. sometimes news falls into your lap like for the reporter at a charlotte tv station. it was live on air when a car rear ended a truck right behind him. the reporter jumped out of the way and camera paned over to the accident. no one was seriously hurt. we will be right back.
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all right. here we go hour by hour in to the first part of your saturday morning. could be showers to the east by midday. i will picture here all weekend. that system is offshore. but i do not think an all day steady soak rain but be ready for hit and miss showers. >> blips here and there. >> more so there. >> that's all for us tonight. don't forget get the latest on the breaking news we have been covering at abc2 check that out and have a great night. >> have a good one.
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